Chapter 104: The Strong Life White Rhinoceros

As Zhen Jin hesitated whether or not to start his plan, the bat monkeys in front suddenly screeched.

Zhen Jin’s heart stirred, then he realized: “So, it turns out that we ran into a new bat monkey group.”

“Bark bark bark!” The blue dog fox wolf barked a few times.

Half of the bat monkeys next to Zhen Jin flew out and disappeared into the undergrowth.

After a moment, those bat monkeys flew back out with many more new bat monkeys.

It was just like when Zhen Jin was pulled into the army by the three bat monkeys, just on a larger scale with over twenty being pulled in.

The bat monkeys dropped next to blue dog fox wolf, the latter then shook its tail and dispelled its strong fragrance.

After the fragrance seeped into them, the blue dog fox wolf’s magic beast corps immediately gained over twenty new members.

“Bark bark bark.” The blue dog fox wolf ordered again.

The new members flew and jumped away, returning to their ethnic group.

After a short period, they returned with no less than forty other bat monkeys.

It was clear that the first group had a stronger conviction.

The blue dog fox wolf followed its recipe and subdued the additional bat monkeys too.

Next it immediately commanded an attack. More than half of the monkey group had defected, however there were still ten bat monkeys remaining, including the iron level bat monkey leader.

Under the blue dog fox wolf’s fragrant onslaught, the bat monkeys could not run, and they became Zhen Jin’s new comrades in arms.

“What insanely high efficiency!” Upon witnessing this, Zhen Jin’s heart chilled.

There were artificial magic beasts everywhere on the island, in other words, the blue dog fox wolf could replenish its forces anywhere and with anything.

In just one harvest, it had replenished thirty percent of what it had lost in the camp battles.

The blue dog fox wolf continued to lead the magic beast corps forward.

The Bat monkeys were the most numerous species in the forest. .

In one morning, the blue dog fox wolf had run into three bat monkey groups in a row. Through its effort, its ranks gained five new iron level bat monkey leaders, a dozen bronze level bat monkeys, and a great number of ordinary bat monkeys.

By noon, they came across a flying squirrel group.

The magic beast corps charged into the flying squirrel group’s territory and immediately attacked the flying squirrels.

As far as the flying squirrels were concerned, Zhen Jin was not unfamiliar with them. At the time, he had ordered the exploration team to make wooden bows, arranged a battlefield, and lured a flying squirrel into it to hunt them, thus successfully aiding the exploration team’s food shortage.

Now, the blue fox dog wolf encountered an even larger flying squirrel group, the group had three iron level chieftains and one silver level leader.

“Flying squirrels discharge electricity, when close quarter fighting occurs, the bat monkey group will take great losses. Zhen Jin inwardly smirked, he was familiar with both beast groups, thus he could assess the military capabilities of both sides.

It was different from the bat monkey groups, there were no flying squirrels in the magic beast corps, thus there were no peaceful invitations.

The blue fox dog wolf suffered disastrous losses, an advantage to the humans in camp.

But after a moment, the blue fox dog wolf barked.

All of the bat monkey group’s iron level chieftains flew into the air, deeply breathed, and produced an offensive soundwave together.

The ear-piercing sound created a translucent ripple in the air.

The flying squirrel group charging the blue fox dog wolf was immediately overwhelmed by the soundwave.

The entire flying squirrel group collapsed with a loud bang, most of the ordinary flying squirrels died, the bronze level ones were shrieking miserably, and the iron level ones were struggling. Only the silver level flying squirrel leader stumbled as it persevered with its assault.

Flying squirrels had weak vision, however they had outstanding hearing, this advantage caused their collapsing war situation.

“Bark bark!” The blue fox dog wolf gave another order, the silver level rhinoceros then immediately charged out.

The flying squirrel sidestepped it, unfortunately many behind it were trampled by the rhinoceros and died on the stop. Among those that died was an iron level flying squirrel chieftain.

The blue fox dog wolf seized the opportunity to shake its tail and quickly enveloped the battlefield with its fragrance.

The flying squirrels' resistance rapidly declined; however, the silver level flying squirrel was still resisting as it bit into the rhinoceros’ right hind leg while discharging a burst of intense electricity.

The silver level rhinoceros gasped and screamed, its body then violently twitched and toppled to ground with a loud rumble.

It fainted as white smoke emitted from its open mouth and nostrils, it seemed that its internals had been scorched by the electricity in an instant.

“Good! This silver level rhinoceros is dying.” Zhen Jin watched with exultation.

But at that moment, the blue dog fox wolf suddenly attacked.

Originally it was standing in place, it had been like that since the two beasts started fighting and never moved a step.

Now it had suddenly turned around faster than a fired arrow!

This was the first time Zhen Jin had seen the blue dog fox wolf charge with all of its strength, it could easily cross one hundred meters in just a few breaths.

It arrived next to the silver level rhinoceros just as the silver level flying squirrel was ruthlessly tearing into the rhinoceros.

It rammed the silver level flying squirrel into the air, causing the squirrel to fall to the ground and roll into the distance.

The blue dog fox wolf struck while the iron was hot and opened its mouth, ready to bite.

It seemed the silver level flying squirrel consumed too much of its strength because it had electrified the rhinoceros into unconsciousness, it had sunk into a powerless state and was unable to retaliate in time or discharge more electricity.

Thus, the blue dog fox wolf ferociously crunched the silver level flying squirrel with its wolf teeth and smashed it up.

The silver level gave a blood curdling screech, its life aura then dissipated as it died from the blue dog fox wolf’s bite.

“It didn’t want to subdue the silver level flying squirrel leader?” Zhen Jin was puzzled.

At the same time, the youngster was also secretly happy: “During this encounter with the flying squirrel group, the blue dog fox wolf lost the silver level rhinoceros and only gained two iron level flying squirrels, some bronze level squirrels, and the few ordinary squirrels that survived. It has a massive deficit!”

The flying squirrels that were still alive defected under the blue dog fox wolf’s fragrance.

Just a moment ago, both sides were fighting to the death, now all of them obediently submitted to the blue dog fox wolf and peacefully coexisted, as if they had been doing so since ancient times.

As long as the blue dog fox wolf subdued them, different species could coexist.

It was quite scary.

“What’s scarier is that the blue dog fox wolf can order all the iron level bat monkeys to clamor at the same time.”

“Why did it not use this attack when it attacked the camp.”

“Was it scared that we would find it while it was commanding and behead it in a surprise attack?”

Zhen Jin surmised; the blue dog fox wolf’s intelligence made his heart skip a beat.

Regardless of whether it was Zong Ge or Zhen Jin himself, if they found out about the blue dog fox wolf, they would charge through the enemy lines and behead this key existence.

The blue dog fox wolf knew this, as a result it had always hidden itself well.

“Thinking carefully, according to the time calculated, the first opponent the blue dog fox wolf found was Zong Ge, Tripleblade, and their people.” Zhen Jin recalled everything that had happened.

“Zong Ge fended off the silver level rhinoceros and it seems Tripleblade’s people’s formidable military strength made the blue dog fox wolf think it had an error of judgement.”

“Since they were all people, it might not have discovered that Zong Ge’s and Xi Suo’s split up and opposed each other. As a result, when it attacked the camp it did not show itself, rather it controlled things from a distance and did not reveal the magic beast corps’ true strength.”

“Maybe it wanted to appear to fight, however I had already arrived with darts that could threaten iron level bat monkeys. When the blue dog fox wolf saw the war situation, it took the initiative to order a retreat. That is the reason why the silver level rhinoceros only charged once and then withdrew. Perhaps I missed the blue dog fox wolf’s bark because of the distance or simply me not paying attention.”

“Afterwards when the blue dog fox wolf wanted to kill the boat craftsman, Xi Suo, the big guy, and their people, I and Zong Ge joined hands to beat it back.

“During today’s lumbering, the blue dog fox wolf still actively attacked the camp until disastrous losses forced it far away in order to replenish its troops.

Even after these attacks, Zhen Jin, Zong Ge, and the others never found a trace of the blue dog fox wolf. Until the attack this morning when Zhen Jin heard the dog bark and at last caught a clue.

“Bark bark bark.” Next, the blue dog fox wolf started ordering the bat monkeys to clean the battlefield.

The bat monkeys only gathered the flying squirrel corpses while the defecting flying squirrels entered their own nest and took all of their food out and gave it to the blue dog fox wolf as an offering.

A pile of food quickly amassed in front of the blue dog fox wolf.

The pile of food was at the silver level rhinoceros’ side. The silver level rhinoceros was still motionless.

As all of the beasts gazed at it, the blue dog fox wolf began to enjoy its lunch first——the silver level flying squirrel.

Its sharp teeth easily tore the flying squirrel’s flesh and easily broke its bones.

The silver level squirrel quickly became a pile of bones, almost all of its flesh, internal organs, and brain fell into the blue dog fox wolf’s belly.

The blue dog fox wolf then gave two barks, the bat monkeys then began choosing and eating food from the pile.

From this, Zhen Jin discovered the bat monkeys were in fact omnivores. Because some of the bat monkeys were gnawing on flying squirrels and some gathered and ate potatoes and nuts.

Zhen Jin did not want himself to be too much of an anomaly, thus he followed the bat monkeys to the food pile. He did not want to eat a flying squirrel, instead he chose a tree fruit.

The fruit he ate was one the exploration team had discovered many of in the flying squirrel group’s food reserves after eliminating them. After confirming that the fruit was harmless, Zhen Jin found the tree fruit was actually tasty with its sweet and sour taste.

However, his action caused the surrounding bat monkeys to look at him strangely.

Zhen Jin took a bite of the tree fruit.

“Ah pah pah pah!”

His entire tongue numbed in an instant and the intense bitterness attacked his heart, causing him to nearly vomit on the spot.

The surrounding bat monkeys looked at Zhen Jin’s embarrassed form, they could not help but laugh and jump with joy!

Some of them shoved Zhen Jin and looked at Zhen Jin like they were looking at an idiot.

“It seems this food does more harm than good to bat monkeys, or else it would not be so painful to taste.

Zhen Jin was on bad terms with these lesser beasts, he tossed the half-eaten tree fruit and looked at the many flying squirrel carcasses.

Zhen Jin’s emotions were unaffected: “Although the blue dog fox wolf ate the silver level flying squirrel, after my magic crystal absorbs these flying squirrel carcasses, I can transform into a complete iron level flying squirrel.

“In addition, the silver level rhinoceros is quickly dying. Although it has no personal strengths, it is still a silver level magic beast. If I can absorb it, regardless of what I can transform into, it will strengthen me.”

Ever since the silver level rhinoceros was electrocuted, it had fallen motionless on the ground.

Its mouth and nose have already stopped smoking, its eyes were still rolled over, and its life aura was nearly gone as it continued to drop.

“It really is dying.”

Despite Zhen Jin’s emotions, he did not act blindly without thinking.

Because after the blue dog fox wolf finished eating the flying squirrel leader, it sat next to the silver level rhinoceros, as if preparing to eat it too.

But the blue dog fox wolf did not move.

As time passed, the blue dog fox wolf calmly sat next to the silver level rhinoceros, it seemed to be waiting for something. The other bat monkeys and flying squirrels did not receive any orders as they crowded around it, none of them scattering.

After a dozen minutes, the silver level rhinoceros suddenly moved.

Zhen Jin thought his eyes were fooling him.

But soon after, he sensed the silver level rhinoceros’ aura rapidly strengthening. It had been inaudible at first, but quickly it's breathing became as solid as ever.

Then the silver level rhinoceros’ eyeballs suddenly rolled back.

Its immense body suddenly trembled, then its limbs seemed to regain their strength, after a spell it miraculously stood up again.

“This silver level rhinoceros has a strong recovery ability!”

Zhen Jin was stunned.

The silver level rhinoceros was undoubtedly dying, its internals had been electrocuted and burned. But by forcibly relying on its recovery ability, it managed to keep living.

The silver level rhinoceros stood up and scattered the surrounding bat monkeys and flying squirrels. Previously, many bat monkeys and flying squirrels had been sitting on the rhinoceros’ body, treating it as a dead thing.

Only the blue dog fox wolf was not surprised as it slowly got up.

Zhen Jin suddenly realized: “As it turns out, the blue dog fox wolf did not want to eat the rhinoceros, rather it was waiting for it to recover.”

“This silver level rhinoceros seemed to be mediocre with no oddities, however its recovery ability and vitality is extremely strong. It would be better to call it the strong life white rhinoceros!”

“If I could absorb it and possess that kind of self-recovery, how could I ever be worried about sustaining injuries?”