Chapter 20: Please Call me Long Fu

The Deep Sea Monster Fish, the meditation room.

The young captain had finished transforming into a dragonman, his head high and his chest out.

“Come, attack here!” He ordered the alchemy puppet facing him.

The alchemy puppet was humanoid, 1.8 meters tall, wielded a sword and shield, and emitted a silver level aura.

It was a swordsman guard.

The young captain was first in authority, thus the swordsman guard immediately obeyed and thrusted its sword.

The sharp sword came to a sudden stop with a grunting noise.  

The youngster’s upper body faintly rocked, the durable dragon flesh countered the power of the impact.

The thick dragon scales also withstood the sharp sword point.

Soon after, the sharp sword flashed with electricity, this too only caused the dragonman mild numbness, nothing more.

“My dragon scales are very defensive, Da Zhao’s silver level coreset cannot compare to it!”

When he fought Da Zhao, he hadn’t transformed.

This practice session had given him real knowledge.

“Focus everything on defense.” The dragonman youngster gave the swordsman guard another order. 

The swordsman guard took a few steps back, then knelt to the ground, lifted its shield up, and did its best to curl up its body behind it.

Then after a moment of silence, the dragonman youngster suddenly opened his mouth.


The fierce dragon roar formed a soundwave that could be seen by the naked eye.

The soundwave squarely hit the swordsman guard.

The latter’s defensive stance was instantly broken, causing the heavy alchemy puppet to be blown back a meter.

Then, after crashing into a wall, it fell to the ground.

The dragon roar was still reverberating in the narrow meditation room.

The walls all around were glittering with many spell formation lines as they did their best to absorb the dragon roar’s soundwaves.

The dragonman youngster’s ears were also ringing for a while.

“Eh?” Seeing himself create such an exceptional attack, the dragonman youngster’s curiosity began to bubble out.

He let the swordsman guard stand up, then began to carefully observe it.

The sharp dragon eyes helped him quickly notice many things, such as the slight damage to the formation lines that resided inside the swordsman guard. 

The swordsman guard’s defensive stance was very strong because it had this specialized defensive spell formation. After it was activated, it could frustrate even gold levels.

The reason why Da Zhao could destroy one of the swordsman guards was because of an unexpected attack. If the swordsman guard had used a defensive stance, he couldn’t have broken through its defense.

“In my previous attempt, I used dragon claws to attack, yet I was unable to break the swordsman guard’s defense.”

“But when I used Dragon Roar, I could do it effortlessly.”

“The reason why is that Dragon Roar interferes with spell formations.”

“Amazing! War Merchant’s data states that Dragon Roar can temporarily interfere with the usage of battle qi, magic power, and even divine power.”

The dragonman youngster was inwardly joyful.

With the dragonman form, he had three racial magics.

First was Dragon Roar, second was Dragon Prestige, and third was Blazing Dragon Breath.

Following this, he then tried Dragon Prestige again.

But although Dragon Prestige was successfully used, the swordsman guard remained unaffected.

“Dragon Prestige should be used on living beings, the swordsman guard is just an alchemy puppet.”

Due to circumstances limiting him, he could not properly test how Dragon Prestige really worked.

Only Blazing Dragon Breath was left.

“Should I unleash this racial magic here?” The youngster’s heart was hesitant.

Although his bloodline was badly damaged, he could still faintly feel how immense the might of Dragon Breath was.

“I should try it at least once.”

“My battle qi is average, my battle skills are few, and the dragonman form is my strongest combat stance.”

“I must familiarize myself and master it as soon as possible.”

With his mind made up, the young man opened his mouth and uttered words in the draconic tongue.

Unlike Dragon Roar and Dragon Prestige, Blazing Dragon Breath needed draconic words to be used.

A few seconds later, an excessive amount of magic in the Bloodcore was expended, the youngster had succeeded.

Racial magic – Blazing Dragon Breath!

Magic flowed from the youngster’s mouth.


A tempestuous stream of orange and red flames violently shot into the swordsman guard in defensive stance.

In but an instant, the swordsman guard’s shield seemed to melt away like snow!

The youngster was startled, and he stopped his dragon breath.

Less than a second had passed, yet not only had the swordsman guard’s shield burned away, but half of its body had also fused together from the heat, it now looked like a melted candle.

“So strong?!”

Such might frightened the youngster.

He knew Dragon Breath was formidable, but he didn’t expect it to exceed even his wildest expectations.

“That silver level swordsman guard could hinder gold levels. Based on that, my Blazing Dragon Breath can also inhibit gold levels!”

Blazing Dragon Breath was no ordinary dragon breath, this racial magic originated from the legend level bloodline – Flame Dragon King.

Despite being limited by the young man’s life level to the silver level, Blazing Dragon Breath’s formidable power still revealed how extraordinary the legendary level bloodline was!

The young man ordered the swordsman guard to stand up.

But despite the swordsman guard struggling to, it could not. Melted metal flowing from its body had firmly glued it to the ground. 

Blazing Dragon Breath’s heat would flabbergast anyone!

“How terrible, I crippled a swordsman guard.” The dragonman youngster was very regretful.

These alchemy puppets were sparse, and they could not maintain them, thus one damaged was the same as losing one.

“What should I tell the others?”

The young man was feeling embarrassed when he received a message.

The message came from Cang Xu

With incomparable excitement, the necromancer made his announcement, “I did it, I built the Deceitful Disguise formation!”

It was late into the night as the survivors were woken up one after the other.

This news raised everyone’s spirits.

Everyone quickly assembled in the alchemy cabin.

“That is the Deceptive Disguise formation?” The survivors’ eyes were twinkling as they curiously sized up the spell formation before them.

The spell formation was made of interlinked circles in a tight and solemn pattern, it emitted the aura of mystery and dream as it glistened with newborn splendor.

“Cang Xu, we thank you for accomplishing this!” The young captain clapped the old scholar’s shoulder.

Cang Xu sincerely sighed, “I am only a construction worker, the real person to thank is War Merchant!”

He was also very excited, despite his deathly pale complexion indicating his body was in a sorry state.

“We had better test it as soon as possible.” Cang Xu urged.

Until he saw it work, he would not be at ease. 

“I will go first.” Bai Ya volunteered.

“Ok.” Cang Xu nodded to him, then said, “Stand in the middle of the spell formation, don’t be nervous. Wait until the spell formation is activated before you reveal the other you to the others.”

“Your appearance will alter based on your thoughts.”

“What you want to change into is what you will end up looking like.”

“Don’t make yourself too different. On the one hand, if it is too different, it will consume more pearl bubbles, on the other hand, it won’t be easy to act out your disguise.”

Bai Ya nodded, “I understand.”

With everyone watching, he entered the spell formation.

The spell formation was activated shortly after, causing it to surge with spots of dazzling blue green light.

The scattered light quickly condensed into a ball that covered Bai Ya, shielding him from everyone’s sight.

Not long after, the blue green light slowly dissipated.

When Bai Ya reappeared, his appearance had already been changed.

He had grown taller, his skin had darkened, and his hair was now fluffy, colored like a disheveled clump of yellow rice straw. 

Even his voice had changed, becoming heavier.

Everyone gasped in surprise as they surrounded Bai Ya.

Eight hands stretched out to poke at Bai Ya’s body.

Qiao Shan pinched Bai Ya’s hair, “It really changed!”

Lan Zhao compared heights, “You’ve grown taller, taller than even me.”

The ghostly Zi Di floated above the group, “Even the most remarkable transformation medicine can only equal this.”

Cang Xu shook his head, “No, this is better than transformation drugs. The pearl bubble can alter the perception of any living being. This is the power of the divine artifact, the Mermaid Fairy Tale, unobtainable without War Merchant’s spell formation. One can say this is a collaboration between a legend level and a god!”

“Bai Ya, how do you feel?” Cang Xu asked, “You’ve grown taller, has your field of view increased according to your height?”

Bai Ya shook his head, “I still feel like myself, my height hasn’t actually changed.”

Cang Xu nodded, “That is the expected outcome. The Deceptive Disguise formation can only deceive other living beings, it cannot deceive oneself.”

“At the same time, if a lifeform knows the truth in advance, the disguise will not be perfect.”

“Let use continue on with the experiment.”

Second was Mu Ban.

Cang Xu requested that he make himself extremely tall.

Cang Xu lifted a ruler above Mu Ban and said, “Walk under this.”

Mu Ban walked towards the ruler, his changed appearance now being both taller and thinner. It was obvious that the top of his head was taller than where the ruler was.

Everyone watched, they saw Mu Ban’s tall and thin figure automatically stoop and lower his head to cross the ruler blocking him.

Cang Xu explained, “This is the Deceptive Disguise formation most exquisite detail. It deceives the senses of others, and if reality conflicts with it, it will continue to deceive other living beings and give them an explanation to visualize.”

“But not the ruler.”

“It is a material object, and is not affected.”

Cang Xu gave a rarely seen smile, “I really succeeded…hic.”

A moment later, his eyes rolled over and fell unconscious.”

The adroit young captain promptly supported him, averting the latter’s fall to the floor.

After inspecting him, Zi Di said, “He is too tired, almost all of his spirit has been used up, he needs to recuperate.”

Everyone let out a breath.

A few survivors had complex expressions.

Cang Xu was a necromancer, but his contribution to the group spoke for themselves, no one could erase it.

After Cang Xu was placed in his bed, the young captain said, “We shall continue.”

Zong Ge entered next, coming out as normal human.

His body was still tall and sturdy, with a twisting beard and thick hair.

He gave himself a new name, Shi Qi.

The ghostly girl became a middle aged woman, her appearance now average and without oddities.

Tripleblade was still a goblin, but his turban had become black, and his face more arrogant and obstinate.

The small giant shrank his body and was barely able to enter the formation. Then with Zi Di’s help, he altered his appearance a little, his hair changed color and a copper horn now grew from his head.

Finally, it was the young captain’s turn.

When he came out, one after the other, everyone grew astounded.

The youngster had turned into a dragonman.

He had a scarlet dragon head filled with sharp teeth and fangs.

His skin had been replaced by dragon scales, complete with fierce dragon claws and thick dragon feet.

A dragon tail now grew from his buttocks.

Besides Zi Di, the youngster’s form had changed the most dramatically, no one anticipated that the young captain would do something like this.

The young man did not explain himself, he simply stated, “Henceforth, please call me Long Fu.”