Chapter 93: He is Zong Ge


The boat craftsman was in a critical situation.

The bat monkeys were moving nimbly as they used their powerful limbs to bounce while using their wings to fly through the air.

Although the oaf was strong, he did not have cultivation martial skills, he could only rely on his physical strength to fight and protect the old boat craftsman.

So much so that the oaf was a threat to himself.

Zhen Jin was extremely worried, when the giant moved his feet, he could trample the old man into a flatboat.

“Roar roar!”

“Fuck off annoying houseflies!”

The idiot swung the wooden log; however, he did not hit any bat monkeys. As his injuries accumulated, he began to lose his rationality.

A bat monkey suddenly swooped below to attack the old boat craftsman.

The idiot did not respond to the attack.

But at that moment, a dart shot out and killed the bat monkey.

After the idiot sensed what had happened, he stared at the dead bat monkey.

In that split second, another bat monkey threw itself onto the oaf’s head, wanting to dig his eyes out.

Meanwhile, two more bat monkeys approached the old craftsman from the left and the right.

If the idiot wanted to save his eye, he could not protect the old boat craftsman. If he protected the craftsman, he would go blind.

At that crucial moment, the oaf did not hesitate as he grabbed towards the left monkey and attempted to hit the monkey flying in from the right with his wooden log.

He would rather sacrifice his own eye to save the old craftsman!

The left bat screeched, it flapped its wings in retreat and dodged the idiot’s grab.

The right bat ducked to the ground to avoid the wooden log.

The monkey on top of the idiot’s head had already inserted its talon into his eye.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

At that moment, three arrows appeared out of the blue, shooting all three bat monkeys dead!

The idiot starred again and subconsciously looked towards where the arrows flew from.

He saw a young knight with blond hair and blue eyes charging onward with a crossbow in one hand and a sword in the other.

It had taken a great effort for Zhen Jin to get to the idiot and with his long range firepower, he had saved the idiot and the boat craftsman’s life.

However, at that moment, screeches suddenly disseminated through the forest.

Flap flap flap……

Large quantities of attacking bat monkeys suddenly flew out of the forest, it was the biggest bat monkey group Zhen Jin had ever seen. There were three iron level bat monkeys, thirty bronze level bat monkeys, and hundreds of ordinary bat monkeys.

“What terrible luck.” Zhen Jin’s eyes contracted; he helplessly watched the bat monkeys surround him enroute.

The bat monkeys attacked from all directions.

Zhen Jin dodged from side to side, sometimes jumped, and sometimes rolled, indeed not a single bat monkey could hit him.

“This feeling……” Zhen Jin recalled the time when he single-handedly attacked the lizard group. His current situation was very similar, despite him being surrounded by enemies, he was not panicked, maintained an ice-cold cool, and seemed to have an instinct that allowed him to evade optimally and to prevent getting caught in a pincer attack.

Zhen Jin returned fire as he dodged.

The arrow box quickly emptied, and twenty ordinary bat monkeys died, none of Zhen Jin’s arrows missed.

However, there were too many bat monkeys around him.

New bat monkeys came and eight of them concentrated on him.

Swapping out arrow boxes for the crossbow was actually very simple, however Zhen Jin was surrounded and had to dodge, thus never giving him the opportunity to do so.

Under this situation, Hei Juan giving him Silver Lightning immensely helped him.

The rapier in his hand was like shiny lightning that cut off the bat monkeys’ limbs, splattered their blood, and caused their fellow bat monkeys to scream.

The rapier was worthy of being Hei Juan’s heirloom as it easily impaled and cut the bat monkeys. Hei Juan could not do the same since his strength could not compare to Zhen Jin’s.

That’s right, Zhen Jin had already transformed his arms into bear arms.

As for whether the iron level bat monkeys were a threat, that remained to be seen.

The three iron level bat monkeys were flying in the air as they gazed at Zhen Jin unwaveringly, they did not screech, nor did they leave or enter the fight.

Although Zhen Jin was winning and constantly reaping the lives of bat monkeys, he was held in place and could not support the boat craftsman.

Without the support of Zhen Jin’s arrows, the idiot once again sunk into a crisis.

“Don’t hurt my father!” The oaf defended the old craftsman and constantly drove the bat monkeys back, however the bat monkeys were free to come and go and wherever a gap appeared, they would pounce and tear off a piece of the oaf’s flesh.

The old boat craftsman was also attacked several times.

Seeing the old boat craftsman's new injuries, the blockhead was incessantly anxious. He then suddenly loudly roared, stooped down, and covered the old boat craftsman with his body.

The bat monkeys excitedly swarmed about and tore at the idiot’s body.

The idiot quickly became riddled with scars and his blood flowed without end.

But he rigidly bit his teeth, lowered his head, and bore the pain of the attacks as he curled up his limbs as much as he could and did his best to protect the old boat craftsman.

His back, arms and thighs became badly mutilated.

“Damm it!” Zhen Jin sensing the situation, moved quicker and more violently as he tried cutting a bloody path out of the battlefield.

But at that moment, the trees trembled with a loud thumping.

A rhinoceros charged into the battlefield.

“Is that the silver level rhinoceros?!” Zhen Jin looked at the rhinoceros charging him.

The rhinoceros had a thick and solid physique, it seemed to cast from silver, and it was two meters tall.’

It had hooves larger than a grindstone and every time it stepped, it would form a shallow hole in the ground!

Zhen Jin dodged at once, it was not known if the rhinoceros had wisdom.

Even if he had suspicions and even if he could transform into a silver level spear scorpion, in front of the charging rhinoceros he was afraid he would be crushed and flattened.

Fortunately, the rhinoceros charged perfectly straight and could not shift its direction. It was too heavy and had too much inertia, if it wanted to change direction, it needed to slow down a lot first.

The bat monkeys were also intimidated by the charging rhinoceros and dispersed in confusion.

Its path was extremely clear, and Zhen Jin also easily avoided the rhinoceros.

But at that moment, the dispersed bat monkeys surrounded Zhen Jin again.

The silver level rhinoceros finally crashed into a tree and with a boom, it knocked down three trees. For a moment, the earth shook, and tree leaves whirled in the air.

Boom boom boom……

The silver level rhinoceros shook its head, adjusted its direction, stepped forward, and charged again.

But this time, it did not target Zhen Jin, rather it changed to the close and more conspicuous idiot!

“Shit!” Seeing the silver level rhinoceros, Zhen Jin’s complexion changed.

“Idiot, move now!” A sailor on the hillside hastily reminded.

But the idiot shook his head and shouted: “Big guy will not hide; big guy will protect father!”

He buried his head and did not look at the silver level rhinoceros charging at him.

Zhen Jin wanted to assist him, but the bat monkeys were obstructing him.

The idiot would soon be trampled by the silver level rhinoceros and it seemed the rhinoceros would turn the old boat craftsman into paste. But at that moment, a tall figure suddenly jumped from the treetops and blocked the silver level rhinoceros’ charge.


The silver level rhinoceros crashed into the tall figure with a giant clamor.

But the tall figure did not go flying nor did it topple over!

He was still standing straight, and his steel armor tenaciously resisted the silver level rhinoceros’s horn.

His leg muscles bulged, pressed against the floor, and firmly supported his tall body.

The rhinoceros’s charge was extremely strong and carried the figure forward all the way.


The tall figure’s roar shook the entire area.

The charging rhinoceros grew slower and finally stopped.

The tall figure was pushed back one hundred meters and he was submerged up to his ankles in soil. His chest armor was completely deformed by a sunken crater. His ribs were certainly broken!

The tall figure’s roar was followed up by the rhinoceros stopping, man and beast firmly gazed at their counterpart.

Suddenly, the tall figure coughed out blood.

“Ha ha ha!”

Nevertheless, he was still howling with laughter.

After a moment, he put his left hand on the rhinoceros’ horn and lifted his curled right fist.


Bang bang!

Bang bang bang……

His fist smashed the silver level rhinoceros’ hard skull like torrential rain.

The silver level rhinoceros howled, it wanted to gore the figure with its horn but failed.

Its horn was firmly grabbed by the tall figure while its head and eyes were being frantically punched. Sharp pain and dizziness made the rhinoceros furious, its four hooves crazily stomped the ground, and its thick leg muscles produced a strong driving force. However, its head was still tenaciously pushed to the ground by the tall figure

The tall figure was over two meters tall, had a full beard, and had brown shoulder-length hair. His eyes were a yellowish brown, and his exposed skin had a layer of spare lion hair on it.

“You aren’t escaping this time. Ha ha ha!”

The tall figure constantly shouted, his berserk arrogance alarming the hearts of others.

“He is definitely Zong Ge!” Zhen Jin’s eyes flashed heavily, “Is this guy really at an iron level cultivation?”