Chapter 128: Capture it alive, We can Make a Bundle of Money!

The inside of this tent reeked with the scent of blood.

The blue dog fox wolf had already been dissected; its tragic injuries displayed in front of everyone.

Its skull was fragmented, its skeleton was almost completely shattered, and because of the broken bones, most of its internal organs had been smashed to pieces.

Because Zhen Jin used it as a weapon to beat the monkey tail brown bears, its muscles were mushy, and its tendons had been squished together.

Its tail had been placed near its buttocks.

That was the closest spot to where it was before Zhen Jin tore it off.

“Truly wretched……” This was the first though nearly everyone had when seeing this corpse.

Then, everyone looked at Zhen Jin. they inevitably felt curious about this oddity.

Despite them learning about the battle from Zong Ge’s mouth, they could not see that the blonde youth with a sunshine smile, a weak body, and a rapier had actually transformed into a golden armored man, comparable to Zong Ge, and had treated the blue dog fox wolf as a weapon.

Feeling the gazes, Zhen Jin said to Cang Xu: “Old Scholar, let's discuss the subject at hand.”

“As you bid your Lordship.” Cang Xu nodded and extended his palm towards the blue dog fox wolf corpse, “Everyone look, this is a genuine silver level magic beast.”

“Although it is broken, from its fur, muscles, and bones one can make out its terrifying strength, its impressive speed, and its defensive capabilities.

“Its skull capacity is bigger than a normal wolf’s, dog’s, fox’s, etc. Although its brain is in a poor state, we can still distinguish between its cerebrum, cerebellum, brain stem, and diencephalon. The most crucial thing is here, its well-developed frontal lobe. Such a thing is rarely seen in beasts.”

“Nature does not have this kind of magic beast wolf; it is definitely a creation of the island master. Its brain composition is close to a human’s. Perhaps this is the reason why it’s intelligence is comparable to ours.”

“So, where does its scent come from?” Zhen Jin inquired; this was the thing he cared most about.

“Everyone please look here.” Cang Xu pointed at the blue dog fox wolf.

In the dissection area, there was a distinct sack-shaped thing.

“This sack is a strong musk gland, it was located in the blue dog fox wolf’s rear abdomen, near its genitals.”

“The blue dog fox wolf’s scent is distributed by this.”

“Essentially from a certain point of view, its and a green lizard’s acid sack are not so different, they are both something we customarily call a biological spice bag.”

Cang Xu spoke with honest confidence: “This kind of biological structure actually exists in many beasts.”

“This I know.” Zi Di gave a rare interruption, “Deer, cats, and rats have this sort of biological spice bag.”

Cang Xu smiled and nodded his approval: “That’s right. The island master gave the blue dog fox wolf this biological structure and a foxlike tail. Look at its tail, although it has suffered damage, I can guess that the tail is normally very fluffy and flexible.”

“To produce its scent, the blue dog fox wolf uses the muscles around its spice bag. Here, these muscles are packed together and are distinctly different from surrounding muscles. When used, these muscles will squeeze the spice bag, allowing its scent to bubble forth from its gland.”

“The scent is not discharged from its anus or urethra. Everyone, what happens next is very subtle.

As Cang Xu spoke of this, his brows stood up and his tone became even more excited: “The scent will flow into the blue dog fox wolf’s tail. Look at its tail bones, they are actually hollow, like a bird’s skeleton. The hollow bones form a conduit that allows the scent to flow through.

“There are many tiny holes scattered on the surface of these bones. These small holes are linked to small and large sweat glands, allowing them to emit from the tail.

“Generally speaking, the sweat glands of dogs or wolves are not as developed as human ones, they are mainly concentrated in their tongues and toes. If they want to dissipate heat, they need to stick their tongue out often. But the blue dog fox wolf is not like this, it has highly developed sweat glands and most of them are concentrated in its tail.”

“Ordinally, it does not need to stick its tongue out to dissipate heat. When the blue dog fox wolf squeezes its spice bag, it can emit a scent that makes other magic beasts serve it. Lord Zhen Jin once observed: every time the blue dog fox wolf emitted its scent, it would always shake its tail. This is a deliberate action that allows the blue do fox wolf to disperse its scent faster.”

Everyone suddenly understood, and new suspicions were born.

Zong Ge tightly asked: “In that case, why is the blue dog fox wolf’s scent capable of control other magic beasts? Can we mix this kind of perfume to control other magic beasts? If that’s out of the question, can we mix something that can interfere with the scent’s effects?”

This was an important question; everyone was concentrating on Cang Xu.

But Cang Xu shook his head: “I am afraid I will disappoint everyone. How the scent controls other artificial magic beasts are not something I can discover simply through dissection. I believe the scent’s effects should have a more source-based explanation. When the island master created so many magic beasts, they should have anticipated how they would have controlled them.”

“Currently, the island master is using this scent to control the magic beasts. When he made different magic beasts, he must have added an internal weak point into all of them. Smelling this scent can make these magic beasts obedient. This is also why the scent has no effect on normal species.”

“If I had a living blue dog fox wolf, I could give it a try. Unfortunately this blue dog fox wolf is already dead, and its spice bag is also empty.” Zi Di looked at the corpse, her purple eyes dazzling bright.

The magic beast corps was huge, to control so many magic beasts, an immense amount of perfume had to be consumed. The blue dog fox wolf’s spice bag being empty was normal.

“So Miss Zi Di, how certain are you in this respect?” Zong Ge’s eyes flashed with pondering.

“I am not certain!” Zi Di candidly shook her head, “But the prospect of this is immense.”

“Yes……” Hei Juan sighed on the side, “If we can have this kind of perfume and control many magic beasts, what can stop us on this island?”

Cang Xu shook his head, he had a different opinion: “Even with the perfume subduing many magic beasts, we cannot command them like the blue dog fox wolf because to give orders, we need its specific dog speech.”

Hei Juan stared blankly.

Zhen Jin also stared blankly; he had also missed this.

But Zi Di overruled them: “No, that is not the prospect I am talking about. If I can make a perfume based on the blue dog fox wolf’s, that perfume might possibly be one of the highest quality.

Everyone: ???

Cang Xu slightly frowned: “Do upper class women like to apply this kind of perfume?”

Zi Di nodded and shook her head at Cang Xu: “Don’t tell me you don’t know? Perfume has been popular among noble women for a long time. Presently, not only are women using it, it is also starting to become prevalent in men. There are already many business figures forecasting perfume is going to turn into a major commodity.”

The others looked in dismay, everyone was discussing magic beasts, the battle, and survival, yet Zi Di drew the topic at hand to perfume.

Jumping to this topic was a bit extreme.

Seeing everyone’s confused expressions, Zi Di stood up to present and talked nonstop: “Perfume was an invention of Duchess Ai Mei. At first, she discovered girls and boys had many body fragrances. Usually, teenage boys and girls between 16-24 years old could not smell their own body fragrance. In many cases, people with body fragrances projected exceptional charm.”

“Duchess Ai Mei loved beautiful things the most, her research not only invented all kinds of perfumes, she also developed a complete set of standardized perfume criteria.”

“Did you know? A good perfume has three fragrances. They are known as the first taste, the middle taste, and the aftertaste.”

“When perfume is sprinkled on the skin, we will first smell the first taste, then the middle taste, and finally the aftertaste. These three fragrances fit and flow together like a graceful, pleasant, and beautiful melody.”

“Currently, there are many types of perfumes including: citrus fragrance types, natural fragrance types, single flower fragrance types, hundred flower fragrance types, aldehyde fragrance types, element core fragrance types, eastern fragrance types, strange fragrance types, wood fragrance types, pungent grass fragrance types, and smoked leather skin fragrance types.”

Everyone hearing this was mystified.

Zi Di pointed at the wolf corpse, her excitement increasing: “However, you all have heard and seen how unique the blue dog fox wolf’s perfume is. Its perfume is one that does not belong to any type, but that’s good news. It is like a snow lotus herb on an iceberg, indiscernibly pure and mysteriously elegant. The glacier’s toughness and the petals’ delicateness combined with the ice’s cruelty and the snow lotus herb’s vitality form a contrast, making everything there beautiful and harmonious. If applied to human skin, women will feel noble, lovely, and pitiful, and men will feel tough, this is burning succulent eroticism. For the time being, regardless of the perfume’s magic beast subduing effect, I am already certain this is a perfume of the highest quality!”

Everyone: ……

Lan Zao suddenly sniffed and asked with bewilderment: “Why can I only smell the odor of blood?”

Everyone had a similar impression.

Zong Ge answered: “There really is still some perfume remaining.”

The half beastman had a different nose from humans, his nose was keener.

“Is it really that good?” Zong Ge looked doubtful, the soldier did not understand anything pertaining to perfume.

Zi Di nodded with affirmation: “Of all compounds, I have spent the most time and energy studying perfumes. It is unlikely my nose is mistaken.”

“Do you know what this signifies?”



“An unending stream of riches!!”

Speaking of these things, Zi Di’s amethyst eyes sparkled, everyone seemed to sense the glittering in her eyes.

Seeing Zi Di sink into excitement, everyone remained silent.

Contrary to what one might expect, Zhen Jin did not find Zi Di strange, after all when he and Zi Di were surviving and exploring together, he gained a deep understanding of her temperament.

“It seems, the psychological shadow the blue dog fox wolf gave you no longer exists.” The young knight made fun of his fiancé.

Zi Di looked at Zhen Jin with her sparkling eyes: “Capture it, you must capture one alive. Let me try to mix perfume. With it, we can make a bundle of money!”