Chapter 103: I Have a Great plan to Lure, Conceal, and Behead

It was a silver level magic beast.

It had deep blue fur and the shape of a wolf.

Zhen Jin had a deep impression of it.

Because when he had woken up in the rainforest, the first thing he saw was that silver level magic beast.

He and Zi Di named it the blue haired evil wolf!

The blue haired evil wolf nearly killed Zi Di, and Zhen Jin only defeated it by chance and with the help of an external force.

Zhen Jin did not expect to find a second blue haired evil wolf here.

“Bark bark bark!”

The blue haired evil wolf walked into the center of the clearing and suddenly issued a sound that resembled a dog bark.

Zhen Jin stared blankly: “Was the sound I heard previously produced by this blue haired evil wolf? Is it not a wolf?”

After hearing the dog bark, the surrounding bat monkeys all gathered around the blue haired evil wolf.

“Sure enough, it’s the one controlling the beast groups!” Zhen Jin’s heart shook.

Most of the bat monkeys dropped to the ground and squatted around the blue haired evil wolf. However, there were a few bat monkeys that stayed in place with no intent of joining in.

The bat monkeys on the ground called out to their unmoving comrades, they constantly screeched and waved at them.

The stationary monkeys began to waver, some of them were screeching and some communicated with each other. Some were hopping between the branches, and some were flying or gliding between the trees, they were trending towards leaving.

After the silver level rhinoceros heard the dog barks, it also hesitated. It circled around the forest clearing but did not attack the bat monkeys or the blue haired evil wolf.

The blue haired evil wolf kept its spirit up as it began to shake its tail and dispersed a strong fragrance.

The fragrance quickly saturated the entire clearing and the restless bat monkeys gradually calmed down.

As the bat monkeys near the wolf breathed and absorbed the fragrance, they became infatuated.

After the stubborn bat monkeys smelled the fragrance, they too no longer caused a commotion. They put away their wings, stopped on a branch, and began to breathe in the fragrance.

“Bark bark bark.” After ten breaths, the blue haired evil wolf barked again.

This time, all of the bat monkeys in the trees climbed down and gathered around the blue haired evil wolf, lining up behind the other bat monkeys.

The silver level silver level rhinoceros also calmed down, it no longer paced back and forth, rather it looked at the blue haired evil wolf, seemingly awaiting its next order.

Upon seeing this, Zhen Jin’s heart could not help but be greatly shaken.

“The blue haired evil wolf can control the bat monkeys and the silver level rhinoceros to this extent?”

“Bark bark bark!” The blue haired evil wolf barked again.

At the same time, it also looked at Zhen Jin.

“Eh, why me?” Zhen Jin looked around and found that he was the only one left on a branch.

The blue haired evil wolf suspiciously looked at Zhen Jin. It shook its tail again and the strength of the fragrance in the air immediately increased.

The surrounding bat monkeys as well as the silver level rhinoceros deeply breathed it in and enjoyed the fragrance.

“It really does smell good; however, it has no effect on me!” Zhen Jin relinquished his worries.

The blue haired evil wolf barked again; it could not help but show doubt as it looked at the still aloof Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin gazed at a nearby squirrel and some woodpeckers. They were also unaffected.

“I understand.”

“Only the manmade magic beasts are affected by the fragrance and barking.”

“I am a natural human; thus, I too am not affected.”

If the blue haired evil wolf could control people, it would have done so. But in reality, Zi Di and I never found that any of our comrades were being controlled.

Zhen Jin was thinking this as he glided to the ground.

He had studied the other bat monkeys’ expression; he then deeply breathed in the fragrance and showed an infatuated appearance.

However, the blue haired evil wolf did not relinquish its suspicions.

It left the center, walked past many bat monkeys, and came in front of Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin was only a pace away from it.

“I am only a bronze level bat monkey, if it bit me, I would be seriously injured.

“If it did not let me go and made the other bat monkeys attack me, I would fall into danger. If I am not mindful, I will lose my life.”

Zhen Jin naturally felt nervous.

Although he had disposed of one blue haired evil wolf, he knew the silver level magic beast was formidable.

The blue haired evil wolf carefully examined Zhen Jin, it did not let a single detail slip by as it moved around Zhen Jin, including Zhen Jin’s swollen genitals.

The doubt in its eyes gradually dissipated.

Because the exhibit before it was a bat monkey.

“Bark bark bark.” The blue haired evil wolf barked at Zhen Jin again.

A question mark popped into Zhen Jin's mind, he did not know how to respond, so he wisely stood in place.

Seeing that the blue haired evil wolf was within reach, an idea grew stronger in Zhen Jin’s heart: “If I attacked now, could I kill the wolf?

The blue haired evil wolf could control all kinds of creatures on top of its outstanding intelligence that was comparable to a human’s. These two aspects combined produced a qualitative change!

It had intentionally divided the beast group into two groups. One was to impede Zhen Jin, Zong Ge and the others while the other focused on attacking the camp. It knew to attack the enemy’s weak point.

Generally speaking, the bat monkeys and the silver level rhinoceros could not coexist. But now, because of the blue haired evil wolf’s existence, they calmly knew their place in the forest clearing and were not aggressive. When they attacked, the silver level rhinoceros would attack the fortifications while the bat monkeys attacked the enemies, this pair was very compatible.

The blue haired evil wolf made different animals cooperate and formed a monster legion that could use tactics. It was extremely formidable!

“I must eliminate this wolf!” Zhen Jin’s killing intent grew stronger.

However, at the same time, he also looked at the surrounding bat monkeys and the silver level rhinoceros, all of them were watching him attentively.

If he suddenly attacked now, the ferocious beasts would definitely surround and kill him.

At that moment, the blue haired evil wolf suddenly lowered its head, it no longer circled around Zhen Jin, rather it walked forward and used its nose to sniff Zhen Jin.

Its nose nearly touched Zhen Jin’s monkey hair!

Seeing its exposed neck, Zhen Jin smelled the fragrance even more and his killing intent grew towards violence.

“I am only a bronze level bat monkey; thus, the blue haired evil wolf is very careless. It believes that there is nothing I could do to threaten it and has unexpectedly lowered its guard.”

“Relying on my current state, I am naturally not its opponent. But I have the magic core, if I suddenly attacked the blue haired evil wolf while activating the core, what would happen?”

As long as he touched his target, the core would be unleashed.

Zhen Jin had once used that method to directly refine a silver level spear scorpion.

“Forget it.”

“Attacking now is too risky.”

“Activating the core requires time. Although it only takes a brief moment, it is enough for the blue haired evil wolf to tear me to shreds.

“I need to wait until Zong Ge appears to cause chaos among the beast group. When the blue haired evil wolf’s attention is focused on Zong Ge, I will take advantage of the crisis to assassinate it.”

“Could I break away and transform into a silver level spear scorpion?”

“The scorpion’s shell has outstanding defense; it could rush straight into the beast group and kill the blue haired evil wolf.

“No, the blue haired evil wolf is also a silver level magic beast, it is unlikely that I would kill it quickly. The silver level rhinoceros is also here, it is about to trample me and would definitely not be good if the silver level scorpion provoked it. Furthermore, there are the bat monkeys, if the bat monkeys produce sound waves, the silver level scorpion cannot withstand them for long.”

Zhen Jin knew that silver level scorpions also had a keen sense of hearing.

Under sound waves, having a keen sense of hearing was no longer an advantage, rather it was a weakness.

“That will happen if I transform into a spear scorpion early. I will deliberately “capitulate” to the blue haired evil wolf and wait until I can approach it, then my scorpion spear will pierce it! If that happens, the bat monkeys cannot screech, and the rhinoceros cannot charge because I am entangled with the evil wolf.”

“I cannot kill the silver level evil wolf quickly if I rely on the spear scorpion. However, I can use the core to eradicate it!”

As Zhen secretly planned his attack, the blue haired evil wolf finally lost its interest in Zhen Jin, it seemed to think this bat monkey was an anomaly because it was quite foolish.

The blue haired evil wolf turned around and leisurely left Zhen Jin.

Seeing its back, Zhen Jin suddenly altered his plan slightly.

“No, I should not rush to eliminate it.”

“Currently the evil wolf and its beast group are not threatening the camp.”

“I should do my best to gather some information!”

After finding a second blue haired evil wolf, there would naturally be a third and a fourth.

After experiencing many life and death moments, Zhen Jin first thought of the future and considered the worst situations possible.

If he didn’t take the opportunity to gather information now and increase his understanding of his enemy, what would he do if he encountered another blue haired evil wolf in the future?

“The most crucial thing is that the blue haired evil wolf can emit a fragrance that can subdue all kinds of creatures.”

“At the same time, the fragrance’s effects should have a time restriction.”

“The most important thing now is figuring out what that time limit is. At the same time, I also need to figure out if all the artificial magic beasts are affected by the fragrance.”

Zhen Jin did not hurry; he chose to stay with the fragrance affected magic beasts.

Besides gathering information, he was waiting for Zong Ge.

Zhen Jin’s plan to use the spear scorpion shape to kill the evil wolf was likely to have external interference. However, if he used Zong Ge well, Zhen Jin could save effort when making the kill.

Zhen Jin decided to wait for Zong Ge.

“Bark bark bark.” The blue haired evil wolf walked into the center and barked again.

Afterwards, it took the lead and left the forest clearing.

The bat monkeys and the silver level rhinoceros set out, closely following the blue haired evil wolf.

Zhen Jin mixed in with the large bat monkey army as they jumped through the trees, ran across the ground, and flew through the air.

The blue haired evil wolf was leading, its fluffy tail rocking back and forth.

As Zhen Jin observed that detail, his heart said: “When the wolf tail droops, it doesn’t shake. That is not a wolf tail, on the contrary, it more resembles a fox tail.”

“Calling it a blue haired evil wolf is not accurate. Perhaps it should be called a fox wolfdog? A wolfdog fox? A fox dog wolf?”

The blue haired evil wolf gradually moved the beast group away from the hill as it increased its speed.

“Where is Zong Ge?” Zhen Jin began to worry that Zong Ge had lost the trail because the distance between him and the small hill was growing.

Zhen Jin waited for a good while, after not seeing Zong Ge’s figure, his heart grew impatient: “Should I wait for him or should I just transform into a spear scorpion to carry out my plan to lure, conceal, and behead?”