Chapter 88: A Knightly Hero!


“No, I don’t want to die, I will not die!” Hei Juan’s heart roared, a strong longing for survival flooded his chest.

He quickly got to his feet.

The rolling dust obstructed most of his vision and the screams and calls for help of his comrades lingered in his ears.


The damaged roof of the wooden house made a creaking sound, and the remaining walls were on the brink of collapsing.

“This place is done for! Staying here will definitely kill us.” Hei Juan gritted his teeth, turned around sharply, and ran out of the wooden house.

A common bat monkey above him swooped down.

Hei Juan immediately rolled forward and nimbly evaded the bat monkey’s attack.

The common bat monkey’s attack missed; however, it did not continue to entangle itself with Hei Juan, rather it charged into the wooden house.

But just as Hei Juan was getting up, he saw another bat monkey flapping towards him.

This was different from the previous one, this bat monkey was a bronze level magic beast.

Hei Juan’s heart shook as he pulled out his sword.

Tinkle, the rapier he pulled from his waist seemed like a silver lightning bolt. The nimble action of pulling his sword displayed Hei Juan’s solid swordsmanship training.

However, in the flurry, Hei Juan was unable to hit the bronze level monkey’s vitals. The sharp sword hit the bat monkey’s abdomen but did not pierce its ribs.

The bronze level bat monkey was injured, it then revealed its vicious nature as it used its bat wings to speed up and shift the sword away, its talons then tried to grab Hei Juan’s eyes and nose.

Hei Juan’s eyes flashed with panic, after falling to the ground, he used the ground to support his back and lifted his right foot to ruthlessly kick the bat monkey.

Hei Juan kicked at the bat monkey, but the bat monkey did not move. Its flapping pair of wings and four limbs made it a shadow in Hei Juan’s eyes.

Hei Juan’s strength was not enough to drive it back.

Hei Juan felt that he was kicking like a wild colt.

He continued to kick, however contrary to his hopes, the bat monkey’s talons slashed his boots and wounded his lower leg.

Hei Juan was worried that more bat monkeys would surround him, thus he had no choice but to swing his arms and abandon his sword.

The bat monkey did not think resistance would suddenly dissipate, while it was caught off guard, Hei Juan shoved it to the floor with the sword still in its chest.

Hei Juan took that chance to crawl away and run towards the forest around the camp.

However, the bat monkey quickly recovered, screeched, and flew towards Hei Juan.

As the gale approached him, Hei Juan’s heart filled with a chill and his bloodshot eyes showed his desperation.

“Damm it, don’t tell me I am going to die here?”

At that moment, something whistled.

A delicate shadow shot out and brushed past Hei Juan.

“Was that a dart?!”

The strong burst of wind forced Hei Juan to narrow his eyes in bewilderment.

Afterwards, he heard the bat monkey behind him mournfully scream.

“The others!” Hei Juan was overjoyed, he did not dare to turn around as he used all of his strength to run towards where the dart fired from.

The bronze level bat monkey seemed to suffer serious damage as it did not continue to pursue.

Hei Juan madly ran into the woods and found several people behind a tree.

“That’s not Xi Suo……and the others.”

Hei Juan’s eyes shined when he saw Zi Di among them, he couldn’t help but look pleasantly surprised. He blurted: “Zi……”

“You’re Hei Juan!” At the same moment, Zi Di recognized Hei Juan’s face and slowly called, “He is a mercenary I hired!”

“Lord Zhen Jin, the people in the wooden house all should be from the Hog’s Kiss.” Zi Di said to Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin nodded: “I have to save them as soon as possible! You guys stay here.”

Zhen Jin quickly got up, after a few breaths, he walked over Hei Juan and quickly sized up the dark skinned youngster before him: “Can you still fight?”

Hei Juan stood in place blankly staring and did not respond for a moment,

Zhen Jin secretly shook his head: “It seems he has already lost his courage.”

Zhen Jin had observed Hei Juan fleeing.

The young knight then told Lan Zao: “Take good care of him, I will be going.”

“Yes master!” Lan Zao immediately responded.

“Lord Zhen Jin, you must be careful!” Zi Di ran a few steps with her hands held to her chest and gazed at him with concern.

Zhen Jin nodded towards the girl, then he accelerated into the camp.


At that moment, Hei Juan finally reacted, he opened his mouth and wanted to stop Zhen Jin.

“You are going to throw your life away!” Hei Juan then wished he didn’t say that because at that moment, he saw Zhen Jin fish out some wooden darts.

Whizz whizz whizz!

Zhen Jin threw three darts and three common bat monkeys fell from the sky.

More bat monkeys attacked Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin’s arm powerfully shook, his wrist lightly flicked, and three monkeys dropped to the ground.

Hei Juan’s Adam’s Apple rolled, Zhen Jin’s darts were too accurate, each had unfailing accuracy with not a single one missing!

A bronze bat monkey dropped to the ground and used its hands and feet to attack Zhen Jin.

It quickly dashed forward and in a startling move, it did not attack in a straight line, rather it zig zagged on the ground as it charged at Zhen Jin.

“Good brute!” Some of the chill in Hei Juan’s heart poured out.

Zhen Jin’s darts were very accurate against flying monkeys. But on the ground, the bat monkey’s ever changing position made it hard for Zhen Jin to aim.

“It seems this bat monkey does not have low intelligence.” Zhen Jin stopped walking and no longer threw darts, rather he waited for the bat monkey to charge in.

“What is he doing?! Hurry up!” Hei Juan could not help but shout.

At that moment, Zhen Jin’s right hand naturally grabbed the rapier hilt.

The rapier was the one Hei Juan had, when the bat monkey’s body was blocking him, he had no choice but to abandon it.

The bronze level monkey was knocked to the ground and with the rapier in it, it pursued Hei Juan until Zhen Jin ended its life with a wooden dart.

The rapier’s point was stuck in the ground.

The bat monkey suddenly dashed forward, its delicate purple and black body was like an artillery shell and in the blink of an eye, it was next to Zhen Jin’s face.

But Zhen Jin already had a sword in hand!


The sound lightly echoed.

Everyone in the woods felt there was a flower before them as they watched Zhen Jin smoothly lift up the sword. The rapier pierced the bronze level bat monkey’s head and suspended it in the air.

It wasn’t dead yet as it continued to struggle.

But at that moment, Zhen Jin swung the flower sword in a glittering silver arc.

The bronze level bat monkey was thrown to the ground, it wanted to get up and support itself, but its strength was leaking like the brains and blood from the hole in its head.

At that moment, it fell to the ground, its eyes wide with shock, and its face filled with disbelief and fear.

Hei Juan breathed.

He gazed at Zhen Jin’s back and shook.

“How can he have such frightful strength?”

“Battle qi cannot be used here.”

Against the bronze level monkey, despite using all of his strength in the thrust, Hei Juan’s attack was stopped between the monkey’s ribs. It was evident that the skull was the thickest bone.

Zhen Jin’s sword thrust directly penetrated the bronze level monkey’s skull.

That kind of strength was inhuman!

“Hei Juan.” At that moment, Zi Di, Lan Zao, and the others came over.

“Miss Zi Di.” Hei Juan tidied up his mood and greeted Zi Di.” His Lordship is……”

Zi Di smiled and was just about to answer.

But the previously silent Lan Zao was the first to speak: “He is my master——Lord Zhen Jin! He is Lord Zi Di’s fiancé, the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, a true templar knight, and White Sands City’s future master. He is my life saving benefactor and now he is also yours.”

Zi Di nodded: “I hired you all to protect me when traveling to the Wilderness Continent and White Sands City, Lord Zhen Jin was always hiding at my side. The purpose of that was to pull wool over the eyes of others and to guard against malicious rivals that wish to obstruct our journey. I believe that Lord Zhen Jin will lead us out of this island alive.”

“So that’s how it is.” Hei Juan’s Adam’s apple rolled, and he quickly accepted this reality.

Zhen Jin held a sword in one hand and a dart in the other.

He threw darts at the bat monkeys that approached.

He used the rapier to reap the lives of the bat monkeys near him.

He seemed to have a human form, but in actuality under his clothes, his arms had already transformed into bear arms.

His powerful strength and innate accuracy turned the darts and rapier into death’s sickle.

Those in the wooden house were being attacked and were in an abyss of suffering.

But gradually, they felt the number of attacks they had to bear was lessening.

Originally, the entire camp was filled with the bat monkeys’ ear-piercing screeches.

But now, the camp became strangely silent.

“What is the situation?” Mu Ban was leaning on a wooden wall powerless with a bloodstained chest, suddenly he felt someone come over to take a look.

The dust was now slowly scattering.

Mu Ban looked at the youngster, he was blond, handsome, and had a noble’s posture and grace.

He held a sword and a dart as he slowly walked over.

The surrounding bat monkeys were flying in the air or lying on the ground grimacing in pain and malice.

But the blonde youth did things at a leisurely pace, he strolled through the battlefield like it was some elegant garden.

An impatient bat monkey suddenly rushed like a wild dog.


A dart suddenly shot out and pierced the bat monkey.

The bat monkey died on the spot, however because of inertia, its body was flung into the distance and left a scarlet path in its wake.

Zhen Jin lightly lifted his fee, stepped over the bloody trail, and arrived in front of Mu Ban.

Mu Ban looked up foolishly at the youngster.

Although the youngster’s crude clothing had been damaged in battle, Mu Ban swore at that moment, that he felt the youngster’s body was covered in silver armor, he was riding a white horse, and that there was a flag fluttering behind the noble knight.