Chapter 4: New Form – Dragonman!

The Deep Sea Monster Fish.

The captain’s room.

The ghostly Zi Di was floating in the air, a piece of parchment clutched in her hand  as she reported to the young captain  the results of her accounting.

“Currently on board, there are 480 kilograms of bread, 30 kilograms of ordinary meat, 600 kilograms of magic beast meat, and 3 tons of potable water.”

“We have inventoried 5 boxes of magic scrolls. Among them are 138 treatment scrolls, the fireball scrolls are the most numerous at 250, 3 raging flame storm scrolls, a flying spell scroll, 10 feather fall spell scrolls, a dark sight scroll, 30 water breathing scrolls…”

“There are 12 boxes of explosive flasks, with an estimated 720 flasks inside.”

“There are a total of 380 alchemy crossbows, and over 5000 alchemy arrows, including frost, water, shrapnel, smoke, slow, and flash arrows.

“There are 270 alchemy rifles, 7 types of ammo, and a total of about 6000 bullets. The type we have the least of is soul bullets, there is only 200 of them.”

“We still have the gold level cannon, accompanied with 80 silver level shells and 12 gold level shells.”

“We retrieved 79 types of alchemical materials from War Merchant’s storehouse, like metals and plants. I have detailed list on them here.”   

Zi Di gave the parchment to the young captain when she mentioned the list.

The youngster carefully looked at it, then muttered to himself, “At the present, we have abundant supplies, we don’t need to worry about them in the short term.”

The survivors faced many food shortages on Mysterious Monster Island. Therefore, the first thing they considered after escaping was the bare necessities.

“We have an abundance of arms. War Merchant deserved his title.” The youngster sighed.

Zi Di concentrated on her beloved, then grit her teeth, “We also have a memory refinement and duplication device. It is the same one I once used. I’m sorry, excuse me.”

The young man stared blankly, then raised his head from the parchment and to Zi Di’s face.

“Darling Zi Di, this has been arranged by destiny. Without it, I wouldn’t have run into you, right?”

Zi Di was moved, but her voice still stuttered, “But…”

The youngster stood up and wanted to lead Zi Di away by the hand, but when his fingers grabbed at Zi Di’s palm, he only felt a gloomy vapor.

Zi Di was a ghost.

The youngster sorrowfully said, “Who doesn’t have secrets or sorrows?”

Mystifying Monster Island proved everything.”

“I am more worried about you than that little thing.”

The world remains the same, but the people have changed.

The handsome templar knight and sole heir to the Bai Zhen Clan turned out to be a young monster.

The enchanting Zi Di became a ghost.

Zi Di was in a troubling situation.

She needed to be resurrected.

But resurrection was a divine spell, they needed a priest, or even a bishop to use it.

Who would want to do that?

Necromancers were disdained and hunted, all living beings and gods were their enemies.

Zi Di was currently not a necromancer, but she was an undead being.

“Does Cang Xu have a way?” The young man asked.

Zi Di shook her head, “I consulted him, he could only provide limited help. He promised to give me all of the necromancy he has learned, but he cannot truly resurrect me.”

The youngster’s expression sank.

Zi Di continued, “I can tell that Cang Xu has done all that he could already.”

“His necromancy inheritance was shallow, and he is a mere iron level magician.”

“I believe that one day, I shall truly resurrect you.”

“Let’s take it one step at a time.”

Sensing the youngster’s continued gloominess, Zi Di replied, “Besides, if nothing else, changing from a living person into a ghost was quite the unique and intriguing sensation.”

The girl comforted her sweetheart.

She had a praiseworthy tenacity, she never gave up while on Mystifying Monster Island and always persisted, and when the monstrous youth supposedly died, she tried to devise a way to bring him back to life.

“Perhaps War Merchant has an alchemical method that can assist you.” The young captain suddenly thought of something, “We have already transferred the tower spirit.”

Mystifying Monster Island’s factory tower spirit had been made to be intelligent by War Merchant.

Although it had been damaged, the survivors had saved it. Currently, it was existing in a large white crystal spheroid. 

The ghostly Zi Di nodded, “That’s right, although only 30% of the data remains, all of it is War Merchant’s most precious secrets.” 

“This is our greatest treasure!”

“After all, when the imperial nobility forgives us, we won’t have retain any divine artifacts.”

“But we will have mastered this information.”

Zi Di continued to explain, “Presently, the tower spirit is seriously damaged, and has sunk into hibernation.”

“There are risks in waking it. When we plundered War Merchant’s treasury, I suppressed the tower spirit and pillaged its authority. We currently have a hostile relationship with the tower spirit.

“Me and Cang Xu have talked it over. Right now, our current plan is to circumvent the tower spirit to unearth the data inside it.”

“There should be many alchemy blueprints and alchemical processes within it.” 

“In the future, we can use these to open an alchemy factor and traffic munitions. It is a large industry.

When profits came to mind, Zi Di’s tone inevitably rose. 

“Yes, there might even me something pertaining to your identity.” Said Zi Di.

The young captain was not Zhen Jin, he had no idea who he truly was.

The youngster muttered to himself, “I have white river battle qi, a very common type. It is very likely that I am an ordinary imperial knight. There are too wide a category.

“There is always a way.” Zi Di consoled.

“Oh, there is something I need you to see.” The young captain took in a deep breath, “Don’t be too amazed.”

“What is it?” the ghostly Zi Di’s interest was successfully piqued.

Then, a moment later, he eyes widened.

She saw that the young captain was taking off his clothes. 

First was his coat, then his jacket, and then his shoes.

The ghostly Zi Di couldn’t help but float backwards, her gaze wavering with astonishment, shyness, and excitement.

The only clothing the young captain had on was a pair of loose flax trousers.

Then, red light bubbled forth, and covered his entire body.

The red light quickly disappeared.

The youngster had changed greatly.

His blond hair, blue eyes, tall nose, white human face had transformed into the large head of a dragon with sharp fangs. 

His skin had been replaced by a layer of meticulously tight red dragon scales.

His hands and legs had swelled to twice the size, and became sharp dragon claws and thick dragon feet.

Finally, a red dragon tall extended from his buttocks, covered densely with the same dragon scales.

The baggy flax trousers had become skintight after the transformation. 

The dragon tail poked out of the flax trousers.

The youngster’s crotch swelled into a large and obvious lump, it wanted to burst out of the flax trousers.

“That is?!” Zi Di was shocked.

She unconsciously floated back a small step.

After reacting, she floated back to the youngster, spinning around him as she sized him up. Her eyes moved across the young man’s large upper body, sneaking in a few glances at certain areas. 

“How are you able to transform into a dragonman?”

Zi Di thought the young man was a beastman fighter War Merchant had transformed.

But shortly after, Zi Di’s brows pursed, she realized something immensely fishy was going on.

If the young man could change into a dragonman, a form stronger than any other, why didn’t he use it in the alchemy factory control tower?

Furthermore, Zi Di felt an intense familiarity with the dragonman form.

What was the source of this familiarity…

“The Flame Dragon King?” Zi Di blurted as she seized the flashing thought. 

“Correct. I killed the Flame Dragon King.” The young man confessed.

Zi Di: ?!

Her eyes couldn’t help but widen again, and she nearly stopped in the air from shock.

“How did you kill…hold on, don’t tell me it was the Bloodcore?” Zi Di asked.

The Bloodcore was the treasure on the control tower’s third floor, its status exceeded that of the Greed Jade Golden Coffin and the Mermaid Fairy Tale.

After the young man asked for the Bloodcore, he returned to the lava battlefield and tried to negotiate with the Flame Dragon King, this was what happened in the eyes and minds of everyone else.

Despite becoming a ghost, Zi Di was still worthy of being the Wisteria Merchant Alliance’s president, and with her high intelligence, immediately guessed what had occurred.

The youngster nodded again, “After you woke me up on Mystifying Monster Island, I gradually noticed the Bloodcore in my heart, and step by step, fumbled about on how to use it. It is precisely because of the Bloodcore that I was able to transform into many kinds of magic beasts.”

“When I entered the first floor of the control tower, I felt a strong yearning. When I reached the third floor, I saw the second bloodcore and had an intense urge to absorb it.”

“Currently, the second Bloodcore has already merged with my first Bloodcore and become stronger than ever.”

“With it, I annihilated the exhausted Flame Dragon King.”

“Our talks collapsed, the Flame Dragon King would never see eye to eye with us. And so, worried the banishment and explosion wouldn’t kill him, I took a gamble and used the Bloodcore.

The young man sighed after saying that.

He had just revealed the greatest secret hidden in his heart, a wave of relaxation, mixed with joy and worry flowed from his mind.

“Wait, wait, let me process this.” The ghostly Zi Di put her hands on her head as the information pounded against her mind.

She sank into pondering, floating to the left and right walls, until finally floating back in front of the young man.

Although the ghost girl’s face still had some astonishment on it, it had mostly been supplanted by a soft understanding, “I never expected this. It was only now did I realize that you bore far more pain and suffering on Mystifying Monster Island that I could have possibly imagined.”

Zi Di slowly floated to the young man’s side, placed her palm lightly on his chest, then slowly leaned her body against his.

She didn’t have substance, thus she had to actively prevent her ghostly body from intersecting with the dragonman’s.

The two carefully embraced each other.

Zi Di sensed the youngster’s scorching breath, it had the scent of sulfur, while the young man experienced the coldness of Zi Di’s body.

A monster and a ghost immersed themselves in their warm love, neither spoke for a very long time.