Chapter 120: God, I ask you to Grant Me Bright Eyes

The blue dog fox wolves were too cunning, their tactics were as treacherous and murderous as before.

“How abominable, what can I do?” Zhen Jin grinded his teeth, he could not directly warn everyone as it would surely lead to suspicions.

However if he did not warn them, could he really watch helplessly as both blue dog fox wolves had their way?

In the end, the enemy was stronger than me.

In these brief days, the magic beast corps had already expanded to this degree. Everyone had to do their utmost, there couldn't be any mistakes if they hoped to win.

“They're almost here!” On the wooden wall, Xi Suo narrowed his eyes with a dry mouth and tongue.


The tranquil night forest became restless, nocturnal birds flew away, while snakes and mice fled. The sounds of the beast groups became more and more distinct, bat monkeys screeched, flying squirrels squeaked, monkey tail brown bears roared, and strong life white rhinoceros surged forward……these sounds mixed together resembled an incorporeal and gigantic mallet that was constantly hammering at the morale of everyone.

A sailor swallowed his saliva, and as he gripped his crossbow, the shivers on his body became more and more distinct.


His trembling finger pulled the trigger, shooting out an arrow.

This arrow was immediately followed by other fired arrows, forming a thinly spread arrow curtain.

The others were amazed

Xi Suo reacted, he soon verbally abused them: “What are you guys doing? Calm down, everyone calm down!”

Iron arrows were limited and very precious.

A dozen iron arrows had been squandered for nothing, this made all of the nervous sailors feel ashamed with many of them bowing their heads.

On the contrary, Tripleblade’s mercenaries did not shoot, however they were just as tense as the sailors.

Who knew what the future held; it was as unclear as the pitch-black forest before them.

Afterall, no one could know the result or who would survive.

For a moment, even if it were Lan Zao, Hei Juan, or someone else, all of them revealed their worry to some extent.

At this time, everyone heard Zhen Jin’s prayer.

“Grand Emperor Sheng Ming, my god, my master. Your knight is on the eve of war and will practice your teachings. Thanks to your favor, I am armed to the teeth. I have put on the belt of honesty, the glasses of bravery, the shoes of peace, and the helmet of salvation. However, the night is a dense fog that blocks my field of vision. God, I ask you to grant me bright eyes, let me see the enemy’s power clearly, and let me lead everyone towards victory!”

This was unusual, this time Zhen Jin prayed publicly and loudly, many people heard it clearly.

One after the other, everyone looked expectantly towards Zhen Jin.

However, after a dozen breaths, Zhen Jin as per usual, had no holy light descending onto his body.

“How could this be?”

“A failure?”

“Don’t tell me god isn’t keeping an eye on our fight?”

Everyone’s hearts were frantic.

“Damm it!” Zong Ge could not help but curse in his heart.

He knew more inside information: not all prayers were successful, gods could not watch every single person at the same time. It is true to say Emperor Sheng Ming’s gaze stopped on every templar knight, however there were nine templar knight legions, with each legion having tens of thousands of members.

Every templar knight prayer ahead of a battle that was answered with a divine spell, was recorded in the history books.

On the whole, at least one templar legion was praying together, with one or several templar knight commanders presiding over them, when they were fighting ten thousand or more or perhaps when they were in the most critical battle of a military campaign.

In addition to this, under normal circumstances, divine spells relied on sacrifices from the bishop or priest accompanying the army.

It is impossible to get a response from Emperor Sheng Ming for every fight, choice, duel, and so on a templar knight engages throughout their life.

In fact, the death of one templar knight is nothing to Emperor Sheng Ming. He was a living god and the emperor that controlled the entire human empire. The empire once lost the entire Fifth Templar Knight Legion, but were able to quickly rebuild it within a few years.

As a result, when a templar knight’s prayer before battle goes unanswered, it isn’t a big deal.

Another way to say it, is that it was normal and very probable.

But the general public did not understand this.

Now that everyone saw Zhen Jin’s prayer had no response, they became even more flustered, as expected.

“In the end, he is still a youngster……with insufficient battle experience!”


Just as Zong Ge believed Zhen Jin was mistaken……

“Ah!” Zhen Jin’s body trembled, he tightly closed his eyes, cried in pleasant surprise, and unexpectedly shouted, “I can see!”

The people were expressionless.

Zhen Jin immediately turned around and commanded everyone: “Quickly, the magic beast corps has two blue dog fox wolves. They have already divided their force. One is leading the bigger force straight at the gate. The other is leading a flying squirrel group to flank the camp.”

The people blankly listened to this.

Then, Zhen Jin gave a detailed account of the enemy’s composition, he told them how many monkey tail brown bears, crocodile head hammer tail boas, bat monkeys, and other magic beasts there were.

These two things pleasantly surprised everyone!

For Zhen Jin to speak in such detail, definitely made it real.

As a templar knight, it was impossible for him to lie in the name of a god at such a critical moment.

Because he would not benefit from it and it was easy to expose.

“His prayer really succeeded?” Zong Ge spat and lamented, “This Zhen Jin indeed still has good luck.”

“Are the blue dog fox wolves really magic beasts? To unexpectedly divide one’s army, that is too cunning.”

“We’ve received Emperor Sheng Ming’s illumination; this proves the gods have blessed this battle. We can definitely win!”

For a moment, morale increased sharply.

Until finally, the forward magic beast corps rushed out of the forest, and into everyone’s line of sight.

“Look quickly, it's just like what Lord Zhen Jin said.”

“That’s right, there are so many magic beasts!”

“We must prevail, brothers, we have god’s protection!”

If Zhen Jin did not warn them in the first place, everyone upon suddenly seeing this enormous magic beast corps, would feel an unavoidable feeling of dread, fear, and other negative emotions.

But Zhen Jin had prepared them ahead of time, thus everyone was not bewildered by the amount of magic beasts, on the contrary, morale rose again.

With god’s gaze, everyone had ample stamina. Don’t speak of the magic beast corps, even when confronting a large myriad sized beastman tribe, they would be fearlessly calm.

The magic beast corps did not think of reorganizing their formation, after rushing out of the forest, they exploded to their maximum speed as they charged at the camp’s large gate.

Unless it was a castle, a camp’s wooden gate was usually its weakest spot.

“Prepare——fire!” Xi Suo loudly roared.

The volley of crossbow fire formed a thin arrow curtain.

Under the arrow curtain, many bat monkeys and flying squirrels died.

The monkey tail brown bears, strong life white rhinoceros, and other magic beasts were hit, however they continued to charge ahead, their speeds even rose somewhat, with the injuries and pain arousing their fearsome nature.

Everyone was a good archer.

They did not treat the large magic beasts as the primary target, rather they wanted to first annihilate the flying magic beasts.

The bat monkeys suffered the most, followed by the flying squirrels.

Newly made crossbows combined with iron arrows, made the bat monkeys and flying squirrels suffer much damage.

The blue dog fox wolf was indifferently hiding in a secret place within the forest

Not many bat monkeys were subdued to begin with, and with the thick smoke interference, they were not in a powerful position. Most of the flying squirrel elites were with the other blue dog fox wolf, the ones here were cannon fodder, nothing more.

In short, attracting fire was them displaying their proper function.

Their true hopes were still the galloping magic beasts on the ground.

However, the ground in front of the camp gate was level, and it was not empty.

Revolving around the camp as a ring, false horses and stakes had been installed, in addition there were also large rocks the giant had moved.

The strong life rhinoceroses, monkey tail brown bears, and crocodile head hammer tail boas barged through and broke every obstruction in their way, however their charging speed also had an unavoidable decline.

After the obstruction area, they came to the trap area.

Smoke and dust sprung up everywhere, an ordinary person could walk across the pitfall’s concealment, but the concealment could not support a monkey tail brown bear’s body weight. The strong life white rhinoceroses and crocodile head hammer tail boas were even heavier.

Thus, the large magic beasts successively fell into the pitfalls.

After considering the blue dog fox wolves’ human intellect, everyone knew the gate was the camp’s weakest point, thus they concentrated most of their traps and obstructions here.

For a moment, the monkey tail brown bears and strong life white rhinoceroses could not escape, however the crocodile head hammer tail boas easily climbed out of the pitfalls.

Their bodies were too big; besides one hole usually had a few magic beasts inside.

The most forward hole had the most magic beasts in it.

With these magic beasts lying on each other, a few monkey tail brown bears already managed to climb out.

Everyone on the wooden wall began to turn their firepower on suppressing the trapped magic beasts.

The largest crocodile head hammer tail boa with the thickest skin, still managed to charge the wooden wall.

With its chest out and head high, it crazily climbed up the wall until its enormous crocodile head was level with everyone.

“I have been waiting for you!” Zong Ge laughed grimly, he had been preparing for a long time. Seeing the crocodile head reveal itself, he tightly gripped and swung the gigantic hammer with all of his strength.

The gigantic white bone hammer fierce sweep caused a gale!


The gigantic hammer ruthlessly struck the top of the crocodile head, directly stunning the crocodile head hammer tail boa and making its body soft. It resembled a falling siege ladder as it in a loud bang, shaking the wooden wall in its wake.

But there was no time to cheer, because there were three silver level magic beasts charging at them.

Two monkey tail brown bears and one strong life white rhinoceros!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three arrows shot out and accurately hit three magic beast eyes.

Everyone looked at once, they saw Zhen Jin handling a waist crossbow behind them.

He had two people behind him.

These two were wounded and had limited combat strength, however they could still pull Zhen Jin’s crossbows.

Zhen Jin had just fired three waist crossbows.

Both monkey tail brown bears fell to the ground, their palms tried to pull out the arrow in their eye as the pain made them scream.

But the strong life white rhinoceros could endure silently, even if its left eye was shot blind, it still charged.


Perhaps simply because it could not adapt its field of view or because of the pain, its originally straight charge ended up running into……the crocodile head hammer tail boa’s torso.