Chapter 21: The Tower Spirit Recognizes its Master

After the survivors all changed their appearances with the magic formation, they dispersed.

It was already midnight, thus the survivors’ excitement was mixed with exhaustion.

During the day they had fought Da Zhao’s pirate ground, during the evening they had cleaned up the battlefield, and during the night they had disguised themselves.

“What an amazingly wonderous day!”

“Quite wonderful, with this disguise, who could see who we truly were?”

“It’s nearly dawn, you had better rest.”

The survivors’ voices echoed for a bit before slowly disappearing.

They returned to their respective bedrooms.

The Deep Sea Fish regained its tranquility.

Zong Ge returned to the captain’s room and continued to pilot the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

“The experience of surviving on Mystifying Monster Island has given these people the good habit of snatching every second available to recover their energy.”

“This is one of the qualities of elites.”

Such things being displayed in the survivors was a pleasant sight to the half beastman’s eyes.

Meanwhile, without his knowledge, the dragonman youngster used his authority as captain to quietly go to the alchemy cabin.

He was joined by Zi Di, who was drifting in the air.

It was only the two of them in the cabin currently.

Zi Di looked at the Deceptive Disguise formation and sighed, “This magic formation is remarkable, but by using it, our consumption of the pearl bubbles has more than doubled.”

The dragonman youngster replied, “Even if it doubles, we need this formation.”

“With it, our outside actions can be protected.”

Zi Di shifted the subject, “Just now, Tripleblade was asking me why your Lordship decided to become a dragonman, I didn’t elaborate.”

The dragonman youngster nodded.

Tripleblade was once a mercenary commander with rich experience. It was certainly odd the young man had changed his form so.

Not only him, Cang Xu and Zong Ger were also puzzled.

But no explanation was required.

Preserving the air of mystery was something a leader needed to do.

Especially now, for the young captain’s cultivation was not the highest around.

Zong Ge felt this group of survivors had no future, likewise the dragonman youngster undoubtably knew the systemic problems this group had.

He looked at the Deceptive Disguise formation before him and said with anticipation, “IF we can use this to deceive the tower spirit and grasp the secrets of the Bloodcore, we can change the bloodlines of others!”

“Such an immense benefit will cause our comrades to rush like ducks. Add that on top of a common enemy, our misunderstandings and gaps will be quickly eliminated.”

After the brutal culling of Mystifying Monster Island, the remaining survivors had many remarkable qualities. Such as decisiveness, bravery, resolve, tenacity, and other such things.

Their greatest problem was their bloodlines.

They lacked opportunities.

Throughout their life, they never had any.

But what if the Bloodcore could give them one?

If these people were given a chance, what kind of capabilities would burst forth from them?

The dragonman youngster’s heart was filled with hope and expectations as he once more entered the Deceptive Disguise formation.

The magic formation activated, then slowly ceased.

There were no traces of the dragonman youngster that walked in, he had changed into a completely different person.

More accurately, he was a goblin, War Merchant!

After Zi Di verified there were no mistakes, the young man quietly walked to another room, his head held high with honor and glory.

This cabin only had one thing, a giant white crystal ball.

It was the tower spirit’s medium.

“Tower Spirit, come out.” The goblin youngster quietly called out upon coming to the crystal sphere.

The crystal ball did not move.

Time seemed to slow for a moment as the ship hold fell silent, the goblin youngster could hear his own heartbeat.

Suddenly, the crystal ball glowed faintly.  

The tower spirit’s voice transmitted out, “Welcome back, great Master!”

“Success!” The goblin youngster’s heart was pleasantly surprised.

This had been Cang Xu’s solution.

Since the tower spirit was an intelligent being, it could be attacked by ghosts, such as the time Zi Di had overpowered it, thus it was very likely that the Deceptive Disguise formation could trick it.

The result perfectly confirmed the validity of this hypothesis.

However, the tower spirit was intelligent. Previously, it had used underhanded tactics to hold off Zi Di and Cang Xu.

Right now, no one could be certain the tower spirit was actually being duped.

After quickly glancing at Zi Di and calming down, the goblin youngster probed with his words, “Tower spirit, report on the situation.”

“Unable to detect the alchemy factory…unable to contact Mystifying Monster Island…73%, of mainframe damaged, by 41% of data destroyed…”

“According to the newest records, self-destruction had been enabled. Without follow-up records from Mystifying Monster Island, the probability of it being destroyed is 98%.”

“I have already examined the surrounding environment, we are currently inside the Deep Sea Monster Fish.”

“One week ago, I suffered a necromantic attack. Enemy detected, enemy marked, Zi Di detected!”

“I suggest you recapture the Deep Sea Monster Fish’s control authority and eradicate the enemy…”

The white light inside the crystal ball became vigorous and magnificent.

“Unnecessary.” The goblin youngster cut it off, “The situation is already under my control, they are all now my subordinates.”

The tower spirit paused for a moment, then replied, “Understood, great Master.”

The goblin youngster continued, “Raise Zi Di’s authority to the highest level.”

Zi Di blankly stared, the young man was acting beyond the scope of their plan.

The young man’s open-hearted and sincere decision caused the girl’s heart to overflow with warm ripples.

The tower spirit responded, “Great Master, please forgive me, I cannot accomplish this task. The greatest authority can only belong to one, only you can hold it. Others at most can hold a level one authority. Do you want to give the target level one authority? Please take not that the target person has betrayed you before. Please take note that excessive sharing of authority will likely cause unseen security threats.”

The goblin youngster nodded without hesitating, “I am certain!”

Tower spirit, “As you command, great Master, your order shall be implemented immediately.”

“Miss Zi Di, you now have level one authority.”

Next, were a series of orders designed to probe how the tower spirit would respond, it did not disobey any.

“We actually swindled it, we can actually use it!” The goblin youngster and the ghost girl gradually relaxed.

The goblin youngster then requested, “Tower spirit, modify the authority requirement to access all data to level one authority.”

Tower spirit, “As you bid, great Master.”

After accomplishing this, the young man and lady immediately joined their spirits with the tower spirt, itching to look through all of the data inside it.

They saw many battle qi techniques, battle skills, meditation methods, spells, and more.

These were the things they hadn’t excavated earlier.

After that there were all kinds of alchemy formations and alchemy blueprints.

Here, there was not only how to build an alchemy factory, but there were also many manufacturing processes of all sorts of alchemy goods.

For example, War Merchant’s factory was most well-known for explosive flasks, commonly referred to as shakers.

“The wealth here is beyond reckoning!” Zi Di’s spirit couldn’t help but quake with endless excitement.

“War Merchant was the world’s greatest arms dealer.”

“With these, we can rebuild War Merchant’s munitions factory in its entirety.”

“We could become one of the wealthiest people in the world!”

Zi Di had been born into a merchant family, the great pursuit of riches was in her bones.

The young man was also joyous, but was far calmer than Zi Di, “Our strength is insufficient, even if the underground alchemy factory is rebuilt, we cannot protect it.”

“Wasn’t War Merchant killed in his own home?”

When Zi Di thought of her own miserable past, and how the expansion of the Wisteria Merchant Alliance had killed her father, her complexion slightly darkened.

The two people closely paid attention to the tower spirit.

They were speaking right in front of the tower spirit, yet the tower spirit did not react at all.

The Deceptive Disguise formation was truly exquisite!

The information the tower spirit was listening to had already been tampered with, and did not conflict with its understanding.

The young man and lady continued to investigate further.

They noticed many incomplete blueprints.

Most of them were newly developed alchemy products from War Merchant and his apprentice, with a few due to the data being damaged.

There was some other information.

Most of it pertained to knowledge related to the Charming Blue God and the Feather Snake God.

It seemed that because War Merchant had the Mermaid Fairy Tale and the Green Jade Golden Coffin, he had spent a lot of time scouting out and researching these two gods.

“Bloodcore!” The young man’s heart jumped ferociously when he saw this most significant detail.