Chapter 11: The Deep Sea Monster Fish

The young captain traveled through the crow, stopping from time to time to mingle with some of the survivors.

The dining hall was not wide, allowing the ten or so survivors to make it seem crowded.

The joy of victory and the hope for the future were both in everyone’s hearts.

The fine food and drink created an even warmer ambience in the background.

Zi Di was from a merchant family, and was very familiar with social gatherings, and because of her beautiful face, she was always the focus of everyone’s attention.

But this time it was different.

Everyone’s attention was concentrated on the young captain.

Zi Di was no exception.

She tenderly and sweetly gazed at her partner, she couldn’t get enough of him.

To her side, Cang Xu spoke, “Tell me what you have gained.”

Zi Di immediately smiled, “Thanks to you, our gains were extraordinarily great! Just speaking about it won’t give you the full picture, let’s go the cockpit and have you familiarize yourself with the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

“Now?” Cang Xu shook his head.

Despite his curiosity, he restrained his urges.

“I don’t want our captain working alone here, now is the time to be by his side together.” Said Cang Xu.

Zi Di stared at him, but soon got what Cang Xu was getting at.

Their group was in its earliest and weakest stage, its myriad races and social classes made it hard for its members to harmonize with each other.

The young captain was doing his best to mollify this friction.

Zi Di was a ghost, while Cang Xu was a necromancer, both of whom frightened the people by simply existing.

At this time, if they separated themselves from the public and acted alone, it would negatively impact the group by a massive degree. 

“Although Cang Xu is a necromancer, he is still much more of a noble steward. He has a deep understanding of our group and of politics.” Zi Di continually evaluated Cang Xu’s most important traits to herself.

“You are correct.”  She listened to Cang Xu’s advice and left the corner.

After the feast ended, she and Cang Xu left the dining hall. During it, only a few came over to toast with or greet them, spurred on when the young captain visited them three times to socialize with the two.

After the celebration, the survivors were in high spirits and returned to their respective rooms to sleep, contented.

Zi Di and Cang Xu went to the cockpit.

Inside, Zi Di did not hold back as she showed Cang Xu how to control the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

Thus, Cang Xu observed the rectangular metal panels and magic runes float into the air and form formations.

Zi Di imbued them with her spirit and manipulated the formations, adjusting some images and lighting. Then finally, she revealed all kinds of information about the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish was gold level ship.

It was 60 meters long, up to 16 meters wide, and 30 meters tall. It was shaped like a fish, could travel 32 knots underwater and 25 knots when surfaced. 

“Why is the underwater speed faster than the above water speed?” Cang Xu was puzzled when he saw this.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish had a lightning element circumfluence magic power reservoir, one of the greatest of its kind in the world.

Similarly, its magic furnace was also the apex in its class, and was known as the Golden Coral Energy Furnace.

The magic furnace was the ship’s main power source, quite different from other ships which used sails, oars, or other sailing methods. 

The Deep Sea Monster Fish had a unique control method, as it used miniature alchemy formations. These alchemy formations were many runes linked together.

The runes were connected to the entire ship, and as such, the control formations could control all of its functions.

“War Merchant was worthy of his reputation. Does one need to be a magician in order to control this vessel?” Cang Xu exclaimed.

The ghost girl shook her head, “To be more accurate, one simply needs their spirit to exceed the minimal threshold. Of course, this minimum threshold basically means one has the qualifications to become a magician.”

This kind of operating system was extremely high-end, and likely was invented by War Merchant himself.

Such a system could topple entire schools of thought.

Previously, Zi Di and Cang Xu were like that, when they couldn’t control the entirety of the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s functions.

Cang Xu continued to read.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish’s hull was special, it was a mimicry hull.

It could counter magnetic attraction, electrical currents, fire attacks, and more while also being specially made to conceal its own aura. 

These strengths also had their weaknesses.

The Deep Sea Monster fish was weak against physical attacks.

Due to that flaw, the Deep Sea Monter Fish’s hull seemed frail when up against the charging sailfish.

The mimicry hull’s greatest capability was that it could morph.

Both the hull and some of the internal machinery would morph, like when the ship’s aft morphed into a spiral oar.

Another feature of the hull was that it could transform through alchemical reactions. 

This combined with the aforementioned morphing allowed the Deep Sea Monster Fish to have three forms in total.

The first form was what it currently looked like now, a giant magic fish.

The second form was a sailfish form, the entire ship would lengthen, allowing its underwater speed to shoot up to 35 knots.

The third form looked like a fishman, with the hull growing hands and feet, and the keel dismantled and reformed into a harpoon to be used as a weapon.

When Cang Xu saw that information, he once again praised the alchemical genius of War Merchant.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish was equipped with top of the line detection capabilities, with three alchemy devices designed to detect sound waves, light, as well as life auras.

The sound detection equipment could also emit soundwaves itself, and could drive away most beasts with it. Of course, it could also provoke the beasts, as was such the case with the sunfish.

With the three detection devices, the Deep Sea Monster Fish could create a coherent magic image that a user could watch and tell everything that was happening at a glance.

As Cang Xun continued to examine these features, he was astonished to learn the sonar wasn’t actually a true defensive mechanism.

With the runes on the control panels, one could create an alchemy formation to trap enemies.

With the diagrams, the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s two eyes could emit two blue beams of light that could illuminate and bind the target.

There was also a Hedgehog Retaliation Firepower formation.

After it was activated, the entirety of the Deep Sea Monster Fish would sprout with holes. From these holes, three alchemy crossbow bolts would fire every second.

The vessel had 5000 holes in total, and based on the firing speed, it would shoot 15,000 alchemy crossbow bolts a second.

When Cang Xu imagined that he felt his head go somewhat numb.

What stunned him even more was that these were still not the ship’s strongest weapons.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish’s strongest firepower was its two gold level cannons, one pressurized hydro cannon and one electrical arc cannon.

The survivors captured a gold level cannon, one similar to the ship’s gold level ones. Yet when compared to the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s own cannons, it paled in every respect, and was considered ordinary in comparison.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish’s gold level cannons were obviously custom made.

Furthermore, War Merchant had paired them up with specialized artillery shells.

These artillery shells were also gold level, and composed of two types. The first was maelstrom shells, they could create a gigantic whirlpool that could trap and even shred enemies. The second was the python shells.

The python shells gave the electrical arc cannon formidable power.

The gold level sunfish as well as the sailfish were all slaughtered by a single shell, giving the survivors a shocking sight to experience.

Besides the ship’s weapons, the Deep Sea Monster Fish was also outfitted with many alchemy puppets.

These alchemy puppets were not too big, with almost all of them being the sizes of people.

The most numerous were the sword guards at 10, Cang Xu had seen them after awakening in his room.

Next were the basic maintenance ones at 8, they repaired any damage and kept the ship working.

The damage the Deep Sea Monster Fish received during the last battle had already been repaired by these maintenance puppets.

There were also 3 fat blue puppets. These maintenance puppets were an enhanced version of the other ones, and could do more meticulous repairs, including being able to mend some of the alchemy runes, formations, and lines.

Finally, there were the 2 yellow crab alchemy puppets. Cang Xu and Zi Di had used them against the tower spirit. However, their true function hadn’t been utilized.

Next was the layout of the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s interior.

The magic ship had a cockpit, a kinetic energy cabin, a magic power reservoir, a landing cabin, a dining hall, sailor cabins, a captain’s room, an alchemy cabin, an ammunition store, 1-3 storage rooms, and a meditation chamber.

Cang Xu was dazzled by it all.

After he was done reading, he looked to the side and clicked his tongue in praise, “Although I don’t fully understand this magic ship, I am certain that the Deep Sea Monster Fish is one of the greatest gold level ships ever, its value is astonishing!”

Zi Di nodded in agreement, “Gold level ships are already comparatively rare.”

“It usually takes at least a saint level pirate captain or a navy commander to have a gold level magic ship.”

It is a rare sight for even a gold level genius to have a magic ship at the same level as them.

This was because it was more economical and beneficial to invest in other aspects that could increase their personal strength.

Gold level magic ships to a gold level person was considered a luxury good with a considerably low price-value ratio.

Therefore, only saint level people usually had the spare funds to have one.

The survivors’ circumstances were even more unusual. Zong Ge was their strongest, yet he was only a peak silver level, and not even a gold level person.

Zi Di continued, “The Deep Sea Monster Fish has so many advantages, it was also War Merchant’s. Thus, its value far exceeds other ships of the same level.”

The Deep Sea Monster Fish had a top speed of 30 knots, and if it morphed into a sailfish form, it could even sail at speeds of 35 knots.

This information was extraordinary.

At first Zi Di didn’t understand the significance, but after presenting it to Lan Zao, she realized what it had meant. 

The fastest ordinary ship did not exceed 13 knots.

A bronze level magic ship could sail a little under 15 knots.

An iron level ship’s maximum speed was roughly 20 knots.

A silver level ship’s was 25 knots.

A gold level ship was 28 or 29 knots, it couldn’t exceed 30.

The Deep Sea Monster Fish out sped them all, giving it a distinct advantage.