Chapter 13: Dragon Whisker Electric Eel and Soft Heart Stone

In the pitch-black ocean depths, the Deep Sea Monster Fish began to accelerate.

Its fishtail morphed into a spiral turbine. The turbine quickly rotated, and screws of erupting water jetted from the Deep Sea Monster Fish, propelling it forward.

A deep sea electric eel was currently fleeing from it.

The electric eel was 15 meters long, had sleek and fine green-blue fish scales, and from both edges of its mouth, a long whisker protruded out

The Deep Sea Monster Fish’s cockpit.

Zong Ge was at the control panel while the ghost Girl, Zi Di, was watching the electric eel in the magic projection.

This was a Dragon Whisker Electric Eel, a gold level magic beast that knew racial magics, Electrical Discharge, Striking Thunder, and Swift Thunder Travel.

After detecting it, the survivors decided to hunt it down.

This time, Zong Ge was in charge of driving while Zi Di was responsible for monitoring the situation.

After truly grasping how to pilot the Deep Sea Monster Fish, the survivors’ relationship with the seafloor’s gold level magic beasts had completely shifted.

From prey to hunters.

Gold level magic beasts that moved alone were prime quarry for the survivors.

The Dragon Whisker Electric Eel began to slow, it was wounded.

They had been inflicted by the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

Perhaps realizing it didn’t want to go down like this, the desperate Dragon Whisker Electric Eel suddenly turned around and attacked.

In an instant, its aura exploded. Lightning crackled across its entire body and after it had converged into a single point, the eel shot it at the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

It was the electric eel’s racial magic, Striking Thunder

With a bang, the electric current struck the Deep Sea Monster fish.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish faintly shuddered as it kept going.

The electrical bombardment had already blackened the hull. In the center of the bombardment, fish scales were falling off of the hull. Around it, although some fish scales still clung on, the majority of them had been destroyed.

However, when compared to the entire ship, this section of damage was quite minimal.

In the cockpit, Zong Ge was as straight as a pillar, his face expressionless and his eyes filled with killing intent.

His hand tapped a metal panel, causing many runes to float up and revolve around the half beastman.

One gold rune, three green jade runes, and two black-grey runes combined together to assemble an alchemy formation.

The alchemy formation flew around Zong Ge’s head, causing the half beastman to stiffen.

A moment later, the half beastman had the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s fish head bow pop with many minute holes.

The hundred small holes sprayed many alchemy arrows out.

The rain of arrows covered everything around it, including the Dragon Whisker Electric Eel.

The Dragon Whisker Electric Eel fled.

Its speed was astonishing, especially when it cast its racial magic, Swift Thunder Travel, causing it to grow even faster.

But Zong Ge was prepared.

Two beams of blue light spurted from the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s eyes.

When the blue light covered the electric eel, it caused it to freeze in place!

A moment later, several hundred alchemy shot into the electric eel.

The electric eel was shot dead, but before it died, it devastated its surroundings with intense electrical currents.

But there was only seawater around it.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish had always maintained a safe distance from it.

Ten seconds later, the electric eel’s life aura vanished, and magic power began to dissipate from its broken body and slowly bled into the sea water.

The hunt concluded with the Deep Sea Monster Fish obtaining a great harvest in its total victory.

“This alchemy ship is amazing!” Zong Ge clutched the control panel with both hands, his face pale and his breathing quickening.

He had received outstanding military training and had led troops for many years.

Soldiers naturally loved weapons.

These days, Zong Ge had killed many gold level deep sea magic beasts.

Currently, the Deep Sea Monster Fish had already become his favorite weapon.

“It’s just a bit too mentally taxing.” Zong Ge felt dizzy, and knew int was unbeneficial to cling onwards, thus he handed the controls over to Zi Di.

After the survivors understood how to control the Deep Sea Monster Fish, they took turns on who was controlling it.

They were Zi Di, Cang Xu, Zong Ge, and the young captain.

Three small alchemy formations floated from the half beastman’s head and quickly disassembled into runes before settling back into the metal panel.

Zi Di took over, causing the runes to once again shine, however they did not form alchemy formations this time.

Because the next task was far simpler than combat.

After going through many working shifts, Zi Di had grown familiar with how the Deep Sea Monster Fish handled. By inputting the correct sequence of runes, one could control the ship like the small alchemy formations.

Under her control, the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s belly began to open.

This was the alchemy ship’s entry hatch.  

Four alchemy puppets swam towards the tattered electric eel to retrieve its corpse.

While operating the alchemy puppets, Zi Di was also telling Zong Ge about her experiences, “War Merchant had a formidable spirit, it was rather easy for him to drive this alchemy ship.”

“We are not the same, he was far beyond any of us.”

“Our spirit power is limited, if we control it for too long, we’ll at minimum grow dizzy, and at worst, we’ll fall unconscious and lose our wisdom.”

“Controlling these runes one at a time consumes far less spirit.”

“When combined into alchemy formations, they will burden the spirit greatly.” 

Zong Ge nodded, “Cang Xu has already told me of this.”

“But in an actual battle, time is scarce, and opportunities are fleeting.”

“Only with the runes combined can one control the vessel directly and have the ability to seize upon these opportunities.”

“You two are magicians, and it seems this alchemy ship is better suited for your kind.” 

Zi Di didn’t say anything.

She thought of the young captain.

The young captain was not a magician, however his dragonman transformation caused his spiritual strength to rapidly rise, outstripping both the ghost girl and necromancer in power.

He could control the Deep Sea Monster Fish the longest.

However, the young captain’s dragonman form was being kept secret for the time being.

Zi Di did not divulge this to Zong Ge.

The Dragon Whisker Electric Eel’s body was dragged into the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

It was quickly dismembered into useful parts. Its fish scales were good alchemy materials, and its flesh could make excellent battle qi food. Its fish eyes and bones were also processed soon after.

Zi Di then received first-hand information on what their earnings were.

“The Dragon Whisker Electric Eel corpse was too damaged, both the dragon whiskers and fish scales are completely worthless. The meat has many other elemental attributes mixed into it, it’ll be extremely costly to purify.”

“It only had a single magic crystal.”

“An intact Dragon Whisker Electric Eel magic crystal is currently worth around 800 gold coins.”

Zi Di continued to relay information, “This fight expended more than 200 alchemy arrows, most of which were silver level.”

“We also used the binding alchemy module and consumed the magic power of the deployed alchemy puppets. 18% of the magic power reservoir has been used, converting it to the corresponding elemental crystal prices, about 500 gold was used.”

“The hull was damaged, it will need repairs. Based on current estimates, it will cost around 30 gold.”

Zi Di then concluded, “Therefore, we have an approximate deficit of 200 gold.”

Zong Ge nodded, he understood what Zi Di was saying.

Although he was not a merchant, he was once an army officer and knew the importance of logistics.

“I will pay more attention to this aspect in the future.”

“After this battle result, I also should the performance of the Deep Sea Monster Fish more.”

“Of course, the Dragon Whisker Electric Eel’s attacks were too fast, there was not enough time to avoid them.”

“But it also tested the hull’s defensive capabilities. Against physical penetration it is comparably weak, but against electric, fire, and other elemental spells or racial magics, it has considerably resistance.”

Just as he said that an alarm suddenly blared.

A large school of sharks were swimming in.

The shark school was of an immense size, and in such a strong school, there were at least twenty gold levels in it!

The shark school had immense speed, it was very likely it had smelled the reeking blood the Dragon Whisker Electric Eel had left behind.

Zi Di did not reply to Zong Ge as she began to control the Deep Sea Monster Fish. But instead of having it flee, she activated an alchemy component, causing the Deep Sea Monster Fish to float completely still.

The shark school brushed past the alchemy ship, and missed it completely.

They swashed through the battlefield, the eel’s blood provoking and agitating them indefinitely. They circled about constantly, with some sharks even bumping into the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

Strangely, the sharks did not react to the alchemy vessel, none even tried to probe it out.

Zong Ge and Zi Di were well accustomed to this scene.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish was equipped with its own Deceptive Disguise and Anti-Investigation and Prophecy formations. 

The core of these alchemy formations were the pearl bubbles.

After the Deceptive Disguise alchemy formation was activated, the Deep Sea Monster Fish could deceive any lifeforms around it.

Don’t mention these gold level sharks, the formation could easily deceive saint level magic beasts.

The powerful effect of these formations caused the survivors’ hearts to burn passionately.

But these two magic formations were bound to the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

The survivors wanted to use these formations on themselves, so they could build themselves up again.

The alchemy cabin.

Cang Xu was in charge of this matter.

Zi Di was a ghost, because of this, she could not open her own magic power reservoir.

In the strictest terms, Cang Xu was the only magician that could undertake this heavy responsibility.

“I must construct the Deceptive Disguise alchemy formation as soon as possible.”

“The tower spirit is recovering quickly.”

“But it is also an intelligent lifeform, it can also be deceived by the pearl bubbles.”

“As long as I succeed in building this alchemy formation…”


A puff of smoke rose.

Cang Xu frustratedly looked at the diagram of the alchemy formation on the tabletop.

Because his finger hand slightly trembled and his spirit hadn’t harmonized good enough, a third of the alchemy formation before him had been completely destroyed.

“Failed again.”

This was the 46th attempt.

The consecutive failures caused Cang Xu to face the fact that he was a complete idiot in the field of alchemy.

The two alchemy puppets next to Cang Xu comforted him, he was not struggling alone, at least he had these assistants.

The necromancer was not discouraged in the slightest, he still kept his rationality and calmness.

He continued to try to create the alchemy formation.

Time quickly passed as he selflessly worked.

“Attempt 139 failed.”

But Cang Xu knew victory was within sight.

His construction of the formation was nearing 100%

“Just a single step left.”

“I need Soft Heart Stone. It is the most suitable alchemy material, I am currently using a substitute for it.”

Cang Xu needed to tell everyone this.

After everyone discussed it, they decided to change their route a little.

Originally, they were headed straight towards Snake Rat Island.

But now, they could spare a little time for a detour.

According to the ocean map, Stone Egg Island had Soft Heart Stone.