Chapter 133: Sorry to Frighten You All

Zhen Jin’s suggestion immediately stabilized Zong Ge, it also sparked new hope in the others.

However, they were bound to be disappointed.

Because without a foundation, Zhen Jin could not raise a magic beast corps they could murder. He could not even transform into a complete blue dog fox wolf.

Therefore, Zhen Jin could only tell them in the afternoon: He prayed, but god did not respond.

Although everyone was disappointed, they didn’t suspect anything.

After all the gods stood high above, even if a divine scion knight prayed, not responding was normal. During the camp battle, it was abnormal when Zhen Jin’s every prayer had a response!

Without the spider group blocking the path, after repairing the axles, the group immediately set off.

The ambience in the group was heavy.

They took precautions and were on tenterhooks, lest the magic beast corps ambush them.

One moonless night.

A tree loudly collapsed, shaking the ground.

The main culprit causing this was a crocodile head hammer tail boa currently pouncing at Zhen Jin, its mouth wide open.

Zhen Jin had transformed earlier; he used the monkey tail brown bear shape as a base and covered it all over in a dark gold scorpion carapace.

He suddenly crouched, dodging the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s large mouth.

“Now!” Red light suddenly bubbled from the back of Zhen Jin’s hands.

After the red light faded, four sharp spider blades grew from his hands.


The spider blades stabbed into the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s torso, there was nothing it could do to resist the blades.

Zhen Jin ran, and used his arm to drive the spider blades into the crocodile head hammer tail boa, creating over a dozen holes in its body!

This was a fatal injury.

A large amount of blood squirted from its body, causing the crocodile head hammer tail boa to howl, causing it to fiercely counterattack under the sharp pain.

But Zhen Jin had ample battle experience, foreseeing the counterattack, he rolled backwards, transformed into a silver level bat monkey, and immediately flew into the air.

Crocodile head hammer tail boa: ?!

It went berserk at death’s door, it wanted to take down its enemy with it, but with the enemy flying, it couldn’t reach it.

The enemy then transformed its head into a lizard head, angering it more through a constant bombardment of acid.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa with its last sparks of life, brutality, anger, and other emotions, could only vent its feelings on the surrounding innocent trees and rocks.

After tossing side to side for a while, the crocodile head hammer tail boa lost its strength, as it fell to the ground dying.

Zhen Jin flew onto its body, and from his feet four blood threads appeared to twist around the crocodile head hammer tail boa.

Quickly, a scene Zhen Jin was familiar with occurred.

The core absorbed and converted the crocodile head hammer tail boa, with the only thing being left on the battlefield being a line of carbon ash.

The night wind blew, completely dispersing this ash.

After every battle, Zhen Jin would sum up his gains and losses, this was a habit of his.

“I have moved a step closer to a complete crocodile head hammer tail boa form.”

“My magic reserves have decreased somewhat; multilayered transformations consume my magic severely. This fight went on a bit too long.”

Zhen Jin had a method to achieve a rapid victory, the flying fish fragrant attack could easily dispose of this crocodile head hammer tail boa.

But Zhen Jin needed meticulous practice, only through constant tempering could he improve his battle strength.

Practice was very important!

So this fight, he tested an all new fighting style.

Zhen Jin fused the blade spider form’s advantages into his body.

As far as this form’s first attempt was concerned, compared to Zhen Jin’s blade spider transformations, this attempt was extremely shallow.

As the group continued their journey these days, Zhen Jin deeply unearthed the blade spider form’s potential.

The blade spider had three strengths. One was touch, one was its spider webs, and the final one was its sharp blades.

The thing Zhen Jin was most interested in, was the spider blades.

They were strong, tenacious, and most importantly, Zhen Jin didn’t need to maintain them!

In fact, Zhen Jin still took advantage of Silver Lightning being in his hands, however that weapon, when all was said and done, was not his. It was Hei Juan’s family heirloom, after Zhen Jin left this island, he would return to Hei Juan.

Previously, Zhen Jin could only grow spider blades from his fingers. Limiting the spider blades to just there greatly reduced their usable value.

Now Zhen Jin could transform spider pincers, feet, and limbs.

In this battle, Zhen Jin first transformed his metacarpal bones into spider ambulatory legs and also grew ambulatory legs from the back of his hands. Then Zhen Jin wrapped a scorpion carapace around his ambulatory legs, then allowed them to grow out of the carapace.

This way, Zhen Jin had four blades on the back of his hand.

These four sharp blades effortlessly cut away the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s life.

Zhen Jin could also grow ambulatory legs from his ribs and allow them to extend out from his body. If that happened, from his armpits down to his waist, he would have four spider blades on each side.

When Zhen Jin tried this, he found he could do savage frontal attacks. Under the shining blades, a large tree would be cut into fragments after a few breaths.

But during real combat, Zhen Jin found just using the hand blades was easier.

Ease of use was very important.

Because these beast forms went against the human body, if Zhen Jin wanted to adapt to them properly, he had to invest large amounts of time to train them.

Zhen Jin was still most familiar with a human form.

As a result, his most used form was the monkey tail brown bear form. Because this magic beast form was close to a human form, and compared to a bat monkey, had tougher skin.

Even strong firepower like the scorpion tail wasn’t used much by Zhen Jin.

Because fighting with the scorpion tail was relatively difficult. Against stronger opponents, using unfamiliar shapes, would instead be a flaw for Zhen Jin.

Currently, Zhen Jin needed immediate battle strength.

The group traveled through the endless trees.

As the sunlight passed through the leaves, the fragments formed star-like facula.

Under a rare tree, the group stopped temporarily.

This tree had dense leaves and bulging roots that protruded out of the ground.

“This tree is at least a millennium old, excellent, very excellent!” Mu Ban’s eyes burned, happiness covering his face as he constantly circled around the tree.

“Quickly, chop it down, with it we can create a suitable keel.” Mu Ban yelled.

Thus, the crowd slowly circled around.

But Zhen Jin was looking at a distant mountain, and through ultrasound, he discovered many monkey tail brown bears there.

Late into the night.

In a narrow cavern with sultry air and glowing ore, there was no darkness.


A monkey tail brown bear pounced at Zhen Jin, its massive and heavy physique creating a hole with every step.

Zhen Jin with a naked body, stood motionlessly in place as he looked at the approaching monkey tail brown bear.

Suddenly, red light bubbled from his body, and in a blink of an eye, he transformed into a gold armored monkey tail brown bear!

“Come!” Zhen Jin brazenly lashed back and ruthlessly collided with the monkey tail brown bear.

Both the monkey tail brown bear and Zhen Jin immediately stood up, and with their respective palms, began to constantly smack their counterpart.

During this, Zhen Jin’s palm hit flesh while the monkey tail brown bear hit the scorpion carapace, producing dull echoes.

The monkey tail brown bear opened its mouth to bite, likewise Zhen Jin did too.

Zhen Jin bit into the monkey tail brown bear’s shoulder, ripping its flesh. The monkey tail brown bear bit into the scorpion carapace, nearly shattering its teeth!

Currently, Zhen Jin was easily winning.

After a spell, the monkey tail brown bear turned around and retreated.

Don’t attack, I’m in a terrible state!

Zhen Jin did not pursue, rather he stood in place and reviewed his fight with the monkey tail brown bear. He deliberately studied the monkey tail brown bear’s fighting style, he thought that through experience, he could learn the correct way to apply force.

After a short period, Zhen Jin returned, feeling he had a considerable harvest.

A bear’s body was different from a human body, thus the way either applied force was different. Although monkey tail brown bears didn’t have high intellect, by relying on their beastly instincts they applied force and attacked in a concise way that most effectively utilized their muscles and skeleton.

This was different from having a teacher.

Additional fights would greatly increase the efficiency of Zhen Jin’s monkey tail brown bear form.

The monkey tail brown bear form was very practical, thus Zhen Jin wanted to master it.

For the next several days, Zhen Jin came to this place at night and practiced with the monkey tail brown bears here.

As time passed, after the monkey tail brown bears received a bitter lesson, they would flee when seeing Zhen Jin.

“Then I will give you something to delight over.”

Zhen Jin’s bear head transformed into a blade spider head, he then sprayed something from his mouth.

A ball of spider web flew out, forming a milky white net in the air. The net then covered the face of the monkey tail brown bear in front of him.

The monkey tail brown bear promptly retreated; at the same time it used its palms to pull the spider web off.

The spider web covered its field of view, in addition it was very sticky and tough, thus for a moment, the monkey tail brown bear could not tear it apart.

Zhen Jin suddenly jumped in the air, curved his left arm, and protruded his elbow.

Suddenly, a thick spider blade covered the front of his elbow.

Zhen Jin fell into the monkey tail brown bear.

At that moment, the monkey tail brown bear’s head and his arm collided, causing a fountain of blood to fly from its neck.

Zhen Jin did not look back as he slowly moved towards the other monkey tail brown bears.

“It's your turn next.”

After getting over their shock, the monkey tail brown bears began to frantically flee.

It was a bloody night.

As the curtain of night waned, sunlight began to sprinkle through the woods.

“Good, to the left a bit, a little more to the left.” Mu Ban loudly directed everyone.

After doing their best, everyone finally managed to put the gigantic tree onto a special trailer cart.

The boat craftsman and Zi Di went to find Zhen Jin together.

“Only using wood won’t do, we still need iron. Without iron, we cannot make ship tools. We still need a lot of iron bars, iron sheets, and iron nails.” Said Zi Di.

The boat craftsman added: “Iron nails rust easily, but there is nothing we can do about that. Right now we can find minerals and do large scale refining for iron.”

Zhen Jin nodded: “So, we still need a lot of ore?”

Zi Di confirmed: “to be more accurate, we need tons of ore. Yesterday, our scouts found caves nearby with only monkey tail brown bears living inside.

“They are all already dead, and I dug up a lot of ore in passing.” Zhen Jin heart’ said, but on the surface he nodded, “Then have Zong Ge go ahead with a group to eliminate them, we need to start gathering ore.”

Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and the others were filled with thoughts of battle.

After half an hour, they came back with worried and heavy faces.

“All of the monkey tail brown bears have disappeared, there were some traces of fighting near the cave, but not many.”

“That blue dog fox wolf is still following us!”

“The magic beast corps has strengthened again, what should we do?”

Zhen Jin’s brows also faintly pursed, however his heart sighed: “Sorry everyone. As long as I am here, the ‘blue dog fox wolf’ will always be following you.”