Chapter 82: I Must Continue to Survive!


The fat ball flying fish was immediately beheaded by Lan Zao, luckily it did not succeed in self-detonating

Zhen Jin’s heart shook, he was very curious on how Lan Zao determined the fat ball flying fish’s position.

“My Lord!” Zi Di’s voice came from inside a tent.

In addition, the heads of Bai Ya and Cang Xu stretched out from other palm leaf tents.

As it turns out, they were all hiding in the tents.

Even if common fish bones were shot at them, the layered palm leaves would cover them.

Seeing that they were safe and sound, Zhen Jin’s heart relaxed

With rapt attention, he looked at Lan Zao and saw several fish bones had pierced his body.

“The fish bones hit him, but he didn’t die from poison?” Zhen Jin’s heart was puzzled.

He fished out a dart and inwardly guessed: “That means the poison is comparatively mild against humans. Is the toxin more of a response against the lizards?

“We must kill these fat ball flying fish immediately. The lizard group has already scattered, and the vast majority of the school is coming back. If we continue to delay, the fighting here will surely attract the school of fish! If that happens, I can only rely on my battle strength, I cannot protect the others.”

Under such a situation, Zhen Jin could only fight.

The young knight was incapable of finding the fat ball flying fish, however he could transform.

He immediately shifted his position so Cang Xu and the others couldn’t see his eyes. Afterwards, he narrowed his eyes and activated the magic core.

With the help of the lizard eyes, he immediately found the fat ball flying fish in the air.

Factoring out one Lan Zao killed, there were only five fat ball flying fish in the temporary camp.

Of the remaining ones, three appeared a weak red color, however the one with the biggest build appeared scarlet, it was clear that this fat ball flying fish was an iron level magic beast.

Swish swish swish swish swish!

After a moment, five darts violently shot through the empty sky and hit the remaining flying fish at nearly the same time.

The three ordinary flying fish immediately died and had no time to self-detonate. But the iron level fly fish detonated itself during its final moment of life.

The explosion was like a rainstorm that covered the entire camp.

The fish bones were very strong, and the palm leaf tents could not stop them.

Zi Di immediately cried out, she was hit!

Zhen Jin’s heart tensed up, he promptly rushed to the former.

A pitch-black fish bone had pierced a spot below Zi Di’s right shoulder and near her chest.

“My Lord!” Zi Di looked nervous.

“Let me see!” Zhen Jin squeezed his torso into the tent, embraced Zi Di, and requested she take off her apprentice robe so the wound could be exposed.

On Zi Di’s fragile skin, the naked eye could see the pitch-black poison rapidly spreading.

“This is indeed an iron level toxin!”

Zhen Jin immediately pulled out the fish bone, after that he tightly put his lips on the wound and suddenly sucked it.

In that split second, Zi Di’s pupils shrank, and she felt her stomach take in a strong breath.

She subconsciously touched Zhen Jin’s chest.

But Zhen Jin was motionless, his body and arms were like cast iron that firmly embraced Zi Di’s bosom.

Most of the toxin did not spread due to Zhen Jin sucking most of it out.

Zi Di’s face blushed as she stammered: “My, my Lord, I have medicine. It can, it can remove this toxin.”

Saying this, she took out a delicate glass bottle from her handbag.

The liquid inside appeared to be light blue and a bit sticky.

Zhen Jin took off the bottle cork and in accordance with Zi Di’s request, poured the blue liquid on her wound.

Upon meeting the blue liquid, the pitch-black toxin immediately dissipated.

Zhen Jin: ……

The young knight realized that he had been rude and impetuous, he looked somewhat awkward as he coughed: “That’s good. I will go take a look at the others.

Zhen Jin crawled around Zi Di and withdrew from the tent to check up on the others.

Bai Ya and Cang Xu were already in their tents, Zi Di had disturbed detoxification potions to them. But their luck was great, none of the fish bones hit them.

But Lan Zao suffered a calamity.

There were several pitch-black fishbones embedded in his body, currently he was kneeling on the ground and was clenching his teeth with glowering eyes as he used his sword to support himself.

But quickly, his face blackened as he felt the subsequent dizziness.

Lan Zao could no longer support himself and he fell to the ground with a bang.

Bai Yan and Cang Xu promptly crowded around him, plucked the fish bones from Lan Zao’s body, and then dumped the blue liquid onto his wounds.

The toxin in Lan Zao’s wounds slowly dissipated, however Lan Zao’s face turned darker.

“It's too late. He has too much poison.” Zi Di said as she tidied her clothes and crawled out of the tent.

“No, senior Lan Zao, you saved our lives. You must persevere!” Bai Ya shouted, he forcefully pried open Lan Zao's mouth and poured the blue liquid into it.

As it turns out, Zi Di was hit by a fish bone not long after returning to camp.

She tried many potions and found that the blue liquid had a dissolving effect on the toxin. She immediately gave the rest the potion, this included tossing Lan Zao a bottle.

Lan Zao had been motionless in a tent as he wholeheartedly sought for death.

But the fat ball flying fish launched their attack and under the threat of death, he readily swallowed the blue potion, loudly roared, and beat back the danger.

Lan Zao’s actions went beyond Cang Xu’s and Zi Di’s expectations, when they found that Lan Zao seemed to have the ability to distinguish where the fat ball flying fish were, they immediately gave Lan Zao a sword.

Lan Zao’s crazy counterattack in the camp attracted the attention of all of the fat ball flying fish.

Whenever a fat ball flying fish got close to Lan Zao, he seemed to sense it and forced it to retreat.

In this way, Lan Zao won precious time and succeeded in delaying until Zhen Jin arrived to assist.

One could say that without Lan Zao’s perseverance, Zi Di and the others might have already died.

“I want to live……”

“I don’t want to die. I really don’t want to die.”

“Please help me.”

“My Lord, help me……” Lan Zao weakly pleaded on his deathbed as he grabbed Zhen Jin’s leg.

People really were strange.

Before Lan Zao wanted to die and did not hesitate to starve himself. But as death truly approached, he revealed his intense desire to live.

Zhen Jin was emotionally moved!

“I will do my best to save his life!” The young knight commanded, revealing his resolute willpower.

Although Zhen Jin did not know the entire situation at the moment, he could speculate on how hair-raising the fight was in the camp.

Lan Zao had saved Zi Di, Bai Ya. and Cang Xu.

What touched Zhen Jin more at that moment was that he saw himself in Lan Zao!

“I will do my best.” Zi Di examined Lan Zao’s wounds, she then untied her waist handbag and began to mix an emergency potion.

After ten breaths, Zi Di poured the potion she had mixed into Lan Zao’s mouth.

The blackness on Lan Zao’s face slowly vanished, his wounds began to darken again, and pitch-black blood flowed out of them.

But Lan Zao’s aura became more and more weaker, he was nearing death.

“I still need to mix.” Zi Di clenched her teeth, her forehead was already soaked in sweat. Upon looking at what had transpired, she mixed another potion at once, the speed of her hands seemed to exceed her usual limits.

“He will die soon! Bai Ya worriedly ran around in circles.

“Keep persevering.” Zhen Jin shouted; yet Lan Zao’s eyelids began to close.

“Oh dear……” Cang Xu sighed with a dark gaze.

“Let me through!” Bai Ya suddenly shouted. He drank the blue potion, threw himself at Lan Zao’s body, and then used his mouth to suck in the black blood flowing from Lan Zao’s wounds.

“Stop!” Cang Xu prevented him at once, he grabbed Bai Ya’s shoulder and wanted to pull him off, “Using your mouth to take in the toxin could reduce the concentration in the wounds, however it is very dangerous and could poison you! You are only an ordinary person Bai Ya.”

Bai Ya was slightly pulled away; however, he was still kneeling and shook off Cang Xu.

Without turning around, he shouted: “This is not just a human life, it is our savior senior Lan Zao!

He once again lowered his head and gulped down the toxin.

Gurgle gurgle gurgle……

On his deathbed, Lan Zao once again heard the sound of waves.

In his hazy field of view, he saw the blue sky and the dark blue ocean.

He looked at the yellow beach he bumped into and then collapsed onto it.

“Older brother, older brother, pull yourself together!” A child Huang Zao shouted as he put a great amount of effort in to flip Lan Zao on his back.

There was a multi-colored starfish on Lan Zao’s stomach.

Huang Zao tore off the starfish and exposed Lan Zao’s poisonous wound.

Huang Zao immediately lowered his head, used his mouth to suck in the poison, and then spat out blood and water.

The starfish was not toxic; however, it could cause the limbs of a human to go weak and numb.

Lan Zao fainting was not caused by the starfish’s poison, rather it was because of his limpness and drowning after not breathing air for a long time.

Lan Zao gradually regained consciousness.

“Younger brother……” He mumbled as he looked at Huang Zao.

“Older brother, you woke up! Don’t die on me and leave me alone older brother!” The child Huang Zao tearfully wailed.

Lan Zao heard Huang Zao’s cries and strived to show a smile.

He was speechless; however, he did his best to console his underage younger brother.

But at that moment, the voices around his ears gradually changed.

“He woke up, he’s alive! He didn’t die!” It was Bai Ya’s voice.

After that, Lan Zao’s field of view also became clear.

The child Huang Zao disappeared, and the black bloodstained face was replaced by Bai Ya’s excited one.

Lan Zao’s heart had nothing in it, however he still strove to show a smile.

He also did not know if he laughed.

He opened his mouth and wanted to speak.

He wanted to say: “I want to live; I don’t want to die.”

“I want to continue to survive!”

But at that moment, he lost consciousness.