Chapter 119: Emergency War Preparations

“It's the blue dog fox wolf’s magic beast corps!”

As the bat monkey Zhen Jin flew through the darkness, he had been using ultrasound to probe around.

The silver level bat monkey’s ultrasound could probe up to two kilometers. Just now, at the edge of the two kilometer range, Zhen Jin had discovered great amounts of bat monkeys and flying squirrels.

He continued to probe around, and quickly found monkey tail brown bears, crocodile head hammer tail boas, and other large magic beasts intruding into his probing range.

“They’ve come!”

As far this moment was concerned, Zhen Jin had foreseen it, however when it truly happened, his heart still sank.

What shocked Zhen Jin was the corps’ perfectly straight marching route, their target was clearly the camp!

“Can I camouflage myself, approach the blue dog fox wolves, and kill them?”

As this thought flashed, Zhen Jin’s heart echoed with a warning.

It was an excellent warrior intuition and Zhen Jin had always believed it. Since awakening on this island, each time this intuition appeared, it was never mistaken.

Zhen Jin thought of how the blue dog fox wolf he had killed, sadly howled before dying, “It seems this beast passed on much crucial information, not only my plan to lure, conceal, and sneak attack it, but also the camp’s position.”

Zhen Jin quickly returned to the crucial spot, put on his clothes and equipment, and sprinted back to camp.

As he approached the camp gate in the forest, he slowed his steps to prevent the guards from shooting him on accident.

“Lord Zhen Jin!”

“Lord Zhen Jin has returned.”

The guards shouted and saluted one after the other after discovering Zhen Jin.

But after a moment, they heard Zhen Jin say: “Quickly, send out three whistling arrows and mobilize everyone, we must wage war!”

After a few breaths, the whistling arrows' sharp sound tore through the curtain of night.

Most of the sleeping people were roused.

“What is that sound?”

“It seems like a whistling arrow……”

Then, the people heard another whistling arrow.

They immediately left their beds, quickly put on their equipment, and left either their tents or the wooden house.

At this time, they heard yet another whistling arrow.

“Three whistling arrows represents the most critical moment.”

“The enemy, where is the enemy?”

The sailors in the barracks were shouting, on the other hand, Zong Ge and the mercenaries were calmer and tidier.

Zong Ge left his tent, it was troublesome to put on his steel armor: “What is going on?”

Tripleblade immediately met with him and replied: “Lord Zhen Jin has returned from his nightly patrol with important military intelligence. Soon, the magic beast corps will attack the barracks. Lord Zhen Jin has requested we give up the camp and garrison the barracks. We still have roughly ten minutes.”

Zong Ge pressed down the doubts in his heart, he knew Zhen Jin would not joke about this.

The majestic half beastman raised his head, looked around, and loudly commanded: “Gather all of your food and water immediately, we are abandoning our tents and entering the barracks!”

Zong Ge trained in the army, he understood the value and importance of an army’s speed.

Ten minutes was not long, it was a short amount of time. Because Zong Ge’s group still needed to cooperate with the sailors in the construction of defenses.

As Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and their people quickly hurried from their camp, in the open space behind the gate, Zhen Jin, Xi Suo, Hei Juan, Zi Di, and Cang Xu were examining a map.

After seeing Zong Ge arrive, Zhen Jin nodded to him and took the initiative to explain: “During my night patrol, I received my god’s instructions. They told me different species of magic beasts gathered into an immense threat and are coming from the northeast.”

“I think that beside the blue dog fox wolf magic beast corps, there are no other possibilities.”

Zong Ge had no doubts: “Since the gods have indicated this, then it is definitely undeniable.”

“What is the scale of the magic beast corps?” Zong Ge asked.

“There were only so many instructions from god. I am uncertain.” Zhen Jin shook his head and wrinkled his brows, “But I have guessed that since the magic beast corps is heading straight for the camp, the blue dog fox wolf must have transferred enough information before it died. Since it is like so, in accordance with a blue dog fox wolf’s intelligence, there is no way one decided to attack alone. In this confrontation, it is extremely possible that there will be two blue dog fox wolves, attacking simultaneously with an enormous magic beast corps.”

Zhen Jin really didn’t scout it out clearly. Because after he found the magic beast corps’ tracks, he immediately leapt with maximum speed to overtake them and notify the camp.

After coming to camp, Zhen Jin had been in a constant rush, he had no time to scout again.

Zong Ge and the others nodded, they approved of Zhen Jin’s guess and had no doubts.

After all, a god’s instructions were usually indistinct and even full of metaphorical meaning. For Zhen Jin to receive such a clear oracle, was already comparatively rare.

Zi Di heavily said: “Fortunately, we have already studied how to guard against the magic beast corps’ assault, and there were drills for the last several days.”

Because of this, when Zong Ge and his group arrived, the barrack’s guards immediately opened the gate without wasting any valuable time for notifications.

But Zong Ge was still deeply worried: “We were training based on old information. If the magic beast corps added new magic beasts that we don’t have firsthand knowledge of, I fear these new magic beasts will undermine the entire war situation.”

Zhen Jin knew what Zong Ge said was reasonable, he then secretly thought: “It seems previous probing did not detect any new magic beasts. However I still need to stealthily use ultrasound when people aren’t paying attention.”

After Xi Suo heard Zong Ge’s words, he sneered: “When marching to war, who can know everything about their enemy, we could only prepare to this degree thanks to Lord Zhen Jin, that is already pretty good. Don’t tell me you are not content?”

Hei Juan added on: “The defense laid out is already strong. Don’t forget, we even retained a reserve squad. If that is out of the question, we can act on our original plan to break out. Abandoning the barracks is also possible.”

Zong Ge slightly frowned and didn’t say anything.

Giving up the barracks, as far as everyone was concerned, this would only be chosen as a last resort.

Building this stronghold consumed a great amount of everyone’s time and manpower, and everyone paid a bigger price purging the surrounding beast groups. However nowadays, everyone had not gained from it yet.

They gathered wood and used most of it to build the barracks and crossbows. They still needed more wood to make a ship!

The barracks now, after going through an energetic remodeling, was already vastly different than when Zhen Jin set eyes on it for the first time.

The original wooden fence already vanished and had been replaced with a wooden wall.

This wall was built entirely out of tree trunks. To build it, first tree trunks were selected, then they were debarked, and their base was burned, finally it was inserted into the earth’s depths. The tree trunks were arranged to be inseparably closed, at the same time, they were fastened with hemp rope to form a wooden wall.

Two wooden walls were built, with planks in between them to form a walkway for people. Behind the wooden wall, there were large ladders to let people climb up and down, while simultaneously supporting the wooden wall.

The biggest constructor of the wooden wall was the boat craftsman’s foster son——the giant.

The giant bloodline gave him formidable strength, adding on his tall stature that allowed him to be a natural crane and piledriver, he was the barrack’s biggest manpower.

The tree wall even had traps and a main moat that he dug out.

More and more bonfires were being lit, good firewood had already been prepared to prevent a night battle.

The raging blaze illuminated the barracks like the day. Beasts could see many things at night, but ordinary human eyes could not.

Zhen Jin stood on the most forward wall, he slightly opened his mouth and quietly produced ultrasound waves.

Regarding practical value, ultrasound was better than the lizard eyes.

Because human ears could not hear ultrasound, but humans could see the lizard eyes.

Of course, this was a result of Zhen Jin’s diligent training.

Human bodies could produce ultrasound.

Zhen Jin secretly used the core to transform his trachea, vocal cords, and nasal cavity to that of a silver level bat monkey.

But on the surface, nothing unusual could be discovered, he still had the external form of a human.

Before, he had transformed into a bat monkey with a lizard head and used it to bully a monkey tail brown bear to death. In fact the true problem of multi-transformations lay in his body’s interior. When Zhen Jin transformed a green lizard venom pouch, he had to arrange it in the bat monkey’s thoracic cavity.

A bat monkey’s thoracic cavity originally had a pair of strong lungs inside it, but in order to place a venom pouch in it, Zhen Jin directly canceled one lung to make sufficient space. Anyways, the sound wave attack had a weak effect on the monkey tail brown bear, thus using one bat monkey lung was sufficient.

The results of the probe quickly appeared in Zhen Jin’s heart.

The magic beast corps was huge, it had twice the amount of the dead blue dog fox wolf’s.

Zhen Jin also saw a familiar looking strong life white rhinoceros.

What made him more inwardly fearful, was that the magic beast corps did not have many bat monkeys.

“According to common sense, bat monkeys are the most common creature in this forest. But these two blue dog fox wolves did not incorporate these magic beasts, rather they chose other kinds.”

“Don’t tell me, in that blue dog fox wolf’s dying words, it also divulged that we possessed thick smoke that could restrain bat monkeys?”

If that happened, without many opportunities to use its abilities, the thick smoke’s actual combat value would rapidly decrease.

A portion of Zi Di’s preparations also failed.

Zhen Jin still took notes, it seemed the flying squirrels were the largest group in the magic beast corps.

This was very troublesome.

Flying squirrels had small bodies, moved quickly, and were difficult to aim at. Flying squirrels can even discharge electricity, if that happened near a body, its threat to a human would rise dramatically.

More and more monkey tail brown bears and crocodile head hammer tail boas appeared, there were even three strong life white rhinoceros.

As Zhen Jin probed, his brows could not help but wrinkle.

“Hold on, they actually divided their army.” After a moment, Zhen Jin’s heart shook upon realizing how important that information was.

The magic beast corps divided into two, with each part being guided by a blue dog fox wolf. The comparatively larger portion was still making a beeline at the gate. Although the other portion was smaller, it consisted of mostly flying squirrel magic beasts. Without huge bodies like monkey tail brown bears encumbering it, the small magic beast corps’ march quickened, it also created a low sound at the same time to conceal itself from men.

“The barrack’s defenses must be adjusted relevantly as soon as possible.” The battle hadn’t yet begun, yet Zhen Jin’s head was sweating coldly.