Chapter 170: Victory Suddenly Descends

The young knight had an intense intuition——he would greatly benefit if he absorbed that core!

But under a thousand staring eyes, how could he grab it?

Like the Green Jade Golden Coffin and the Mermaid Fairy Tale in the lower floors, no one had permission to touch these things. Who knows what defensive methods War Merchant had on the more important third floor.

Zhen Jin could only quietly endure.

“Does this floor not have the alchemy factory’s controls?” Hei Juan was a bit worried.

“The fourth floor must have it!” Answered Zi Di.

Everyone avoided the core and went up the stairs.

Quickly, the scout at the front opened his mouth: “The fourth floor is deserted, there’s nothing here!”

“How is that possible?”

“What kind of situation is this?”

“My god, what do we do?”

Everyone quickly climbed up the fourth floor, it really was empty, leaving them somewhat flustered.

“Abominable, if we can’t find a way to control this place, it will be hard to use the magical formations here to escape.”

“Even if there are many divine artifacts, what use are they to us?”

“The island is collapsing; we will die here. No, if Yan Shan gets out, we will be crushed like ants!”

Many people held their heads, they looked hopeless.

“We still have time.” Bai Ya consoled.

“Don’t tell me this isn’t the control hub?” Cang Xu frowned, he was puzzled.

“War Merchant chose to retreat here. This is the control hub’s most likely location!”

“But why isn’t there a factory control panel?”

“Don’t tell me it was on War Merchant’s body?”

“Perhaps there is another magician tower in this alchemy factory.”

As everyone guessed, Jia Sha’s complexion suddenly changed.

He suddenly seemed pleasantly surprised: “Wait a minute, this is it! This is the control hub!”

He immediately attracted everyone’s interest.

“This magician tower, no, to be more accurate, this floor controls the alchemy factory!” While saying this, Jia Sha began to imbue the walls with divine power.

At first nothing happened, but after a moment, results began to show.

Everyone looked at the pure white divine power radiating from Jia Sha’s hands as it flowed into the four floor’s walls. After the divine power flowed into the walls, straight and curved lines, as well as words began to appear.

These words and lines illuminated in the wake of the divine power, gradually everyone began to see small parts of some magical formation.

“Outstanding, truly outstanding.” Jia Sha grew happier, following the divine power’s intrusion, his understanding of the magician tower rapidly grew.

“War Merchant really deserves to be called the greatest alchemist in the world!”

Afterwards, Jia Sha slightly changed color and said with lingering fear: “Fortunately the tower spirit is in a bad state, if it were in good condition, this floor would have killed us!”

“I have said it to everyone! This is a gift from fate.”

Everyone was exultant.


“You really proved yourself Lord Jia Sha.”

“If this continues, we can control the entire alchemy factory!”

“Quickly look around, is there anything that can help us in our escape?

During that lively discussion, the tower spirit’s voice suddenly echoed again.

“Warning! Warning!”

“The alchemy factory control hub has been invaded; intruders have appeared on the fourth floor.”

“Immediately carrying out the elimination……no tower defenses detected.”

“Waking elemental warriors……no elemental warrior vital signs detected.

“Releasing poisonous gas……control valves unresponsive.”

“Convening golems outside the tower……suffering interference, unable to contact any.”

“Emergency termination of breeding process, waking magic beasts……awakening successful!”

The tower spirit’s voice made everyone’s heart a mess, and those final words made everyone’s expression greatly change.


From below the control hub, everyone heard a resonant and violent beast roar.

After a few breaths, the beast roars were increasingly concentrated. The countless roars intertwined to form a mountain of clamors.

Jia Sha turned pale: “The tower spirit opened those coffins; all of the intact coffins have released a great amount of magic beasts that are attacking this place!”

“We must block them!”

“Buy me time, as long as I imbue this entire place with divine power, the tower spirit will be unable to stop us!!”

Everyone knew this was the most crucial moment, one by one, they went down to the first floor to kill.

The first floor’s door was thirty percent gone, leaving an enormous hole in it.

Crocodile head hammer tail boas, monkey tail brown bears, blue dog fox wolves, strong life white rhinoceros, spear scorpions, and other magic beasts surged like the tide in a turbulent ocean.

Their berserk vigor made everyone sense enormous pressure.

“Shoot!” Hei Juan commanded, his voice trembled.

One arrow curtain, two arrow curtains, three arrow curtains……

Although the survivors were few, and only formed a thin arrow curtain, they were using alchemy arrowheads.

These were explosive, fire, frost, or lightning arrows……their outstanding power caused great casualties to the beast groups.

However, these magic beasts were very brutal, their eyes were bloodshot, and possibly because their breeding process was interrupted, even if they hadn’t been attacked, blood flowed from every pore of their bodies.

The tower spirit seemed to arouse their vitality, in spite of the consequences afterwards.

The magic beasts charged at the survivors, trampling each other’s corpses.

Divine spell: holy shield!

Pure white light suddenly came from the control hub’s fourth floor walls and fell onto everyone’s body.

This divine spell had arrived just in time, relying on the holy shield, the giant, Zong Ge, and the others stabilized the front at the foremost hole.

“Persevere, I can now use the control hub to transmit my divine power.” Jia Sha yelled from the fourth floor.

Zhen Jin had already transformed golden scorpion armor and had two spider blades in his hands, his “divine scion” form.

With the flashing blades, a monkey tail brown bear’s head was severed by Zhen Jin!

A whirlwind of blood shot out, covering Zhen Jin’s eyes.

Suddenly, a huge crocodile head hammer tail boa crashed through the watery blood.

Zhen Jin couldn’t avoid it, nor could he, with his comrades behind him, he could only endure this attack.

With a dull bang, he was knocked back into one of his comrades, nearly crushing their ribs!

“We can’t stay here!” Zong Ge bit his teeth, “Quickly. withdraw to the second floor.”

Human physical power was finite, it couldn’t compare to a magic beast’s.

This confrontation between man and beast was extremely intense, after only fighting for a bit, Zong Ge already felt it was difficult to hold on, and the bone hammer in his hands became heavy.

“Lord Jia Sha, have you succeeded yet? We can’t keep retreating!” Someone yelled.

“Wait a moment, I have already succeeded in taking over the first floor’s magical formation.” Jia Sha’s voice could be heard shortly after.

The next moment, holy light flowed from the upper floor, and into an alchemy magical formation on the first floor.

In nearly a wink, the pure white holy light flowed into the Green Jade Golden Coffin.

The Green Jade Golden Coffin suddenly exploded with a mix of green and golden light, whoever the light hit had their injuries, spirit, and physical strength restored to peak condition.

Then the Green Jade Golden Coffin’s light started to spread, healing many magic beasts that bathed in the radiance!

“Sorry, I could only control it to a limited degree.” Jia Sha’s voice transmitted again, “I already undid the alchemy magical formation, you can now safely touch this divine artifact. Take advantage of this time, bring the Green Jade Golden Coffin up for me!”

Everyone promptly hauled the Green Jade Golden Coffin up the stairs, and onto the second floor.

The magic beasts pursued close behind.

“Go first father, I will protect your rear!” The giant brought up the rear of his own accord.

After withdrawing to the second floor, the pressure on everyone immediately dropped by a lot.

Because they had a smaller area to defend and could attack from the high ground, giving them the advantage.

However, after attacking for a while, Jia Sha’s annoyed voice came through: “Don’t use alchemy arrowheads. Destroying the tower will seriously interfere with me!”

Everyone could only fight in close combat.

And so, the line of battle gradually withdrew.

The magic beasts were unafraid of death, their frantic offensive rapidly increased everyone’s injuries, in addition, the divine spell shield had also weakened substantially.

However, the protection divine spell was quickly casted again on everyone’s body.

Meanwhile, holy light inscribed a large alchemy magical formation around them, until finally converging on the large shell floating in the middle.

With a bang, the divine artifact fell to the ground, startling the sweating survivors near it.

“Bring it up, you can remove it now!” Jia Sha yelled.

“Priest, have you succeeded yet?! Everyone was frightened and happy.

But Jia Sha replied: “Not yet, the tower spirit is still in control of the teleportation door, I still need more time!”

“You still haven’t succeeded yet?!” Hei Juan resentfully screeched.

Jia Sha coldly snorted: “My control over the control has just deepened, soon or later I will wrestle control of the teleportation door. Without my assistance, how could you touch those two divine artifacts?”

“No matter what these divine artifacts are, we can’t use them!” Someone retorted loudly.

“No, these are fate’s gifts, do you know how much I can get from high level imperials? You can’t imagine it!” Jia Sha roared.

The fierce battle continued, and the survivors’ casualties gradually increased.

A huge crocodile head hammer tail boa suddenly bit a survivor’s arm and dragged him away.

“Save me!” The survivor fearfully shouted.

Zong Ge pulled his other arm at once, however the crocodile head hammer tail boa had terrible strength, if Zong Ge didn’t immediately let go, he would have been dragged away too.

The survivor soon drowned in the beast tide and was almost instantly eaten by them.

Two survivors staggered back; their left arm had been severed by blade spiders. Another had their belly pierced and intestines burned by a monkey tail brown bear’s claws.

With a gap in the front, Zhen Jin promptly mended it, blood-soaked and fighting at the risk of his life, he staked it all to kill many magic beasts and stabilize the front.

Withdraw to the third floor, withdraw!” A survivor collapsed, from now on, all they wanted was to be the first to climb to the third floor.

But at that moment, the bolt of lightning unexpectedly struck from nothing, killing the deserter on the spot.

Soon after, concentrated lightning bolts struck in succession, killing all the magic beasts in the tower.

Afterwards, the lightning rapidly spread, extending out of the tower and striking the remaining magic beasts.

Zhen Jin and the others weren’t attacked by the lightning.

Victory had emerged too suddenly, and everyone stood in place, blankly staring.