Chapter 108: The Whistling Moon and Death

The blue dog fox wolf’s howl destabilized the weather and when Zhen Jin heard it, he felt his blood rush.


The blue dog fox wolf’s howl was suddenly interrupted by a mouthful of blood.

The blue dog fox wolf lowered its head and vomited green laced blood onto the ground.

After vomiting, the blue dog fox wolf opened its mouth and gasped for breath.

It seemingly wanted to persevere and did not want to lie down again. However, it was extremely weak, and its situation was not good, Zhen Jin could clearly see its legs trembling in the moonlight.

Finally, the blue dog fox wolf no longer had the strength and was forced to lie down again.

After resting for a while, it did not make a bat monkey give it treatment, rather it used it strength to straighten its back, hold up its head, and howl at the crescent moon in the sky.

The howl was shorter than the previous one.

Because the blue dog fox wolf quickly coughed up blood again.

It laid down again and rested for even longer. In addition, the corners of its mouth had blood foam and its ice-blue eyes became dim, as if a layer of mist was covering them, its eyes were no longer as clear and sharp as before.

As it gasped for air, its belly rapidly undulated, giving people the impression that its situation was hopeless, it seemed to spare no effort every time it breathed.

After gasping for breath for a good while, the blue dog fox wolf crawled back up and howled for a third time.

The wolf howl was already weak and was even briefer

The blue dog fox wolf lay on the ground again.

A thought suddenly leapt into Zhen Jin’s mind: “It’s dying!”

The poisonous spotted green moss’ efficacy greatly surpassed Zhen Jin’s expectations.

Although Zhen Jin had at least a silver level cultivation, he was a human. The blue dog fox wolf was a silver level magic beast, its bodily essence was far stronger than Zhen Jin’s.

“Perhaps it was too gravely wounded, not only did I stab out its eye, I also snapped off its tail. It had been violently running throughout its journey and lost too much blood.

Following this, the blue dog fox wolf howled several times.

The blue dog fox wolf’s howls became increasingly muffled and fleeting, it seemed to resemble an elderly coughing.

However, Zhen Jin calmly listened, when he saw these changes, he did not find the blue dog fox wolf’s sorry figure funny, instead sorrow sprung up unbidden.

The blue dog fox wolf seemed to have magnificent aspirations; however, it was already at its life’s end. It still wanted to run, it still wanted to attack, and it still wanted to control the beast groups, however it was indeed at its life’s end.

In the end, it fell to the ground and waited for death to come.

The blue dog fox wolf seemed to have a premonition, it did not want to resign itself to the ground, it wanted its legs to support its body.

But it could not do so.

It used all of its strength; however, it could only slightly squirm and claw its way out of its pool of blood.

Its breathing had already ceased.

Its eyes fell and lost their luster.

Its body lay as motionless as a statue.

Under the moonlight, a statue stood in a pool of blood.

The night wind slowly blew and faintly brushed its fur. It seemed to be the last of its vitality and its final stubbornness.

When it completely died, its magic power also rapidly dissipated.

Zhen Jin was in a complex mood.

As he degenerated and struggled to survive on this island, he had encountered many magic beasts. Things like the python vines and the gigantic lava turtles have reached the gold level. The spear scorpion, monkey tail brown bear, and blade spider made him face death. However, the thing that gave him the deepest impression was still the blue dog fox wolf.

This was the second blue dog fox wolf he had killed.

In fact, when he discovered that Zong Ge and his group were sweeping their traces, Zhen Jin had already started a battle of wits against the blue dog fox wolf.

Later Zhen Jin saved the camp, quickly helped the boat craftsman and the others, then invited Zong Ge. Because of Zong Ge and his people along with those guarding the camp, Zhen Jin began to unravel the blue dog fox wolf’s cruel diversionary tactics.

If Zhen Jin made a strategic error, it might have led to a chain of defeats and would have left the blue dog fox wolf as the final victor.

The fight this morning in the camp was the turning point in the war between Zhen Jin and the blue dog fox wolf. When Zhen Jin heard the dog bark, he did not hesitate to rely on his heart’s intuition. Thus, he tenaciously grabbed the flaw and exposed the blue dog fox wolf.

Later during the pursuit, Zong Ge gave up but Zhen Jin persevered.

After dealing a serious injury to the blue dog fox wolf, Zhen Jin definitely knew the following risks were greatly increased, however he still persevered and took risks, his determination remained incomparably resolute.

Finally, he snuck into the magic beast corps again, took the trouble to act and wanted to deal a fatal blow to it, until at last, the blue dog fox wolf succumbed to its injuries.

Seeing the wolf corpse in a pool of blood, Zhen Jin’s heart was full of admiration, accomplishment, and a faint feeling of loss.


If it were a human, he would definitely salute his counterpart. So much so that Zhen Jin might recall this time in his later years……perhaps in a snowy paradise where his aged body was lying on a couch, with a fireplace illuminating his elderly spots and a group of children surrounding him, his vision would sink into the depths of his memory as he perplexed over and analyzed this great adversary.

However, the blue dog fox wolf was only a blue dog fox wolf.

Zhen Jin also wasn’t a human, he was only an iron level bat monkey currently, nothing more.

The monkey tail brown bear and the strong life white rhinoceros stuck at the corpse’s side. The bat monkeys and flying squirrels also did not scatter.

There was still time before the blue dog fox wolf’s fragrance reached its time limit.

Zhen Jin sorted out his feelings as he swept his eyes around his surroundings, his eyes became burning hot.

These were all good prey that could be absorbed and converted by the core!

Zhen Jin was used to thinking and was more deliberate.

It could be said that most of what happened to the blue dog fox wolf, was due to the core. Without the core, Zhen Jin could not have pursued it or carried out his plan to lure, conceal, and behead it.

“Look at how suave the monkey tail brown bear’s body is, look at its muscles and its bear legs.”

“Look at the strong life white rhinoceros again with its frightening recovery ability, what injury would I fear if I had it?”

“The most crucial thing is the blue dog fox wolf. If I am able to emit the fragrance, I can subdue other magic beasts. With it, I can go anywhere on this island.

“Of course, it is not likely I can transform into a complete blue dog fox wolf by just absorbing one.”

It doesn’t matter.

Zhen Jin was full of hope.

Because this was the second blue dog fox wolf he had encountered.

“With two, would a third and fourth be close?”


As Zhen Jin was thinking, wolf howls were suddenly heard from the northeast and the southeast.

Zhen Jin was stunned and his heart quaked.

He was familiar with these wolf howls.

The two wolf howls signified that at both ends, there was a blue dog fox wolf.

Zhen Jin had his wishes come true, he wanted a third and fourth blue dog fox wolf, and they had appeared.

But Zhen Jin did not laugh one bit.

“As it turns out, it was calling out to its companions before it died!”

“It seems to have left its will through its wolf howl. What did these blue dog fox wolves exchange between each other?”

“Did it expose the camp’s location? Did it expose that the fragrance cannot control spear scorpions?”

“No way! These two blue dog fox wolves will also die. I will simply kill them when they are alone!!”

Zhen Jin’s heart held a strong killing intent.

The beast group here had not scattered; thus, it could be disregarded.

The two new blue dog fox wolves were the biggest threat.

However, when Zhen Jin used ultrasound to probe, he was astonished to find that both blue dog fox wolves were not alone, both were leading their own magic beast corps.

From the ultrasound image, Zhen Jin found the familiar silhouettes of bat monkeys, flying squirrels, and monkey tail brown bears.

In addition to this, he found a type of immense snake. The immense snake’s head was pointed, it had an enormous build, and a very obese tail.

“This is far from good! In the short term, I cannot kill them.”

Zhen Jin’s intuition informed him: if he transformed into a spear scorpion again and wanted to use the same plan as before, he feared that both blue dog fox wolves would beat him at his own game.

Zhen Jin gave up on killing the blue dog fox wolves, he decided to fly away from the magic beast corps and then transformed into a green lizard.

The green lizard once again charged into the alerted magic beast corps, its constant acid spraying attracted the interest of the monkey tail brown bear and strong life white rhinoceros, as well as the bat monkey and flying squirrel groups.

Zhen Jin rotated around them in a circle, then he transformed into an iron level bat monkey and hurried to the wolf corpse.

He then transformed into an iron level lizard and carried the corpse away.

Without the blue dog fox wolf’s commands, the magic beast corps lacked a leader and had limited intelligence, thus they were duped by Zhen Jin’s simple scheme.

The blue dog fox wolf’s corpse was finally in his hands!

Zhen Jin hoped that after the core converted it, he had the organ that emitted the fragrance.