Chapter 6: The Tower Spirit’s Counterattack

The Deep Sea Monster Fish.

Inside an alchemy cabin.

Zi Di was directing alchemy puppets, while Cang Xu was controlling an alchemy formation.

There were two alchemy puppets, they looked like a giant crab with its many limbs extending from it. Altogether, there were 10 limbs connected to a crystal ball.

The white crystal ball was as tall as a person, it was the carrier medium the tower spirit had been transferred into.

The crystal ball was very heavy, the two crab alchemy puppets were barely able to lift it.

At this moment, the tip of the crab puppets’ limbs formed a palm size alchemy formation, colored either silver, gold, or bronze, as they pressed into the crystal ball.

These delicate alchemy formations were filled with magic script, some of which seemed to be divine symbols. Some were surrounded by circles, others by triangles and even squares.  

The crystal ball in the middle, combined with the crab puppets, created an alchemy formation that was 3 meters in diameter.

The formation engraved itself onto the ship floor, outside of it, Cang Xu stood in a golden circle, it was the alchemy formation control module.

There were two other control modules, and the three linked together as an equilateral triangle, each taking an equal part of the circular formation.

The crab legs touching the formation around the crystal ball suddenly began to dazzle with radiance.

Every small alchemy formation began to rotate and emit circles of light of all colors that permeated into the white crystal ball.  

At the same time, Cang Xu was controlling the alchemy formation to form a perfectly straight ray.

The deep blue ray of light was heatless, and after hitting the crystal ball, it scattered like lighting shaped like tree roots into the depths of the ball, and began to spread.

A minute later, the crystal ball began to shake.

As the shaking grew, the crab legs began to creak under the strain of the vibrations.

“Not good!” The ghostly Zi Di’s expression swiftly changed.

The necromancer’s face did not change, however his eyes did narrow.

Zi Di felt her control over her crab puppets suddenly decrease.

Something was fighting her!

It was the tower spirit.

The white crystal ball began to glow, its white light followed the tree root shaped lightning, and began to assault back against the alchemy formation.

At the same time, the white also seeped out of the crystal ball, and into the alchemy puppets around it.

“Its getting out of control!” The ghostly Zi Di and the tower spirit were fighting over authority, she was being defeated little by little.

Zi Di’s anxiety grew.

If she was still alive, she could stall the tower spirit for a time.

But she wasn’t.

In the strictest terms, she wasn’t a magician, rather she was a spirit.

Most obvious of all was that she needed to restart her cultivation anew. Currently, she could not use any magic, and she needed to open her mana pool again.

But because she was a ghost, she had a few innate magic spells, such as the soul devour spell, cold touch, and soul walk.

By contrast, although the tower spirit was damaged, it had been recovering in the crystal ball.

This time, it did not restrain itself as it paralyzed Cang Xu and Zi Di, then quickly counterattacked the enemies it had caught unprepared.

During the control tower battle, Zi Di and the others had been considered utter enemies to the tower spirit.

In but a moment, the alchemy puppets would be under the tower spirit’s control. Cang Xu grinded his teeth and left the control module to directly attack the core of the alchemy formation.

He stretched out both hands towards the crystal ball.

Pop! Pop!

Two tiny crystal balls suddenly burst from his palms and flew towards the crystal ball, forcefully separating the two alchemy puppets from the formation.

With the connection, the tower spirit’s offensive came to spontaneous end.

The large crystal ball clanged to the metal floor, then rolled to a nearby wall, colliding with it before slowly coming to a stop.

The white light around the crystal ball shone everywhere, as if the tower spirit was shouting its unwillingness to submit.  

Soon after, the white light withdrew, and the crystal ball regained its original appearance.

The alchemy cabin became quiet again.

Zi Di and Cang Xu looked at each other in dismay, the two were both frightened and doubtful.

“A close call! I didn’t expect the tower spirit was capable of striking back, moreover, it also has a deep connection with the Deep Sea Monster Fish.”

Zi Di had a trace of lingering fear.

If they were even a little bit slower, the tower spirit might have taken control of the ship. If that happened, the survivors would have met a mournful end.

Fortunately, Cang Xu acted decisively and stopped the tower spirit’s swift counterattack.

“How badly are you injured?” Zi Di Gazed at Cang Xu’s palms.

Cang Xu’s palms each had a large hole in them, exposing the bones in his hands. The back of his hands had a patch of skin left, thus preventing the awkward sight being able to see through them.

It wasn’t a light wound, but there was barely any blood and the bleeding stopped by itself rather quickly.

“It isn’t urgent.” Cang Xu looked down at his hands, his face still as calm as ever, as if these were not his own hands.

Zi Di floated near him, “Do we have a suitable treatment scroll for you?”

Cang Xu shook his head.

Although they had obtained many treatment scrolls from War Merchant’s storehouse, none of them suited Cang Xu.

Treatment scrolls used positive energy to heal life. To Cang Xu, a necromancer, this would be like poison to him.

It was the same for other undead races, negative energy was what helped them.

Cang Xu was actually in a comparatively complex situation.

He was not completely undead, but he wasn’t completely alive either.

“Don’t worry, my body has been transformed by necromancy, I won’t be dying any time soon. This injury is but a small inconvenience.”

As Cang Xu said this, he used his wounded palms to “pierce” his solar plexus.

It was a truly horrific scene.

Zi Di slightly trembled. Soon after, she noticed that Cang Xu was not actually trying to commit suicide, there was something strange about the skin around his chest.

“As you can see President Zi Di.” Cang Xu showed a smile, “I sewed a self-made pouch into my heart cavity.”

On Mystifying Monster Island, Cang Xu had his magic sealed, and thus never used this storage pouch.

Things were different now.

Zi Di frowned, “Is that… storage pouch made of human skin?”

Cang Xu’s necromancy inheritance had been given to Zi Di, thus she knew what it was.

“Correct. A magician with a spatial bloodline once pursued me. They were the distinguished contributor that created this storage pouch.”

Cang Xu took out his palms as he said this, his fingers held a rolled up cloth.

The strip of cloth was a dusty white, it had many dark blotches on it, and it exuded a strong aura of energy.

“This is a bronze level corpse wrapping cloth.” Cang Xu used the wrapping corpse cloth like a bandage, twisting it around his palm.

He continued to speak as he worked, “This is quite simple to make, all one needs is the cloth wrapped around a long dead corpse combined with some uncomplicated necromancy magic to process it.”

“All of that is included in the inheritance I have given to you.”

“Included in it are the notes I took while practicing them, you can also look at those too.”

Zi Di nodded, her face showed her complex mood.

Despite becoming an undead, that had only happened two days ago.

The human skin and corpse cloth let her adapt a bit more to her situation.

She was beginning to realize why necromancers were attacked and discriminated against.

Normal people revered the dead. When confronted with death, people usually believed that they would be delivered to the gods. But necromancers played with death, manipulated souls, and profaned the divine.

See Zi Di’s expression, Cang Xu sighed, “President Zi Di, your problem cannot be solved quickly. To come back to life without the support of divine spells is a difficult challenge.”

“We’ll also need to waste a lot of time shedding our sins.”

“In this time, you should get used to your new identity and add necromancy spells to your magic repertoire.”

“That is the only way we can assist the Lord Captain, is it not?”

Zi Di nodded, expressing her approval. The young lady knew her current situation, perhaps this one of the silver linings to her tragic fate.”

“Many thanks, necromancer.”

“Oh, that’s right, didn’t you just use the corpse explosion spell?” Zi Di asked.

“Correct.” Cang Xu nodded, “I changed my body, though not a complete corpse, it can still be used by my corpse explosion spell.”  

“This spell is detailed in the inheritance I have provided to you.”

“Anyways, I don’t suggest you go through such a transformation.”

That kind of transformation does not allow my soul to separate itself from my body, it is bound up inside and can’t escape, in the future, I can only become a corpse mage.”

Cang Xu’s words and hidden thoughts praised Zi Di’s acute observations. She obviously hadn’t looked through the necromancy inheritance thoroughly, yet she was still able to perceive which spell had been used. This proved that Zi Di’s thinking was nimble and was good at making connections and conjectures.

This kind of intrinsic quality was outstanding for a magician, and was indispensable.

“It’s only a pity that because of her bloodline, Miss Zi Di’s limit while alive was only the iron level.” Cang Xu secretly sighed.

Magic was controlled by the mind.  

Zi Di was also evaluating Cang Xu.

“Cang Xu was able to use the corpse explosion spell so meticulously, so perfectly. His spell casting is quite amazing.”

“It must have been the result of diligent cultivation and countless hours of practice.”

“Unfortunately, his bloodline limited his efforts.”

“But if the Bloodcore was used, he could draw on greater undead bloodlines…”

Cang Xu treated his injuries and began to tidy up the room with Zi Di.

This time, they were even more prudent and careful.

The tower spirit knew it was exposed, and was doing its best to resist.

Cang Xu and Zi Di had been trying for a long time without any gains, leading to a heavy mood.

The tower spirit is already awake, we cannot break through its defenses.”

“Our alchemy attainment is too low. We don’t even fully understand the Deep Sea Monster Fish, we only know the basic fundamentals of how to sail it.”

“We can only use the alchemical installations here superficially, nothing more.”

Cang Xu was a necromancer, he had very little experience with alchemy. His greatest accomplishment in that field was the bronze level corpse wrapping cloth.

As for Zi Di, although she had dug into the field of alchemy and worked very hard at it, her studies had been limited to medicine.”

In fact, the field of medicine was also vast, and most of Zi Di’s research had been focused on perfume.

“We must bring the tower spirit under control as soon as possible. We forcefully transferred it into this carrier, and we cannot delete the data inside it. But that is merely temporary, as time passes, it will gain complete control over the crystal ball carrier!” Zi Di had a grim expression.

This was a big problem.