Chapter 126: Earlier, You said You didn’t Want to Save Me


The two monkey tail brown bears behind Zhen Jin threw themselves at him.

Zhen Jin immediately cut a bead of blood out with Silver Lightning. Because of the painful wound, the movement of the monkey tail brown bear behind him began to change.

Zhen Jin pulled back to avoid the monkey tail brown bears in front of him.

However, perhaps because he had not been looking behind him or perhaps because the wounded monkey tail brown bear obstructed his peripheral vision, he did see the other monkey tail brown bear come over.

As the monkey tail brown bear came to attack, Zhen Jin showed his surprise and could only block with the rapier.

With a pow, his rapier was slapped away by the monkey tail brown bear.

“Bark bark bark!” Seeing this, the blue dog fox wolf excitedly barked.

Without Silver Lightning, Zhen Jin’s situation became even more distressed and hard-pressed.

He could only dodge now, no longer having the ability to hit back.

He also seemed to know if this battle continued, he would die. Thus he tried his utmost to break out.

But as long as one monkey tail brown bear was blocking him, Zhen Jin could not break out. He could only rely on the monkey tail brown bears’ movement to create gaps in their formation.

However, wasn’t this easier said than done?

The blue dog fox wolf was commanding nearby, and its constant barks saw through Zhen Jin’s attempts.


With a dull thump, Zhen Jin was knocked to the ground by a monkey tail brown bear.

He rolled continuously to avoid the monkey tail brown bears’ follow up attacks. After a moment of being in the dirt, he found himself kneeling on the ground.

“No!” Zong Ge shouted from the hillside.

Even if he was attacking with all his strength, because the giant worm delayed him too much, he was still a distance away from Zhen Jin.

Seeing Zhen Jin about to run into misfortune, he could only run wildly.

“Bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf barked, as if saying——finish him!

The monkey tail brown bears approached again.

At that moment, Zhen Jin began to loudly pray.

“Emperor Sheng Ming, my master, your knight does not retreat from this fight to the death, nor does he fear death! Please grant me strength, give me the strength to stand.”

Just as he said this, Zhen Jin’s body began to expand.

Originally he was a short youngster with a frail body, but now his body seemed to swell with air, making him as tall as the monkey tail brown bears.

This led to his well-fitting leather armor collapsing to the ground. His body now only had a few strips of cloth on it.

Seeing Zhen Jin’s armor suddenly crumble and him standing with his head up and morale high, Zong Ge and the blue dog fox wolf were startled. The monkey tail brown bears’ charge was also weakened by a lot.

Zhen Jin continued to pray loudly: “Emperor, my master, I ask you to give me golden armor that can make me indestructible!”

At that moment, all of Zhen Jin’s exposed skin transformed into a scorpion carapace.

The silver level spear scorpion’s carapace was dark gold.

The monkey tail brown bears finally reached Zhen Jin.

But Zhen Jin had already transformed into a small giant with golden armor.

Even Zhen Jin’s head was covered with scorpion carapace, the only cracks in it were for his nostrils and eyes!

Zhen Jin swung his fist and hit the closest monkey tail brown bear.

The monkey tail brown bear howled, it immediately fell to the ground and covered its nose.

Zhen Jin leaped, after dodging their attacks, he punched back.


Thump thump thump……

He did not run, rather the monkey tail brown bears’ attacks made his grandeur become even more brave.

The monkey tail brown bears were already in a bad situation, as they attacked with unheated claws, their blows could only rock Zhen Jin at most, they could only tickle the scorpion carapace.

But Zhen Jin was well acquainted with the weak points of monkey tail brown bears.

There was no way he could transform into a complete monkey tail brown bear; thus he did many covert transformations.

This was the result of his hard work.

Zhen Jin used his metal fists to beat the monkey tail brown bears into the ground!

Zhen Jin stepped forward and dashed towards the blue dog fox wolf.

Seeing the golden giant about to crush it, the blue dog fox wolf’s face warped, as if it were saying——what is this thing?!

Then the blue dog fox wolf reacted, its first thought was——run.

First retreat, save myself, this opponent is too strange, it could actually become so strong and terrifying!

I am a lone wolf; how can I face such an abnormal adversary?

Gathering another magic beast corps to gang up on him was the correct strategy.

The laying blue dog fox wolf now stood up and ran away.

Zhen Jin was already wise to the escaping blue dog fox wolf; he suddenly pushed off the ground, stopped running, and immediately threw himself at the blue dog fox wolf.

Perhaps the injury it got while retreating made the blue dog fox wolf’s movement somewhat slower.

Perhaps it was also because Zhen Jin’s sudden transformation caught the blue dog fox wolf off guard.

Just as the blue dog fox wolf turned around, it suddenly stopped and felt a giant hand firmly grab its tail.

At that moment, a tremendous force pulled on its tail.

The blue dog fox wolf exposed its fright as its four legs tenaciously gripped the ground.

But the force behind it was immense, the blue dog fox wolf left long pawprints in the ground as its entire body was dragged.

“Nowhere to run!” Zhen Jin shouted in a muffled voice.

The blue dog fox wolf frantically howled, upon receiving the order, the monkey tail brown bears immediately came over to save it.

Zhen Jin ferociously swung his arms, unexpectedly treating the blue dog fox wolf in his hands as a weapon.

At that moment, the blue dog fox wolf’s head streaked across the sky in an arc and ruthlessly lashed into a monkey tail brown bear’s stomach.

The monkey tail brown bears immediately stopped charging. Because of the sharp pain, the blue dog fox wolf’s barking came to a spontaneous end, the powerful attack had made it dizzy.


Bang bang bang……

Zhen Jin rushed into the bear group and beat them up with the blue dog fox wolf.

The pitiful blue dog fox wolf coughed blood, its skull and bones were cracked.

The monkey tail brown bears wanted to save the blue dog fox wolf, but without receiving its commands, the monkey tail brown bears’ hands and feet were tied.

The violent collisions caused the blue dog fox wolf to quickly fall unconscious.

But Zhen Jin’s attacks still continued!

The monkey tail brown bears he beat fled ignominiously.


Suddenly, the blue dog fox wolf mournfully howled, the acute pain had woken it up.

After the blue dog fox wolf regained consciousness, its eye contracted, it saw the small giant’s hand holding its tail and saw itself on the ground not too far away.

Zhen Jin had flung it everywhere and ended up tearing off its tail.

But it didn’t matter, at that moment, Zhen Jin extended both hands and grabbed the blue dog fox wolf’s hind legs.


The blue dog fox wolf howled, as if yelling: Don’t! Let me go!

But the terrifying golden giant began to drag it again, the blue dog fox alarmed, frightened, and with tears in its eyes, could only use its two front feet to frantically grip the ground, leaving behind distorted claw marks in the dirt.

All of its efforts were futile.

It was still thrown around by Zhen Jin and treated as a weapon that was wielded in a brutish manner.

Zong Ge slowly stopped walking.

All of this was inconceivable!

He had seen everything with his own eyes, a portion of his prior anger and worry still remained on his face.

But next the next thing he saw was this: when the golden giant discovered the blue dog fox wolf’s life aura had completely dissipated, he tossed away the corpse and started beating up the monkey tail brown bears with his metal fists.

The anger and worry on his face entirely dissipated, now his eyes opened wide.

As he slowly came down the hillside and into the battlefield’s edge, all of the monkey tail brown bears next to Zhen Jin were on the ground, Zhen Jin had beaten them to death!

Zong Ge subconsciously stopped, stood in place, and stared blankly at Zhen Jin.

His heart seemed to ask: why on earth did I need to run over?

Zhen Jin’s armor rapidly dissipated into ash that fell to the ground, his body also recovered its youthful form.

Zhen Jin also showed confusion.

He looked at his hands with pleasant surprise and curiosity.

On the hillside, a greenhead suddenly appeared.

It was Tripleblade.

Tripleblade had an unconscious Lan Zao on his shoulder.

Tripleblade swept his eyes over, the scene he saw on the hill stupefied him.

“How could this be?” His eyes looked blank.

The blue dog fox wolf was dead, its body was severely deformed, its tail had been ripped from its body, and it was clear it had a cruel death.

Several monkey tail brown bears were on the ground and encircled the standing Zhen Jin, showing who the final victor was.


Zhen Jin’s body only had some cloth on it, he was nearly naked as he gazed at himself, seemingly both bewildered and happy.

And at the edge of the battlefield, a blood-soaked Zong Ge was holding his left arm while dragging his bone hammer, his injuries looked very serious!

With a light echo, Zong Ge let go of the wooden shaft, dropping the bone hammer to the ground.

He spat and sat on the ground.

“Cough cough cough.” In his burst of coughing, he spat up some blood. After spitting it out, his breathing became unobstructed, allowing him to slowly recuperate, “I didn’t want to save you earlier!”

Hearing Zong Ge’s complaint, Zhen Jin suddenly lifted his head as if he was woken up with a start.

He looked at Zong Ge, his gaze focusing on Zong Ge’s worst injury, his left arm.

Feeling his gaze, Zong Ge grinned: “It’s not serious, it's just a small injury.”

His tone was reckless and thoughtless, however he brightly gazed at Zhen Jin.

For a long time, whenever the half beastman opened his mouth, he used either a strange, helpless, or an indignant tone: “Hey, Zhen Jin, is a youngster like you really……a divine scion knight?”

“A divine scion knight?” Zhen Jin’s nice looking brows perked up, “I am a divine scion knight? Can I be considered one? I don’t understand.”

Zhen Jin shook his head, he appeared confused.

“Hey, are your Lordships alright?” Tripleblade called from the hill, “Who can tell me what has happened here?”

Zhen Jin looked at Zong Ge, Zong Ge looked at Zhen Jin, neither spoke.

A cool breeze blew, and Zhen Jin suddenly realized his situation.

“Quickly Tripleblade, give me Lan Zao’s clothes.” Zhen Jin yelled.

Tripleblade’s eyes opened wide.

I painstakingly carried my comrade and risked coming here, all for the purpose of delivering clothes?

Tripleblade could do nothing but obey.

Zhen Jin’s current situation really was unbecoming.

Speaking of which, stealing a man’s clothes was still a little unusual.

“I am actually experienced in searching corpses. But this is the first time I have done such a thing.” The goblin murmured, he wanted to dispel the embarrassment in his heart.

“You, what are you doing?!” Lan Zao had woken up, and upon seeing the goblin peeling off his clothes, he immediately shouted.

“I’m, I’m not dead yet. Besides, why are you peeling all of my clothes off when searching “my” corpse?!”

“Shut up, your master wants your clothes!”

“Lord Zhen Jin? You swindling demon!!”

“Don’t believe me, look down the hill.”

“Ma, master?!”

Zhen Jin gave a slight nod to Lan Zao, his face had already recovered its normal tranquility.

“Beat it!” Lan Zao slapped his hand, “I will take them off myself!”

“No one wants to help you!” Tripleblade angrily jumped, “Hey, why are you pulling on my scarf?!”

“It gives me a little something to wear.” Lan Zao stamped vigorously.

Tripleblade was indignant: “Where do you think you're wrapping the thing I wear around my neck, you bastard!”

“Tripleblade!” Zong Ge finally spoke.

Tripleblade: ……