Chapter 102: I am Certain the Crotch is the Bat Monkey’s Weak Point

Zhen Jin observed his target and threw a dart at it.

With the bear arm’s strength, the dart’s destructive power could threaten an iron level bat monkey’s life.

The iron level bat monkey had always been flying the highest, changed directions more nimbly than the bronze level ones, and was faster.

Zhen Jin tried several times but failed.

Then he was hit by inspiration, he first shot the crossbow in his left hand and then threw a dart with his right hand.

With no choice but to dodge the crossbow arrow, its predicted path was limited, and as the dart shot out, the bat monkey did not have enough time to move out of its predicted path, it would be hit more times than not.

Zhen Jin's repeated attempts had some successes and some failures. After he killed three iron level bat monkeys, he suddenly heard a strange roar.

The remaining iron level bat monkeys immediately screeched

Zhen Jin did not pursue them, rather he immediately ran to camp to aid Zong Ge.

After a few steps, he saw Zong Ge walking over with a deformed long sword.

“That rhinoceros has tough skin that let it escape.” Zong Ge regretfully said.

“If you used the short spears on your back, would that still be the case?” Zhen Jin’s heart asked.

However, that was not something to focus on.

Zhen Jin swept his eyes around, after seeing Zi Di, Cang Xu, and the others were safe and sound, he said to Zong Ge: “I heard a strange roar, I suspect it was from the hidden hand in the shadows!”

“Eh?” Zong Ge’s eyes flashed.

Zhen Jin had a grave expression: “This hidden hand is not simple, not only can they mobilize the bat monkeys and the silver level rhinoceros, they also have impressive tactical skills. They split their force into two with one simply meant to pin us down and another focused on the main target, the camp. They understand that the camp is our weakest and most important area.”

“Good. We must eradicate them!” Zong Ge nodded.

“Then let us move with just the two of us, the others will just be a burden.” Zhen Jin took the lead, Zong Ge then threw away his sword before following.

“My Lord!” Tripleblade shouted. He wanted to say something but hesitated, he was worried that this might be a part of Zhen Jin’s scheme to put Zong Ge at a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, Zong Ge was courageous, he knew Tripleblade was warning him, and he nodded: “I will return. Clean the battlefield.”

In that pause, Zhen Jin had already walked off.

Zong Ge rushed off and quickly overtook Zhen Jin by the camp entrance.

“After that strange sound, the bat monkeys immediately retreated. They went this way!” Zhen Jin began to run after explaining.

“What kind of strange sound was it; can you describe it?” Zong Ge questioned closely, he spoke as he sped up.

Zhen Jin scowled and deliberated: “It resembled a dog bark.”

Saying this, he then jumped over a thick tree root.

After ten breaths, the two people hit their maximum speed.

The wind whistled in their ears.

Trees seemed to whiz past them as they quickly disappeared behind their backs.

Zhen Jin did not hear the strange bark again, however he had faith that he would find traces of the bat monkeys’ retreat enroute.

They could still faintly hear the bat monkeys screeching.

As the chase grew longer, Zong Ge’s amazement of Zhen Jin did too.

“Although I am injured, I have a beastman bloodline.”

“Zhen Jin is currently relying only on his body, yet he can match me in speed and endurance, without even showing any signs of fatigue.

“The Bai Zhen Clan’s bloodline is only outstanding in the aspect of precision.”

“I fear this youngster is a genius, I don’t even know his true battle qi cultivation!”

After running for a spell, the two people did not even see the shadow of the hidden hand that controlled the beast groups.

“I can barely hear the bat monkeys. Are they up in the trees? Zong Ge anxiously said.

“Yeah.” Zhen Jin nodded, he then immediately climbed up a tree, not even slowing down during the crucial process.

Zong Ge saw with his own eyes Zhen Jin climbing up the tree, the latter efficiently climbed up the tree like he was fleeing from something.

What amazed Zong Ge even more was that he sensed that Zhen Jin’s movement had a natural feel to them, as if it were natural and unforced.

“Don’t tell me the templar knights are now trained to climb trees?”

Zong Ge’s heart had misgivings as he too quickly climbed up a tree.

On top of tall trees, the two’s field of view opened up.

The forest was different from the rainforest, although the trees were lush here, their branches and leaves were not as thick as the rainforest’s.

The two were jumping across the branches

Zong Ge’s amazement grew.

Zhen Jin’s jumping brimmed with wild nature. As Zong Ge secretly observed, he discovered that Zhen Jin’s limbs had exceptional coordination and jumped in a way that seemed to save the most effort.

“What kind of training does he have?”

“It is not in the style of a templar knight.”

“Don’t tell me the Bai Zhen Clan hired an Eastern Imperial military to teach Zhen Jin some wrestling technique?”

Zong Ge could not help but guess things.

“Zhen Jin, it seems we cannot catch up!” After a short time, Zong Ge gave an exasperated sigh.

When he climbed up the tree, he could still see the distant figures of the retreating bat monkeys. But now, he could only see the green layers of leaves and could no longer hear the screeches of the bat monkeys.

“No, we will persevere. You continue to chase them, I will run over that hill and perhaps cut them off.”

According to the bat monkey traces, they made a detour around a hill.

Zhen Jin and Zong Ge still had a chance, not all hope was lost.

Zong Ge pondered before nodding his consent.

The two then separated.

Zhen Jin climbed over the small hill.

After inspecting the surroundings and finding that Zong Ge had not followed him, he immediately stripped naked and transformed into a bronze level bat monkey.

Zhen Jin clenched his teeth and secretly roused his spirit.

Although he only had one night of practice, under the current circumstances, he had to push beyond his abilities.

After Zhen Jin transformed into a bronze level bat monkey, his movement speed doubled!

The bat monkey physique really was suited for jumping between branches. When encountering steep cliffs, lofty hills, and the like, Zhen Jin would immediately unfold his bat wings and glide down in a straight line, it was extremely convenient!

“Oh that’s right, I can also use ultrasound to scout out my surroundings.” As he glided, Zhen Jin thought of that method again.

He immediately attempted to produce an ultrasound wave.


At that moment, he crashed into a tree and fell, after smashing several twigs, a thick branch obstructed his crotch.


The sharp pain caused Zhen Jin to subconsciously screech.

His two legs divided as he rode the branch; his body could help but curl up from the pain. He grabbed the branch and did his best to separate his crotch from it.

After a few cold breaths, Zhen Jin relaxed.

“So, the crotch is still the bat monkey’s weak point!” As far as this discovery was concerned, it had made a deep impression on the young knight.

“What is going on with me? Did I actually believe I could produce ultrasound while flying?”

Zhen Jin felt a burst of regret.

He had only trained for a single night, no half a night. He still could not fly or run while producing ultrasound.

Currently, he could only produce ultrasound when he was stationary.

“First I need to scout around.”

Zhen Jin was not in a rush since his crotch was still sore. He still needed to relax.

Taking advantage of his skill, he tried several times and quickly produced an ultrasound wave again.

The canvas in his heart slowly unfolded and rapidly expanded.

One hundred meters, four hundred meters, eight hundred meters, one kilometer. Then Zhen Jin looked pleased, he had finally caught the defeated bat monkey group’s tail.

“Finally, some luck. As expected, the bat monkey group ran around the hill.”

“According to their path, I can cut them off.”

Zhen Jin once more jumped through the undergrowth and glided with his bat wings from time to time.

After quickly running for a distance, Zhen Jin stopped again to produce more ultrasound.

This time, he only needed two tries to produce an ultrasound wave.

As he was persisting in his efforts, three bat monkeys jumped to his side.

Zhen Jin’s head tensed up and he nearly attacked them.

Because he saw that two of the bat monkeys were wounded, it was obvious that these were the bat monkeys he had fought.

However, the three bat monkeys did not attack, rather they stopped in front of Zhen Jin, shouting and waving towards him.

Zhen Jin stared blankly: “Right, I am a bat monkey currently!”

The three bat monkeys shouting became impatient after discovering that Zhen Jin was a bit foolish.

They shouted and moved even more.

Zhen Jin surmised: “What on earth are they thinking? It's as if they are communicating with me?

The three bat monkeys found that Zhen Jin was not a bit foolish, rather that he was very foolish. Eventually, one of the bat monkeys immediately jumped next to Zhen Jin and pushed his back.

Zhen Jin resisted the urge to punch it, he then looked at the other two bat monkeys jumping away as they waved to him again with an attitude that they were leading the way.

“They want me to go with them?” Zhen Jin suddenly understood.

Seeing that he was motionless, the bat monkey behind him shouted again, as if it were urging him.

Zhen Jin’s mind rapidly turned, he might as well leave and run with these three bat monkeys.

After some jumping and flying, Zhen Jin began to see more and more bat monkeys.

Finally, he was sandwiched between bat monkeys when he arrived in a forest clearing.

A large amount of bat monkeys had gathered here along with the silver level rhinoceros!”

Some of the bat monkeys sat on tree branches, some were climbing on trees, some were jumping across the ground, and some were flying in the air. As bat monkeys landed on branches, the branches would quickly bend and break under the bat monkeys’ weight, causing the bat monkeys to fly away.

There were several injured bat monkeys that had other bat monkeys attending to them.

An attending bat monkey would approach its comrade’s wound, then it would deeply breathe and swell up its chests.

Afterwards, the bat monkey would bite its teeth, block one of its nostrils, and place the other nostril on the wound.

“Why on earth does it want to blow its nose?” Upon witnessing the event, Zhen Jin had endless doubts.

After a moment, the bat monkey’s chest deflated, and it emitted many large ultrasound waves from its nostril.

Under the enveloping ultrasound waves, the blood drenched wound seemed to heat up and the surface of the wound quickly congealed, emitting a burnt scent.

However, by doing this, the bat monkey’s nasal cavity was also greatly injured. Of the bat monkeys that quickly treated their wounded comrades, every single one had blood flowing from their nostril.

“They can unexpectedly heal with ultrasound!” Zhen was very surprised.

After that, he saw some bat monkeys climbing down from trees and producing ultrasound waves on the ground.

After producing for a spell, the bat monkeys on the ground came to a certain area, dug the earth out their claws, and pulled out a type of white insect from the muck.

The white insect looked like an earthworm; however, it was fatter than one.

The bat monkeys placed the white earthworm into the mouths of the most heavily injured. The bat monkeys’ bit into the white earthworms, causing the earthworms to burst into a rich juice. The white juice was similar to cow’s milk.

“It seems like those white earthworms are very nutritious, do they serve as the bat monkeys’ tonic?”

“The bat monkeys unexpectedly found these white earthworms in the depths of the earth, so is that why they used ultrasound to examine the ground?”

“What level of ultrasound is needed to probe things in the soil?

The amazement in Zhen Jin’s heart shot up.

He had only been here for ten breaths and had already learned so many things.

“They stopped here to rest and reorganize; did the three monkeys I saw earlier treat me as a straggler? Then who is the hidden hand?” Zhen Jin had accidentally intruded into the enemies ranks and did not forget the reason he was here as he looked all around him.

At the next moment, a silhouette entered the forest clearing.

Zhen Jin’s pupils shrunk.

“It is actually……” His heart shook.