Chapter 127: Divine Scion Knight

The pursuit had concluded.

To Zong Ge, only one blue dog fox wolf was dead, and despite his serious injuries, he was unresigned, however his searching was fruitless.

Only Zhen Jin knew there had been only one left.

“As the power of god imbued my eyes, I could see my target, I could even overlook heaven and earth to analyze my path towards my target. However just as I overtook the blue dog fox wolf, the power of god in my eyes blinded my field of view.” Zhen Jin answered.

Zong Ge and the others had no choice but to accept this.

Zhen Jin tried to pray publicly again, but this time, the god did not respond.

Of course there was no response!

Zhen Jin still wanted to continue praying, but Zong Ge prevented him: “Don’t abuse it, the gods do not have infinite kindness Zhen Jin.”

The four people cleaned up the battlefield and returned to the temporary camp with their spoils of war.

“Look, they’ve returned!” The sentinel in the undergrowth shouted loudly.

The temporary camp stood up in jubilation and immediately flocked over.

“They and Lord Zhen Jin have returned?”

“Where are they?”

The forest obstructed everyone’s field of view.

The sentinel on the tree could see clearer, he stood up and shouted again: “Hold on, I see it. Lan Zao is carrying a carcass.”

“Goodness gracious, it's a blue dog fox wolf!” The sentinel then shouted.

The crowd under the tree immediately cheered.

“Goodness gracious, they succeeded!”

“They did it! They killed the main culprit.”

“Inconceivable……they really succeeded.” Hei Juan remained in camp, when he heard the people cheering, he exposed his astonishment.

The magic beast corps’ attack on the camp caused many casualties and burned down the camp. The blue dog fox wolf’s cunning and treachery gave everyone enormous psychological pressure.

Most of them did not have faith in Zhen Jin’s decision to pursue it.

“Templar knight, this is a templar knight!” Bai Ya had already regained consciousness, when he heard the cheering, he yelled, rushed out of his tent with a feverish face, and charged into the crowd.

Hei Juan glared at him for a glance, but Bai Ya was unaware as Hei Juan only stared at his back.

Passing through the small cracks between the trees, the people saw Zhen Jin, Zong Ge, and the others greeting them.

“Lord Zong Ge!” Some people immediately cried as they got near.

Zong Ge’s left arm injury alarmed them, even if they didn’t see the fight, from that injury everyone immediately understood how bitter and dangerous the fight was.

“How odd……” Soon, everyone was puzzled.

“Lan Zao, why are you naked? Why is there only a white cloth around your crotch?”

“That white cloth seems a bit familiar.”

The people were curious.

How bitter was this fight, that it managed to break all of Lan Zao’s clothes off of him?

“Hold on, Lord Zhen Jin seems to be wearing Lan Zao’s clothes. Where is his Lordship’s armor?”

The people were even more puzzled.

“Lord Tripleblade!”

“I say the white cloth around Lan Zao is quite familiar!”

The mercenaries at the front waved at Tripleblade, most of them were suppressing their laughter.

From beginning to end, Tripleblade’s black face didn’t have a scarf covering it. His smooth and bald head was exposed, his neck also seemed thin when compared to it.

This made him seem comical and ridiculous.

It’s no wonder he wore it all day long, without such an important decoration, it would greatly harm his reputation as a mercenary commander.

“My Lord!” The young lady Zi Di had run all the way over. After coming in front of Zhen Jin, her eyes blushed and she seemed to want to throw herself into his arms. However, the many people and her embarrassment stopped her.

“I said I would return.” Zhen Jin smiled at her.

Zi Di nodded: “My Lord, I have come to heal you.”

Zhen Jin shook his head: “My injuries have been treated already; they are not serious. This battle is hard to explain, I will put off discussing it until later, right now all I want to do is sleep.”

Zi Di immediately nodded: “Your tent is ready.”

Everyone stepped aside.

Everyone was exhausted.

The blue dog fox wolves’ magic corps had attacked at night.

Zhen Jin not only bitterly fought during the night, facing the blue dog fox wolf and other formidable magic beasts, he also pursued the blue dog fox wolf throughout the day.

“May Lord Zhen Jin rest well!”

“Quickly everyone, treat Lord Zong Ge.”

“First, find a way to open the shattered steel armor!”

“Lan Zao, tell me what kind of fight it was. Why are you naked?”

Lan Zao: ……

Although the camp had burned down, there were still some tents.

In fact, not only were there tents, there was food, water, and supplies, all of which had been buried in places outside of the camp in advance.

This was Cang Xu’s proposal——don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.

Entering the tent, Zi Di carefully inspected Zhen Jin’s entire body. After confirming his injuries were not serious, Zi Di spat some air, carefully assisted Zhen Jin clean his wounds, put medicine on them, and bandaged them up.

Zhen Jin reclined onto his new bed and quickly fell asleep.

He really was tired.

For the first half of the night he had trained his monkey tail brown bear form. After warning everyone in the middle of the night, he led everyone in defending the camp from the attacking magic beast corps. In the burning wooden house, he finally found an opportunity to kill a blue dog fox wolf. As the camp burned and as day arrived, Zhen Jin aroused Zong Ge and two others to pursue and kill the other blue dog fox wolf together.

This pursuit was not a simple one, Zhen Jin also used the blue dog fox wolf to club the monkey tail brown bears, all of which occurred in front of Zong Ge.

Not only was Zhen Jin’s body tired, his mind was even more so.

This sleep lasted until evening.

Zhen Jin slowly opened his eyes; he saw the bonfire through the cracks in his tent and also heard the people discussing while eating their dinner.

“Are you saying, with just four people their Lordships eliminated one blue dog fox wolf?” The boat craftsman inquired.

“That’s right, only one.” The one who replied seemed to be Mu Ban.

The boat craftsman sighed: “In that case, don’t we still have a large problem? When the other blue fox wolf raises another magic beast corps, it will invade again. It might even summon more blue dog fox wolves!”

“Nothing we can do about it. Their Lordships have already done their best! Did you not see Zong Ge’s injuries?” Mu Ban also sighed, his heart was deeply worried.

“Sorry……” Zhen Jin’s heart apologized.

As a matter of fact, both blue dog fox wolves were already dead, but Zhen Jin couldn’t state that.

However, by leaving the facade of a surviving one, the people were kept alert and felt they were in a crisis. This wasn’t a bad thing.

Mu Ban’s and the boat craftsman’s tents were near Zhen Jin’s, other conversations were not as audible.

This was not a problem to Zhen Jin.

After diligently training for many uninterrupted nights, Zhen Jin had a deeper control over the core.

At that moment, he transformed both his ears into that of a bat monkey’s.

But the fine point was this; Zhen Jin’s outer ears still retained their human shape, only his inner ears were secretly transformed.

Actually, even just transforming this part was dangerous.

The rest of Zhen Jin’s body was still human, increasing his sense of hearing would be hard on his nervous system.

But the core could consume magic to bear the contradictions between different lifeform body parts.

This allowed Zhen Jin to hear more voices, while at the same time, preserving his safety as he continued to quietly listen.

Quickly, he heard Bai Ya asking Cang Xu for advice.

“What is a divine scion knight?” Bai Ya asked. The youngster was curious about everything pertaining to knights.

Cang Xu slowly explained: “A so-called divine scion is someone a god cares deeply about.”

“Lord Zhen Jin is a templar knight, he believes in Emperor Sheng Ming. Is he considered someone Emperor Sheng Ming deeply cares about?” Bai Ya continued to ask.

“Of course!” Cang Xu replied without hesitation, “In last night’s fight, you personally saw that every time Zhen Jin prayed, there was a response. You also heard what Tripleblade, and Lan Zao have said. When Zhen Jin is faced with desperate straits, Emperor Sheng Ming will aid him and allow him to turn the tide!”

“This kind of situation is very rare.”

“The gods attentively watch each of their believers, but the amount of godly responses is few.

“But nearly every time Lord Zhen Jin prayed, Emperor Sheng Ming would immediately respond. The Emperor repeatedly intervened, helped his believer, and granted whatever his knight asked for!”

“If this isn’t godly concern, what can still be considered godly concern?”

“Lord Zhen Jin is a divine scion knight!!” Cang Xu was certain of his conclusion.

Bai Ya’s face was full of yearning and adoration, he quietly whispered: “Lord Zhen Jin is a templar knight, he is also a divine scion knight……a divine scion knight……”

“Looking back now, it’s not at all strange.” Cang Xu gently stroked his beard.

Seeing he had attracted the gaze of more people, he spoke frankly and with assurance: “Lord Zhen Jin himself is an outstanding cultivator, his innate talent is outstanding.”

“He has a noble bloodline, is a templar knight, and offers all of his conviction towards Emperor Sheng Ming.”

“These already make him one in ten thousand, however what is more praiseworthy, is his scrupulous abiding of knightly morality. He uproots the strong, supports the weak, upholds virtue, condemns evil, attends to the small and weak, and even if he has to sacrifice his life, he shall never violate the templar knight doctrine.”

“He is an fearless hero, is impartial, is willing to accept any person, and views everyone as his comrade. From these traits, one can make out his expansive vision as well as his merciful and benevolent nature.”

“Don’t tell me such a person shouldn’t receive godly concern?”

Hearing Cang Xu’s analysis, the audience subconsciously nodded, conveying their approval.

Cang Xu sighed a number of times: “Perhaps, the shipwreck and surviving on this island is Lord Zhen Jin’s opportunity. On this island, Lord Zhen Jin never feared death, he eternally worked to benefit everyone, and heroically fought in order to save others, regardless of the perils. All of these things made god follow him closely, as a result, he showed deep concern. Lord Zhen Jin is absolutely worthy.”

“Let’s analyze again, although god’s will cannot be apprised, Emperor Sheng Ming is a living god and the ruler of the empire”

“He has dispatched numerous templar knights to the Wilderness Continent and to the city lord competition. A war between humanity and beastmen will certainly happen, and these templar knights will become the vanguards and pillars of this war. As far as exceptional templar knights are concerned, Emperor Sheng Ming would not be stingy with his concern.”

“Perhaps because of the shipwreck and distinguishing himself in advance, Lord Zhen Jin became Emperor Sheng Ming’s most interesting believer. I have a premonition; he can definitely become a dazzling nova in the humanity-beastman war. In this grand war among races, a hero of humanity must appear! Even the imperial gods need new heroes amongst humanity. Sirs, maybe we are in the middle of witnessing a hero, a character whose birth and sudden rise will be recorded in history, how honored we are to witness such a thing!”

Everyone stared after those words, and for a moment, only the night wind moving around the bonfires traveled through the temporary camp.

“Lord Zhen Jin is coming!” Bai Ya suddenly shouted.

Zhen Jin opened the tent flap, he had heard Cang Xu analysis and his accomplishments; Zhen Jin’s face was burning hot.

Everyone looked at Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin could only nod and smile at everyone.

What a perfect smile!

It did not simply look like a haughty noble smile, it resembled sunlight, the rain and the dew, it was sensitive to the needs of the people, and it was warm, graceful, and calm.

Everyone’s eyes gradually shinned.

“Zhen Jin, Zhen Jin, Zhen Jin!” Bai Ya stood up to cheer first, and soon, more and more people also stood up to cheer Zhen Jin’s name together.

Even Tripleblade’s mercenaries were also cheering.

At that moment, Zhen Jin’s influence over these people had attained an unprecedented apex.

The title divine scion knight, Cang Xu’s description of his incomparably bright prospects, and Zhen Jin’s consistent performance made everyone look at him with increasingly more adoration, reverence, love, respect, and even zealotry.

In the corner, Zong Ge and Tripleblade were still sitting down.

Zong Ge extended his left arm, Tripleblade had just removed all of the shattered steel armor from it.

This was troublesome work, and Tripleblade was already brow beaded with sweat.

Hearing the cheering for Zhen Jin, despite Zong Ge preparing his heart, he still inevitably felt a sense of frustration.

Zhen Jin became the bigger power, and Zong Ge also lost his courage to challenge it. Why challenge it? The golden armor Zhen Jin received after praying was deeply carved into Zong Ge’s heart.

Zong Ge silently looked at the bonfire in front of him.

The fire jumped in the half beastman’s eyes.

He seemed to see into the past……

The battle had finished.

He sat under a tree, the sunlight passing through the leaves and sprinkling onto his armor. He silently used a cloth to wipe his armor clean.

Not far away, the voices of high ranking officers were bestowing rewards for meritorious deeds.

“Please, without my cavalry flanking them from behind, how could anyone break their formation?”

“Hmph, was it not my squad that held back the enemy’s main force, where did your opportunity come from?”

“Regardless of what you guys have said, none of you killed as many jackals as my squadron. Don’t believe your headcount can compare to ours.”

“Ha ha, to think your kill count can compare to ours. But so what? Our Commander Da Shu is the one who always attacks the most enemies. How can you compare to that?”

“Snort! He is indeed Commander Da Shu, with his lofty ambitions, he wants to be an important and talented general! We are common folk; how can we compare to him? I still should have contributions; this is the reality.”

The Commander Da Shu the officers spoke of was naturally Zong Ge.

Every time a battle finished, he would sit under a tree alone, wiped his armor clean, kept silent, and never argued for meritorious deeds.

Because he knew he could not argue against his own reasoning. He had experienced it many times, every one of his outstanding military services were reduced and even falsely claimed by others.

Who made him a half beastman?

No human commander took the initiative to understand and talk to him.

He could only be alone, forever a solitary person.

“Ss……” The sound of pain could be heard, Zong Ge’s light breath had interrupted his memories.

“Sorry your Lordship, this thing is hard to deal with.” Tripleblade apologized, he had been pulling on the steel armor, however what he did not expect, was instead of being pulled apart, the armor rebounded and knocked against Zong Ge’s wound.

Zong Ge was about to speak, when a figure arrived in front of him and obstructed the flames.

Zong Ge raised his head and found the young knight Zhen Jin.

“I want to express my gratitude for your help Zong Ge.” Zhen Jin said sincerely.

“Don’t mention it.” Zong Ge indifferently replied.

Zhen Jin nodded and took out Silver Lightning: “Let me help you.”

Zong Ge extended his left arm.

Zhen Jin deeply breathed, and the rapier sparked repeatedly in front of Zong Ge, a dozen silver lightning flashes appeared at once.

At that moment, no matter what was bound to Zong Ge’s arm or stuck in his flesh, all of it was cut out by Zhen Jin.

Zong Ge lightly shook his left arm, all of the broken armor fell off.

“Good swordsmanship, truly worthy of the Bai Zhen Clan’s bloodline.” Many thanks.” Said Zong Ge.

“No need, we are comrades in arms, aren’t we? This is some medicine Zi Di just made, it should be very effective.” Upon saying this, Zhen Jin gave the medicine to Tripleblade.

“Comrades in arms……” Those words reverberated in Zong Ge’s heart.

Zhen Jin’s voice suddenly magnified: “Without your help, this pursuit would have been impossible. In fact, without you Zong Ge, impeding and killing many silver level magic beasts, I could not have such a military accomplishment!”

The entire camp quieted down; everyone focused their eyes on Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin’s voice spread through the camp: “As a result, we should not be cheering for just my name, we should also cheer for Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and Lan Zao, cheer for our warriors!”

“Zong Ge!” After speaking, Zhen Jin shook his arm, looked around, and shouted first.

“Zong Ge, Zong Ge, Zong Ge!” Everyone shook their arms; they went along as a chorus.

Zhen Jin then yelled: “Tripleblade!”

“Tripleblade! Tripleblade! Tripleblade!”

Regardless of whether it was Zong Ge or Tripleblade, both were in a daze as they looked at the blond youngster.

Zhen Jin shouted again: “Lan Zao!”

“Lan Zao, Lan Zao, Lan Zao!” Everyone’s mood rose to their highest point.

Lan Zao pursed his lips tightly and his body faintly shivered.

Bai Ya in high spirits, clapped Lan Zao’s shoulder.

Zhen Jin left Zong Ge and Tripleblade and came into the crowd. He then shook hands and shouted other names, causing a spell of shouting.

In the celebration, everyone yelled with their companions in the wake of the flames, their voices resonating in the nearby forest.

Seeing the young knight in the crowd and the bonfires being covered by his radiance, Zong Ge sighed and said to Tripleblade:

“Apply the medicine.”