Chapter 131: I am a Blade Spider

Currently, Zhen Jin could not transform into a complete blue dog fox wolf.

Even if he had killed three blue dog fox wolves, all of them were at the silver level. He used the core to absorb and convert two of them. Although the final one had been dead for a long time, had almost no internal magic power left, and suffered Zhen Jin’s dismemberment and Cang Xu’s dissection, it still helped him get to a nearly completed form, only a few parts were missing.

From this, as far the core was concerned, to gather a completed form, quality and quantity were needed.

Quantity was the base. Zhen Jin had the spear scorpion, green lizard, and brown bear forms because he had absorbed and converted great amounts of the corresponding magic beasts.

Quality could break through limits. Zhen Jin had absorbed many green lizards, however the lack of a silver level lizard meant he never had a silver level lizard form.

Both quality and quantity were indispensable, both sides needed to be balanced.

Sufficient quality with insufficient quantity would not do. Just like the strong quality of the blue dog fox wolves Zhen Jin had been absorbing, each was a silver level magic beast. However the small amount meant he still could not transform into a complete blue dog fox wolf.

However as far as Zhen Jin was concerned, he did not care about having a complete blue dog fox wolf form, he could already transform the most crucial organ——the biological spice bag.

From that point onward, Zhen Jin could disturb a man’s strong bodily fragrance!

But he lacked the wolf tail transformation.

The biological spice bag was the core, however without a complementary tail, Zhen Jin could not rapidly distribute the perfume.

Zhen Jin tried many times for this reason

At first, he used the core to link the spice bag to his sweat glands. After strenuous exercise, as long as he was sweating, each sweat drop had the perfume in it.

Since then, Zhen Jin had become a fragrant and sweaty man.

Although this attempt succeeded, he discovered this method was too slow.

Thus, Zhen Jin connected the spice bag to his ureter.

If that happened, Zhen Jin could spray the perfume through his urine.

Although this second attempt also succeeded, its practical value was still low. After all, suddenly urinating during a fierce battle was always awkward. Its only benefit is that it might make a negligent opponent see Zhen Jin as scared when he urinated——look Zhen Jin is so scared, he pissed himself!

Zhen Jin did not want to pee during a battle as a templar knight, even if the urine had the perfume in it.

The third attempt showed Zhen Jin’s usage of the core had gotten deeper.

He first transformed into a green lizard, then he took out the green lizard’s poison gland and venom sack, substituting them for the biological spice bag.

This attempt also succeeded.

Thus, he no longer sprayed out acid, rather he……uh……sprayed fragrant saliva?

For the past few nights, Zhen Jin examined how this attack performed in actual combat.

His opponents, some magic beasts, had their faces often covered in Zhen Jin’s saliva. After a moment, they surrendered at once.

The fragrant saliva still had real combat value.

However, Zhen Jin also discovered a shortcoming.

He spat up too much at once.

The magic consumption needed for the spice bag to make perfume, was far more compared to the consumption required to make the same amount of corrosive acid.

The fragrant saliva could only be shot at one target, then as the fragrance freely evaporated, it would influence its surroundings. The follow-up effects had low efficacy, this made Zhen Jin displeased.

Looking at the cost-performance ratio, the fragrant saliva attack was too wasteful.

After Zhen Jin reflected over this, he tried for the fourth time, the method he was currently using.

His fat ball flying fish form and the biological spice bag matched with each other.

Until now, although Zhen Jin could transform into a complete fat ball flying fish, the form was not practical, and after practicing with it several times, he put it on the back burner.

After many attempts, Zhen Jin finally transformed into a fat ball flying with the spice bag.

The fat ball flying fish attacked by spraying boiling water, thus this turned the perfume scalding.

The perfume’s high temperature accelerated its evaporation, making its effects quicker than a blue dog fox wolf’s tail.

Although this form’s attacks, defense, and speed were inferior to all other forms, with this creation, it immediately became Zhen Jin’s strongest trump card.

At this moment, the blade spiders’ allegiance was sufficient proof of this form’s avant-garde strength.

“Unfortunately, the perfume I make cannot be used as materials.” Zhen Jin was still somewhat regretful.

He did experiments.

He intentionally sprayed some perfume out and sealed it up.

It wouldn’t work without a seal; the perfume was an easily evaporated liquid.

However, after sealing it for a night, when Zhen Jin came back the next day, he found the perfume had turned into a layer of carbon dust

Zhen Jin was disappointed but unsurprised.

Because in previous tests, he tried something similar with the green lizard acid.

After time passed, the acid would turn into a handful of carbon ash.

“The reason why I can transform into all kinds of lifeforms, is all because of this magic core. Its magic serves as a power source, to bear the burden of contradictions and pressure between different kinds of lifeform shapes.”

“Regardless of whether it is the perfume or the acid, both are a part of the body. They are equivalent to hair, saliva, and the rest, the only difference between them and something like an arm or a thigh, is that they are easier to separate from the body, nothing more.”

After Zhen Jin grasped this point, he also understood why every time he transformed into a green lizard, he always had some venom reserves.

As the bat monkey Zhen Jin sat on a tree, red light bubbled from the core and flowed around his head.

After a moment, the red light scattered, giving him a wolf head.

Not only did he have a wolf head, Zhen Jin also transformed his vocal cords into ones similar to a wolf’s.

Seeing the blade spiders concealed in the tree leaves, Zhen Jin coughed twice and began to try an unknown amount of times.

“Bark (^) bark (ˊ) bark (v) bark (ˋ).”

Zhen Jin issued dog barks, his voice modulating.

The blade spiders were silent.

“Bark (ˋ) bark (^) bark (v) bark (ˊ)?”

Zhen Jin barked again, this time changing his pitch.

The blade spiders were aloof.

Bark (^) bark (ˋ) bark (^) bark (ˋ)!”

Zhen Jin’s barks increased in volume.

The blade spiders looked like puppets, there were no responses.

Perhaps Zhen Jin’s series of strange sounds attracted them, but their gazes seemed to change, outside of acknowledging their allegiance to Zhen Jin, they seemed to regard him as an idiot.

“They are actually moving……” Zhen Jin sighed.

It was too difficult for him.

Learning a foreign language really wasn’t easy. To date, he had never even been introduced to this language.

“To learn the dog language, I must capture a blue dog fox wolf alive! Relying on my own fumbling will not work.”

Zhen Jin eventually understood reality completely.

Like Zi Di, he also wanted to capture a blue dog fox wolf alive.

Only the former wanted to extract the blue dog fox wolf’s perfume, while he wanted to learn the wolf’s language.

Without the blue dog fox wolf’s language, Zhen Jin could not command the beast group in front of him.

The only action his test brought, was the magic beasts shifting their attention to him.

While having their attention and allegiance, the magic beasts silently followed him.

This had benefits and troubles.

The benefits were clear, when Zhen Jin rushed into other magic beast groups, the artificial magic beasts following him would defend him and attack the aggressors.

The trouble was Zhen Jin could not secretly accumulate magic beasts.

Because when Zhen Jin returned to camp, these magic beasts would also follow him. This would cause conflict between the magic beasts, Zong Ge, and the other people.

Human ears could not hear ultrasound, but people could smell the perfume.

Zhen Jin also once thought, with the help of the god’s name, he could say god bestowed upon him a wonderful ability.

But that was unreasonable.

In recorded history, Emperor Sheng Ming’s godly favor was never like this. Emperor Sheng Ming’s power always manifested through light!

If it was the Flower god, the Beast god, the Demonic Flesh god, and so on, this kind of bestowment would have fit.

Zhen Jin had already taken a risk when transforming in front of Zong Ge. After suffering when he saved Huang Zao, he would never underestimate anyone.

As a result, Zhen Jin actually only had one choice.

Following this, he came in front of every blade spider, used the blade transformation, and beheaded them. Afterward, while the corpse was still warm, he absorbed and converted them all with the core.

The blade spiders served Zhen Jin, even if death caused an uproar, none of them could truly resist.

Zhen Jin couldn't help but sigh a multitude of times.

It was too easy!

He effortlessly slaughtered this enormous blade spider group. The easiness of it surpassed his imagination.

If someone told him that one day in the future, these blade spiders would calmly sit in place and allow Zhen Jin to kill them, Zhen Jin would have certainly believed that individual was insane.

But sometimes, reality was more inconceivable than one’s imagination.

By annihilating this blade spider group, Zhen Jin raised the core’s magic reserves to a new height.

Currently, Zhen Jin still did not know what the magic core’s magic reserve limit was.

Another gain, was that he now had a complete blade spider form.

Beforehand, he could only transform spider blades, nothing more.

“Let's give the blade spider form a try.”

The next moment, red light rushed forth, the bat monkey Zhen Jin disappeared, and was replaced with a blade spider Zhen Jin.

In a split second, Zhen Jin felt like he was squeezed into a wooden chest.

Regardless of whether it was sight, hearing, smell, or his other senses, all had declined by a substantial amount.

This made Zhen Jin somewhat out of sorts.

Lizard eyes, bat monkey hearing, and a blue dog fox wolf sense of smell were all strong, while the spider blade form had dropped them all to their lowest point.

However as time passed, Zhen Jin discovered the blade spider’s sharpest sense——touch.

Although his legs were blades, there were still spider feelers at the ends of his blades. Regardless of whether they were on his limbs or on the surface of his torso, all of it was covered in a thick layer of fine fur.

When the wind blew, the fur would slightly tremble accordingly, thus Zhen Jin would immediately “hear” the wind and “smell” the forest.

As a nightingale flew past, the nightingale wings would make noise and vibrate the air, this was all transmitted through Zhen Jin’s fur.

Zhen Jin immediately became aware that there was a flying nightingale in that direction!

Accompanying the vibrating fur, the flying nightingale’s route was also clearly portrayed in Zhen Jin’s mind.

A strong intuition told Zhen Jin: if he sprayed spider webs in that direction, he could definitely catch the small nightingale.

Wanting to act, Zhen Jin immediately opened his mouth.

A spider web shot out, at first it was a ball, but it then opened up in the air.

Just as the nightingale flew past, it collided with the spider web. The spider web tied it up and glued it to a tree.

The nightingale shrieked constantly and frantically struggled, however the spider web, nevertheless, grew tighter around it.

The Bai Zhen Clan’s bloodline was compatible with any long range attacks, thus bringing the best in each other.

A silver level blade spider could spray strong spider webs. Anything less than a blade spider, could only weave nets and setup traps.

Next, Zhen Jin tried to extrude silk.

Strictly speaking, it was not called silk. Perhaps we can call it “vomit juice” to be more accurate.

In addition, this vomit did not come from the mouth, rather it came from Zhen Jin’s blade spider behind, there something similar to buttocks was spinning the vomit.

The spinner was a type of blade spider organ, in that organ, there was a spinning and weaving gland where the juice was being produced.

This was a milky-white and sticky juice.

After being discharged by the spinner and encountering the air, it immediately stiffened, thereby turning into spider silk.

Spider silk was wonderful, it was tenacious, fine, sticky, and flexible.

“This feels fantastic.”

“It’s a bit similar to defecating and urinating.”

“Summing it up, it's like using one’s anus to urinate.”

After Zhen Jin’s good experience, he saw a jumbled ball of spider silk behind him, it looked like a yarn ball a cat or dog had messed up, this caused the young knight to sink into silence.

“Weaving is also a life skill!”

Zhen Jin was vexed.

Without lots of practice, he could not grasp this skill.