Chapter 122: This is——a Human?!

This was Zhen Jin’s third confrontation with a blue dog fox wolf.

The young knight felt surprised the blue dog fox wolf could be so suicidal.

Zhen Jin narrowed his eyes and focused all of his attention on his enemy, his train of thought flickering like lightning.

“Until now, blue dog fox wolves would always hide and rely on the forest to protect themselves, I did not expect it to be so courageous now.”

“No, this kind of magic beast has always been ruthless! At the time, that blue dog fox wolf also personally attacked Zi Di’s rescue team.

“It seems the blue dog fox wolf felt its gathering of other magic beasts was required before it engaged. It’s like what Zi Di said before, that pursuing blue dog fox wolf utilized a poisonous bee swarm.”

“Hold one, when I saw the blue dog fox wolves previously, why did both have a magic beast corps?”

Just as this question rose up, Zhen Jin immediately pushed it back down into his heart.

Because this blue dog fox wolf pounced already!

Zhen Jin immediately rolled to avoid the blue dog fox wolf’s pounce.

But just as the blue dog fox wolf flew over Zhen Jin, it ferociously swept its tail and struck Zhen Jin’s back.

Zhen Jin felt as if his back had been hit by an iron hammer.

“What hit me?” Zhen Jin continued to roll, then he reduced his momentum and immediately knelt on the ground.

“I obviously got out of the way.” Zhen Jin was confused; the wooden wall was narrow and there wasn’t much space to maneuver. His roll had already taken him to the edge of the wooden wall.

Zhen Jin’s gaze focused on the blue dog fox wolf’s posterior, that fluffy tail.

“That thing can be regarded as a weapon?” Zhen Jin realized.

Blue dog fox wolves had a high human-like intelligence, to the extent that its level of body development was also high.

Its fox tail was not the blue dog fox wolf’s conventional weapon, instead it should be considered a weak point. But through meticulous training, the blue dog fox wolf turned it into a weapon.

If the blue dog fox wolf was perhaps dealing with strong life white rhinoceros and so on, its tail would be useless. But when dealing with Zhen Jin, a human, in particular one without the aid of battle qi, the blue dog fox wolf’s tail was stronger and harder than this human.

Zhen Jin coldly snorted and secretly activated the core.

After a moment, red light bubbled from inside his body, transforming his bones and muscles into that of a monkey tail brown bear’s.

The blue dog fox wolf stared, it felt the youngster had changed somewhat, but as it carefully watched, it saw nothing change.

The blue dog fox wolf attacked again.

Its lightning speed made it appear light blue lightning, and in nearly a blink, it was in front of Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin raised Silver Lightning and used it to firmly block the blue dog fox wolf.

The always successful blue dog fox wolf’s attacks were blocked by the slender rapier, just as it felt stunned, Zhen Jin’s fist swept across it.


Hs fist smashed the blue dog fox wolf’s ear, the incredible power of the blow caused it to fly away.

After the blue dog fox wolf rolled three times on the wooden boards, it immediately stood back up. As it stood on four feet, its head was constantly swaying, it was dizzy.

“Bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf snarled at Zhen Jin as it revealed a very human expression of shock.

Was this——a human?!

Zhen Jin appeared to be a young immature human; how could he have such powerful strength?

Hearing the blue dog fox wolf’s snarl, the surrounding flying squirrels charged at Zhen Jin from all directions.

Zhen Jin deeply breathed, his two lungs had transformed into bat monkey lungs, and for a split second, Zhen Jin’s chest swelled because of the great amount of air he took in.

“Fuck off——!” Zhen Jin suddenly opened his mouth; his roar evoked a translucent ripple in the air all around him.

The attacking flying squirrels simply brought their own destruction onto themselves, most of them fell to the ground with the comparatively stronger ones shrieking and rolling, while the majority of them lay motionless, they were not unconscious but dead.

Zhen Jin waved Silver Lightning, in the twinkling of the blade, flying squirrels bawled.

Seeing Zhen Jin harvest the flying squirrels’ lives, the blue dog fox wolf charged at Zhen Jin again.

Zhen Jin raised the rapier and stood his ground.

But this time, the blue dog fox wolf did not jump at him, it remained on the wooden planks.

As the distance between both parties swiftly decreased, Zhen Jin suddenly swung the rapier down.

The blue dog fox wolf suddenly ducked to dodge the rapier, and with its belly nearly touching the wooden planks, it ran behind Zhen Jin’s back.

Hearing the wolf roar explode behind him, Zhen Jin turned around while cutting across with the rapier.

But the strike hit only air.

Just the blue dog fox wolf howling forced Zhen Jin to swing.

After Zhen Jin swung the rapier and used his strength, a weak point arose for a split second.

The blue dog fox wolf’s eyes seemed to flash green; this was its true pounce.

“Fighting this brute feels like fighting a martial master!” Zhen Jin’s heart greatly shook, the blue dog fox wolf had created and seized the opportunity, there was no time for him to dodge.

At that crucial moment, Zhen Jin raised his left arm as a shield to protect his neck from the blue dog fox wolf’s bite.

Seeing Zhen Jin give up his left arm, the flying blue dog fox wolf opened its big mouth excitedly.

Then, it ruthlessly bit down on Zhen Jin’s left arm.

Its full mouth of sharp teeth could shatter even an iron helmet.

However, Zhen Jin’s left arm was not broken by its bite.

Instead several of the blue dog fox wolf’s teeth snapped!

As it turns out, at that crucial moment, Zhen Jin covered his left arm in a layer of tenacious silver level scorpion carapace.

The pain of breaking several teeth made the blue dog fox wolf’s body tremble, but the silver level magic beast’s vicious nature was aroused even more. With a mouth full of blood, it rigidly bit into Zhen Jin’s left arm with the momentum of its body knocking Zhen Jin down.

Zhen Jin and the blue dog fox wolf had been fighting on the wooden wall, but as one bit the other’s left arm, they fell off of it.

“Ah, Lord Zhen Jin!” Bai Ya cried out in alarm, he followed them down at once.

On the ground, he saw Zhen Jin get up.

“Damm it, It ran away while on my sword!” Zhen Jin violently coughed as he looked at the bloodstained trail the blue dog fox wolf left behind; it had disappeared between some tents.

Of course falling from a high place was not good, the blue dog fox wolf believed it used its silver level vitality to bully Zhen Jin.

But Zhen Jin had bear bones and flesh, and so while falling, he seized that opportunity to run his rapier through the blue dog fox wolf’s belly and back.

“Good sword.”

“It's a pity it did not pierce the blue dog fox wolf’s vertebrate.”

“I must find it; a wounded magic beast is more dangerous!”

“Bai Ya, stay behind to purge any remaining flying squirrels.” Zhen Jin loudly ordered Bai Ya, “I will pursue that blue dog fox wolf, if this flank is secured, go assist Zong Ge at the main gate.”

At this stage, the blue dog fox wolf’s focused attack against the camp’s flank had already been neutralized.

The flying squirrels were completely restrained by Zhen Jin’s roars, they couldn’t even display a tenth of their strength.

The fleeing blue dog fox wolf was the last trouble.

“I understand my Lord.” Bai Ya looked at Zhen Jin with admiration as he ran into the distance.

At that moment, with a loud bang, the camp gate……collapsed!

“How could this be?!” All of the other people in the camp turned pale with fright.

“Something ate Zong Ge!” Because of this unforeseen event, Zhen Jin also stopped moving,

He looked towards the gate while using ultrasound.

A pitch-black hole appeared where the gate once was.

A yellow-white magic beast was withdrawing back into the dark hole, Zhen Jin barely caught a glance of its silhouette.

This silver level magic beast seemed to be an expert of underground attacks!

“The blue dog fox wolf had a hidden trump card!”

“I never found it; it must have been always slinking underground.”

Because the magic beast corps was led by the blue dog fox wolves, they employed all kinds of tactics. Zhen Jin blocked the surprise flank attack but didn’t anticipate a subterranean magic beast.

Ultrasound readings had their limits.

Although it could probe underground, one had better press against the ground.

Zhen Jin’s probing had always taken place on the tall wooden wall.

Even if he pressed up against the ground, he feared that he could not find the trail of this mysterious magic beast in the short term. Because it had dug too deeply.

The camp gate collapsed with a loud bang, along with a portion of the wooden wall.

Although the hole that knocked the gate down was deep, it was not wide.

Monkey tail brown bears, strong life white rhinoceros, and crocodile head hammer tail boas could charge into camp.

In the camp, there was an additional reserve team.

“They’ve come, this giant was getting impatient!” The small giant was brandishing a large club and with a vicious voice, he retaliated, “I will give a fervent welcome to this magic beast corps.”

These silver level magic beasts had all kinds of injuries, while the small giant was in peak condition.

The giant bloodline gave him extraordinary physique and strength, and his sweeping wooden club beat back two to three monkey tail brown bears.

A strong life white rhinoceros charged over.

“This road is blocked!” The giant directly resisted it, resulting in his belly being pierced by the rhinoceros’ horn.

The slowest of them, the crocodile head hammer tail boa, also came over to twist and squeeze the giant’s body.

The giant quickly fell into a disadvantageous position as he tangled with the crocodile head hammer tail boa.

Suddenly a gigantic arrow shot into the center of the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s torso.

The arrow was very long, longer than a meter. It had an iron arrowhead and was shot with extraordinary force, greater than even Zhen Jin’s waist crossbow.

Although the crocodile head hammer tail boa had thick skin, the arrow still penetrated it.

Despite suffering a serious injury, the crocodile head hammer tail boa still tenaciously trapped the giant. The giant’s cheeks turned red, he already found it difficult to breathe.

“Don’t hit my son!” The boat craftsman shouted from the wooden house.

“Do you think I am Mu Ban?” The archer was Hei Juan, he was operating a ballista.

That’s right, it was a ballista!

The ballista was naturally built by Mu Ban, and he didn’t just build one, but three.

Ballistae were large-scale war arms; Mu Ban was ordered to build them specifically in order to deal with large magic beasts.

Unfortunately, the wooden wall did not have the space for a ballista, its planks could only support people.

As a result, the ballistae could only be set up inside the camp.

The magic beasts that rushed in after the camp gate were the three ballistae’ targets!


Thump thump thump……

Large arrows shot out, some piercing monkey tail brown bears, some scaring strong life white rhinoceros, and some hitting only air.

Shooting a ballista was also very troublesome and winding it was very inconvenient, both needed many people.

The three ballistae had wounded people winding them with all their strength, despite their injuries.

Hei Juan displayed his formidable archery skill, he was a master marksman.

The three arrows he shot all hit the crocodile head hammer tail boa.

Blood from the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s heavy injuries filled the earth, causing its strength to gradually wane until finally, the giant started to struggle free. The giant used his wooden club to crazily hammer its head until it fell to the ground motionless.

The reserve team’s good performance soon obstructed the charging magic beasts.

“Run for it!” At that moment, Zhen Jin quickly came over and yelled at Hei Juan and the others.

Hei Juan stared blankly for a moment, but soon ran, leaving the ballista without the slightest hesitation.

After a moment, the ground split open. A gigantic loach-like monster sneak attacked from underground.

It didn't seem to have eyes, was completely yellow, had no skin, was greasy all over, and it resembled an enlarged earthworm.

In its open mouth, was a circle of inseparably close sawtooth teeth.

The monster swallowed the ballista and cut it down with its teeth.

After a few breaths, the ballista was sliced into sawdust.

Hei Juan and the others were panic-stricken, if they swallowed, even full armor could not protect them.

The subterranean worm quickly chewed up the ballista and dug back underground.

In desperation, Zhen Jin could only throw himself at the empty area.

When he used ultrasound, before finding the blue dog fox wolf, he discovered the mysterious subterranean magic beast.

The worm wasn’t digging deeper, rather it was digging through a shallow layer of earth.

Thus, Zhen Jin warmed Hei Juan and the others in advance, saving their lives.

“My god!”

“What kind of monster was that thing?”

“This old man almost died……”

All of the survivors had endless lingering fear.

There were still two ballistae, however Hei Juan and the others did not go to them, fearing additional surprise attacks.

They were not soldiers, only mercenaries and sailors, none of them had a suicidal or sacrificial mentality.

Most crucially of all, the gigantic worm had no warning signs the people could act on.

Zhen Jin put his palm onto the ground, slightly opened his mouth, and emitted ultrasound.

“Found it!”

After a moment, Zhen Jin felt a mix of fright and anger, the worm was not heading towards the remaining ballistae, but the wooden house.

Cang Xu, Zi Di, and some other people were hiding in the wooden house.

“Zi Di, Cang Xu, run for it!” Zhen Jin anxiously roared as he ran towards the wooden house.

Zi Di, Cang Xu, and the other people had been observing the outside situation, they too saw the gigantic worm. When they heard Zhen Jin’s shout, they all ran out of the wooden house without hesitation.


Just as they ran twenty steps from the wooden house, the gigantic worm attacked again.

The renovated wooden house had been reinforced, however half of it instantly collapsed under the gigantic worm’s attack.

Zhen Jin and Hei Juan promptly met up with Cang Xu, Zi Di, and the others with them.

Zhen Jin continued to charge at the gigantic worm, however the latter escaped.

Too cunning!

The gigantic worm’s disposition seemed different from the other silver level magic beasts, it liked sneak attacks and disliked direct attacks.

Hei Juan, upon seeing Zhen Jin charging again, loudly proposed: “My Lord, the camp can’t last much longer. We need to break out!”

Zhen Jin shook his head, the current predicament did not discourage him, rather it aroused his fighting spirit: “Hei Juan, you are in charge of breaking out. Protect Zi Di, Cang Xu, Mu Ban, and the boat craftsman, they are important.”

Zhen Jin’s ultrasound found the gigantic worm attacking another ballista.

This time, the young knight did not rush at thin air.

He used the time the earthworm took swallowing the ballista, to deeply stab its lower body.

The gigantic worm did not shudder, as if that piercing blow did not exist, it then immediately withdrew back underground with Silver Lightning.

“My, my sword?!” Hei Juan was flabbergasted.

Zhen Jin then lashed out and reprimanded him: “You still haven’t broken them out!”

“Let me at it!” Zong Ge rushed over at this moment, “Where is it?”

Zhen Jin no longer looked at Hei Juan as he leaned over to put his palm on the ground, his face was discolored as he shook his head: “The divine force within my body is rapidly weakening, I cannot see it as clearly, hold on! Thirty meters that away!”

Zong Ge ran there at once as the gigantic worm emerged once more.

This time, it wanted to attack a lone and wounded person.

The lone and wounded person cleverly rolled forward, dodging the gigantic worm.

Zong Ge smashed down, hitting the center of the worm’s head.

However the half beastman’s complexion changed, the flesh he felt was soft and greasy, and due to that, the bone hammer’s attack had weakened severely.

Zong Ge’s complexion became grave, he then yelled to Zhen Jin: “The offensive on the camp gate has already stabilized. We must kill this subterranean magic beast!”

Zhen Jin was still kneeling in the ground, as if using the power of a divine spell to investigate all over: “There is also a blue dog fox wolf hidden somewhere in the camp.”

“I know.” Zong Ge nodded. Because Bai Ya and the others assisted at the camp gate, he knew this information. With the appearance of the subterranean magic beast, Zong Ge could no longer sit around, he had to assist Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin continued to focus his attention on scouting with ultrasound.

Because of his human form and the fact another person was at his side, Zhen Jin could not go all-out.

At the same time, the efficacy of ultrasound was greatly reduced in underground areas.

The large and formidable subterranean magic beast could move underground, it could even be said that prior to its attack, there were no warning signs.

But under Zhen Jin’s ultrasound, its trajectory appeared.

This was not the first time Zhen Jin and Zong Ge coordinated with each other.

As early as when they wanted to purge the bat monkey groups, they had coordinated with each other for the first time to deal with a silver level bat monkey.

They now coordinated closely, and after a few breaths, their cooperation became a mutual understanding.

Each time the gigantic worm attacked, Zhen Jin would first determine where it would be, then Zong Ge would rush over to beat it.

Although bone white hammer’s attack power was weakened by the gigantic worm’s carapace, it could not withstand the increasing number of attacks. As its injuries increased and grew heavier, its actions clearly began to slow down.

As Zhen Jin’s judgement grew more accurate, Zong Ge’s attacks had more results.

After beating back the gigantic worm three times, the magic beast fled into the earth’s depths, left the camp, and disappeared from Zhen Jin’s ultrasound probing range.

Nevertheless, fire was spreading in the camp.

“Fire, fire!” Someone cried out in alarm upon discovering it.

“It’s that blue dog fox wolf, it's burning everything with a torch in its mouth.” Zhen Jin got up. He had found the blue dog fox wolf earlier; however he did not run after it.

The gigantic worm had to be disposed of first.

The blue dog fox wolf was lighting everything on fire but wasn’t attacking anyone. To Zhen Jin, this was a good thing.

Sacrificing the camp won valuable time.

As long as the people were still alive, the camp could be rebuilt.

“I will dispatch of it; you go to the front.” Said Zhen Jin.

“Don’t try to be brave. You don’t even have an inch of steel on you currently. Zong Ge looked at Zhen Jin, his brows wrinkled.


At that moment, a wolf howl came from the main gate.

“Another magic beast assault!”

“The second blue dog fox wolf also appeared!!”

There were cries of alarm at the main gate.

It was clear the blue dog fox wolf knew the gigantic worm had fled, under the pressure of losing its trump card, it launched a final assault.

Zong Ge’s brows wrinkled even tighter.

The battle had entered its final phase.

The gigantic worm had destroyed the camp’s three ballistae, while the giant was covered in blood and heavy injuries, he was unable to walk. The camp’s reserve team was considered to be done for.

Nearly all of their military strength was concentrated at the main gate, at this point in the battle, they were as spent with their strength being at rock bottom.

Zong Ge had to protect these retreating people.

The mercenaries and sailors were not a standing army, and even if they were, they would still flee.

The effects of the blue dog fox wolf’s arson appeared, not only was the camp burning down, so was the morale of the people.

Morale was gloomy.

If the situation was not strongly suppressed, these people might desert.

One deserter would appear, then a second, and then a third, a rout might happen in the blink of an eye.

Of course, at this stage, the magic beast corps’ losses were even more disastrous.

But the magic beast corps had more power as a whole, they had enough strength for a final assault.

“I have to return, but what about here……” Zong Ge hesitated.

Zhen Jin coldly snorted: “A lack of weapons is not an excuse to avoid combat. It is my prey; you are needed over there.”

Zong Ge’s heart trembled with fear, the young knight before him was not clean, he was covered in dirt and his blonde hair was bathed with sawdust.

However, the youngster’s blue eyes shined in the flames, revealing his firm and determined will to kill.

This was a determined warrior!

Zong Ge looked at those eyes, and for a split second, time seemed to freeze.

“This boy is a true man!” There was praise in Zong Ge’s heart.

This was a man he could look face to face!

There was no need for pity or consideration between men, only the weak needed such things. Between men, perhaps the only thing needed was trust.

“Go.” Zong Ge slightly smiled as his deeply wrinkled brows smoothed out.

He brushed past Zhen Jin: “If the situation goes south, I will retreat. Fighting these brutes to the death……is not worth it! You are a good rival, don’t die, I still plan to swap pointers with you.”

Zhen Jin glanced at Zong Ge and coldly snorted.

The two men looked at each other, and gradually ran from each other.

One towards the gate, and one to the blue dog fox wolf arson.

“Come, I am here!” Zhen Jin quickly appeared before the blue dog fox wolf; the young knight provoked it of his own accord.

The blue dog fox wolf dropped the torch, the camp was already on fire.

It did not see the rapier that injured it, however it tried to guard against Zhen Jin’s attacks.

Zhen Jin retreated several times, until the blue dog fox wolf came into the wooden house.

The wooden house was also on fire, flames raged everywhere inside it.

One human and one wolf confronted each other in a sea of flames.

The burning walls exuded thick smoke that obstructed the vision of other humans.

Seeing Zhen Jin walk into a predicament, the blue dog fox wolf seemed to think he was drawing from the environment to cause mutual destruction.

After a moment, the blue dog fox wolf barked and immediately attacked. After running a few steps, it jumped into the air and pounced at the youngster.

This vicious style of attack was the one the blue dog fox wolf was most proficient at.

As it targeted the youngster’s throat, its sharp teeth seemed to flicker with cold light!

Zhen Jin saw the blue dog fox wolf pouncing at him, however he stood in place.

After a moment, a red light emerged, the core transformed him.

The blue dog fox wolf was just about to bite into Zhen Jin’s throat, when its eyes suddenly went black.

Zhen Jin’s head transformed into a crocodile head, his wide mouth was bigger than the blue dog fox wolf’s, then he bit down, crushing the wolf’s head and neck in his mouth.

Blue dog fox wolf: ??!!

If it were a human, its heart would have definitely roared: “My, my bite? Who bit me?”

The blue dog fox wolf’s neck and head were bitten by the tenacious crocodile teeth, The blue dog fox wolf’s eyes looked ahead, it had a good view of something fermenting in Zhen Jin’s mouth.



After a moment, a dark green acid bubbled up and shot across the blue dog fox wolf’s face.

The blue dog fox had no time to close its eyes, thus the acid dissolved them. The acute pain made it howl miserably, at the same time, its four feet crazily scratched at Zhen Jin’s body.

Zhen Jin proudly stood in place and did not move.

His entire body had bear bones and muscles, with a scorpion carapace covering his skin.

All of the blue dog fox wolf’s claws bled, it broke through Zhen Jin’s crocodile head hammer tail boa leather armor, but could only leave scars on the scorpion carapace, nothing more.

Then, Zhen Jin extended both arms and transformed them into monkey tail brown bear arms.

The core’s magic frantically rushed forth, turning Zhen Jin’s fingers as red hot as melted iron.

Zhen Jin inserted both hands into the blue dog fox wolf’s body, the blue dog fox wolf was a silver level magic beast, however it could do nothing to resist the claws.

Zhen Jin felt he was stabbing kraft paper, with just a little strength, he could pierce it.

His palms sank deep into the blue dog fox wolf’s body.

However, there was an even more ruthless attack coming afterwards!

After Zhen Jin’s bear hands wore off, he transformed again, this time transforming his fingers into blade spider legs, these blades then quickly grew through the blue dog fox wolf’s body.

In the next moment, the shining sharp blades penetrated the blue dog fox wolf’s body, stabbing its heart and backbone.

The blades collided with each other, tinkling a few times.

As blood spurted out, the blue dog fox wolf’s body trembled. It still scratched at Zhen Jin, however its strength quickly weakened, and after a few breaths, it seemed to weakly caress Zhen Jin’s body.

After a few more breaths, Zhen Jin opened his mouth, dropping the motionless blue dog fox wolf to the floor.

The acid changed its face beyond recognition, its eyeballs had suffered the most, but it still retained them.

Zhen Jin’s acid was only at the iron level.

The blue dog fox wolf was dead.

It seemed to want to howl, it wanted to leave it dying words, however with Zhen Jin’s teeth firmly biting into it, it could only whimper or mournfully howl at best.

Its wolf eyes were open wide, as if it was not resigned, and also as if it were shocked.

It seemed to still be gazing at Zhen Jin, as if it were heartlessly accusing Zhen Jin, and it seemed to finish a single phrase——are you a human?!

The flames and thick smoke concealed everything.

Red light gushed in the core, forming blood lines that covered the blue dog fox wolf’s body.

The blue dog fox wolf faded away, changing into a pile of ash.

The wooden house collapsed in a loud bang, forming the largest bonfire. Zhen Jin’s whereabouts were unknown.