Chapter 107: I Can also Do Treatment

After pondering, Zhen Jin transformed into an iron level bat monkey.

Following this, he did not immediately rush towards the magic beast corps, rather he went in a diagonal direction while pretending to be a lone and wild bat monkey that happened to be passing through by chance.

This time, the bat monkeys no longer made any warnings.

The blue dog fox wolf stayed somewhere temporarily.

Zhen Jin gradually approached the magic beast corps.

Some of the bat monkeys were leaving the magic beast corps and entering the forest.

“The blue dog fox wolf is seriously injured, and it seems it cannot replenish the fragrance in these bat monkeys. It just lost its control over them.

After discovering this, Zhen Jin was naturally happy.

The bat monkeys would start moving without restraint and will create a chaotic situation, if this happens, it will give Zhen Jin an opportunity.

Zhen Jin quickly flew into the magic beast corps without arousing any vigilance.

He found that the magic beast corps had been divided into three defensive layers, each of them separated clearly.

The outermost layer had ordinary bat monkeys and flying squirrels.

The middle layer had magic beast bat monkeys and flying squirrels.

The innermost layer had the monkey tail brown bear and the strong life white rhinoceros.

The two large silver level magic beasts surrounded and protected the blue dog fox wolf, they were loyal, devoted, and meticulous.

Zhen Jin took note: The acid injury on the monkey tail brown bear’s thigh had already stabilized and there was barely a scar on the strong life white rhinoceros. Its recovery ability really was absurd.

As for Zhen Jin’s target, the blue dog fox wolf was resting with its head on the ground, it was in weak health.

Its left eye was a blood hole, currently an iron level bat monkey was using its nostril and ultrasound to staunch its bleeding.

But its blood did not stop.

There were traces of green in the blood that flowed from its eye socket

“Don’t tell me that the poisonous spotted green moss is effective on the blue fox dog wolf and is preventing it from healing?” Zhen Jin inevitably guessed.

As the iron level bat monkey repeatedly and quickly treated the blue dog fox wolf, its ultrasound grew more and more weaker.

The blue dog fox wolf became angry, it suddenly opened its mouth and bit the iron level bat monkey’s neck, killing the latter on the stop.

Soon after, the blue dog fox wolf grabbed the iron level bat monkey’s carcass with its claws and began to eat it.

It quickly ate the iron level bat monkey.

“Bark bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf barked and used its remaining eye to look at another iron level bat monkey in the middle layer.

The iron level bat monkey immediately came to the blue dog fox wolf’s side and used its ultrasound to treat the blue dog fox wolf’s wound.

After treating it for some time, the bleeding did not slow down even a little.

The blue dog fox wolf flew into a rage and ate the iron level bat monkey.

Seeing the iron level bat monkey die before their eyes, the other bat monkeys grew fretful and began to stir.

The blue dog fox wolf’s control over them was growing weaker.

Zhen Jin immediately realized: “This might be my chance!”

If he suddenly transformed into a spear scorpion leader and stormed in now, he would have little hope of killing the blue dog fox wolf. The previous fight would likely repeat itself.

However, he could pretend to be a bat monkey, if the blue dog fox wolf chose him for treatment, Zhen Jin could approach it again.

At that time, with such a short distance and the blue dog fox wolf being so weak, Zhen Jin transforming into a spear scorpion and assassinating it would be a cinch.

Using the time when the blue dog fox wolf was immersed in tearing apart its food, Zhen Jin stealthily flew into the second defensive line.

The second defensive line had magic beast bat monkeys and flying squirrels. There were a number of them standing around or resting, Zhen Jin was not conspicuous when sneaking in.

However, after waiting for a good while, the blue dog fox wolf did not point at him.

The iron level bat monkey could not treat the blue dog fox wolf’s injury. With blood still incessantly draining from its injury, not only was the blue dog fox angry, it was panic-stricken as it ate a third bat monkey.

“Why did it not pick me?” Zhen Jin was a bit gloomy.

He could not help but guess as he saw the bat monkeys healing each other: “Don’t tell me the blue dog fox wolf only chooses those that successfully treat their comrades?”

Zhen Jin had been standing still and hadn’t blindly acted, that kind of calm display contrary to expectations, did not enter the blue fox dog wolf’s scope.

Zhen Jin pondered for a while, he increasingly felt that his guess made sense.

He looked around and saw an iron level bat monkey next to him.

The bat monkey had a wound on its back, seeing Zhen Jin at its side, it immediately cast an odd gaze.

Zhen Jin first cleared his throat, then he blocked one of his nostrils, then he placed his other nostril on the bat monkey’s wound.

After seeing Zhen Jin’s movement, the injured bat monkey immediately relaxed, his eyes also showed a hint of appreciation.

“I must succeed in producing ultrasound.” Zhen Jin silently said as he puffed up.

He was not skilled in this and would fail fifty to sixty percent of the time.

But luckily, he succeeded the first time.

He produced ultrasound; however, Zhen Jin did not shut his mouth, causing nearly all the soundwaves to come out of his mouth, bombarding the bat monkey’s hand.

The bat monkey’s body immediately swayed, its ears were buzzing, and its eyes were blurred. The sound it felt seemed like a thunderclap heard by human ears!

The surrounding bat monkeys were also scared by Zhen Jin’s action, they jumped or flew away from Zhen Jin.

The wounded monkey steadied its body, then it indignantly glared at Zhen Jin and shouted at him.

Its hair exploded, despite Zhen Jin not knowing the bat monkey language, he completely understood the wounded bat monkey’s opinion.

Zhen Jin promptly looked at the blue dog fox wolf, he found that the latter was still eating the iron level bat monkey and wasn’t paying attention.

Zhen Jin’s heart mouthed: “Quiet, quiet!”

At the same time, he put his hand on the wounded bat monkey’s shoulder, however the bat monkey shook off his hand and ran away alone.

Zhen Jin helplessly watched it distance itself and was forced to choose another target.

However, when the other bat monkeys saw Zhen Jin approach, they left at their own accord and did not let Zhen Jin treat them.

“What happened to basic trust between monkeys?”

Zhen Jin was incessantly vexed.

At that moment, the blue dog fox wolf selected another bat monkey and ignored Zhen Jin again.

“I’ve got a solution!” As Zhen Jin looked at the ground, he suddenly had an idea.

He dropped to the ground and used ultrasound to probe for underground food.

He quickly found his target and began to dig with his hands. After a while, he dug out a white fat earthworm from the ground.

The white and fat earthworm immediately attracted the attention of the other bat monkeys.

The blue dog fox wolf’s order limited the activities of these bat monkeys, they could heal each other but they could not break away from their sentinel positions.

“One is not enough……” Zhen Jin dug out three more.

The white fat earthworm had a strong fragrance, it resembled high quality cow’s milk and had a wonderful sweetness.

Almost all of the bat monkeys stared at the four earthworms in Zhen Jin’s hands.

“You are still the most heavily injured.” Zhen Jin looked at the iron level bat monkey that had run away from him.

This time, as if being enticed by the earthworms in Zhen Jin’s hands, the iron level bat monkey remained still as it watched Zhen Jin approach.

“I will give you one first.” Zhen Jin put one white fat earthworm into the injured bat monkey’s mouth.

The wounded bat monkey immediately opened its mouth and ate the white fat earthworm.

The other bat monkeys looked on helplessly at the injured bat monkey’s constant chewing, as if they were secretly choking on their saliva. Finally, one of the iron level bat monkeys was unable to hold back, it then imitated Zhen Jin by falling to the ground and starting to dig up earthworms.

The wounded bat monkey that had eaten a white fat earthworm wanted to eat more. But at that moment, Zhen Jin clapped its shoulder and put his nostril on its wound.

The injured bat monkey hesitated but did not run away.

Zhen Jin was inwardly happy, this time he closed his mouth and blocked his nostril as he produced ultrasound.

After a moment, pop!

Scarlet blood sprayed from his nostril, with a great amount of it directly spraying onto the bat monkey’s wound.

The wounded bat monkey was startled, it then jumped onto a tree.

“The ultrasound this time was too energetic.” Zhen Jin was very embarrassed; he had discovered that his nostril had a grave injury and blood was incessantly flowing from it.

At last, this action had attracted the attention of the blue dog fox wolf.

Seeing Zhen Jin fail to heal his comrades and instead wounding his silly self, the blue dog fox wolf clearly looked inquisitive, skeptical, and doubtful.

“Am I……overreaching?” At that moment, Zhen Jin had a feeling that he had been hoisted by his own petard.

“No, I can do it.”

Zhen Jin flew to where the wounded bat monkey climbed to, he had to prove as soon as possible that he could heal his comrade.

After a second white fat earthworm, the wounded bat monkey accepted Zhen Jin’s treatment.

This time Zhen Jin took note of his power as he smoothly applied ultrasound to the bat monkey’s wound.

However, the wounded bat monkey was unsatisfied as it shouted.

Zhen Jin understood that his power was too small as he began to gently increase it.

But in the end, he was still a novice that could not stabilize the power of his ultrasound, causing the power of the ultrasound to fluctuate between strong and weak.

The wounded bat monkey was being tortured, however when Zhen Jin fed it the last two white fat earthworms, it persevered through Zhen Jin’s treatment.


Finally……its wound finally cauterized and stopped bleeding.

Zhen Jin also paid a price——blood was also flowing out of his healthy nostril because of his repeated usage of ultrasound.

The wounded bat monkey looked at the bleeding Zhen Jin, its manner becoming tender.

Casting a gaze at Zhen Jin’s swelling genitals, the wounded mother bat monkey expression grew a bit more tender.

It lightly grabbed Zhen Jin’s hands, then it unfolded its wings and covered Zhen Jin’s back, as if embracing Zhen Jin in her bosom.

This action intimidated Zhen Jin and he jumped away.

The mother bat monkey quickly raised her wings and released her hands.

Zhen Jin then detected the bat monkeys’ gaze, as if something was amiss. Especially the male bat monkeys, who seemed to look at him with hatred and envy.

Then, the wounded mother bat monkey spat into both its palms, it then put both palms on Zhen Jin chest and smeared the saliva across him.

This time, the surrounding bat monkeys became agitated, an abundance of them wanted to row with Zhen Jin.

“What is the meaning of this?” Zhen Jin felt both stupid and somewhat nauseous.


At that moment, the blue dog fox wolf had an unusual change.

It raised its head and gave a howl.

“As it turns out it can howl. But why did it suddenly howl?” This immediately attracted Zhen Jin’s interest.