Chapter 25: The Savage Rou Zang

The defectors were an immense blow to the survivors’ group morale

The pirates were growing restless, causing Zong Ge to kill a pirate glancing at him and howl, “Anyone wanting to defect will need to kill me first!”

The situation was barely under control.

Before the real battle began, this newly established group was already facing collapse.

The remaining 5 pirate ships went silent, their gazes increasingly evasive, their thoughts dark.

The Stone Egg Island villagers looked panicked and worried.

The life aura was easy to perceive.


“Lord Rou Zang, we’ve returned.”

“How wonderful you’ve come to save us!”

The pirates on the ship exclaimed, some were even sobbing.

The two boats were sailing towards each other, and the distance between them closed quickly.

From the top of the Bath Tub’s misty tower, a sneer was disseminated, “Sail through them.”

Rou Zang had given the order.

His tone was very calm, yet his order was extremely cruel.

His subordinates complied fearfully.

Thus, the defecting pirates grew alarmed when they saw the Bath Tub looming before them.

“Bo, boss?!”

“Lord Rou Zang, don’t do this!”

“Turn around, turn around! Turn around now!” 

The Bath Tub was too fast, the defecting pirates had no time to get out of the way.

A moment before, they were infinitely delighted, now they gazed onwards with dread.


With a loud crunch, the two ships collided.

Step by step, the pirate ship was being turned into tofu dregs by the ramming Bath Tub.

Countless splinters splashed into the water from two rapidly sinking halves of a ship.

The fisherfolk and pirates on board were killed upon impact, with the rest tossed overboard.

They cried out in fear, begged for forgiveness, and pleaded for help.

The Bath Tub crushed them with its hull, bursting brains, splattering blood, and filling the seawater with a red hue.

Such savage behavior caused the survivors to watch onwards, stupefied.

The Bath Tub rang with Rou Zang’s hearty laugh, the great pleasure he took when tyrannizing of those people made him feel very cozy.

His subordinates, those grand bare-chested pirates, also savagely laughed.

The pirates on the other five ships, those who hadn’t defected yet, all turned pale, there was still a tinge of joy in their disbelief.

The fisherfolk were enveloped by fear, causing many to shake from head to toe.

Rumors from the sea had spoken of Rou Zang’s cruelness, and now seeing it with their own eyes, they now knew such rumors were not baseless!

Zong Ge shouted just in time, “You all saw it, he won’t let any of us go. If we don’t resist, he will kill everyone!”

Everyone was startled back, each of the snarling and cursing.

“We can’t escape!”

“I’ll fight to the death!

“If the worst is death, what is there to fear?”

The pirates hooted.

The fisherfolk cowered, while the pirates’ vicious nature was aroused.

In this moment of life and death, the more reliable of the two were the pirates.


A gigantic shadow of a man, wrapped up in gold battle qi, suddenly flew out from the top of the Bath Tub.

The giant looked like a meteor, and smashed into the pirate ship at the furthest edge of the fleet.

Two legs landed on the deck, the impact creating a wave around him that tossed ten pirates into the air.

It was Rou Zang!

Everyone was alarmed and furious.

The Bath Tub was still trailing behind a distance, but Rou Zang was impatient and decided to leap over instead.

“He knows a flying battle qi skill!” Zong Ge’s rectum clenched.

The biggest qualitative change to a gold level cultivator’s battle strength was that their battle qi could take form outside their body.

External battle qi was also the basis for flight.

But flying battle qi skills were actually very rare, expensive, and usually not sold on the market.

But Rou Zang had mastered one, such information had not been known to others.

Since the famously vicious Rou Zang decided to show himself, everyone could now see his face clearly.

He seemed to have a giant’s bloodline, for his body was over three meters tall.

He was very fat, and really resembled a mountain of meat.

He only wore a white thong, leaving his immense belly and piles and folds of skin and flesh open to see to all.

In normal circumstances, Rou Zang would at most wear a pirate robe.

He did not need equipment.

Because he cultivated a special battle qi, clothes covering him would be a hinderance, more so equipment.

“Rou, Rou Zang…”

Rou Zang’s surprise attack filled the pirates with incomparable horror, those who had been hooting were now hesitating, completely awed when confronted by Rou Zang in the flesh.

Rou Zang stood above them, looked around, then the corner of his mouth rose with a cruel grin, “A group of ants, come, take me on.”

Spurned into action by his words, the pirates and some fisherfolk charged at him. 

Swords, bullets, and crossbow arrows struck Rou Zang.

Rou Zang did not dodge, he did not move, as every attack was swept away by his rippling fat.  

After weathering all kinds of attacks, he gradually grew annoyed, “You ants aren’t itching me enough.”

“You’ve disappointed me too much!”

A moment later, his fat began to rumble.

Like waves, his flesh undulated all over his body.

Three seconds later, his entire body suddenly vibrated.

With formless strength, the powerful oscillation from inside and out, surged out of him.

Battle skill – Meat Ocean Sweeping Wave!


The shockwave crushed all resistance on the deck.

The masts and cabins seemed to be struck by a hurricane, and were smashed to countless splinters.

The fisherfolk and pirates surrounding Rou Zang were all dismembered by the wave, dying on the spot. There were no survivors.

The deck was tossed into the air and the sides of the ship were smashed open.

Cracks rapidly spread across the hull.

The entire ship began to emit a horrifying groan.

A gold level battle skill!

Just using it once had immediately destroyed an entire ship.

Such terrifying might made the dragonman youngster’s group gasp, all turned pale.

Rou Zang ran his eyes over the devastation, and exposed a satisfied smile.

He slowly turned around, and looked for his next target. 


He jumped again, and with his whole body bubbling with gold battle qi, he once again flew through the air.

Due to the inverse applied force, the pirate ship he wreaked sank into the sea, until buoyancy brought it back up. The ship hull began to leak, and the survivors within the hold began to cry for help.

They were doing their best to plug in the leaks, but there were too many.

The ship was slowly breaking apart, its sinking was already ensured.

The next target Rou Zang picked was the pirate ship Zong Ge was on.

With a bang, he smashed into its deck.

“Run, run away!” The fisherfolk and pirates onboard were routed like the tide.

Only Zong Ge was sailing against the current.

It was already too late to retreat.

With Rou Zang in front of him, fleeing to the Deep Sea Monster Fish would only expose a trump card needlessly.

First let’s fight!

Zong Ge steeled himself, as he took up his broadsword, held up his head high, and fearlessly walked towards Rou Zang.

Rou Zang gazed at him, showing interest in his bloodthirsty smile, “Human swordsman, you seem a little fun, come, hit me, don’t disappoint me!” 

Zong Ge was silent as he slowly accelerated into a charge towards Rou Zang.

As he charged, he adjusted his sword grip stance.

With both hands on the hilt, he placed the hilt to the right of his waist, making the sword blade perpendicular to his body, and the tip pointing straight ahead.

Silver battle qi flowed quickly through his body in a unique way.

A few breaths later, his battle skill was activated.

Battle skill – Sword Point Assault.

Zong Ge’s silver battle qi exploded, causing his speed to rise dramatically. Man and sword became one, and like a charging knight, he bravely attacked Rou Cang.

Ten steps quickly dwindled to zero, and with all of his strength in it, the point of Zong Ge’s broadsword even glowed with a trace of gold luster.

The broadsword pierced deep into Rou Zang’s body! 

The survivors felt a hint of delight, but Zong Ge’s heart sank.

He did not feel he had impaled the other, rather he felt he had charged through a swamp that absorbed the strength of his attack. 

After Zong Ge charged in, he immediately sensed the strong elastic force of Rou Zang’s body.

Soon after, the elasticity bounced back, causing Zong Ge to fly away with his sword.

Rou Zang smirked malevolently, and aimed his palm at the tossed Zong Ge.

Battle skill – Small Flesh Reverse Palm!

A washbowl sized golden palm shot out towards Zong Ge.

Zong Ge had no time to dodge it, and instantly began to cough out blood.

His entire body flew like an artillery shell. He flew through the side of the ship, and without stopping, he was flung through it, and with a plop, landed into the water.

Zong Ge was a peak silver level, but against Rou Zang alone, he couldn’t even last a single round!

Rou Zang’s battle strength horrified everyone,

“My Lord!” Tripleblade rushed over to dive into the sea and fish out Zong Ge. 

“I can still fight!” Zong Ge inspected his injury as he struggled in the sea.

His injury was not as serious as he thought.

The corset had protected him from most of the Small Flesh Reverse Palm’s power.

The armor was silver level, and had been take from Da Zhao. The dragonman youngster had given it to Zong Ge earlier.

But now, the corset had been clearly dented by the golden palm, was very damaged.

“I fear the silver level corset can only stand two or three more of those attacks!”

Rou Zang had just walked to the edge of the ship’s side, and was just about to continue attacking Zong Ge when he suddenly paused.

A fire ball shot at him.

Rou Zang extended his finger, using his gold battle qi to detonate the fire ball.


“We actually have a magician!”

Many of the fisherfolk joyously shouted.

It was Cang Xu.

Upon waking up, most of his spirit power had recovered, and he still had all of his magic power.

In order to not expose the Deep Sea Monster Fish while also making it easier for him to act, he did not hide in the magic ship, but instead quietly swam up into the second pirate ship Rou Zang was destroying.

After Rou Zang had wreaked this ship, it began to spin in the ocean and slowly sink.

Upon using his magic, his aura greatly rose, allowing people to easily sense he was an iron level magician!

“Watch me tear you into two.” Rou Zang cackled, he was just about to turn around and attack Cang Xu.

But then he saw fireballs shooting like a hail of bullets towards him.

Rou Zang did not have enough time to negate these fireballs, allowing most of them to hit his body.

The fireballs exploded, causing raging flames to start searing Rou Zang.