Chapter 94: Attracting Zong Ge


Zong Ge had blocked the silver level rhinoceros’ attack and saved both the idiot’s and boat craftsman’s life.

His fist beat the rhinoceros’ skull with dull thuds.

Finally, the silver level rhinoceros unexpectedly collapsed onto the ground, its body not moving an inch.

Zong Ge had bravely suppressed the silver level rhinoceros and had also shaken the hearts of everyone nearby, even the screeches of the bat monkeys grew quiet. Terror appeared on each of the monkeys’ faces and none of them dared to swarm around Zong Ge.


After a moment, Zong Ge coughed out blood.

The blood spattered onto the silver level rhinoceros’ face, causing an uproar in the recently quelled magic beasts.

“We have come to support you Lord Zong Ge!” A group of people came from the woods, their leader was a goblin.

“Go help them.” Zong Ge laughed, his eyes were fixed on the silver level rhinoceros as he loudly rebuffed their aid.

The silver level rhinoceros began to stir, its keen beastly intuition sensed that Zong Ge was weak. It opened its big eyes and observed Zong Ge.

Because its head was smashed into the ground by Zong Ge, it could only look up.

From its point of view, the sunlight was very harsh. It could not see Zong Ge’s face clearly, under the white sunlight, it could only see Zong Ge’s giant-like black figure.

In the center of the black figure, Zong Ge’s yellow eyes emitted a callous and serene light.

When the silver level rhinoceros looked into those eyes, it suddenly whimpered as if it was looking at a myriad beast king!

With the previous provocation and counterattack on its mind as well as Zong Ge calming looking down on it, the silver level rhinoceros’ body trembled, and it began to retreat backwards.

After retreating more than ten paces back, it turned around and fled in a panic.

Zong Ge was still watching it calmly as it fled and did not pursue.

Currently in the battlefield, a great amount of bat monkeys had been slaughtered.

Only the humans received reinforcement.

The fighters that had rushed from the forest had decent skills.

The most noteworthy thing was the group was nearly composed of those who did not have pure human blood. A half elf, many half beastmen, goblins, dwarfs, and many more. There were height discrepancies and irregular equipment, they looked like a mob.

However, based on their live auras, there were bronze level elites among them.

The goblin leader emitted an iron level aura.

The goblin had leather attire, deep green skin, had long ears, and was bald. He had a white cotton scarf wrapped around his neck and head that covered his mouth. His distinctive long goblin nose was protruding outwards.

This goblin moved quickly and ran close to the ground.

When a bat pounced towards him, he immediately rolled forward by tucking in his hands into his legs. He had a dagger strapped to his lower leg.

He then pulled out a dagger and cut the bat monkey’s throat.

His movement and strength combined with the dagger in a brilliant semicircle slash.

The semicircle touched the bat monkey and ended its life.

From time to time, he rolled on the ground like a spinning top with only a small dagger, yet the bat monkeys could not resist his strikes.

He was experienced in using daggers and had a ruthless and sinister martial skill. His dagger was also not ordinary if it could effortlessly reap the life of a bronze level bat monkey.

Zhen Jin keenly noted that the goblin had two additional daggers on him. One was on his waist and one was on his back. However, the goblin did not use them, he only used one to rout the bat monkeys.

On the other side, Zong Ge began to walk slowly as the silver level rhinoceros ran away scared.

“Villain, come back, this big guy will crush you!” The idiot loudly warned Zong Ge.

The amount of bat monkeys near him had greatly decreased.

Because Zong Ge, the goblin, and the rest had attracted the ire of the bat monkeys.

The boat craftsman was still unconscious.

The idiot was riddled with scars, his body had borne the brunt of previous bat monkey attacks, blood was constantly flowing from his body and had already dyed the ground under his feet red.

The oaf knelt to pick up his wooden log, but as he was standing up again, his body began to shake, and he felt dizzy.

He was heavily wounded and had lost too much blood.

Zong Ge coldly snorted, he expressionlessly looked at the oaf, light flickering from his brown lion eyes: “I have come to save you both, if you put your hand on me, I will kill your father. Obediently surrendering will save both your lives.”

The idiot stared blankly, then angrily as he used his wooden log to beat the ground: “This big guy does not trust you; you are a villain, I will let my father know that this villain lies.

Zong Ge stared blankly, then his gaze became darker.

The idiot’s attitude went against his expectations.

He immediately gave up persuading and secretly stored up his strength so he could dominate the latter.

Relying on his quick and violent martial skill, he had no problem knocking the idiot unconscious in a few breathes.

Although the idiot had an iron life level, he did not have cultivation skills, the disparity between him and Zong Ge was too big.

However just as Zong Ge was approaching him, an arrow suddenly flew out from his right and landed in front of him.

This was a clear warning.

“Zong Ge stop!” Zhen Jin had arrived finally.

Because the amount of people around had greatly increased, the pressure around Zhen Jin had suddenly decreased, this reduction resulted in a qualitative change. It was clear that the iron level goblin leader could also warp the battlefield.

Zhen Jin with Silver Lightning in hand, had an easier time escaping.

Zong Ge stopped and turned around.

Seeing Zhen Jin, Zong Ge’s gaze grew increasingly darker, when he was in the trees, he had naturally seen Zhen Jin being besieged by bat monkeys, yet with a sword in hand, Zhen Jin had killed everything around him.

The looks of both men intersected, and Zhen Jin immediately felt something constricting him.

Zong Ge was more than two meters tall while Zhen Jin was only a sixteen year old knight. On top of that, Zong Ge had shown off his boldness and power, thus when he and Zhen Jin confronted each other, his grandeur immediately suppressed Zhen Jin.

“Who are you?” Zong Ge deeply said after sizing Zhen Jin up.

Zhen Jin was just about to speak when Lan Zao indignantly called from close off: How audacious! Does the vulgar and lowly half beastman still not salute? Standing in front of you is my master Zhen Jin, he is a noble templar knight, the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, and also White Sands City’s future master!”

Zhen Jin turned around and saw Xi Suo, Zi Di, Lan Zao, Hei Juan, and the others.

They finally arrived.

“Humph. A pretty boy noble!” Zong Ge looked down on Zhen Jin, however his gaze did stop temporarily on the rapier strapped to Zhen Jin’s waist as he indifferently assessed it. ”However……that sword is pretty good.”

Zhen Jin slightly smiled, he gazed at Zong Ge’s broken steel battle armor: “Your armor is also pretty good.”

Apparently seeing new human reinforcements, the three iron level bat monkeys knew things were far from good, they screeched together, and the remaining bat monkeys fled the battlefield.

They were fast and more crucially, they could fly, thus everyone gave up pursuing them.

Without the beast group attacking, the atmosphere became even more tense.

“Commander Tripleblade?” Upon seeing the goblin, Zi Di was pleasantly surprised.

The full name of the goblin was not known, however his nickname Tripleblade had been spread around mercenary circles.

Tripleblade was very skillful, however what people know most about him was that he was very honest and kept his promises. It was very difficult to imagine that a goblin could be honest and trustworthy, however Tripleblade was, he would use all of his strength to abide by his words and practices, thus he was still on good terms with most humans.

“President Zi Di.” Tripleblade saluted Zi Di, however his face was expressionless and had a cold attitude.

Zi Di’s eyes shined: “Commander Tripleblade, it’s great to see you here.”

Tripleblade’s mercenary corps was one of the two mercenary corps she had hired.

However, Tripleblade shook his head: “President Zi Di, I am very sorry, but my mercenary corps has already dissolved.”

Zi Di was stunned: “What?”

Tripleblade continued: “I was saved by Lord Zong Ge, thus in order to repay my benefactor’s kindness, I would henceforth follow him as his attendant.”

“A benefactor’s kindness……” Zi Di coughed and reluctantly smiled, “Indeed you need to repay such a thing. I understand how you Commander Tripleblade do things, however did we not agree to and sign an employment agreement?

Tripleblade immediately answered: “This is my explanation to you President Zi Di. The former president had subsided and aided our mercenary group through a great crisis. At the time, I promised the former president that I would do my best to help the old president one time, even if it cost my life to repay his kindness. That one time was when I accepted your employment regardless of the risks. However, the ocean nearly extinguished my mercenary corps and Lord Zong Ge saved my life. One can say that old life has already been paid and given to your merchant alliance, the business between us is already settled.”

Zi Di was dumbstruck.

She understood Tripleblade was a resolute goblin, if she tried to argue more, she would inevitably fail.

Thus, Zi Di looked at the people at Tripleblade’s side: “Those are?”

The “mob” looked at each other for a bit before someone yelled:

“If we did not accept your employment, many of us would not have died!”

“Forget it, what happened in the sea is not Zi Di’s bad.”

“Our mercenary corps has already dissolved. However, since Lord Tripleblade is following Lord Zong Ge, we will also join him together.”

Tripleblade was charismatic boss, despite dissolving his mercenary corps, all of its remaining still wanted to follow him.

Zi Di did not pry at those who were in Tripleblade’s mercenary corps, her mind shifted, and she looked at Zong Ge: “Zong Ge, you are a warrior. The one standing before you is an imperial noble whose body flows with a noble bloodline. Not only that but he also possesses outstanding virtue, he is a genuine templar knight, and he is also White Sands City’s future master. Are you willing to dedicate your bravery to Lord Zhen Jin to reap honor and wealth with him?