Chapter 106: One Man Murders an Army

Even if the blue dog fox wolf possessed an intelligence not inferior to humans, it never could have foreseen a magic beast it had subdued, turn traitor and bite its master!

At that crucial moment of life and death, it broke out with unprecedented strength to escape. It would retreat regardless of anything, even if its tail would snap off in Zhen Jin’s pincers, it would not hesitate.

Zhen Jin’s scorpion tail was still in its left eye, when the blue dog fox wolf violently moved, it caused more blood to spurt from its eye.

“Bark bark bark bark!” The serious injury made the blue dog fox wolf sink into a rage and snarl.

The surrounding magic beasts were roused one after the other and proceeded to besiege Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin originally thought that a spear through the blue dog fox wolf’s eye would stab its brain and kill it. However, he also did not think that the blue dog fox wolf would explode with a lightning fast response time and speed under the stimulation of death.

To the extent that Zhen Jin only destroyed the blue dog fox wolf’s eye.

When the monkey tail brown bear ruthlessly attacked, Zhen Jin had no choice but to abandon his pursuit of the blue dog fox wolf and dodge to the side.

The strong life white rhinoceros also charged as Zhen Jin threw his scorpion tail to assassinate a bronze level bat monkey, the strong life white rhinoceros brushed dangerously close to him.

Zhen Jin had already tangled with these two silver level magic beasts for a long time; thus his scorpion carapace was currently riddled with scars.

The silver level scorpion carapace was very hard, however in front of the strong life white rhinoceros and the monkey tail brown bear, it could not be excessively relied upon. It could not resist many attacks, thus choosing to evade was sensible.

The magic beast corps erupted like the tide and flooded Zhen Jin.

With great difficulty, Zhen Jin cut a bloody path out of the battlefield and escaped.

There were magic beasts everywhere, him pursuing the blue dog fox wolf would bring about his own destruction!

“Bark bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf howled; it was burning with the flames of vengeance.

The magic beast corps pursued Zhen Jin closely and relentlessly.

Zhen Jin was greatly troubled.

He was not good at running as a scorpion, especially in a forest where trees and rocks often appeared, forcing him to constantly change directions. Running in a straight line was tolerable but changing directions under high speeds often made him flip over.

If he flipped over onto his belly, it was difficult for Zhen Jin to instantly get back on his feet. In front of the monkey tail brown bear and the strong life white rhinoceros, he would be a living target.

Zhen Jin could only do his best, but changing directions caused an unavoidable drop in speed.

An iron level flying squirrel took advantage of this opportunity to pounce Zhen Jin’s back.

It exploded with intense electricity and paralyzed Zhen Jin in an instant.

The strong life white rhinoceros soon hurried over, it then suddenly raised its head to jab its horn into Zhen Jin’s bottom, Zhen Jin was immediately flung into the air and flew over several trees before falling to the ground.

The iron level flying squirrel’s electricity greatly caused a great amount of interference for Zhen Jin.

The bat monkeys were just as threatening.

“Bark bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf loudly barked again.

After a moment, the iron level bat monkeys produced a soundwave together.

The spear scorpion Zhen Jin had broken countless branches as he fell. The sound wave surrounding him made him dizzy and his eyes blurry.

But the other magic beasts were in a worse situation.

The flying squirrels caught in it screamed as they were paralyzed in place, the sound wave even killed some of them on the spot.

The rhinoceros and monkey tail brown bear were also affected. The monkey tail brown bear stopped in place and used its orangutan palms to block its ears. The strong life white rhinoceros could bear the sound wave; however its charge speed was cut sharply in half.

The blue dog fox wolf was between life and death and it was very emotional. Presently, its mind was filled with killing Zhen Jin, the evildoer it could not understand, to the extent that it lost its normal calmness.

The entire magic beast corps was also in chaos.

When Zhen Jin finally hit the ground, he landed on his back and needed a moment to turn himself over.

The young knight promptly activated his core and transformed into an acid green lizard.

He had done this after careful deliberations.

The silver level scorpion form’s greatest strength was its outstanding defense. However, in the forest, with its many trees, rocks, bulging tree roots, and more, Zhen Jin could not quickly escape.

The bat monkey form was faster; however, it was only at the bronze level. If it was surrounded, the other bat monkeys would tear it to shreds, the monkey tail brown bear and strong life white rhinoceros would not be needed.

The lizard form was not his strongest, but it was also not his weakest, it was at the iron level unlike the bat monkey which was at the bronze level. Zhen Jin had mastered this form; it was easier to run in than the spear scorpion and was not as affected by the forest environment. In addition, compared to the spear scorpion form, the lizard form used less of the magic crystal’s energy.

Thus, Zhen Jin transformed into an acid green lizard.

The sound wave still made him feel unwell.

The green lizard form also had impressive hearing.

However, the bat monkeys that were pursuing him, as well as the strong life white rhinoceros, lost their target.

After Zhen Jin finished his transformation, with their intelligence, even if they had watched the transformation process, they would have found it incomprehensible.

“When dealing with these magic beasts, I can transform into another form and cause them to lose their target.”

Zhen Jin had discovered another clever use for his core.

That was the benefit of practice and usage, one could discover good things deductions and training could not.

Of course, if the blue dog fox wolf saw it, it would definitely target the acid green lizard.

“The blue dog fox wolf is not dead yet! Since the entire magic beast corps threw themselves at me, there is nothing next to the blue dog fox wolf. I must bypass them and attack the blue dog fox wolf again!”

Zhen Jin was undaunted by repeated setbacks; each failure just invigorated his fighting spirit even more.

He began to move immediately.

“Bark bark bark!” But after a moment, the blue dog fox wolf barked again.

After receiving the order, the black iron bat monkeys stopped producing a sound wave, the bat monkey group then scattered and started massacring every living being.

Small squirrels, forest birds, rats, ants, and more, all were murdered.

The strong life white rhinoceros and monkey tail brown bear soon rushed over to join in on the massacre.

“The blue dog fox wolf seems to have gone insane!” Zhen Jin lamented.

One has to say, the blue dog fox wolf’s crazy order really was inconvenient for Zhen Jin.

The acid green lizard was the biggest target around.

Many of the bat monkeys pounced at Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin rapidly swelled his round bag, the round bag then slipped into Zhen Jin’s lizard mouth.

His large lizard mouth then opened up and sprayed a ball of corrosive acid.

The acid accurately hit the pouncing bat monkeys, causing them to immediately scream and fall to the ground. First their bat wings corroded, then their fur. After corroding, an unbearable burning stink rose. Their flesh corroded soon after and changed into pus.

All of the bat monkeys hit died in a few breaths.

The bat monkeys were frightened and showed clear hesitation, they did not want to charge at Zhen Jin and throw away their lives.

“The blue dog fox wolf’s control over the bat monkeys is weakening!”

Zhen Jin keenly discovered.

It was considerably good for him.

After all, he had just transformed and only had half his acid. It was not enough to kill every bat monkey.

The monkey tail brown bear and the strong life white rhinoceros chased after him.

Zhen Jin’s current speed was nearly the same as theirs.

He ran in a circle while turning around to spray acid.

Both the bear and the rhinoceros had a massive surface area; thus, the acid was unavoidable.

However, they were both silver level magic beasts, the corrosive acid did not have an ideal effect on them. The monkey tail brown bear’s thigh was wounded, causing it to quickly stumble and slow down. The acid was ineffective on the rhinoceros’ thick hide or skin.

Zhen Jin shook off the monkey tail brown bear, however it could not lose the strong life white rhinoceros.

As he ran, Zhen Jin suddenly had a bright idea.

He sprayed acid at a tree trunks in front of him.

After the acid corroded a giant hole into the tree trunks, the tall trees slowly began to fall.

Zhen Jin quickly ran through the danger zone, however when the rhinoceros soon arrived, it exacerbated the vibrations in the ground and caused the trees to topple one after the other.

At least eight trees toppled over, some of them smashing into the rhinoceros’ back, and some blocked the rhinoceros’ path forward.

The rhinoceros could not run and jump, it could only make a detour or start charging through the trees. Regardless of what it chose, it could not overtake Zhen Jin in the short term.

Zhen Jin charged towards the blue dog fox wolf’s last known position.

“Bark bark bark.” The blue dog fox wolf’s barking disseminated through the forest.

The bat monkeys, bear, rhinoceros, and recuperating flying squirrels all began to draw close to the blue dog fox wolf.

“This?!” Because of this change, Zhen Jin’s attack plan had fizzled out.

“It calmed down? It seemed to sense my attempt!” Zhen Jin had endless regrets as he watched the magic beast corps surround the blue dog fox wolf and escape.

“Should I give chase?” Zhen Jin hesitated.

At this moment, the sun was sinking under the horizon, the sunset glow shined on Zhen Jin’s green lizard form and the messy battlefield.

The messy battlefield before him made Zhen Jin determined.

“Give chase!”

The blue dog fox wolf would be too much of a threat if it were left alive. He did not want the camp to become as dilapidated as this battlefield in the future.

Zhen Jin started moving his four legs and chased after the blue dog fox wolf.

Just as he was about to leave the battlefield, he stopped again.

He had arrived in front of the magic beast corps’ provisions.

The blue dog fox wolf’s escape was too hasty, it did not have the time to take the provisions.

Most of the provisions were flying squirrels, there were also bat monkey corpses and a pile of ore——the monkey tail brown bear’s food.

Zhen Jin activated the core, absorbing and converting all of the corpses.

The core’s magic was greatly replenished and had a few qualitative changes.

“I can now transform into a complete bronze level flying squirrel; my bat monkey form has also been upgraded to the iron level!”

After finishing, Zhen Jin continued his pursuit.

The blue dog fox wolf had received a serious injury that caused it to incessantly bleed as it ran.

Zhen Jin had found the blue dog fox wolf’s sprinkled blood along the way.

After the magic beast corps retreated a distance, the blue dog fox wolf stopped temporarily to rest.

Whenever the green lizard Zhen Jin closed in, the bat monkeys would cause a commotion and give warning cries.

The blue dog fox wolf had no choice but to flee again.

Zhen Jin discovered that whenever he approached the magic beast corps, the corps would rapidly retreat and never let Zhen Jin near it.

Zhen Jin realized: “It is very frightening! It also knows I am pursuing it.”

“With the bat monkeys probing with ultrasound, it seems that when I use the green lizard form, there is nothing I can do that can get me close to them.”

“The fat bat flying fish form is also out of the question. Although it can go invisible, the bat monkeys can find it with ultrasound. Besides, the fat bat flying fish will make frog noises.”