Chapter 160: Discarded Golems

The constantly flickering red light shined on everyone’s nervous face.

Gods were very rare; thus, the legend level was already the apex of the world. Customarily someone at that level would be the lord of a main power, the master of a large coalition, the leader of a school of thought, and so on. Zong Ge and Jia Sha were extraordinary people at the silver level, usually those at that rank were city lords or leaders of medium sized organizations. The immense disparity between the two was obvious at a glance.

Legend level characters were usually heard about through rumors. Even without personal experience, by looking at the alchemy munitions stored in the boxes, everyone could sufficiently feel War Merchant’s power.

Everyone stopped messing with the gold level cannon.

Take any box of alchemy arrows, in the prohibition environment, one tenth of the arrows would easily destroy the survivors.

“Quickly, quickly, quickly!”

“Those arrowheads can be taken!” A templar guardian knight shouted.

With them around, Zong Ge was no longer a leader.

In the prohibition environment, intact alchemy arrows as well as alchemy crossbows were not as ordinary crossbows and arrows.

Alchemy flintlock rifles were also like that. Without being imbued with magic or battle qi, they could not shoot bullets.

Everyone took the alchemy arrowheads and took out arrow shafts from their person.

Regretfully, none of these boxes had armor or shields. Regardless of whether it was War Merchant, Hei Bian Zi, or Da Hong’s products, none of it was defensive equipment.

The giant used all his strength to move the cannon, but the gold level cannon didn’t move a single jot.

His leg injuries had been treated well for the last several days.

Everyday Jia Sha used a divine spell to treat his severe injuries, the divine spell: limb rebirth. Thus, the giant finally freed himself from the miserable situation that was crawling with his hands, but he still had relatively weak stamina.

The cannon was very heavy. Finally, after Zong Ge, Zhen Jin, and the giant collaborated together, they dragged the cannon out and aimed it at a large door.

Everyone formed up and stood at the ready.

Above them, the red light still flashed over everyone’s head while the door showed no signs of activity.

“It looks like our previous guess was correct, War Merchant must be in trouble!”

“It seems his situation is terrible; he unexpectedly doesn’t have the strength to defend the alchemy factory.

“Don’t be careless, perhaps there is an army assembling behind that door.”

Jia Sha, Zhen Jin, and the others discussed among themselves.

A short while later,

Divine spell: detect magic.

Divine spell: detect magic.

Divine spell: detect magic!

Jia Sha used the divine spell three times in a row, but none of them could detect what lay behind the door.

“Ugh……” He sighed, “This sliding door is a portion of the alchemy factory, my detection magic is only at the silver level, I cannot detect any useful information.”

According to speculation, the alchemy factor was War Merchant’s magician tower, the grade of a legend level’s magician tower was very high.

The detection magic worked on the wooden boxes because the alchemy munitions were not a part of the alchemy factory.

Everyone comprehensively sifted through their equipment.

Arrowheads were exchanged for alchemy arrowheads, in addition each person got at least three explosive flasks.

Zong Ge and some others were allocated more.

Hei Juan expressed his worry because it was easy to injure allies or even oneself while using explosive flasks.

No enemies appeared from any direction.

With nothing they could do, everyone could only wait with tense nerves. Staying in this situation for a long time would greatly consume stamina and the mind.

“Since this is the case, we shall attack first!” Zhen Jin’s proposal received unanimous approval.

First, they needed to destroy the tightly closed door before them.

Everyone first used alchemy arrows, then some small scale explosions, but the door remained completely intact, with only a layer of ash being left on its exterior.

“I will throw an explosive flask.” Zong Ge warned, everyone then prudently fell back.

Zong Ge frantically shook the flask in his hand and then threw it.

The flask hit the door, and with a loud boom, raging flames ignited.

The scalding gas waves constantly pounded against everyone’s checks, causing them to withdraw farther. For many, this was the first time they had seen the explosive flask’s might, and it visibly shook them.

Zong Ge, Hei Juan, and some others had different looks.

A guardian templar knight reassessed the flask in his hand: “These explosive flasks are a lot stronger than I remember, these should be a new and improved version.

However, after the flames waned, the door was still undamaged.

“It seems, only the alchemy cannon can be used.” Zhen Jin clenched his teeth.

Everyone had grave complexions.

Using a cannon in this sealed off underground area was very dangerous. If the cannon was too powerful, it would cause a cave in and jeopardize everyone’s survival.

If the shell did not hit the door, the explosives and flames in this narrow space would cause disastrous damage to everyone.

But beside that, there was nothing else they could do.

Although Jia Sha could fully display his strength, offensive divine spells had finite might, and they were helpless against the door.

Everyone withdrew more as Jia Sha controlled the alchemy cannon.

To enable the cannon, it needed to be imbued with magic or battle qi. Due to the prohibition environment, Jia Sha was forced to use divine power.

When enough divine power was imbued, the alchemy cannon began to issue a strong grandeur as its surface was enveloped in a layer of radiance.

The cannon shells were taken out and arranged behind the cannon.

“Solid shot, chain shot, grapeshot……it seems this alchemy cannon was made for a ship. I wonder who ordered these goods, to use this kind of cannon, the ship definitely isn’t simple.” Cang Xu sighed.

There were many artillery shells, choosing which one to use was hard.

The alchemy cannon didn’t need to be charged constantly, thus Jia Sha could suspend the process and use divine spells to appraise the artillery shells.

The artillery shells were also gold level. After Jia Sha used several silver level gauging spells, he learned this information.

After ten gauging spells, Jia Sha chose the artillery shells with green symbols.

The giant then placed the artillery shells into the cannon through its posterior.

Jia Sha used the extreme eye spell to foresee the outcome of the bombardment.

The outcome pleased him.

After a moment, he finally finished filling the cannon, the task exhausting him.

Normally, if a gold level cannon was operated alone, it would be by a gold level practitioner. If not, it would be operated by a team of silver level people. If the alchemy cannon was installed onto a ship, it could be filled by the ship’s magical power reserves or supplied by a magic furnace.

Now, with Jia Sha doing it alone, he nearly squeezed himself dry.

“I am in a terrible state, if the door splits open and a fight occurs, I will be unable to provide any support. We had better rest for now.” Jia Sha gasped for breath.

No one objected.

Jia Sha was the most crucial existence, without him, even though Zhen Jin could completely transform, none of them could break through the magic beast corps.

Dealing with War Merchant without Jia Sha was out of the question.

Despite his exhaustion, before Jia Sha slept, he reluctantly led everyone in prayer.

Chaplains and priests were extraordinary, and there were many differences between them and magicians or fighters. A chaplain’s power is essentially borrowed from the gods, it is not their own power.

However, chaplains and priests do cultivate themselves.

They cultivate everyday through prayer, though dedicating themselves to their convictions, they prove their devotion.

How much power the gods lend is based on how devout and dedicated a sect member is.

By constantly bathing in and using divine power, the bodily essence of chaplains, priests, bishops, and so on will be improved appropriately.

From the gods’ point of view, how they lend divine power is how they want to build a believer,

The more devout a chaplain, priest, and so on is, the finer their bodily essence. The more the gods support him/her/it, the more divine power they receive,

Jia Sha prayed before going to sleep, then once more after waking up, allowing him to completely restore his strength.

Jia Sha fired the alchemy cannon, immediately a dragon whistled as the artillery shell shot out.

After the door was shot, it echoed dully, soon after a great quantity of green liquid splattered everywhere.

Everyone had already retreated as far as they could, they didn’t see the green liquid spread.

The green liquid corroded the door and quickly melted a small hole. Within ten breaths, the small hole quickly expanded to the size of a person, then two people, until finally, the hole was big enough that even the giant could pass through with his head held high.

Everyone cheered, it was all thanks to Jia Sha.

There were no enemies behind the door, only a long passage.

The passage’s four metal walls blended into each other, like the storehouse, it was made from a white metal. At the same time on the ceiling, the red light source still constantly flickered.

Divine spell: detect magic

Divine spell: detect traps.

Divine spell: detect machinery

As everyone walked forward, Jia Sha used three divine spells in turn, but they only yielded minimal results.

“I am unable to find anything, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything here. This is War Merchant’s alchemy factory.” Jia Sha sighed helplessly.

The ambiance in the group was heavy, it seems they could only use lives to find a safe route.

“Wait a moment, perhaps we can use those wooden boxes.” Tripleblade suddenly said, “Think about it, this passage obviously transports large quantities of goods.

This was a good idea.

Quickly, a wooden box was brought over.

Divine spell: heavenly messenger.

A small light appeared and condensed into a pure white bird that flew into the door, it looked like a dove.

Jia Sha’s pigeon entered a wooden box, afterwards the giant kicked the wooden box, causing it to slide across the metal surface with no issues.

Jia Sha then ordered the pigeon to open the box and fly back.

It hadn’t flown one hundred meters when suddenly, from the ground and both sides, countless spears extended. With a tinkle, the bird was stabbed and died in a sprinkle of white-gold blood.

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp.

“Warning! Warning!”

“An intruder has been discovered in the commodities passage; an intruder has been discovered……”

The tower spirit’s voice appeared again.

“Mobilizing the stationed guardian golems to annihilate the intruder.”

Everyone’s heart immediately jumped.

After a moment, the tower spirit: “No guardian golems detected, now conducting an emergency mobilization of transportation golems.

Just as everyone’s heart settled down, they jumped again.

“No transportation golems detected, three discarded golems detected, emergency maintenance in progress.”

“Emergency maintenance successful, now dispatching discarded golems!”

Soon after, everyone saw holes open in all directions, from within, a raised platform with an iron humanoid golem appeared.

The golem was as tall as an adult human, its head was an inverted dish, its crystal eyes emitted red light, it had a large wrench in each of its two hands, and its head rotated in a spiral.

The discarded golem immediately charged at everyone.

“Fire!” At nearly the next moment, a large amount of arrows was shot.

Water, fire, acid, and electricity covered the giant all over, nevertheless the golem pressed forward and quickly crashed its way through the passageway.

As everyone fell back, Zong Ge threw another explosive flask.

He had received training in throwables, thus he had great accuracy.

After it exploded, the discarded golem halted for the first time as flames burned all over.

However, just as everyone was about to cheer, it moved again and charged at everyone.

Everyone’s complexion was ugly.

Zhen Jin’s mood was also heavy.

“This is just a discarded golem, nothing more!”

“If I completely transform, perhaps I could resist it.”

“But can I even do that?”

Zhen Jin was very worried.

Jia Sha was currently at his side. He was a Sheng Ming priest; it would be hard to deceive him.

If Zhen Jin transformed, even if it was limited, if Jia Sha made out a flaw, how would Zhen Jin explain it?