Chapter 12: The Deceptive Disguise Spell

“There is one more thing.” Cang Xu added, “Although the Deep Sea Monster Fish is quite big, it is very easy to control.”

“Normally on ships, the cannons need gunners, the rudder needs a helmsman, the sails need sailors, the deck needs seaman to protect it, and so on.”

“But this ship only needs a single person to control it. The many alchemy puppets are responsible for its defense, maintenance, and operation.”

“This has bout its advantages and disadvantages….” Cang Xu looked somewhat hesitate as he spoke of this.

Zi Di laughed, “I understand what you’re getting at.”

“You don’t need to be worried.”

“Based on our attempts, one needs the requisite spirit to control this ship. Besides you and I, only the captain and Zong Ge qualify.” 

“The greatest authority is already in the captain’s hands. The captain room has similar panels, and during times of need, he can directly control the Deep Sea Monster Fish from the captain’s room. The cockpit is actually to assist him.”

“That is good.” Cang Xu nodded and relaxed.

“However, it seems Zong Ge surprisingly has enough spiritual power too.”

“That half beastman is no simpleton.”

“He has had rigorous military training, has a full suit of steel armor, and has that pair of master crafted short spears.”

“Beastman bloodlines rarely produce magician level spirit abilities, this shows the human part of his bloodline is also excellent.”

“It’s very likely that he was born into a higher class than the rest of us!”

Zi Di nodded, “You’re right.”

The girl couldn’t help but think of the time when Cang Xu was unconscious, when she had shown off the Deep Sea Monster Fish to the captain, Zong Ge, and the others.

During which, Zong Ge had also explicitly expressed thus: since the Deep Sea Monster Fish was so easy to control, the people who would be rigorously screened. He would be uneasy if the Deep Sea Monster Fish was in Cang Xu’s hands. 

Since then, the young captain publicly received the primary authority, alleviating most of Zong Ge’s worries.

Doubtlessly, the girl wouldn’t be speaking of this, she understood that Zong Ge and Cang Xu were wary of each other and was a little pleased such was the case.

Currently, both Zong Ge, a peak silver level, and Cang Xu, a necromancer, were powerful people.

Since the artificial magic beast forms could not be used in the outside world, the young captain’s was inhibited somewhat.

In these circumstances, friction between Zong Ge and Cang Xu was actually beneficial to the young captain.

“We didn’t expect the Lord Captain to also have sufficient spiritual power too. This was the best outcome.” Cang Xu then asked, “Oh that’s right, was there anything in the crystal ball’s records pertaining to his Lordship’s true identity?”

Zi Di sighed, “Maybe, but I didn’t find anything.”

After temporarily defeating the tower spirit, Zi Di unearthed a large quantity of precious data. But the data did not contain any information related to the young captain’s original identity.

“Has the Lord Captain remembered anything about who he used to be?” Cang Xu frowned.

“No. His memory should have been modified by War Merchant personally, quite thoroughly.” Zi Di sighed, “Don’t we also have a memory extraction device? Perhaps we can find a gap in it.”

Although she said that, Zi Di was not confident in herself.

Neither her nor Cang Xu were alchemy experts.

Cang Xu analyzed. “The Lord Captain has White River battle qi. According to this point, one can speculate that he is likely a common knight.

Bai He was the creator of White River battle qi.

He was born a commoner. After becoming a silver level knight in his later years and suffering the pains of cultivation, he specially founded this battle qi type.

Although it was a silver level battle qi method, he did not only give it to his heir, instead he decided to disseminate it widely.

The White River battle qi was not outstanding when compared to other silver level methods, it was actually quite mediocre.

Its greatest advantage was its broad application and generous creator, allowing it to spread all across the world and become one of the most common types of battle qi.

If the young captain had an extraordinary background, he wouldn’t have cultivated this type of battle qi.

As for the youngster’s comparable high spiritual abilities, so high that they met the criteria to control the Deep Sea Monster Fish, such a thing could not be used to determine anything.

In reality, there are many people with sufficient spiritual power, yet chose not to walk the magician’s path.

Becoming a magician required an economic foundation.

One needed money!

Only with enough wealth can one form their foundation as a magician.

The more one cultivated, the more money one required.

“Speaking of White River battle qi…” Cang Xu continued, “I have some misgivings, War Merchant actually retained the captain’s White River battle qi, an unavoidably large flaw.”

At this time, Cang Xu also understood that War Merchant had planned to use the body double to suppress and conspire against Zhen Jin.

Although one was a templar knight, the order did not all have the same battle qi, in fact, most templar knights retained their original battle qi type.

However, there were obvious differences between Hundred Needles battle qi and White River battle qi.

If War Merchant ‘s plot had continued, the young captain would have replaced Zhen Jin, but he wouldn’t have had Hundred Needle battle qi, but White River battle qi instead.

If that happened, to say nothing of other people, even the young captain would begin to doubt himself, that he really was “Zhen Jin”.

The flaw was too great!

Zi Di laughed, “I have found an answer for that.”

“Here is all the information on that that we have extracted from the tower spirit.”

“Eh?” Cang Xu began to skim it over.

Firstly, a huge volume of alchemical data hit his face, hundreds of alchemical test results, classified alchemy workshop constructions, and administrative records.

Secondly, there were many battle qi methods as well as magic and divine techniques.

To research the perfect artificial magic beast, War Merchant had gathered many battle methods, magic and divine techniques to find his breakthrough.  

Unfortunately, he hadn’t succeeded.

Then there was the Green Jade Golden Coffin teleportation coordinates.

Cang Xu saw that Zi Di had successfully decrypted it.

“So, as it turns out, Cang Xu had teleported the Green Jade Golden Coffin to Snake Rat Island.

“Anti-Investigation and Prophecy spell formation, Deceptive Disguise spell…”

When he saw that, Cang Xu’s face showed his pleasant surprise.

This data pertained to the divine artifact, the Mermaid Fairy Tale.

This data section focused on the many alchemy spell formations that used the Mermaid Fairy Tale as their core or used the pearl bubbles’ considerable power.  

The Mermaid Fairy Tale was the Charming Blue God’s divine artifact.

The Charming Blue God’s greatest expertise was in deception and camouflage.

War Merchant developed alchemy spell formations that could utilize the pearl bubbles with the goal of creating a near perfect disguise.

“So that’s how it is.”

“War Merchant wanted to use this camouflage skill to solve the battle qi flaw.”

“How smart!”

“With this alchemy formation, we could disguise ourselves and freely move about.”

At first, Cang Xu thought their greatest gain was gaining complete control of the Deep Sea Monster Fish, however, now his opinion had changed, and he firmly believed that these two alchemy spell formations were that now!

Zi Di smiled, “Correct.”

“Breaking a pearl bubble to resist external divinations and prophecies is its most superficial use.”

“War Merchant is one of the world’s greatest alchemist grandmasters, he developed these alchemy formations to more efficiently and effectively use these pearl bubbles.”

“Anyways, if this happens, our consumption of the pearl bubbles will greatly increase.”

“According to this data, the Mermaid Fairy tale can produce pearl bubbles, but not an infinite amount. In fact, the Mermaid Fairy Tale needs the Charming Blue God’s divine power to produce pearl bubbles.”

“We don’t have the Charming Blue God’s divine power, and so, the amount of pearl bubbles produced will grow smaller.” 

After saying that, Zi Di’s voice suddenly stopped, and her ghostly body began to violently sway and turn more transparent.

“You’re wounded.” Cang Xu’s brows furled, and his voice lowered as he showed a grave expression, “Figures, President, you haven’t eaten anything after becoming a ghost. Normal ghosts use the Soul Devourer spell to consume other souls to maintain their existence. Just like a normal person needs to eat, drink, and exercise to maintain their body.”

After Zi Di had become a ghost, she temporarily lost her identity as a magician, and was incapable of using normal magic, however she still had a few innate magics.

Among them was the Soul Devourer spell, an innate skill of any ghost.

“But…please use this first.” Cang Xu shook his head and immediately untied his hand “bandages”.

It was the bronze level magic tool, wrapping corpse cloth. Its negative energy helped undead beings.

“This item will be useful to you, and can stabilize your injuries.” Said Cang Xu.

At this moment, his hand injuries hadn’t improved much, and these were still holes in his palms.

Zi Di silently took them.

She immediately put the wrapping corpse cloths into her ghost body.

“The negative energy can help you maintain your form for a time.” Cang Xu spoke solemnly, “Please be careful, President, and use the Soul Devourer spell sparingly henceforth.”

“The Soul Devourer spell has a big problem.” 

“Devoured souls cannot be perfectly absorbed, and over a long period of time, it will cause your soul to become impure. So much so that it can even add many memories that don’t belong to you.”

“After there are too many memories, it will greatly interfere with your sense of self. If severe enough, you will even forget who you are.”

“Another thing. When people die, they often have many negative emotions. Hate, fear, anger, and more. These negative emotions are usually very intense.”

“The Soul Devourer spell will also take in these feelings.”

“Over time, you, President Zi Di, will lose your sense of self and become a resentful spirit that will vengefully kill endless ordinary people.”

Zi Di nodded, “I know.”

“Your necromancy inheritance addressed this subject.” Zi Di recalled.

Cang Xu nodded, then said, “In fact, we need to be wary against negative energy. We cultivate necromancy, and in the long term, the negative energy will gradually erode our will. It will instill in us a loathing of life, hatred, and other negative emotions.”

“Therefore, many senior necromancers have a natural hostility towards life.”

Cang Xu stroked hie chest and continued, “Although I used necromancy magic to transform myself, I still retained a part of my living self. It was to preserve my humanity and to resist the negative energy that pollutes my wisdom.”

“As the school of necromancy improves, I believe that these systemic problems will be improved and even solved.”

“President Zi Di, I will take over, please recover well.”

Zi Di shook her head, “The tower spirit still has lots of data in it, I must recuperate as soon as possible so I can quickly act against the tower spirit before it regains its strength and destroys the remaining data.”

“With regards to that.” Cang Xu smiled, “I have a better idea.”