Chapter 118: I am a Monkey Tail Brown Bear

The forest tonight was unusual.

Bear roars could be constantly heard all year round from a monkey tail brown bear on a hill, it was the overlord here.

But now, the roar had distinct impatience, rage, and anguish in it.

What could make a monkey tail brown bear cry roar like this, what kind of powerful and ferocious beast did it face?

As if realizing the existence’s threat, upon hearing the bear’s roars, all of the beasts near the cave fled as fast as possible.

A monster was making things difficult for the monkey tail brown bear.

It had a silver level bat monkey body and bat wings; however its head and neck were that of an iron level acid green lizard.

This made the monster seem mismatched with its big head and small body.

The monster spread its wings and flew into the air, as it continuously circled above the monkey tail brown bear’s head, it would open its mouth from time to time, roll a circular bag in its neck, wait until the bag entered its oral cavity, and then it would spray acid.

The acid had incomparable accuracy, and with the quantity spat out considered beforehand, even if the monkey tail brown bear moved to evade it, it would still be hit.

The acid already covered most of its fur, making its injuries worse.

The monkey tail brown bear was indignant and its sharp orangutan claws were already red hot. Zhen Jin once used those sharp claws to kill a silver level blade spider.

Normally those sharp talons were like iron, they were very sharp and hard.

As the monkey tail brown bear fought this powerful enemy and was filled with hate, the pitch-black claws turned very red and were as hot as melted iron. At this time, the claws had terrifying might, even if Zhen Jin had a silver level scorpion carapace, his previous attempts could not resist them!

Remember, the silver level scorpion carapace could withstand a silver level spider blade.

However, even if the sharp claws had formidable might, they were useless if they couldn’t reach Zhen Jin.

That’s right, this lizard headed bat monkey body monster was Zhen Jin.

The monkey tail brown bear’s huge and thick body made flight impossible and jumping difficult. Otherwise, Zong Ge’s group’s ensnarement tactics would not have had so many noteworthy achievements.

The monkey tail brown bear could not strike Zhen Jin, while every spit of Zhen Jin’s acid could increase the monkey tail brown bear’s injuries.

This asymmetric battle was preordained from the beginning.

The monkey tail brown bear was indignant from its powerlessness and dread, its heavy injuries forced it on four legs as it roared at Zhen Jin, then it turned around and ran away into the cave.

Zhen Jin observed the monkey tail brown bear’s situation; when the monkey tail brown bear turned around, he clearly understood its intent, he then immediately flapped his bat wings and dove down.

Just as he closed in on the monkey tail brown bear, a red light suddenly flashed behind Zhen Jin and grew into a scorpion tail.

Plop went the silver level scorpion tail as it flew over the monkey tail brown bear’s back and impaled its head.

Zhen Jin took out his tail, immediately causing a mix of blood, plasma, and brains to rush out.

Because Zhen Jin’s thrust was too quick, the monkey tail brown bear did not seem to perceive it as it ran a dozen steps before it suddenly fell to the ground and tumbled forward in a tiny cloud of dust.

Zong Ge consumed energy when he led his people to dig holes and entice enemies, before shooting them. As a human, Zhen Jin was only a tenth of Zong Ge’s group’s strength, yet he effortlessly annihilated a monkey tail brown bear.

“Multi-transformation really is powerful!”

“When a monkey tail brown bear confronts a silver level bat monkey, the sound wave attack would at most, irritate it. If the silver level bat monkey really wanted to deal with the monkey tail brown bear, it would need to fight in close quarters with its monkey claws. By that time, the monkey tail brown bear would surely teach it a lesson.”

“When an acid green lizard is faced with a monkey tail brown bear, it can only spray acid a few times in the early stages of the fight. The monkey tail brown bear’s quick speed is faster than a green lizard. Even if the green lizard ran away, the monkey tail brown bear would easily overtake it and force it to pay with its life.”

“However, after the bat monkey and green lizard transformations are overlaid with each other, the monkey tail brown bear is incapable of retaliation. After adding on the scorpion tail, any monkey tail brown bear that fights alone is not my match!”

Zhen Jin’s heart was deeply moved as he landed on the ground.

After training hard these past few days, Zhen Jin began to unearth the core’s deep fighting potential. Through actual combat, he learned more valiant and clever uses for multi-transformation.

Zhen Jin stepped on top of the monkey tail brown bear. This silver level magic beast, even with serious injuries, nearly killed Zhen Jin. The current situation was completely different, now it could not harm a single hair on Zhen Jin.

After a moment, Zhen Jin activated the core.

Four red lines emerged and wrapped around the monkey tail brown bear, it then refined the essence of the monkey tail brown bear’s bloodline and returned to Zhen Jin’s core.

“That’s enough”

Red light bubbled from Zhen Jin’s body once more, after the red light dissipated, he was no longer in a bat monkey form, rather he transformed into a monkey tail brown bear.

Originally, Zhen Jin could transform into bear claws and bear arms, but these days he obtained a lot of bear meat. This was thanks to Zong Ge’s and his people’s contribution. After adding this kill, he could now transform into a complete silver level monkey bear, he had finally reached the criterion of a complete transformation.

Seeing his palm and fleshy chest, a feeling of novelty enveloped Zhen Jin’s heart again.

Zhen Jin stood up like a human, subsequently raising his field of view.

Regardless of whether it was his sense of smell, his hearing, or his sight, all were extremely sensitive. However his sense of smell was inferior to the blue wolf nose, his hearing was inferior to a bat monkey or flying squirrel, and his sight was inferior to a crocodile head hammer tail boa and also lacked the practicality of green lizard eyes.

But why was that; to sum it up from a certain point of view, when the monkey tail brown bear’s three senses combined, external insight considered it a formidable being.

The sight of bat monkeys and flying squirrels could not compare to it while the crocodile head hammer tail boa had even worse hearing. In terms of smell, the monkey tail brown bear was only second to the blue dog fox wolf. The spear scorpion and green lizard were below it.

“The monkey tail brown bear’s most formidable weapon is still these eight sharp claws.”

Zhen Jin concentrated on the fingernails of both hands; his fingernails then quickly turned from an iron appearance to a scalding red.

Speaking of this ability, Zhen Jin had to thank it for the day he used it to kill the blade spider.

Under the stimulation of life and death, Zhen Jin subconsciously used the bear claws, and ever since that moment, he felt something carved in his heart.

As a result, it was easy for Zhen Jin to use them again.

But truly investigating how the claws changed was just as troublesome as the flying squirrel electrical discharge problem. Human fingernails could not change like this and managing this kind of ability was completely strange to normal humans.

Currently Zhen Jin could not discharge electricity, however using these claws was nevertheless something so familiar, he could do it with his hands tied behind his back.

“Let’s try digging!”

Zhen Jin stopped standing up like a human, he then went ahead on four limbs.

With his green lizard experience, he was familiar with how to walk.

“The brown bear’s back legs are short and thick, making running while standing is difficult; running on four legs suits it more.”

Zhen Jin mastered the monkey tail brown bear form quickly.

He went inside the cave, used the sharp claws to dig a hole in the cave wall, and excavated some ore to eat.


“The flavor isn’t bad!”

After eating the ore, Zhen Jin felt he was eating a rich, yet lean piece of meat that was sweet and spongy. The meat was not roasted, rather it had been cooked in its juices. According to the Eastern Empire’s way of speaking, this was called simmer-fried.

“As it turns out, monkey tail brown bears eat ore like meat.”

Zhen Jin sampled a beautiful meat dish.

Every day, although he ate until he was full, the meat broth and so on lacked salt and other seasonings, thus they had a bland flavor.

“When Cang Xu dissected a monkey tail brown bear, he found it had an outstanding digestive ability, it was especially good at digesting iron. The monkey tail brown bear’s claws could also absorb iron, they could then condense and grow living iron!”

“I remember Cang Xu’s words, with the monkey tail brown bear’s digestive ability, it could even treat iron swords as food.”

When Zhen Jin thought of this, his heart stirred.

“After returning, I can secretly try this. What does an iron sword taste like?”

A human Zhen Jin could only treat iron swords as weapons. But a monkey tail brown bear Zhen Jin could regard them as some objects.

As Zhen Jin's living form constantly transformed, his point of view on objects and impressions of them also changed subsequently. Some changes were so quiet that even Zhen Jin could not sense them. While some changes turned everything on its head.

Zhen Jin heated up the claws again, he then used them to dig out a hole in the cave.

The hard cave appeared weak as Zhen Jin easily inserted all of his claws into the cave wall. After lightly stirring, a large lump of ore was dug out.

“Let’s try the ore’s healing efficacy next.”

A scorpion tail grew out of Zhen Jin’s exceedingly obese bear buttocks.

He used the scorpion tail to jab himself, causing a shallow and small hole to quickly leak blood.

Zhen Jin began to gobble the ore, causing the blood hole to quickly staunch.

Zhen Jin quietly observed as he felt the ore digesting his belly and change into a warm feeling that flowed to his wound.

His aching weakened and as time passed, Zhen Jin’s wound gradually formed a thin blood scab.

“The monkey tail brown bear’s digestive system is very strong, it can quickly digest eaten ore and concentrate the nourishment on wounds in the body, thus inducing a rapid recovery.

“However when discussing recovery ability, its ability is still inferior to the strong life white rhinoceros’.

The strong life white rhinoceros’ recovery ability was not only stronger, it was more practical.

Monkey tail brown bears relied on eating a great amount of a specific ore to recover. After a strong life white rhinoceros healed, it could eat all kinds of foods like grass, tree leaves, and fruits to replenish itself.

Zhen Jin stayed in this cave for a while, using his sharp claws to easily excavate large amounts of ore.

“Currently iron is in short supply, and since digging with the monkey tail brown bear form is so easy, I will excavate this entire cave!”

“My work efficiency alone can compare to that of one hundred individuals.”

“People will take these ores tomorrow; iron has always been scarce in the camp.”

As for the excuse, Zhen Jin did not need to think about it as Cang Xu would definitely guess——perhaps, monkey tail brown bears had a habit of storing food?

Perhaps this would become a flaw, but as long as Zhen Jin did not transform in front of him, Cang Xu could only be skeptical of this perhaps unusual monkey tail brown bear marvel.

The matter of vital importance in the group was getting more iron.

When time was up, Zhen Jin left the cave, transformed into a silver level bat monkey, and flew back to camp.

His heart still reminisced over the iron ore.

“Maybe, I should covertly mine and stockpile a bit every night, then I can find them again.”

“My mining efficiency is too high.”

“These days, Zi Di, Cang Xu, and the others planned to dig a mine, however with insufficient manpower and mining requiring iron picks, there isn’t enough iron to make extravagant iron picks.


At that moment, Zhen Jin’s expression suddenly changed as he leapt through the air.