Chapter 95: The Equitable Templar Knight


Zi Di had made a good backup plan. Since she had hit a brick wall with Tripleblade and the mercenaries, she simply targeted their leader.

As long as Zong Ge agreed, Zhen Jin could use those related to him like Tripleblade and the others, and most importantly, Zi Di did not need to pay them.

The “mob” did not say anything, they only glanced at each other.

Although this was their first time seeing Zhen Jin, they knew by Zhen Jin’s golden hair, handsome face, and tall body that his identity was not simple.

To tell the truth, Zi Di wanted them to think that way.

Mercenary life was difficult, they earned a living by fighting and had to maintain their equipment in order to survive. Even if they had some extra money, mercenaries often squandered it at taverns, by gambling, and on prostitutes.

Competition in mercenary corps was also very intense, most mercenaries died abroad with few ever retiring with disabled bodies and in wretched poverty.

If they followed a noble and broke away from a mercenary status, they would become soldiers. Even if they were only in an auxiliary army or the city guard, it would still be more stable than being a mercenary.

In peacetime, they never had such an opportunity. But now on this impoverished island, under a chance coincidence, an opportunity had appeared before them.

Grabbing onto it perhaps would not ensure it, one cannot say if they would excel, but it would be a step up!

Tripleblade deeply glanced at Zi Di, he thought to himself that the young lay really was worthy of being called a president of a large merchant alliance, one could not scorn her because of her age.

Tripleblade then looked at the “mob” next to him, although he personally dissolved his mercenary corps, it was customary that they envisioned him as their commander.

Thus, despite Tripleblade not being attracted by Zi Di, he did not immediately express his refusal.

He knew that if he refused, these mercenaries would also follow his decision.

In addition, Tripleblade had only followed Zong Ge for a short time, he did not know Zong Ge’s opinion.

Thus, Tripleblade looked at Zong Ge and deeply said: “Lord Zong Ge, whatever you decide to do, I will follow as your attendant.”

Nevertheless, Zong Ge sneered: “Bai Zhen Clan? What does a defeated southern noble have to flaunt? Templar knight? Can you even fight me? And the position of White Sands City’s master, don’t you need to compete for it? As far as I know, you should have been arriving at White Sands City at this time. Because of the shipwreck, you have already missed it! What are you relying on that makes you so sure that you can get that position?”

Zong Ge was arrogant and obstinate, he did not attach any importance to Zhen Jin.

What amazed Zi Di even more was that Zong Ge, a half beastman, seemed to understand upper class situations.

“Knowing that one needs to compete for master of White Sands City is not strange. However, understanding what a delay will do……” Zi Di immediately realized, “It seems Zong Ge’s status is not simple!”

Zong Ge directly refused her offer.

Tripleblade and the mercenaries were naturally the same.

“Based on Lord Zong Ge’s strength, there will always be someone attempting to attract him!”

“However, we are going to fight the beastmen, we do not need to worry about not having a place to use our skills.”

“Hmph, insignificant half beastman, you indeed are incapable of recognizing the good intentions of others!” Lan Zao was very angry.

Xi Suo also disapproved that Zhen Jin was attracting Zong Ge, he came to Zhen Jin’s side and pointed his finger at Zong Ge: “Lord Zhen Jin, he has been hunting us. Letting such a vicious and evil man stay would be a disaster, he is a threat to all of us!”

Tripleblade sneered: “Hunting? If we did not, the idiot and the boat craftsmen would already be dead.”

Xi Suo coldly snorted, he then deeply looked at where Zong Ge had spat blood. He then said to Zhen Jin: “Lord Zhen Jin, that lowly half beastman is seriously hurt, this is a good opportunity to eliminate him!”

“What did he say?”


The mercenaries were spitting anger and they placed their hands on their hilts.

The atmosphere became even more tense, it seemed as if a fight could happen at any moment.

“Why?” Do you wish to murder those you cannot attract? Is this the path of a templar knight?” Zong Ge indifferently said as he gazed at Zhen Jin.

He was really wounded and also knew Zhen Jin controlled those opposing him.

Zhen Jin shook his head: “The goblin Tripleblade is correct, Zong Ge really did save the old boat craftsman and the big guy and allowed them to narrowly escape from disaster. That is a fact.”

“I feel regretful that you have rejected my offer, however I do not think it offends my honor.”

“I am a templar knight, tolerance and kindness are a part of my templar creed. If I took out my anger on those who refuse my solicitation, I would have never become a believer of Emperor Sheng Ming!”

“My Lord……” Lan Zao was despondently standing behind Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin’s words had placated him and also eased the situation.

However, as Tripleblade and the others were heaving a sigh of relief, Zhen Jin said: “However if your comrades ruthlessly hunted and coerced the innocent, that is another cup of tea.”

Saying this, Zhen Jin’s gaze seemed like a sharp sword thrusting towards Zong Ge.

Zong Ge pursed his brows.

Hunted?” Someone at Tripleblade’s side loudly refuted, “We did not hunt anyone. We only chased after them to get the boat craftsman back. On the contrary, it is you guys, your despicable people who want to put us to death!”

These words intensely resonated with the others.

One after the other, they lashed out and bellowed with rage.

“You guys took the boat craftsmen away, we had no one left that could build a ship. How could we continue to work?”

“You guys have been plotting and scheming against us and Lord Zong Ge for a long time.”

“When was Lord Zong Ge untrustworthy to you all? For your sake, he overthrew the shameless first mate. Even if he became our leader, he would still fight on the frontlines with us.”

“None of you guys had any respect for Lord Zong Ge. The excuse you eternally say over and over again is that he is a half beastman, a half beastman!”

“But as a matter of fact, a half beastman has saved you. However, you pure blooded humans are not even the slightest bit grateful, instead you bite the hand that feeds you!”

“That right, this is naked betrayal!”

Zhen Jin’s brows were also tightly creased.

“Isn’t it the truth? Besides the boat craftsman, who else can build a ship?” He looked at Xi Suo.

Xi Suo evaded the gaze, hemmed and hawed, and did not respond.

“I’m afraid he is correct, master.” As a sailor, Lan Zao had some understanding of the crew, “For a ship to resist the stormy seas and the raids of seabed fishmen, the ship did not have an ordinary structure. The old boat craftsman is also not ordinary, he was once a high level member in the boat craftsmen guild, and it was his biggest lifelong dream was to personally make the greatest ship ever.”

Zhen Jin muttered to himself for a moment.

Zong Ge’s gaze never left Zhen Jin, and now he spoke again: “Ah Zhen Jin, you are indeed a grand templar knight. What do you say, when we found out we were abandoned, that the sole boat craftsman was taken away, do you think chasing after them was an excessive action?”

Pressure passed onto Zhen Jin, Zong Ge’s words were as brave as his fighting style, he had directly forced Zhen Jin into a corner.

Zhen Jin raised his head and calmly looked at Zong Ge, face to face: “Your choice was indeed reasonable and fair.”

Those words slightly disturbed the idiot, Xi Suo, and the others.

“My Lord.” Zi Di came to Zhen Jin's side and could not help but whisper a warning.

Zhen Jin turned his head to his fiancé and faintly smiled, indicating the latter to be at ease.

Afterwards, He put his left hand on Silver Lightning’s hilt and strolled between the two opposing sides.

He looked around, his body was very straight, and his golden hair brilliantly sparkled in the shining sunlight.

He clearly said: “As a templar knight, I will uphold the doctrine of impartiality. I did not personally experience what happened in the camp, I can only listen to your accounts. However, I can still distinguish what is right and what is wrong.”

“At the same time, I will not show favor due to my human identity, likewise I will not disdain half beastmen, half elves, or goblins because of their identity.”

“When the shipwreck occurred, we were all stranded on this island together. We must unite together and aid each other, only by doing this can we increase our chances of escape.”

“Xi Suo and the boat craftsman snuck away, such an action was a mistake for abandoning one’s comrades is considerably selfish.”

“Lord knight!” Xi Suo immediately shouted, anger spread across his face. Likewise, the sailors behind him no longer looked at Zhen Jin with kindness and respect.

“You don’t understand!” Xi Suo’s finger was pointed at Zong Ge and his voice was trembling because of his indignation, “He killed my father!”

Zhen Jin nodded and looked at him: “I have heard of this affair and I understand your feelings. However……where is the proof?”

Xi Suo immediately replied: “My father’s body had a wound that only a spear could make. As long as we can compare the Zong Ge’s spears to the wound, that would be the proof!”

Zhen Jin looked at Zong Ge.

Zong Ge crossed his arms, lifted his chin, and responded to Xi Suo and the others with contempt: How can I use my battle spears so frivolously?”

“You see Lord Zhen Jin!” Xi Suo shouted, he pointed at Zong Ge and looked at Zhen Jin again, “He has a guilty conscience! He does not dare to validate anything! What else can be said?”

Zhen Jin fixed his eyes on Zong Ge.

Although this was their first meeting, Zong Ge’s dauntlessness and toughness left a deep impression on Zhen Jin.

Just by the naked eye, everyone knew the spears on Zong Ge’s back were of fine quality.

But when facing the silver level rhinoceros’ charge, even though Zong Ge paid with a serious injury, he did not use his short spears.

“Do they have something too embarrassing to mention?”

Zhen Jin’s heart guessed while looking at Xi Suo: “What other evidence do you have?”

Xi Suo’s eyes glared, he looked at Zhen Jin with unbelief: “What more evidence do you need? Zong Ge’s attitude is the cleanest proof! He does not dare verify anything because he murdered my father. I admit that he is very strong, however because of that, he has the ability to assassinate my father!”

Nevertheless, Zhen Jin shook his head: “Zong Ge’s unwillingness to go and verify things is naturally his business. Without definitive proof, we can only speculate and strive to prove things, however we should not slander anyone. In fact, even if the wound matches Zong Ge’s spears, it is not conclusive evidence.”

Xi Suo could not help but step back, misery filled his face as he loudly questioned: “My Lord, you would rather believe a half beastman than one of your own race?!”