Chapter 130: I am a Fat Ball Flying Fish

“This forest is a bit unusual!”

A half elf mercenary slightly stamped his foot, he vigilantly looked at the forest before him, sensing a rotten odor disseminating from it. Regardless of whether it was the trees or the color of the leaves, both made the forest seem darker and gloomier.

Compared to normal humans, this half elf had slightly more pointed ears and smaller eyes, these were known——the half elf bloodline in his body was comparatively thin.

Despite this, the half elf bloodline still helped him adapt to the forest more than usual. Without a reference, he could still roughly approximate his direction in the forest.

The exploration team appointed him as their scout, and he was doing his best.

“Should this be the place……” The half elf gradually turned solemn; he was thinking of the intelligence pertaining to the blade spiders.

Such information had already been transmitted to everyone, in order to increase everyone’s odds of surviving.

The half elf was prudent, slowing down greatly as he penetrated the dark forest.

After a short period, his body filled with cold sweat, and he returned to where he had come from.

“Unmistaken! There is a large group of blade spiders dwelling in the area ahead.” The half elf quickly informed the large group of this important information.

“Are there spider webs?” The boat craftsman excitedly asked.

The half elf shook his head.

The boat craftsman sighed: “According to our information, a blade spider’s webs had adhesive properties and are extremely tough. They could be used to build a ship and might even be the best material we have to glue planks together!”

“Don’t worry, we will secure some.” Zhen Jin smiled, “It is almost dusk, let us pitch camp here, then we will dispose of this blade spider group!”

“Yes your Lordship.” Everyone accepted the order.

After the camp burned down, everyone rested and reorganized for a few days. Then after a joint discussion, they began to travel through the forest.

It seemed to almost all of them that a blue dog fox wolf was still alive, thus continuing to stay in place was meaningless. It was very possible that establishing a new camp would be met with an even bigger magic beast corps attack.

The farther they went from the original camp, the better.

Outside of this reason, there were still a few other important ones.

First, a huge ship could not be constructed in the forest. Because moving a ship into the sea exceeded the engineering capabilities and manpower of everyone. Only if luck was good, could the boat be teleported to the beach.

Second, a sea going ship was not a river boat. A ship could not be flat bottomed, it needed a hull. This kind of structure needed to withstand stormy seas and wind. Launching a hulled ship was difficult, if it dragged along the bottom, it would destroy the hull. As a result, everyone needed a dock, and docks were naturally near water.

Third, the workload to build a ship was massive and needed an enormous amount of manpower. Returning to the beach and merging with the remaining survivors would give them the most amount of manpower. At the same time, determining how much manpower they had, would determine how big they would make the ship. Building too big was unnecessary, squandered time and manpower, and increased possible risks. Building too small would force them to leave some people on the island, Zhen Jin did not want to see this happen.

Zhen Jin’s orders were rapidly passed on, the group stopped, and everyone began to methodically arrange things on the ground.

Cang Xu was in charge of the arrangements.

Xi Suo had someone drive off snakes and rats with weapons and fire. After ensuring the area was safe, a circular camp was set up, and tents started to be built.

Bai Ya led some people in the construction of traps around the camp.

Hei Juan and others took one of Zi Di’s compounds, sprinkling them around the camp and in the tents.

Mu Ban was sitting on the ground and inspecting some trailer carts.

These trailer carts were designed and made by him. Altogether, twelve trailer carts were made to make it far more convenient for the team to transport supplies.

The trailer carts relied on manpower to go forward, eight of them being pulled by the giant, with the rest given to those with comparatively strong strength and stamina.

Mu Ban was mainly inspecting their axles.

“This one is cracked. Giant, hold the wood up, we need to replace it.” Mu Ban called at the giant.

The giant sat on the ground; he was covered in sweat. After looking at the undersized Mu Ban, he shifted his gaze.

Mu Ban helplessly shook his head, he yelled at the nearby boat craftsman: “Quick, say something to your son.”

“How many times are you going to say that, he is not my son.” The boat craftsman immediately retorted, but soon raised his voice, “Quickly, hold up the cart.”

“Yes father.” The giant immediately stood up and dragged his beaten body.

He had a giant’s bloodline and was practically a human crane. Using his arm, he lifted the wood and threw it to the ground, causing it to roll a few times.

Mu Ban seemed to stamp and jump on his foot, saying with anger and worry: “Idiot, gently, gently, you boorish chap. This wood was moved here with great difficulty, don’t ruin it. Even if we are in a forest, this kind of good wood is rarely seen!”

“Slow down a bit, put it down softly, understand?” The boat craftsman yelled loudly.

“Understood father.”

“Don’t call me father!”

After the shouting, the wood on the cart was unloaded, at the same time, the giant turned the cart over, allowing Mu Ban and others to dismantle the axle.

“There aren't many spare axles left.”

“If we are staying here for longer than normal, we can use this occasion to make some more.”

Mu Ban was planning in his thoughts.

Most of the tents were built, but not everyone had one.

Tents were still in short supply.

Several individuals crowding into a small tent was not rare.

Of course, Zhen Jin’s tent was the biggest and the first one built.

As the tents filled with a sunset glow, thick smoke began to spiral from Zi Di’s tent roof.

The smoke had a strange odor—— this was Zi Di seizing the moment to dissolve ore and extract the iron from within.

Speaking of which, when the group left the camp, Zhen Jin intentionally led a small group around to look for a lot of ore in caves.

These heavy ores were secretly dug out by Zhen Jin, who had secretly transformed into a monkey tail brown bear, in the following nights after the battle.

This discovery made Cang Xu speculate: perhaps monkey tail brown bears had a habit grinding their claws.

Regarding the old scholar’s misunderstanding, Zhen Jin could only feel sorry in the bottom of heart, he didn’t have a good explanation.

As the sun completely dropped and night fell, the camp became calm. The building had already been completed, and with bone fires burning, the people began to eat dinner.

Even if fire-poison bees invaded now, they weren’t worried.

Zi Di’s potions distinguished themselves repeatedly, regardless of whether it was with the bat monkeys or the fire-poison bees, all of their threat levels fell because of her potions.

Zhen Jin, with a pleased heart, looked at the team members sitting, chatting, discussing, and sometimes laughing.

At that moment, it seemed that identity, racial misunderstandings, and prejudice didn’t appear to exist.

Previously, the group had been split into two large factions, but now everyone was harmonious.

This was all thanks to the invading magic beast corps. At the same time, another reason was Zhen Jin’s outstanding status——in everyone’s hearts, the youngster was not a simple templar knight, rather he was a divine scion knight!

Of course, in order to unify everyone, after the camp battle, Zhen Jin summoned Xi Suo for a conversation and explicitly guaranteed: he would help Xi Suo construct a new ship.

But who could have imagined Xi Suo would actually refuse this offer, instead he knelt to the ground and expressed his wish to follow Zhen Jin, something he thirsted and prayed for.

Rather than following his father’s footsteps, it seemed Xi Suo would rather swear loyalty to Zhen Jin. Following a divine scion knight had bright prospects, under normal circumstances, even if Xi Suo wanted to embrace such a thigh, he could not. But the shipwreck gave him a unique and golden opportunity, he couldn’t allow himself to miss it.

Zhen Jin thanked Cang Xu for his speculation and spread it. On the other hand, he accepted Xi Suo’s vow of loyalty.

While Xi Suo was vowing his loyalty, Zong Ge also gave in. His ambitions vanished and he no longer challenged Zhen Jin’s authority.

This outcome was sufficient proof that Zhen Jin’s prior decision to pursue the blue dog fox wolf was correct.

He intentionally showed off his formidable battle strength in front of Zong Ge. Not only did it make it more convenient to use a portion of his transformation abilities in public, more importantly, it deterred this strong half beastman.

Zong Ge could observe the general situation, if not he would not have overthrown the second mate or agreed to return to camp with Zhen Jin.

After realizing that even if he challenged Zhen Jin to a duel, he would still not be Zhen Jin’s rival, Zong Ge decided to cooperate with him.

Zong Ge trying his best to save Zhen Jin also caused Zhen Jin to take notice of this half beastman, decreasing his vigilance and increasing his trust.

In short, under Zhen Jin’s untiring efforts, the group had the best result when phasing together.

He did his best to preserve the group’s strength from the confrontations and internal friction occurring due to a schism.

He annihilated the magic beast corps and killed three blue dog fox wolves.

Perhaps only he understood the tribulations and hazards his contributions had.

Wearing the crown was certainly heavy.

Zhen Jin secretly shouldered many things, exceeding the expectations of any ordinary person.

Maybe, this was the price of becoming a leader.

When it was late into the night, Zhen Jin once again left the camp.

His habitual nighttime patrols were already known by everyone. As a leader and noble, Zhen Jin set an example through his silent investments. His crucial nighttime patrols were almost never suspended and persisting in this action made everyone love and respect him even more.

However what no one knew, was that every time Zhen Jin got far enough from camp, the first thing he did was strip naked.

After the camp battle, Zhen Jin no longer had armor, even his clothes had been destroyed. But not long after, he gained a new set of clothes and crocodile head hammer tail leather armor.

After arranging his armor appropriately, Zhen Jin transformed into a silver level flying squirrel.

After training hard for a while, he gave a discouraged sigh.

Still no electrical discharges.

He couldn’t sense which muscle he should exert.

Speaking of which, Zhen Jin once captured a few flying squirrels, however all of them died in the camp battle.

However because Zong Ge temporarily acknowledged his allegiance, Zhen Jin grasping this electrical discharge skill was not as urgent as before.

After practicing the flying squirrel form for a spell, Zhen Jin switched and turned into a silver level bat monkey.

During daytime marches, he would slightly open his mouth and use ultrasound often to examine their direction and to examine the nearby situation.

Scouting with ultrasound was very convenient, it was still more practical than the lizard eyes.

But even if there was a strong magic beast around, as long as it was not threatening the group, Zhen Jin would feign ignorance.

Before the half elf found the spider group, Zhen Jin had already discovered it, however he remained silent about it.

Of course he could use god’s name to “predict” some affairs, but if he always did this, it would give the people the impression that “Zhen Jin is abusing god’s favor, this templar knight is unable to recognize the good intentions of others.” Both Cang Xu and Zi Di were intelligent people, this would arouse suspicions in them.

“One, two, three……” Zhen Jin came near the spider forest, and by using ultrasound, he quickly found where all the spiders were located.

This spider group was bigger than the last one he encountered.

There were two silver level spider leaders.

Zhen Jin did not use the bat monkey form to fly in, instead at that moment, Zhen Jin transformed into……a fat ball flying fish.

Gu gu gu……

The fat ball flying fish Zhen Jin flapped his shark fin, swayed his fish tail, and slowly ascended. After reaching the treetops, he wobbled and flew over the spider forest.

Then as he looked down, he vomited his saliva.

The fat ball flying fish had a high internal temperature and could spit boiling water. This kind of attack was very weak, the fat ball flying fish’s truly strong attack was its dying self-detonation.

However, Zhen Jin’s fat ball flying fish saliva had gone through a qualitative change.

Every bit of saliva had in it, the blue dog fox wolf’s perfume!

The perfume sprayed all over the place, and because of the evaporation, it was not long until the scent pervaded the entire spider forest.

Zhen Jin waited for a moment, then he canceled the fat ball flying fish form, transformed into a bat monkey, and dropped into the trees.

The spider calmly looked at him, this beast group had already acknowledged their allegiance to him!