Chapter 159: Munition Refinery

The immense plaza was an estimated four hundred meters long, three hundred meters wide, and four meters taller than the giant.

The floor was very glossy, it was not made of tile, but entirely made of a white metal. Not only was the floor made, but the walls and ceiling were also made of the metal.

On the ceiling, there was a blue light source.

In the plaza, there were many small and large boxes. The large boxes were bigger than a gigantic lava turtle, while the smallest box was three meters long, two meters wide, and one meter tall.

The boxes seemed to be made of iron, however they were in fact made from a type of iron wood.

Zhen Jin looked at the surface of a box and immediately recalled when he awakened, and his failure to break the branches on the riverbank. The branches at the time were iron wood.


The iron wood boxes also had red paint on their surfaces that displayed letters and numbers such as: Em-096, Sg-734, ID5D-VR-862, and so on.

After verifying there were no enemies in the plaza, Jia Sha grasped the holy insignia and began to pray.

After a few breaths, holy light descended.

Divine spell: detect traps.

There were no traps in their surroundings.

Divine spell: detect magic.

In a split second, almost all of the boxes within the detection range shined brilliantly. This proved that almost every box had magical goods inside.

Divine spell: detect machinery.

Like detect traps, nothing was discovered.

After the detections, Jia Sha smiled and ordered: “Open these boxes.”

A small box was opened.

A layer of dried, fluffy, and yellow rice straw appeared in everyone’s eyes.

After the rice straw was taken out, everyone saw a bundle of arrows.

All of the arrows were dark red, like rusted metal. But when someone picked one up, they found one was lighter than a chicken egg.

“These are alchemy arrows——flame arrows.” Zi Di’s eyes shined as she identified them.

Bang bang bang.

Every small box was pried open.

Almost all of them had alchemy arrows inside.

Most of them were fire arrows, but there were also frost arrows, torrent arrows, wind arrows, smoke arrows, sluggish arrows, flash arrows, and more.

There were many kinds of arrows and an astonishing amount of them.

Many people swallowed their saliva, they never expected to see such an astonishing scene.

Alchemy arrows had a considerable construction cost, it was rare to see a box full of them.

“Can we use these arrows?” Tripleblade’s heart beated constantly, he pet the arrow shafts like he was emotionally caressing skin.

Zhen Jin, Zong Ge, as well as the templar guardian knights, to the contrary, had indifferent expressions.

As a mercenary commander, Tripleblade’s financial resources were limited, he seldomly used these types of weapons. But regardless of whether it was Zhen Jin, Zong Ge, or the templar guardian knights, these alchemy arrows were everyday equipment to them. Beside the quality being better, there weren’t any differences. After all, the Sheng Ming Empire officials supplied them with such things.

A moment after Zi Di carefully identified the arrows, she shook her head in disappointment: “These arrows only have a branch of a magic spell on them, they need the corresponding source spell to display their true might, otherwise when they are fired, they are inferior to our improvised wooden arrows.”

But Tripleblade was not disappointed, rather he looked excitedly towards the unopened boxes.

“There should be crossbows in there!” The mercenary commander couldn’t help but shout.

Thus, everyone unboxed with more enthusiasm.

More and more boxes were opened.

Mostly arrows and warheads were found.

The vast majority of the arrows were triangle shaped, with a minority possessing barbs. The arrows had different colors, but all of them had a semi-transparent crystal texture.

“These arrows can be used! We only need to hit a certain level of force.” Said Zong Ge.

As a former high ranking military officer that served for many years, the half beastman was very familiar with commonly seen equipment.

Then there were the warheads.

These warheads were ball shaped, the small ones were the size of an adult human’s fingertip, while the larger ones were triple the size of the smaller ones.

These were flintlock rifle bullets.

All sizes of bullets matched with all kinds of flintlock rifle models on the market.

The warheads and arrowheads were the same, they only needed the standard striking force to trigger.

But no one had a flintlock rifle on them.

Opening the largest box, the people found small boxes neatly arranged inside.

“What is this?” After opening a small box, someone took out a flask.

The grenade seemed to be made from glass and had liquid inside, one half seemed to be a yellow oil, and the other half seemed to be a red liquid.

How fantastic, these liquids were entirely different yet neither seeped into the other.

“Softly let it go now, don’t shake it.” Hei Juan’s complexion suddenly changed, and his tone faintly shuddered.

Many people gathered around the voice.

Zong Ge stared: “Explosive flasks……”

“The Music Shaker.” Tripleblade stated the weapon’s nickname.

There were many explosive flasks, basically all of the boxes here stored them.

“It seems this really is War Merchant’s alchemy factory.” Jia Sha reaffirmed.

Those weapons are War Merchant’s signature product, after fiercely shaking one, the two liquids would mix and explode within a fixed amount of time. The fiery oil from the explosion will attach and burn the target for a time. The temperature of the flames was ten times hotter than ordinary fire!

This single-use throwable had a reputation, when a mercenary used a Music Shaker, the music could cause Death to appear to a degree.

“Haha, we finally found some!” After a moment, Tripleblade laughed heartily.

In one of the large boxes, they finally found alchemy crossbows.

But quickly, Tripleblade’s smile dwindled into anxiety.

Because in the underground factory, magic was still prohibited, thus these crossbows were unusable.

“There are also rifles here.”

Most of the rifles were alchemy products.

But like the crossbows, they were low level alchemy items and were restricted by the environment, rendering them useless.

“These bullets seem to be made from bone?”

In the rifle box, the people also found unusual warheads made from twisted bones.

When Jia Sha looked at them, his complexion immediately sank.

Zi Di also seemed bewildered: “Wraith bullets? Isn’t that Hei Bian Zi’s signature product?

This bullet had been on the market for the last century and continued to get more popular.

It used the power of necromancy magic, and every year high level imperials and others on other continents died from this bullet.

The school of necromancy had risen within the last one hundred years, traditional defense methods were ineffective against its strange ferocity.

If one was exposed as a necromancer, they would be a fugitive and attacked by everyone.

The founder of this school of magic was called You Can, their race was unverifiable. Someone said he was once a great beastman shaman, and others say he was once a great heretical priest who stole a lot of the gods’ divine power. As the greatest founder of necromancy, he was currently the sixth most wanted, one position greater than War Merchant.

Hei Bian Zi was a newcomer in weapons commerce that had emerged prominently in the last one hundred years.

She was a dark elf.

“Why are her signature products here?” Zi Di was puzzled.

Jia Sha sneered: “It's very simple, Hei Bian Zi is simply a false identity of War Merchant, nothing more.”

The people then opened the final large wooden box.

“I wonder what’s stored in here? Wow! A large and thick weapon.” Mu Ban whistled.

It was an alchemy cannon!

There was a golden veined pattern stitched around pitch-black cannon’s body, giving the people a feeling of tenacity. Under the cannon was a silver white pedestal, forming a battery.

“This is a gold level alchemy cannon!” Zi Di’s eyes cheerfully shined.

The immediate implication was that this alchemy cannon could be used in this environment.

“There are also compatible artillery shells!” Someone cried out in surprise upon their discovery.

The sphere shaped artillery shells seemed to be solid bullets; however, they were colored differently and portrayed a roaring dragon head on their exteriors.

“This is Da Hong’s whistling dragon shell.” Zi Di breathed out.

Da Hong was a giant, he was also a new weapons merchant who had sprung up in the last hundred years. The whistling dragon shell was his signature product.

Everyone’s heart sank.

This implied Da Hong, a newly promoted arms dealer, was likely just another identity of War Merchant, nothing more.

“Honk——! Honk——! Honk——!”

Just as the people were dragging out the alchemy cannon, a sharp alarm echoed through the plaza, at the same time, the blue ceiling light changed red and constantly flickered.

“Warning! Warning!”

“An intruder has appeared in the warehouse; an intruder has appeared in the warehouse.”

A mechanical voice resonated through the entire plaza.

Everyone’s complexion changed.

“A tower spirit?!” Jia Sha was ashen.

“I fear this alchemy factory is War Merchant’s magician tower.”

“Prepare now, we must fight!”