Chapter 132: All are Frightened by Zhen Jin

“What is going on?”

“Are you certain?!”

The next day, Zhen Jin, Zong Ge, and other elites came to the blade spider habitat.

In the end, the half elf came back with news that surprised and bewildered everyone.

The half elf scout was somewhat pale, he shook his head and affirmed: “Nothing, not even a single spider! I am absolutely certain.”

“How can this be?”

“Don’t tell me the entire spider group went out to hunt for food?”

“Unlikely, don’t these blade spiders hunt with their webs? They should still be guarding this place.”

Everyone had endless doubts.

“Are there none nearby?” Xi Suo wrinkled his brows as he asked.

The scout shook his head again.

“Don’t tell me another beast group destroyed the spider group? Tripleblade suggested.

“Impossible!” The half elf scout overruled that, “There isn’t even a trace of fighting in the forest!”

“Really?” Zong Ge also could not help but pursue his brows.

This situation was too weird, Zong Ge thought there would be a difficult battle, however when he arrived in the spider forest, the powerful enemy was gone!

The half beastman looked at Zhen Jin, finding the young knight also had tense brows and appeared perplexed.

As if sensing the latter’s gaze, he nodded to Zong Ge, then he looked around and ordered: “Regardless of what theories we have, we need to explore the site first. Everyone increase your vigilance, perhaps there is an immense trap in front of us!”

After a short period, everyone was standing in the depths of the spider forest.

“There really are no blade spiders!” Zong Ge’s face exposed his amazement.

“This is so strange, there aren’t any signs of fighting, don’t tell me the spider group realized we were here and ran away of their own accord?” Xi Suo guessed.

Those unintentional words were intently listened to by Zong Ge, whose heart slightly jumped.

In the half beastman’s heart, he felt a horrifying notion emerge, and he could not help but look at Zhen Jin again.

Zhen Jin’s brows were deeply creased.

“It seems he is also thinking of that!” Zong Ge looked at Zhen Jin’s expression, he sighed in his heart and buried that opinion, leaving it unstated.

“Since we verified this place is safe, let’s move. Regardless of where the blade spiders are, they left their spider webs behind. These things can help us make a boat, everyone do your best to be gentle, collect them carefully.” Zhen Jin commanded.

“Yes!” Everyone immediately accepted.

In the spider forest, not only were there many spider webs on the ground, there were more suspended between the branches, the latter of which stored the spiders’ food reserves.

It was not yet noon when a small hunting group returned to their temporary camp. The people had returned from a rewarding journey; however their hearts were all worried.

Zhen Jin immediately gathered everyone up and told them what had happened that morning.

“This is an extraordinary situation!” Cang Xu sighed, while Zi Di looked unwell.

Hei Juan turned white, horror mixed into his tone: “Wait a moment, the blade spider group disappeared, has that blue dog fox wolf been stealthily following us?”

The atmosphere in the tent grew heavy.

That was Zong Ge’s opinion in the spider forest, both Cang Xu and Zi Di also thought of this possibility.

Zhen Jin killed three blue dog fox wolves; however everyone only knew of two of them, thus they had always thought the magic beast corps hadn’t been completely wiped out, there was still a living blue dog fox wolf.

Lan Zao bit his teeth: “If that blue dog fox wolf is following us, why hasn’t it attacked during our many days of trekking? We don’t have a solid camp, every day we are exhausted, and our combat strength is at an all-time low. With the blue dog fox wolf’s intelligence, it is impossible that it can’t see our poor health.”

Hei Juan shook his head: “Even if our combat strength is declining, we still have Lord Zhen Jin and Zong Ge. The blue dog fox wolf is afraid of the consequences!”

“Besides this reason, it still might be wounded and needs time to recover. We destroyed its magic beast corps, and after its near destruction, it also needs time to subdue other magic beast groups. Just like now, the blade spider group must have been subdued by the blue dog fox wolf! If not, how could this blade spider group disappear?”

Mentioning this, Hei Juan said with near certainty: “All of the evidence is here! It is unlikely the blade spider group would voluntarily move, it is even less likely they would flee, for that was indeed their birth nest! However without any fighting or killing, they vanished. This must be the blue dog fox wolf leading them away.”

“The blue dog fox wolf has too few troops, perhaps in its analysis, it could not depend on the blade spider group to annihilate us. As a result, it made the blade spiders retreat, its goal being to build up its magic beast corps. After reaching a certain level, it will attack us with the magic beast corps again!”

The tent was silent.

This included Lan Zao, who slightly bowed his head and stopped questioning.

“Sorry everyone.” Zhen Jin’s face was grave, but his heart apologized.

He had destroyed the entire spider group, but without a concrete explanation, he could only let his companions guess.

Currently, regardless of whether it was Xi Suo, Hei Juan, Zi Di, Cang Xu, and even the half beastman Zong Ge, all of them would be frightened by his way of thinking.

“Lord Zhen Jin, what should we do next?” Xi Suo looked anxious, “Should we build a fortified camp here to defend against another magic beast corps invasion?”

“Certainly not, in fact you guys are quite safe. Every day I use ultrasound, in addition whenever there is a magic beast ahead or near us, I will dispose of it during the night.” This was what Zhen Jin said at the bottom of his heart, but of course, he did not say such words.

He shook his head and replied: “Xi Suo, we shouldn’t be excessively cautious. Our most important goal is building a ship that can leave this island. If we build a fortified camp, we will squander too much time and manpower. How can we leave this place if that happens?”

“There are additional survivors from the Hog’s Kiss on the beach, we need to converge with them with all speed. Without our assistance, how long can they last?”

“Furthermore, if we stay here temporarily and build a camp, we will instead be in the clutches of the blue dog fox wolf. It no longer needs to waste time and energy tracking us, instead it has more freedom to subdue more magic beasts.”

“Don’t forget about the teleportation. Before we thought the teleportation had a regular pattern, however ever since receiving your and Zong Ge’s information, we know we don’t understand the pattern, there might not even be one! If teleportation happens, our firmly established camp will collapse in an instant. It is very possible the nearby magic beast corps will be teleported along with us. Like the time I pursued that scaly black horned leopard group.”

“We must go forward, and to keep going forward, we must accelerate our speed!” When speaking of this, Zhen Jin raised his voice and appeared staunch.

Everyone’s hesitation and bewilderment were all cleaned out by this staunchness.

This was a leader!

Even now, Zhen Jin’s prestige enveloped the entire group and had a real impact on them.

“You are truly deserving of being my Lord, after expressing your opinion, my heart has calmed.” Cang Xu complimented.

Zi Di silently looked at Zhen Jin tenderly.

Lan Zao straightened his chest, although his eyes were wooden, his prideful appearance seemed to say: this is the master I vow loyalty and devotion to!

Hei Juan murmured: “This is very risky. While marching, a magic beast corps ambush is very possible.”

“We must take risks.” Zhen Jin firmly gazed at Hei Juan.

Hei Juan and Zhen Jin glanced at each other, he quickly shifted his eyes and lowered his head, however he still insisted: “Then we should increase our scouts and expand our detection scope.”

Zong Ge took the initiative to speak: “Let my people do that then.”

Some of his people had elf bloodlines, despite having thin half elf bloodlines, they were the best candidates for scouts currently.

But Zhen Jin shook his head and vetoed it: “Not necessary.”

“Our current detection scope is already huge. With our current precautions, if the magic beast corps invades, we will have enough time to respond.”

“Investigating on this island is very dangerous. We can’t use low level battle qi and magic; we can only rely on and risk our bodies.”

“I have said, as everyone’s leader, I will treat everyone equally. Regardless of whether they are pure humans, half elves, half beastmen, goblins, or any other race.”

“We were on the same ship; therefore we will assume the risks together, share our food together, and face the enemy side by side!”

There was absolute silence in the tent.

Lan Zao was entranced by Zhen Jin, at that moment, he felt a light bravely emitting from Zhen Jin’s body.

It was the light of knightly glory, the light of benevolence, and the bright light of the martial spirit!

The goblin Tripleblade was also emotionally moved, he opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t speak.

Nevertheless Zong Ge’s brows were still creased, he shook his head and replied: “Templar knight, I understand your intention, I deeply understand it! However I approve of expanding our detection scope and our number of scouts.”

“I was once a soldier, war was cruel, and no amount of benevolence can change that. Let the half elves form a small reconnaissance team, because they are the most suitable.

“If these people sacrifice their lives while investigating, as long as they send back information that can warn us ahead of time, even if it is just a minute, it is completely worth it!”

Seeing Zong Ge persist in this viewpoint, Zhen Jin had a massive headache.

Sometimes, having this kind of upright comrade that saw the general situation, was an inconvenience.

“Don’t worry Zong Ge, my comrade.” Zhen Jin smiled at the half beastman, showing his pure white teeth.

“If we do this, even if the scouts do not encounter the magic beast corps, there will be casualties because the forest contains many dangers.”

“Of course, I understand your persistence. Because I am a knight, who also received many military teachings.”

“As such, I will pray to my master, if I could receive such a vision beforehand, perhaps he can find the blue dog fox wolf and the magic beast corps.”

“We could attack them in advance and eliminate them, that would be the best outcome.”