Chapter 121: A Fierce Battle

Because of the pain and waking up with a start, the crocodile head hammer tail boa, upon seeing the strong life white rhinoceros ramming a hole into its body, angrily swung its bone hammer at the strong life white rhinoceros, causing the entire strong life white rhinoceros to fly into the air. After flying no less than twenty meters, it fell with a loud bang.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa then madly used its hammer tail, torso, and even its head to continuously strike the wooden wall.

Bang bang bang……

The wooden wall could not bear such a heavy burden, it quickly groaned as great amounts of cracks rapidly spread through the tree trunks, some of them even splintered and splashed sawdust.

Allowing it to wreak havoc would quickly devastate the wooden wall.

“Cover me!” Zong Ge shouted, at this moment, his plan to challenge Zhen Jin was thrown to the back of his mind. With his full body steel armor and a thick rope around his waist, he jumped from the top of the wooden wall.

While still in the air, Zong Ge brandished his gigantic bone white hammer and ferociously smashed the crocodile head hammer tail boa.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa suddenly opened its bloody mouth and raised its head, it wanted to swallow Zong Ge.

“Lord Zong Ge!” Tripleblade cried out in alarm.

Time seemed to slow as the distance between Zong Ge, and the crocodile head hammer tail boa closed.

Zong Ge could see every detail of the crocodile head hammer tail’s head, even the shredded meat between its teeth, all could be seen clearly.

“This brute responded so quickly! Zong Ge bit his jaw, he could not avoid it in the air, and without battle qi, he could only be swallowed and skewered by the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s teeth.

But at that moment, two arrows brushed pass Zong Ge, and accurately shot out the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s eyes, completely blinding it.

“Zhen Jin! Thanks for the timely assistance!” Zong Ge’s heart was exultant, and he couldn't help but exclaim in admiration.

He didn’t need to turn his head, he knew that besides Zhen Jin, no one in the camp could shoot like this, Zong Ge was no exception.

As it turns out, when Zhen Jin saw Zong Ge jump off to beat the crocodile head hammer tail boa, he knew it was anything but reassuring.

He learned many things from Cang Xu.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa’s eyes were special, their visual abilities were very strong, especially when observing things at the water’s surface while submerged. Crocodiles didn’t need to turn their head, only their eyes to detect any movement on the water’s surface.

Crocodiles relied on this ability to find prey.

When Zong Ge jumped down to attack, it immediately triggered the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s instinct, it did not think as it moved to feed and bite down.

When the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s eyes were shot blind, its attack immediately collapsed. With its head falling to the ground, it constantly twisted and rolled, creating a large dust cloud.

Zong Ge dropped into the dust cloud and struck the center of the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s skull.

With a loud bang, the crocodile head hammer tail boa seemed to be struck by a meteor, with the force of the impact embedding its head into the ground.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa stopped moved as blood began to flow from its nostrils and eye sockets.

Its head was the summit of an astonishing indentation.

But its life aura was still distinct.

It was not dead yet!

Zong Ge looked down at his hand, although his hands wore gloves, he knew his purlicue had split open.

The gigantic bone white hammer’s shaft also had a large crack in it.

That strike had all of Zong Ge’s strength in it, it really was too vicious.

“This thing is nearly unusable.” Zong Ge curled his lip, then strutted forward.

The crocodile head hammer tail boa had lost its fighting strength, and Zong Ge threw it to the back of his mind.

Several monkey tail brown bears climbed out of the pitfalls and charged at Zong Ge.

“Come at me!” With the gigantic hammer in hand, Zong Ge did not dodge or flee, he resolutely charged.

Then, he and a monkey tail brown bear ruthlessly crashed into each other, the bloody stimulation and sincere fighting, fired up the men watching the spectacle.

Zong Ge revealed inhuman dauntlessness, even if there were many enemies, he still defeated many monkey tail brown bears, and lowered the vigor of these silver magic beasts to rock bottom.

“I’m afraid the bloodline of this guy is remarkable!”

“His cultivation is at least at the silver level!”

As Zhen Jin took in all of Zong Ge’s fight, his heart was inevitably stunned.

Zong Ge’s display of power, regardless of whether it was strength, nimbleness, or martial skill, surpassed Zhen Jin’s human form.

“If I don’t have strange winning strategy like discharging electricity, it would be difficult for me to beat Zong Ge!”

Zhen Jin clearly contrasted their battle strengths in his heart.

“Pull Lord Zong Ge up quickly!”

Zong Ge fought lustily for a good while, with one person’s strength, he beat back more than ten silver level magic beasts and saved the camp gate for the time being.

But in that short period, he was already spent.

Seeing Zong Ge give the return signal, Tripleblade immediately ordered the surrounding people to start winching him up together.

As the winch rotated, the hemp rope winded.

One end of the hemp rope was around Zong Ge.

Thus the rope around Zong Ge carried him back up.

No one felt curious or surprised, because Zong Ge had already practiced this fighting style a few times publicly.

This tactic suited Zong Ge, but for others it did not.

Because Zong Ge had full body steel armor, even if iron arrows were shot at him, the iron arrows typically could not penetrate the steel armor.

With this durable layer of defense, arrows were unlikely to injure Zong Ge, he had the capital to fight alone.

As expected, this is what happened when it was carried out.

Of the arrows that hit Zong Ge, all without exception, were blocked by the steel armor. The other iron arrows pierced the bodies of the silver level magic beasts.

Mu Ban’s crossbows and iron arrow curtain combined together had impressive might, many silver level magic beasts, that had their bodies filled with arrows, were no longer as brave and fierce as before.

“Bark bark bark!” Dog barks disseminated out of the forest.

A small group of bat monkeys suddenly flew over the battlefield.

They did not get too close, because the smoke surrounding the camp was very troublesome.

From a distance, the bat monkeys seemed to have something in their hands.


Buzz buzz buzz……

The things tossed smashed into the ground and immediately broke into pieces. From within flew a great amount of poisonous bees, it was fire-poison bees!

The fire-poison bees immediately threw themselves at the bonfires.

The bonfires could not be extinguished, if that happened, people could not see anything, making this battle hopeless.

“They really do have fire-poison bees!” Zi Di snorted in the camp, however she was not flustered, on the contrary, she looked forward to something.

“Release soot!” Zhen Jin decisively ordered on the wooden wall.

When the fighters guarding the bonfires heard this command, they immediately fished out a small potion bottle from their bosom. They dumped the potion onto the collapsing bonfires.

The camp was quickly enveloped in a different smoke!

“Quickly, put a wet cloth on your nose and mouth.” Hei Juan loudly warned.

Ever since Zi Di and Zhen Jin learned blue dog fox wolves had control over the artificial magic beasts, they immediately realized the reason why the fire-poison bees specifically attacked her exploration team and not it.

After suffering that bloodshed, Zi Di prepared a specialized soot compound to deal with fire-poison bees.

As the fire-poison bees flew through the smoke, everything still seemed normal at first.

But quickly, the accumulated soot reached a qualitative change, the greasy smoke covered the fire-poison bees’ wings.

The more fiercely the fire-poison bees flapped, the more soot adhered to their wings, making them ever slower.

Each and every fire-poison bee fell to the ground or onto the wooden wall.

After waiting for a long time, everyone simultaneously brandished their weapons and cleaned out the fire-poison bees.


A wolf howled in the forest before them

The frontal blue dog fox wolf exhausted its strategies, yet it could not break through the gate. This wolf howl notified its companion.

As a result, just as the wolf howl was overlooked, the camp’s flank immediately suffered an attack.

It was the same as what Zhen Jin warned of earlier, this magic beast corps were the elites.

“Shoot!” Bai Ya led a small five man squad; they had been waiting for a long time.

These five individuals were selected carefully, each was an excellent archer. Altogether there were six men, and each had a rapid fire crossbow.

The rapid fire crossbows created an astonishing arrow curtain, and the concentrated arrow curtain caused the many invading flying squirrels to back off, greatly obstructing their military offensive.

“Bark bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf gave a new order, causing the flying squirrels to scatter, there were no more concentrated assaults.

Bai Ya and the others scowled, the pressure on them increased sharply while their casualty inflicted rate slid rapidly.

Bai Ya’s group only had six people, even if they had rapid fire crossbows, they had to stop shooting when they needed to install an arrow box.

There really were too many flying squirrels, Bai Ya and the others could not shoot them all, their fluster was gradually giving way to occupation.

“The flank is far from good; I need to help them!” Zhen Jin used ultrasound to examine the entire battlefield.

“You can go, don’t worry.” Zong Ge nodded as he panted.

Zhen Jin left the gate defense to Zong Ge, he then immediately dashed to the flank.

“The flying squirrels are charging the wall!” Zhen Jin’s pupils resolutely contracted.

No one could stop these flying squirrels, don’t speak of Bai Ya and the others, the enemy could easily break through the entire camp’s defenses.

“God, my master, grand Emperor Sheng Ming, I ask you to grant me power, allow me to fight to the death without retreating, allow me to practice your words……”

Zhen Jin purposely prayed loudly; however he hadn’t even finished his prayer when a flying squirrel interpreted him.

It was a magic beast flying squirrel, if it discharged electricity while biting, it would kill an ordinary person

“Fuck off!” Zhen Jin roared.

The mighty voice surged to create a translucent soundwave that dispersed around Zhen Jin’s heart, causing all of the invading flying squirrels hit by the halo to lose consciousness.

Since Zhen Jin could secretly transform his body’s internals to produce ultrasound waves, imitating the bat monkey soundwave attack was easy for him.

“Get lost——!”


“Kill kill kill!!”

Zhen Jin with the rapier in hand, walked back and forth along the wooden wall. As long as there were flying squirrels approaching, he would immediately roar at them and cause them to lose consciousness.

“His Lordship’s prayer was effective again!”

“We have a templar knight!”

“These squirrels are dying, all thanks to his Lordship’s halo’s rapid attacks!”

On the wooden wall, the spirits of Bai Ya and the others were greatly roused.

“Bark bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf issued another order.

All of the flying squirrels targeted Zhen Jin.

For a moment, Zhen Jin could only wearily respond, for at this moment, the blue dog fox wolf suddenly scuttled out of the woods and started climbing the wooden wall.

No one knew how it climbed the wall as if it were treading on level land but combined with its speed that made it seem like blue lightning, it climbed to the top of the wooden wall in but a few breaths.

The blue dog fox wolf bared its teeth, and ferociously pounced at Zhen Jin.

It knew Zhen Jin was the most crucial person! As long as it killed him, it would win this battle.