Chapter 26: He is the Strongest!

Battle qi surged throughout Rou Zang’s entire body and wrapped around it, protecting him from the continuous bombardment.

“He isn’t taking time to cast, is he using scrolls?” Rou Zang’s eyes narrowed, his killing intent shot up.

Cang Xu was a necromancer, he couldn’t actually use the fireball spell himself.

He couldn’t use necromancy publicly either.

If he cast spells, he would expose his identity.

If they knew a necromancer had come to reinforce them, the morale of the fisherfolk and pirates would likely crumble instantly!

Cang Xu was using magic scrolls.

The survivors had many magic scrolls in reserve, plundered from War Merchant’ stock.

Compared to casting magic, discharging a magic scroll was quite simple, and could be cast instantly.

During the fireball barrage, the dragonman youngster rushed over to assist, while Lan Zao, and Tripleblade, and others continuously fired their alchemy crossbows.

The fireballs weren’t weak, but Rou Zang had peak gold level battle qi defending him.

The alchemy arrows from the crossbows had all kinds of effects, such as slowing Rou Zang’s movements, clouding his vision, and making him feel dizzy.

Rou Zang was severely hindered by the amount of firepower.

“Captain!” A purple gown sorcerer shouted to Rou Zang from the nearing Bath Tub.

When Rou Zang heard the yell, he furiously bellowed, “Get lost! Don’t do anything, their resistance is making things more interesting. Hehehe, I will tear apart anyone who interferes and damages my mood!

The purple gown sorcerer went silent at once,

His aura was very strong, and surpassed Cang Xu’s, for he was a silver level sorcerer.

Despite not doing anything, the survivors felt a growing pressure.

“Come, lets wound each other!” Rou Zang roared as the battle qi around him condensed into needles that shot out.

Battle skill – Thorn in the Flesh!

The thin battle qi condensed around Rou Zang, then shot out in all directions.

The dragonman youngster and the others took cover at once.

The battle qi needles were very sharp, and could easily pierce the deck and masts.

At first, many of the pirates and fisherfolk hiding in the hold felt nothing, but after a few breaths, they began to scream.

Soon after, these screeching wails changed to dying moans.

As it turns out, as long as these battle qi needles hit flesh, they would rapidly crystalize into fleshly thorns.

These fleshy thorns would grow inside their bodies, skewing their insides, killing them gruesomely.

Both Lan Zao and Zong Ge both groaned due to these needles inside them.

Luckily the battle qi within them protected them.

Tripleblade and the dragonman youngster were also hit, causing them to use a lot of battle qi to protect themselves.

The result of the shootout was obvious at a glance.

Although Rou Zang had lost the initiative, he remained stalworth and with one attack, now held the advantage.

The dragonman youngster and the others couldn’t rely on their equipment to salvage the situation.

The survivors’ firepower rapidly diminished in order to suppress their injuries.

Rou Zang laughed malevolently, and broke away from the suppression to kill Cang Xu.

But before he jumped back to the other pirate ship, he noticed Cang Xu was already gone.

In the Deep Sea Monster Fish, Zi Di was solemnly and gravely following the confrontation above.

An opportunity hadn’t appeared all battle, she had no chance to act.

If the Deep Sea Monster Fish was exposed, it would be very troublesome.

If people managed to follow that trial, they might be able to divine the fate of Mystifying Monster Island and War Merchant.

Zi Di took stook and felt that with Rou Zang’s viciousness and the fact that his troops were standing by, the hope that the dragonman youngster, Zong Ge, and the others could defeat him was minute.

The survivors’ key to victory lay with the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

As long as the gold level artillery hit, Rou Zang would not have an easy time.

“It would the best if we could eradicate Rou Zang, clamp down on all information, and clean away all traces.”

Zi Di could not act rashly, and if she did, it needed to impact the battle greatly, otherwise it would lead to a bleak conclusion. 

“Found you!” Rou Zang hit the water with a loud splash using his flying battle skill and attacked Cang Xu.

Cang Xu looked panicked, and did his best to stay hidden.

“He is using himself as bait, tempting Rou Cang near the Deep Sea Monster Fish.” Zi Di’s eyes flashed, their mutual understanding fostered on Mystifying Monster Island allowed her to understand what Cang Xu was intending.

However, a moment later, something strange happened again.

Impatient, Rou Zang suddenly sped up and rapidly closed the distance between him and Cang Xu.

Zong Ge and the dragonman youngster were also in the water, and upon seeing that, did their best to block Rou Zang.

Despite the obstruction, Rou Zang did not slow down.

Zong Ge used his battle skill, Powerful Assault, but Rou Cang ignored it!

He was naturally both savage and brutal, he wanted to see these people doing their best to save their comrade, but in the end, be unable to do anything as he killed their companion.

He was enjoying this. 

“Damm it!” Zong Ge stopped his attack as he looked at his arm.

His full usage of his battle qi and the fierce battle had caused his injury to relapse. The cut in his arm had split open, causing blood to spray from it in all directions.

“Rou Zang is too powerful!”

“We have to create an opportunity for the Deep Sea Monster Fish.”

Just as Zong Ge was thinking to himself, Rou Zang suddenly clapped his palm.

Battle skill - Small Flesh Reverse Palm!

A golden palm shot out towards the back of Cang Xu.

Seeing Cang Xu could not avoid it and was about to be struck, Zong Ge clenched his teeth and rushed forth to attack the flying palm.


He coughed out another mouthful of blood, the broadsword in his hand snapped into two, and the silver corset grew deteriorated further. 

When Rou Zang saw Zong Ge’s miserable state, he couldn’t help but expose a delighted smile.

He looked like a cat playing with a mouse, he deliberately raised an eyebrow at Zong Ge, then shot out another palm towards Cang Xu.

Cang Xu tore a magic scroll, and fired back with several fireballs to counteract the battle qi flying palm.

But a moment later, Rou Zang used the battle skill again. 

The flying palm neared again, and with Cang Xu’s internal magic power dying up, he couldn’t help but despair.

This time, the dragonman youngster interfered, using his body as shelter from the flying palm.

“No, get out of the way!” Zong Ge was startled, “The flying palm is powerful, without silver level armor, you will die. Do you really think you really turned yourself into a dragonman…”


Seconds later, the dragonman youngster took the flying palm.

He grunted, and blood flowed from his nose, but compared to Zong Ge, he was in a much better state.

“Eh?” Both Zong Ge and Cang Xu were stupefied.

Rou Zang was also somewhat surprised, then lost interest.

It was normal for dragonmen to have such defenses.

This was an advantage of the dragon race’s bloodline. Dragon scales could not completely protect against gold level battle skills, but it was still the best armor.

The silver level corset could not be placed on the same level as them.

The dragonman youngster was launched back as Rou Zang attacked Cang Xu once again.

He deliberately slowed his movement to provoke the gaze of both Zong Ge and the dragonman youngster, savoring their anger and despairing faces. 

Then at that moment, the draconic tongue sounded.

Under the sea, the dragonman youngster closed his mouth, and with a rumbling throat, began to chant the magic incantation.

His aura began to rapidly increase,

“Oh? Using a racial magic.” Rou Zang cackled, still paying no heed.

He charged at Cang Xu and grabbed him.

He was on the verge of tearing Cang Xu into two.

“I have to use necromancy!” Cang Xu’s hand was forced.

But a moment later, a terrifying blaze of flame sprayed out, the dragon breath melted flesh away like insignificant snow…

Rou Zang nastily laughed to himself, but then he sensed acute pain, “No, what is this?!”

Rou Zang had no armor, nor did he decide to evade, thus the dragon breath covered his entire upper body.

This was no ordinary dragon breath, it came from the legendary bloodline of the Flame Dragon King.

Rou Zang’s body had always been covered by gold battle qi, but the formidable defensive layer was almost instantly destroyed by the terrifying flame.

The flame cooked Rou Zang’s body, creating an intense pain that signaled death!

“Ah!” Rou Zang couldn’t help but scream into the ocean.

Seawater did not pour into his mouth.

On the one hand, the flame evaporated the water around him, on the other hand, Rou Zang’s mouth was also covered by gold battle qi.

He used all of his battle qi to withstand the dragon breath.

Just as the gold battle qi bubbled out, it was scorched away in a flash. 

“Was that really dragon breath?!” Zong Ge was dumbstruck, “What kind of dragon breath could force Rou Zang into desperate straits?”

Cang Xu was saved, and when he came to, he was also shocked.

At that moment, he completely understood why the dragonman youngster chose to look that way.

He wasn’t pretending to be a dragoman, he really was a dragonman.

“Boss!” The purple gown sorcerer voice and the sound of his support rang out.

Magic spell – Fear Spell!

A frighted howl reverberated through the battlefield, causing the dragonman youngster, Zong Ge, and the others to feel their hearts numb with dread, they were unable to think about anything but fleeing!

Rou Zang took that opportunity to leap out of the sea, and with a meteoric arc, he returned to the deck of the Bath Tub.

He staggered forward, and almost sank to his knees.

“Little worms, I will return to kill you all. Go!” Rou Zang roared with unwillingness and fury.

He was a sorry figure as flames still on him had already turned half his body into charcoal.

Even worse, the flames could not be extinguished and was using his own lifeforce as fuel to continue to burn terribly.

The Bath Tub fled like a scoundrel.

On the surviving pirate ships, everyone watched in awe.

In the Deep Sea Monster Fish, Zi Di let out a breath as her heart finally relaxed.

Her eyes revealed her pleasant surprise.

Although they hadn’t slain Rou Zang, they also hadn’t exposed the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

How wonderful!

The dragonman youngster and Zong Ge got out of the water and returned to their respective pirate ship.

“We’re still alive, we’re victorious!”

“We actually won?”

“Lord Long Fu and Lord Shi Qi are mighty!”

The pirate ships responded by raising a feverish shout of joy. Countless looks of astonishment and adoration were thrown at the two people.

Since the fight happened in the ocean, most of them hadn’t seen what the final comeback looked like.

But the outcome had explained everything.

Regardless of how they did it, they were victorious.

“My Lord.” Tripleblade excitedly ran to Zong Ge’s side.

Zong Ge faintly nodded, then gazed at the dragonman youngster with mixed feelings.

The dragonman youngster had displayed astonishing battle strength beyond his expectations, “So, it turns out he is the strongest of us all!”

Cang Xu returned to the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

After seeing Zi Di, he immediately asked, “Was the Lord Captain able to transform into a dragonman because of the Bloodcore?”

“The Bloodcore gave him the dragon race’s bloodline?”

Zi Di did not speak, instead she gave a smile filled with deep expectations.

After staring at her for a moment, Cang Xu decided, “I am ready to acknowledge his Lordship and offer my loyalty to him!”

Zi Di laughed gently, “Lord Scholar, you’ve made a wise decision.”