Chapter 210: The Swindler and The Monster

Zong Ge displayed his true strength, immediately shocking everyone present.

Although the monstrous youngster had guessed this was the case earlier, he was still amazed.


“What can we do?”

The four guardian templar knights all panicked, the half beastman’s power had ferociously rocked their morale. However, they had deep battle experience and were cultivated to be loyal to the Sheng Ming Sect.

The four guardian templar knights united together and defended the entrance to the floor. One person remained on the stairs to stop the others on the third floor from rushing up while the other three turned around, confronting Zong Ge with grim expressions.

“Priest, open the teleportation door now!” Zhen Jin shouted at that moment.

He felt fear and trepidation as he faced this disaster.

“You must not let my body double charge in too! He too is a silver level cultivator!!” Zhen Jin’s voice shivered.

Previously he had been immensely satisfied with the body double’s strength, but now it was something that worried him immensely.

He didn’t touch the dying Zi Di again.

He began to realize that he needed to find a card to protect himself.

With a living Zi Di, perhaps he could still threaten the body double. After all, Zi Di had fallen in love with him, and he didn’t believe the body double didn’t feel the same!

“Dammit, I hurt her too much!”

At that moment, Zhen Jin sensed regret and humiliation that produced hatred.

“I have to beg to my body double and hand over my own fiancé to save my life?!”

“You need to get through this crisis first, then you can ask your clan and the templar legion for help.”

“I must recompense this enmity!!”

As Zhen Jin’s heart hardened itself, he looked at Jia Sha.

The two people looked face to face for a split second.

“Rubbish!” Both hearts secretly berated their counterpart.

Zhen Jin was furious that Jia Sha hadn’t opened the teleportation door yet.

Jia Sha was furious at Zhen Jin’s cowardice; he definitely could use his iron level battle qi, yet he remained observing from the walls.

The situation quickly changed against Jia Sha!

Zong Ge was too callous, so callous that he would rather sacrifice his own arm to immediately charge into the fourth floor.

The moment his peak silver level cultivation was revealed, he became the most dominant person.

Zong Ge’s choice was both correct and wise, if he were a few breaths late Jia Sha would have opened the teleportation door and made a clear getaway with the Mermaid Fairy Tale.

But now Jia Sha didn’t dare to open the teleportation door!

It was useless to open it if one couldn’t use it.

It was wishful thinking to assume Zong Ge could escape through the teleportation door with the others.

“Why didn’t the lightning strike him!”

“No, the reason he came here was because the body double’s enticing words!!”

“Dammit, what should I do?”

Jia Sha had no divine power, the lie spell he used to deal with Zi Di was his last one. Looking at this miserable appearance, one knew he had extracted everything.

“Zhen Jin! Tangle with Zong Ge now, I will start opening the teleportation door.” Jia Sha shouted.

Following this, he also told his four guardian templar knights: “Guard that place with your lives, don’t worry about me. Zong Ge doesn’t dare to touch me, if I die no one can open the teleportation door!”

Zong Ge slightly frowned.

He also saw Zi Di’s situation, he knew Jia Sha’s words were correct. He very well might be the only person that could open the teleportation door, he was crucial to everyone’s escape.

“Zong Ge!” At that moment, the monstrous youngster bellowed as he charged again.

Zong Ge didn’t hesitate, he immediately coordinated with the youngster and attacked the four guardian templar knights.

The guardian templar knights were pincered.

“Come monster!” The intercepting guardian templar knight shouted to give himself strength.

Side by side, the three guardian templar knights that faced Zong Ge with pursed lips felt the greatest pressure.

“Be at ease, he is just one man, while you are four!”

“He is also wounded, obstruct him and we’ll have hope……”

Before Jia Sha finished, he saw Zong Ge use his battle art to win instantly.

The guardian templar knights were crushed, with two of them flying down the stairs.

After falling down the staircase, they couldn’t activate their battle qi.

The monstrous youngster charged through them, a spider blade efficiently slicing one’s neck while the other was impaled by the scorpion tail.

With Zong Ge’s support, the youngster easily made it to the fourth floor.

But shortly after, his complexion changed.

A strong pain suddenly attacked him, it was so strong that despite how tenacious he was, his mind nearly collapsed.

He shouted in pain and couldn’t help but kneel with a shivering body.

“What happened?” Zong Ge was stunned and worried, soon after he let the two guardian knights go as he rushed over to provide support.

Between a spark of inspiration, the youngster clearly understood the problem.

He lessened his transformations, drastically reducing the pain.

After he only had the spider blades and the scorpion carapace, the pain alleviated to something he could endure for the time being.

“The magic core allows me to change my bloodline.”

“But the bloodlines I change into are not refined, they originated from those remodeled magic beasts. And those remodeled magic beasts are actually unfinished products, they must live in a prohibition environment to survive.”

“With my current transformations, I became a human shaped magic beast, therefore when I reached the fourth floor, a place that lacked a prohibition environment, my entire corporeal body nearly crumbled!

The youngster inhaled air and quickly stood up.

“I can still fight!” He said to Zong Ge.

Zong Ge nodded, seeing the youngster’s transformations wane, he also guessed the reason for his pain.

The next moment, the youngster’s body also gushed with silver luster.

“Silver level battle qi!”

“My battle qi finally responded.”

The youngster gave an incomparable sigh. When he first woke up, he longed to use battle qi. He didn’t expect to see his battle qi responding here.

It seems the reason why it didn’t respond was caused entirely by the prohibition environment.

Seeing the youngster’s silver radiance, Zhen Jin immediately threw Silver Lightning to the ground.

He raised his head and deeply sighed: “I surrender, since you understand my status, I request treatment befitting of a templar knight and a noble! My clan will pay a sufficient ransom for me.”

“Rubbish!!” Jia Sha verbally abused Zhen Jin again.

The beast groups suddenly shouted simultaneously, they gave up their internal strife and actually charged up to the third and fourth floor.

“Hahaha, all of you will die!” Jia Sha decided not to open the teleportation door, rather he used his complete control over the magic beast privileges.

The monstrous youngster and Zong Ge immediately frowned.

“Priest, do you know what you’re doing?!” Zhen Jin bellowed after being stupefied.

“I am Jia Sha! Even if I die, I will never yield to these lesser beings!!” Jia Sha then roared louder at Zhen Jin, “You useless person, you don’t deserve to be a noble! Because of you, the Bai Zhen Clan is bound for extinction!!”

Then, with hair falling from his withered head, the priest bitterly gazed at the monstrous youngster and half beastman, jeering: “Come, kill me, kill me, who else can open the teleportation door?”


“If you don’t kill me, we will die together by a flood of magic beasts!!”

“No good, that man is already insane!” The youngster’s and Zong Ge’s hearts sank at the same time.

Faced with someone that didn’t fear death and wanted mutual description, the youngster and Zong Ge felt a thorny problem.

“What should we do?”

“We can’t blackmail him!”

“Furthermore, the magic power reserves are decreasing. I must think of a way to settle this without delays.

Jia Sha loudly laughed: “You’re done for! Truth be told, the magic power reserve has already dried up. Hahaha!”

“Beforehand, maybe there was still a chance to open a teleportation door that could allow a few people to escape.”

“Now there is no hope for that!”

“Since you dared to offend us, this will be the end!”

“Dregs and this island will sink into the seafloor together.”

“But you will also die!!” Zhen Jin was exceptionally puzzled.

Jia Sha spitefully looked at him: “Everyone dies, the only differences are in how they live and die. Although I will die, I die in battle, I fought to the last moment and never gave up on pursuing victory. I never betrayed my identity, I upheld the empire’s glory, and I held fast to my convictions.”

“But you……cowardly thing, you brought shame upon your clan and the templar legions!”

“A true pity, if this monster hesitated even a little, the situation would be different. But now……mutual destruction will be my greatest triumph.”

Jia Sha closed his eyes and corners of his mouth rose in a faint smile.

He began to calmly await death’s arrival.


Zhen Jin fell to the ground with a deathly pale face and in cold sweat.

“Done for, I’m done for……I will die here.” He was dazed and discouraged.

Zong Ge bitterly smiled: “I don’t want to die here, nor do I want this ending. Sigh, forget about it, we also tried our hardest, isn’t that so?”

His words were natural, yet his eyes exposed his heart’s unwillingness.

The youngster didn’t speak as he rushed towards Zi Di.

The dying Zi Di’s injuries were extremely serious.

The youngster kneeled to the ground, touched her body with both hands, and soon gushed with red light.

“If this magic core can transform me, can it transform others?”

“As long as I transform Zi Di’s flesh into a strong life white rhinoceros’, she can survive!”

However, the youngster’s attempt failed.

Perhaps there was a possibility, however since he never practiced this, he didn’t know the key to success. The red light couldn’t separate from his body, let alone extend to Zi Di.

“Hateful!” At that moment, the youngster was also at his wits’ end.

“Don’t tell me this is how things end?”