Chapter 171: Teleport the Divine Artifacts or the People First?

“Lord Priest?” With unbelief, Hei Juan gazed at the dead magic beasts.

“I did that!” Jia Sha’s voice came through, pleased with himself, he laughed, “I now have authority in the control hub to manipulate the entire island’s weather, that was just a small demonstration, nothing more.”

“Lord Jia Sha, you really are strong!”

“Safe at last……” Some people collapsed onto the ground.

“We are victorious!!” More people cheered.

However, just as the cheering began, an enormous pressure instantly arose as space warped.

Teleportation occurred!

A massive volume of magic beasts, far larger than the last group, instantly flooded the control hub and surrounded the magician tower.


After a moment, countless magic beasts attacked again.

Everyone turned pale with fright.

Jia Sha’s angry voice mingled with the noises: “It was the tower spirit; it used its teleportation permissions to teleport all of the artificial magic beasts around us!”

“Quickly, use the lightning!” Someone shouted.

Jia Sha didn’t need the reminder; he was already doing exactly that.

Lightning broke out, causing disastrous casualties to the magic beast corps.

But no matter how many the lightning killed; the same amount was teleported in to continue the attack.

The scale of the lightning was rapidly dwindling.

“Priest, what’s going on?!” Everyone was bewildered.

“No more, if I continue doing that, my entire magic power reserve will dry up completely. No matter whether it is lightning or teleportation, they consume my magic power reserve. Without magic power, we can’t open and maintain a teleportation door! Don’t forget, we still need to bring back these divine artifacts, it will consume a lot of magic power to teleport them!”

Regardless of whether it was divine power or magic being used, both could teleport.

But Jia Sha’s teleportation divine spell couldn’t even save himself, its range was too small.

The survivors had to use the teleportation door in the alchemy factory. The teleportation door was far stronger than Jia Sha’s divine spell. Even War Merchant’s personal teleportation spell couldn’t compare to this teleportation door.

But the teleportation door needed magic to activate, every time it teleported, it would consume an amount of magic power based on the number of people, life level, amount of articles, and article level.

More magic power would be consumed during teleportation depending on the number of individuals, their life levels, the number of articles, and their levels.

To move the two divine artifacts, the Green Jade Golden Coffin and Mermaid Fairy Tale, a frightful amount of magic power would be consumed.

“At this time, we still need to remember the divine artifacts!”

“Then what should we do?”

Everyone sank into another predicament.

Although they had lightning, they couldn’t annihilate the magic beast corps.

Because the tower spirit would teleport in and replace any magic beast they killed.

Who knows how many magic beasts were surviving on this island?

If all of the magic power was used up, everyone would have a bleak conclusion. The tower spirit had no fear, and could not be persuaded, it simply did not have any survival instincts.

The lightning’s range rapidly shrunk, until finally dissipating completely.

Without lightning attacks, the magic beast corps immediately flooded into the control hub, then charged up.

Jia Sha shouted: “Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I won’t cast any more lightning. I will do my utmost to confront the tower spirit and seize teleportation authority from it! During this, you must fight bravely with all your strength to obstruct these magic beasts!”

Jia Sha was in the middle of a meticulous fight for control.

They couldn’t kill too many magic beasts, because the more that died, the more the tower spirit would teleport in, this would also consume magic power.

The tower spirit had no apprehensions, it only wanted to kill these intruders. But the survivors wanted to escape, they had to save magic power.

Everyone ran down a floor to establish a defensive line.

Close quarters fighting!

The giant, Zhen Jin, Zong Ge, and a few others were on the front lines.

The light of Jia Sha’s divine spells also sprinkled down, protecting and supporting everyone.

This fight was different from the last, this time, Zhen Jin and the others fought to injury these magic beasts, not kill them.

This battle was at least twice as troublesome.

Strong alchemy arrows could not be used.

The stamina, strength, defense, and other attributes of nearly every person here, was not on the magic beasts’ level. Fortunately, with the aid of divine spells, everyone persevered and fought with these advantages.

But these advantages, against gold level magic beasts, immediately appeared negligible.

The previous wave of magic beasts came from the coffins, it didn’t have any gold level ones. It seems the stronger artificial magic beasts were all used to deal with the Blood Light Punishment Institution’s people.

But now, there were many gold level magic beasts mixed into the teleported magic beast corps.

With all of his strength, Zhen Jin kicked a monkey tail brown bear down.

Zhen Jin had already cut off this monkey tail brown bear’s claws, greatly reducing its threat, yet it fought to the death and didn’t retreat.

Every time Zhen Jin forced it back, he used its fleshy body to jam the magic beasts behind it.

But this time, a gigantic lava turtle charged in.

The gigantic lava turtle stomped on the monkey tail brown bear, killing it, then it opened its mouth and lunged at Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin bit his teeth and used all of his strength to vie with it. This resulted in him nearly flying a dozen steps back and breaking an entire formation.

“Withdraw!” Zhen Jin coughed some blood and promptly shouted; he knew he could not compete with this strength.

The survivors withdrew to the second floor at once.

During the retreat, they abandoned their comrades’ bodies.

The gigantic lava turtle squeezed into the first floor, but it couldn’t enter the second floor.

It couldn’t crawl up the stairs, it was too narrow for its massive build.

Everyone returned to the second floor, the pressure on them plummeting as a result.

The gigantic lava turtle took up a lot of space, the other magic beasts behind it couldn’t enter.

After several attempts, the thing Zhen Jin was most worried about happened.

Thick smoke began to emit from the many black holes on the gigantic lava turtle’s shell, this smoke began to float up to the second floor, causing everyone to start coughing.

The air temperature rapidly ascended, and in the thick smoke, lava began to bubble out.

The second floor was full of smoke, as everyone fiercely coughed, they heard the other magic beasts miserably howl because of the lava.

“If this goes on, lava will bubble up to us.”

“Quickly, use the coffin to block it!” Bai Ya thought of a good method.

Zong Ge pulled the Green Jade Golden Coffin to the stairway entrance.

Although there were small chinks, most of the thick smoke and hot air was blocked off.


The gigantic lava turtle began to hit the Green Jade Golden Coffin with its head, nearly launching the Green Jade Golden Coffin into the air.

Zong Ge, Zhen Jin, and the others promptly moved it back and used all their strength to keep it in place.

After persevering for a while, the survivors reached their limit.

The Green Jade Golden Coffin was already boiling hot, it could cook an egg. The heat was not the only thing obstructing them, it was also hard to breathe on the second floor.

“Lord Jia Sha!” Hei Juan shouted for help.

Jia Sha sighed, and lighting appeared again.

For a moment, thunder filled their ears, everything near the control hub was cleared, with the gigantic lava turtle falling dead after suffering the most lightning.

Teleportation occurred, then a replenished magic beast corps rushed into the control hub again.

Everyone relied on the stairs, but quickly they couldn’t hold on.

A gold level magic beast deer charged in.

It looked like a milu that had long and immense bone white antlers that looked like warped branches, and huge snow white wings on its back.

This was what Cang Xu, and the others had an accidental glimpse of near the snowy mountains, Cang Xu had named it the bone feather dear.

The bone feather dear couldn’t get through the stairs either, but it used its antlers to attack.

The antlers were not solid, after crumbling to pieces, they changed into cold air that corroded the survivors.

A few survivors were caught off guard, they could only amputate their frostbitten limbs, then have their lives saved by Jia Sha’s treatment divine spells.

The second floor quickly became flooded with cold air, it nearly became an ice cave.

“We need support, priest!” Compelled by circumstance, everyone shouted again.

But Jia Sha didn’t respond.

What’s going on?”

“Have magic beasts been teleported onto the fourth floor?”

While everyone was bewildered, Jia Sha’s voice suddenly echoed: “Look at what I found!”

As he spoke, the magic beasts outside the tower suddenly began to massacre each other.

“I seized a portion of the tower spirit’s authority; it was actually the method to control these magic beasts.”

“They were controlled through scent.”

“Although I haven’t seized complete authority, I already closed the scent distribution equipment here, hahaha!”

Jia Sha laughed heartily.

The pressure on everyone defending suddenly dropped to rock bottom, however the bone feather deer was still attacking the Green Jade Golden Coffin with its antlers.

This gold level magic beast was a crane in a flock of chickens, even if the artificial magic beasts restored their independence, almost all of them did their utmost to avoid this gold level magic beast.

The air grew colder, and everyone’s hair was layered with frost.

With no alternative, everyone had to retreat to and defend the third floor.

Finally, they could gasp for breath.

The survivors avoided the floating core, as the cold air continued to erode up, the people used the Green Jade Golden Coffin to block the stairs again.

“If this continues, the third floor will also be reduced to an icy cave.”

“Quickly, kill it with lightning.”

“Lord Jia Sha, do you have the authority to use teleportation?”

Everyone was talking at once; they were extremely exhausted.

“Out of the question, I need to save magic power. That clumsy deer is stuck in the stairs and is also blocking other magic beasts. We are already safe for the time being.” Jia Sha’s voice relayed.

“Xiong Dun, Chai Zha, bring up the coffin and large shell first.” Jia Sha suddenly ordered.

Most of the people blankly stared. Zhen Jin, Zi Di, Zong Ge, Cang Xu, and the others reacted first as their complexions slightly changed.

The two guardian templar knights then responded, they bit their teeth and approached the divine artifacts, however Zhen Jin and Zong Ge immediately stopped them.

“Lord Priest, what is the meaning of this?” Zhen Jin coldly snorted as he gazed at the guardian templar knights.

Jia Sha sighed: “Divine artifacts cannot be misused; they are too important. The tower spirit was wounded too heavily, it was not my opponent. I will succeed soon. After the teleportation door is formed, we will teleport the two divine artifacts first.”

This proposal was resolutely vetoed by Zhen Jin: “No, teleport the people first, then the divine artifacts!”