Chapter 43: A Great Victory

All of the frantic exploration team members were attracted to Zhen Jin’s laughter.

Zhen Jin then loudly shouted: “You have me, why are you guys panicking? More flying squirrels only means more food for us. Listen to my command, reorganize the formation, and kill all of these flying squirrels.”

“Yes my lord!” Everyone loudly replied.

The battle line was quickly restored.

Zhen Jin looked into the distance with rapt attention, his pupils couldn’t help but contract. His vitality was higher than ordinary people and thus could see more distinctly than others. At this moment, as far as the eye could see, there was a swarm of over one hundred flying squirrels with six flying squirrel leaders.

“Did the entire community move against us?”

“Sure enough, these beasts are hard to predict.”

Zhen Jin had no thoughts of retreating, this kind of situation was also within his expectations.

Before hunting, Zhen Jin and the others anticipated many situations.

The most terrible situation was: Lan Zao being pursued by the entire flying squirrel community.

Now that Zhen Jin obtained a small victory, he had raised his prestige, consolidated his status, and raised the exploration team’s morale.

One could say that the exploration team had changed beyond recognition compared to before the small victory.

That was already pretty good.

“Ready, fire.” Zhen Jin shouted.

Everyone heard the commands with stern faces as they fired their bows in succession.

The thin arrow volley immediately struck many flying squirrels down to the ground. There were many attacking flying squirrels bunched together, thus this round was the most effective one yet.

However, the flying squirrel group was bigger and none of the flying squirrel leaders had died yet. On the contrary, the flying squirrels were spurred to anger as a cacophony of squeaking burst out and their charge seemed to speed up.

Many of the men turned pale.

After the first round, they could clearly see their situation. Even if they shot seven or eight times, they might not necessarily be able to kill all of them.

Moreover, with the distance between them and the speed of the attacking flying squirrels, not to mention seven or eight rounds, there wouldn’t be enough time to do five or six rounds.

The second volley was fired soon after.

The third volley.

“Fight freely!” Zhen Jin ordered afterwards.

The arrow volley largely compensated for the lack of accuracy. But now that it was at a closer distance, the archers’ accuracy was much greater and shooting in salvos would only hold them back. Especially so for the best shooters.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

Arrows pierced through the horizon and perforated the squirrel group.

The squirrel group squeaked with abnormal ferociousness, as if they had taken no damage at all.

The close proximity of the squirrel group brought about great pressure. The hearts of many could not help but beat wildly as their actions became unsteady and lost their usual standard. Some had to nock arrows several times and others dropped arrows from their bowstrings and released empty strings. Huang Zao unknowingly used too much strength and broke his bow while drawing it, he then angrily threw the broken bow away.

“This lousy bow!” He cursed as he took out another short bow.

Because the short bows were slipshod works, this kind of circumstance was anticipated, as a result, everyone had spare short bows.

As for the crossbows, their firing rate could not be compared to short bows. After the battle started, there was not enough time to wind them up again, one could only set them to the side.

Zhen Jin shot arrow after arrow with infallible accuracy!

But the might of a short bow was very small, its draw weight was too low.

After firing many times, Zhen Jin clearly felt that his short bow had loosened, he immediately tossed it and changed to a spare.1

Within this short period of time, Zhen Jin had already gone through three bows. He alone had killed more than twenty flying squirrels.

But there were still many flying squirrels left, at least fifty of them.

This was five times more than the number of people in the exploration team.

The ordinary flying squirrels were fine, the crucial thing were the six* flying squirrel chieftains. None of them were dead, which posed a great problem.

The crossbows shot powerful iron arrows but even they couldn’t hurt the flying squirrel chieftains, to say nothing of the short bows.

Zhen Jin’s heart was pressed down by a giant stone as he understood thoroughly: if this squirrel group charged in, the exploration team’s losses would be disastrous.

The closest flying squirrel chieftain rushed into the range of Zhen Jin’s throwing daggers.

In a split second, the youngster’s eyes flickered as his arm suddenly shook.

The dagger pierced the air, its rapid speed made it seem like a glinting ray of light to everyone.

The ray of light accurately struck the flying squirrel chieftain, after it was struck by the dagger, the originally airborne flying squirrel chieftain was flung back even faster. Afterwards, it fell motionless to the ground off in the distance.

Everyone that saw this scene had their hearts shaken, but there was no time to celebrate.

Because the squirrel group hadn’t halted for even a fraction of a second and the remaining flying squirrel chieftains ruthlessly charged into the frontline.

All of them were bronze level magic beasts, after they bumped into an “exploration team member”, they used their claws and large incisors to rabidly tear at it.

After killing the “exploration team members” one after the other, leaves and branches flew from the corpses, but no blood or flesh.

As it turned out, those standing on the frontline were all puppets.

These puppets were filled with rice straw padding to appear like humans and used Zi Di’s hastily made potions to deceive the flying squirrels’ sense of smell.

Earlier, Cang Xu had dissected the flying squirrels and discovered that they didn’t have good eyesight, they mainly depended on their sense of smell.

The flying squirrels also didn’t have high intellect, therefore the puppets succeeded in attracting this wave of offense.

Numerous ordinary flying squirrels pounced upon the plant puppets. Some of the puppets attracted the attacks of more than a dozen flying squirrels while others had five or six.

Seeing the flying squirrels gathered in the same place, Zhen Jin decisively ordered: “Set them on fire!”

Zi Di threw the potions she had prepared long before the battle.

The potion bottles shattered on rocks, causing the liquid inside to leak over the greenery and mix with the potions already prepared there. In a split second, a weak flame ignited and soon expanded into a fiery serpent. It soared and spread across the frontline as a burning wall of fire.

The wall of fire immediately ignited the puppets and emitted a thick smoke.

Some flying squirrels screamed as they burned, others choked and cried in the thick smoke, their keen sense of smell multiplied their suffering.

Almost all of the flying squirrels were running around in disarray.

The pressure facing the exploration team immediately dropped.

Because even if there were still flying squirrels rushing them, there were only a few of them, moreover they were only doing so to flee from the flames.

They were met with arrows.

Almost half of the flying squirrels were felled by arrows en route.

Bai Ya, Huang Zao, and Lao Zao, these three displayed steadiness.

But Zhen Jin didn’t make a move, with rapt attention, he motionless stood like a statue.

Suddenly, a flying squirrel chieftain broke through the wall of fire and appeared in his field of view.

Without any hesitation, Zhen Jin violently threw a flying dagger, piercing the flying squirrel chieftain's eye.

After the flying squirrel chieftain fell to the ground, it rolled over several times and died.

But as the flying squirrel chieftain fell to the ground, the remaining flying squirrel chieftains also rushed out of the wall of fire at the same time.

None of them had caught on fire, ordinary fire could not do anything to them, even the thick smoke only made them feel uncomfortable.

All of the flying squirrel chieftains madly rushed forward.

Upon seeing this, Cang Xu’s and Zi Di’s expressions changed.

There were still four flying squirrel chieftains left!

These were all bronze level magic beasts.

Although Lan Zao and Huang Zao were also bronze level warriors, it was very dangerous for them to face these flying squirrel chieftains one on one.

Humans and beasts were different.

The great majority of a human practitioner’s strength came from using battle qi and magic.

But battle qi could not be activated in this environment.

Although battle qi could passively increase a human practitioner’s physical constitution, it could not compare to the physical constitution of a magic beast’s.

Compared to a beast, a human’s natural skin was fragile and their bones were weak.

Huang Zao and Lan Zao were relying on their constitution, it was only natural that they couldn’t compare to these flying squirrel chieftains. Afterall, even after a flying squirrel chieftain's death, an ordinary sword still would not be able to cut its skin and bones.

So Lan Zao, Huang Zao, and especially the ordinary team members were no match for the flying squirrel chieftains.

“If a flying squirrel rushes into the crowd, it will certainly cause enormous casualties. Our sole hope lies in Zhen Jin, it all depends on whether this Lord templar knight can quickly kill these flying squirrel chieftains.” Cang Xu’s eyes flashed with worry, he had a thorough understanding of the current situation.

“My lord, this is not the time to conceal strength.” Cang Xu gazed at Zhen Jin with encouragement in his heart.

He was a wise man who understood his situation on this island, only by attaching himself to the strong could he hope to survive.

Because of this, he actively plotted and pushed, allowing the entire exploration team to rely on Zhen Jin.

Zhen Jin took a deep breath.

He knew everyone awaited his performance.

But he couldn’t activate his battle qi!

Zhen Jin did not have much time left on the imminent battlefield situation—he only had one chance to throw his daggers.

“Then I will dispose of all of you at once.” Zhen Jin’s gaze was fierce and steady.

His hands went to his chest and he grabbed two throwing daggers in each hand.

In the next moment, both of his arms shook and violently threw four daggers at the same time!

The strength of these throwing daggers were far more ferocious than the crossbows.

Simultaneously, with abnormal precision, every throwing dagger hit their respective targets in the blink of an eye.

“Ah!” Cang Xu instantly cried as he saw the flying squirrel chieftains fall to the ground simultaneously, Zhen Jin had already won!

“That will do.” Zhen Jin’s heart stirred, yet his expression was still as firm as iron and didn’t change.

His arm’s muscles faintly trembled.

Zhen Jin had used up his full strength in that strike and sufficiently displayed the exquisite skill brought about from recalling his memories.

A powerful feeling of numbness and soreness soaked his two arms.

During the fighting, Zhen Jin had fired a great amount of arrows and thrown many daggers.

In order to kill the flying squirrel chieftains, Zhen Jin had to use his full strength to throw each dagger.

Now, the youngster had reached the limits of his endurance.

It was worth mentioning, these daggers were all common weapons. The reason why they could shoot a flying squirrel chieftain dead completely rested in Zhen Jin’s astonishing accuracy in targeting weak points as well as the dreadful speed and power of his crazy throwing.

“Is it settled?”

“One struck four!”

“These flying squirrel chieftains could not do anything facing Lord Zhen Jin’s true strength. Our lord is too strong…”

The morale of everyone rose greatly, and as they began cheering, a flying squirrel chieftain that fell to the ground abruptly “resurrected”!

It sped across the ground at a high speed and actually dragged a faint shadow behind it.

Meanwhile, its life aura completely exploded, it was no longer bronze level, but iron level!

“Be careful!” Zi Di shrieked.

This flying squirrel was very cunning, its true strength was iron level, but it succeeded in pretending to be bronze level.

Its unique method could curb its aura and conceal it from Lan Zao’s investigations!

This was the head of the flying squirrel community!

At this moment, Zhen Jin once more sensed the aura of death.

Speaking of which, he had dispatched many magic beasts.

The silver level wolf, monkey tail brown bear, and the blade-legged spider.

However, dispatching the evil wolf was due to fortunate timing and the river’s violent python vine.

The monkey tail bear was severely injured and he had taken advantage of it, even so, Zhen Jin nearly died as he fought for his life.

The blade-legged spider was killed by its negligence when Zhen Jin transformed and suddenly struck the spider’s vitals. In terms of strength, Zhen Jin was not the silver level spider’s match.

The human body was quite frail.

Compared to ferocious beasts, humans did not have sharp blade like claws, thick fur, robust physiques, or skeletons as hard as iron.

Usually, humans couldn’t outrun dogs, or breathe underwater like fish, or fly in the air like birds.

To compare strength levels, the fact that Zhen Jin could suppress bronze level bellwethers astonished Cang Xu, making him guess that Znen Jin’s cultivation was at the gold level.

The greatest advantage humans had lay in their wisdom.

People could use their wisdom to create and use tools.

Although humans forged swords to match the claws and teeth of beasts, they also studied magic and battle qi to amplify their strength.

However, this island prohibited the usage of low level magic and battle qi.

Magic beasts could not use their innate abilities, however, they still retained their robust physiques. When humans didn’t have magic and battle qi, the frailty of their bodies was immediately revealed.

So, it was only natural that the iron level squirrel chieftain could fatally threaten Zhen Jin.

“It is faster than me and while also being extremely nimble!”

“Even if an ordinary sword could hit it, the attack would be ineffective. But in this respect, I still have my blade spider sword.”

“However, the most frightful thing is not its nimbleness or its claws, but its electrical discharge.

Zhen Jin tensely scowled.

When the crisis came, he discovered that he had some qualities of an experienced warrior—as the situation became more critical, his train of thought became faster and clearer.

A throwing knife attempted but failed to injure the iron level squirrel chieftain.

The blade spider sword in Zhen Jin’s hand was the optimal weapon to kill it, but at the same time, the flying squirrel chieftain could discharge electricity and end Zhen Jin’s life in an instant.

“If only I could activate my battle qi for a split second! With battle qi, I could defend against the electrical current.”

Zhen Jin’s eyes flashed malevolently.

Battle qi, he really needed battle qi.

“Great Emperor Sheng Ming, mine god! Listen to thine believer’s prayer, let me rouse mine past memories so I can wield battle qi!”

Zhen Jin’s heart shouted.

But the god still did not respond.

“Abominable.” Zhen Jin ruthlessly clenched his teeth.

Without battle qi, he could not defend against the electrical current. Both sides had a strong offense but a weak defense, it all depended on who could initiate the fatal attack against their counterpart.


Even closer.


As Zhen Jin prepared to charge, he suddenly heard the roar of a mysterious beast.

“There are still other magic beasts‽”

“Hold on, this beastly roar is somewhat familiar.”

At that moment, Zhen Jin suddenly froze.

Zhen Jin sensed something unexpected—there was a small bead hidden within the depths of his heart.

This small bead was only the size of a thumb, but it was entirely blood red; its surface was not smooth and resembled a walnut with fine lines and curves running all over it. It also had a faint, crystal like transparency when looked at and seemed to emit light from its interior.

The scarlet bead faintly quivered as it bursted with incorporeal strength.

This robust power permated through Zhen Jin’s blood and spread across his whole body, constantly shaking his heart.

The small bead’s blood light rapidly weakened.

Zhen Jin’s arms were originally very achy, but following the influx of this power, his arms quickly recovered and his muscles rapidly expanded.

Zhen Jin’s clothes and armguards cracked. Even if clothing was covering it, Zhen Jin could still feel the black fur.

His bones and muscles had changed from human arms to bear arms!

In only a split second, not only had Zhen Jin’s arms recovered, they had become several times stronger than before!

“This feeling‽” Zhen Jin’s heart violently shook.

This feeling was undoubtedly the same one he felt when he ambushed the silver level spider and both of his hands had transformed.

Only this time, it was not his hands, but rather his arms that had transformed.

There was not enough time to understand as Zhen Jin fished out a dagger and threw it with all of his strength.


A light explosion echoed as the youngster’s excessively fierce action actually created a shockwave in the air!

The throwing dagger pierced through the air with a sharp whistle.

Everyone only saw a bright silver line in the air permeating through the iron level flying squirrel accurately, slowing down, and embedding itself deeply into the grass, beyond the squirrel’s head.

The roving iron level squirrel was thrown back and fell to the ground motionless.

Its entire skull was penetrated and blood quickly contaminated the surrounding greenery.

The battlefield was silent.