Chapter 96: I am Willing to Invite You All


The sailors became more unstable, their looks towards Zhen Jin showed their doubts.

“Xi Suo, pay attention to your words!” Lan Zao stepped forward.

But at that moment, Zhen Jin blocked him with his hand.

Zhen Jin used his azure and serene eyes to look at the incessantly emotional Xi Suo: “I am only seeking the truth from the facts and upholding fairness, nothing more.”

“The status of a half beastman is not something that should obstruct us as we search for the culprit.”

“Suppose Zong Ge was not the culprit, think about it Xi Suo: you would have framed an innocent person, in addition, because you secretly took away the boat craftsman as retaliation, you are implicated in the deaths of those innocent people. We cannot say for sure the culprit is even still alive, they might even be at your side regarding the fight between you, Zong Ge, and the others as a good drama.”

“If it is like that, don’t you think what you are doing is a crime that will blind justice?”

Zhen Jin’s tone was steady, the questions he asked made Xi Suo’s face turn red, however Xi Suo had no choice but to remain at a loss for words. .

The sailors’ fragmented comments also quieted down, they had to concede that Zhen Jin’s words made sense.

“If you ever have conclusive evidence, I will certainly uphold justice for you. Believe me, I Zhen Jin promise this to you as a templar knight.” Zhen Jin clapped Xi Suo’s shoulder.

Xi Suo opened his mouth, he looked at Zhen Jin but did not say anything, then he looked at Zong Ge blankly and said with frustration: “Lord Zhen Jin, I trust you.”

Zi Di narrowed her eyes: “But Lord Zhen Jin, we found the traces of Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and their companions. They intentionally cleaned up battlefields and tidied up their footprints. This action in itself contains malice, does it not?”

“That is something I habitually do.” Zong Ge gave a rare explanation, Zhen Jin’s words had left a deep impression and changed his view on the young knight.

“I must be responsible for myself and for my group. Even if the boat craftsman does not wish to come with me, I will do my best to ensure he lives!” Zong Ge did not conceal his intentions.

“Villain!” The idiot indignantly shouted as he smashed his wooden log into the ground.

Zhen Jin then recalled what Hei Juan had guessed at.

He gazed at Zong Ge: “That is the style of a soldier. Were you forced into military service? Which army?

Zong Ge coldly snorted, he did not refute anything, however he did not answer either, rather he said: “Are you interrogating a prisoner templar knight?”

“Of course not. “Zhen Jin shook his head, “However this matter needs to be settled. Good communication is a prerequisite for collaboration. If you repeatedly refuse to prove yourself, how can we believe anything you say?”

Zong Ge sneered: “You want me to prove myself? What proof do you have of your own status? You have a few runaways addressing you as lord, saying you are a templar knight, don’t tell me we can’t believe them? I heard that every templar knight is watched attentively by Emperor Sheng Ming all the time. Perhaps you should pray to the gods, if a divine spell falls on you, we can firmly believe it without any doubts.”

Zhen Jin immediately grabbed his sword hilt, his brows deeply wrinkled, his complexion sunk, his gaze became as chilly as ice, and he growled: “Zong Ge, pay attention to your words! You have the audacity to scorn the gods! My body sustains the gaze of Emperor Sheng Ming, this is the blessing of the gods. Divine spells are the gods giving more favor, they are not something to show off or used to proof status. Apologize to me at once! If not, you invite a templar knight’s fury!”

As Zhen Jin said that, he stepped forward and approached Zong Ge.

Behind him, Lan Zao, Hei Juan, and the others touched their weapons. Zi Di’s hand entered her handbag and the oaf picked up his wooden log with a low growl from the depths of his throat. By this time, the small giant’s wounds already staunched.

Zong Ge’s complexion slightly changed, he realized he had said something wrong.

He crossed his chest with his right arm and bowed to Zhen Jin: “My mistake, by what virtue do I dare scorn a god? This is my sin. I pledge to contribute three hundred gold to the Sheng Ming temple as a penalty for my mouth’s insolence. In addition, I will kneel to a Sheng Ming priest and confess today’s sin to them.

This was an age of gods.

The gods indeed reprimanded those that slandered them.

Just like how nobles were high above others, belief had a real impact on people.

Even the people that followed Zong Ge and Tripleblade, upon hearing what Zong Ge had said, also became frightened as they privately thought that Zong Ge really was being too impetuous.

Seeing Zong Ge honestly admit his mistake, Zhen Jin’s complexion somewhat cleared up.

Hei Juan suddenly said: “Hold on! Zong Ge, do you dare swear to the gods that you did not attack or camp or murder the captain?”

“A camp was attacked?” Zong Ge was puzzled.

“Our camp was attacked by bat monkeys and a rhinoceros; do you dare swear that you did not influence such an assault?” Hei Juan continued to reproach and ask.

Zong Ge coldly snorted, crossed his arms, raised his head, and did not reply.

Tripleblade and the others were angry about such a laughable matter: “You really have a vivid imagination!”

“Use your brain, all of us are here.”

“How can we control these ferocious beasts?”

Hei Juan sneered: “Can you explain how those of us in camp, Xi Suo, and the boat craftsman were all just attacked by beast groups?”

“We were also attacked by a beast group, for what reason do you doubt us?!”

Hei Juan gazed at Zong Ge with narrowed eyes: “You are a half beastman, even if you do not have a special method, the people at your side might have one!”

Tripleblade looked at Hei Juan coldly and indifferently replied: “Can a half beastman even control a beast group? Is it because of the beastman bloodline?”

Hei Juan sneered: “How was your rescue of the idiot and boat craftsman so timely? How can you explain that?”

“Are you saying that our timely rescue of the boat craftsman was a mistake?”

“Didn’t your Lord knight also appear without delay?” Someone immediately questioned.

“You are saying all of this and doubting us because we are not of pure human blood!” Tripleblade’s people felt indignant at injustice.

“All of you shut up.” Zong Ge held up his hand and stopped the dispute. He then looked at Zhen Jin and his attitude became indifferent and tough once again, “I cannot explain this matter. I also do not want to give you guys an explanation.”

Zhen Jin deeply sighed, he had also stopped the blaming and questions of those behind him

“Continuing to argue is meaningless.

“Come, we are returning to camp together.” Zhen Jin took the initiative to invite Zong Ge and the others.


“My Lord!”

“Your Lordship, do you really want to bring this trash back to camp?”

Xi Suo’s and the others’ eyes opened wide, Zhen Jin’s decision had startled them.

Zhen Jin’s blue eyes slowly swept over Xi Suo’s people, his gaze was clear and sincere: “If not, then what?”

“We were all on the same ship, and we were all victims of the shipwreck.”

“We currently have wounded that need to return to camp. They also have wounded people because they rescued the boat craftsman. I have seen this personally.”

“What you see may not be the truth my Lordship.” Hei Juan started speaking, “Isn’t there a chance this is a wretched show or a trick where the enemy injuries themselves to gain their enemy’s confidence?”

“Many thanks for your warning.” Zhen Jin praised Hei Juan, “What you said is reasonable, this is a possibility. However, there is another possibility isn’t there?”

“Before all of the possibilities and doubts are truly confirmed, I should not reject one of them because of another. It is possible that Zong Ge is wrongly accused, isn’t it?”

“Everyone, I ask you to imagine that if he was a pure blooded human and not a half beastman, wouldn’t your suspicions of him be greatly diminished?

Everyone was dumbstruck.

Zhen Jin then turned around and looked at Zong Ge’s side.

“We come from many places and we have different identities, but here, we are all impoverished victims on this island that want to escape.”

“Our objective is the same. We must unite together, any doubts, coldness, hatred, opposition, and other ill feelings will make our cooperation difficult, thus lessening the chance of our escape from this place.”

“I am the templar knight Zhen Jin. This is my promise to everyone, I will treat everyone fairly, regardless of their background, race, or bloodline. I will also punish criminals and the culprits; no crime will evade my retribution. I will do my best to fight on the frontlines and lead everyone together in the hope of rescue.”

For a moment, everyone looked at the blond youngster, his words were resolute, decisive, and touching.

“You……want to invite us?” Tripleblade was startled.

As a mercenary commander, he had dealt with many types of existences. However even if he had a rich life experience as a goblin, he had rarely seen a noble treat everyone equally!

Zhen Jin smiled: “I am a templar knight, I will not deceive you with lies.”

“Templar knight……” many people thought over this word, some of them were absent minded.

“Interesting.” Zong Ge stroked his chin, he deeply looked at Zhen Jin as he saw the young knight before him in a new light.

At that moment, the brave soldier's tone propagated: “Good! I will follow you back.”

“My Lord?” The people at Zong Ge’s side were amazed.

Like how Xi Suo and his people were on guard against Zong Ge, Zong Ge’s people were the same against their counterparts.

Tripleblade immediately declared his position: “Your Lordship’s decision is my decision.

Any objections the mercenaries had were immediately silenced.

Zhen Jin successfully rescued Xi Suo and the boat craftsman while also silencing any objections the mercenaries had.

Although the bat monkeys’ and silver level rhinoceros’ offensive was ferocious, everyone had only sustained injuries, no one had died.

The journey back to camp was smooth, everyone steadily returned.

“There is an arrow lodge here?”

“How did they build up this camp so quickly?”

“A beast group also attacked this place.”

“Didn’t we say so? It was the bat monkeys and that silver level rhinoceros!”

Tripleblade’s people were discussing spiritedly.

Mu Ban and the others looked at Zhen Jin, at first they were elated when they saw Xi Suo and his people, but upon seeing Zong Ge, they became bewildered.

After Hei Juan and the others explained and after Zhen Jin had placated them, Mu Ban and the others reluctantly accepted it as fact.

However, declared that Zong Ge was not invited into the camp itself, rather he would stay in a place nearby.