Chapter 209: Charging to Meet Death!

Seeing everyone gathering at his side, the monstrous youngster smiled.

However, his current form was terrifying and wasn’t human at all, thus the smile more resembled an evil grin.

He roared and pointed to the ceiling: “The imperial flag is there, noble honor also enveloped that place, and perhaps the gods’ concern is there too.”

“But that place holds our means to survival and the treasure we desire!”

“Charge with me!”

“Fuck him!”


The monstrous youngster raised his head and shouted, then he took the lead to rush out of the safe zone, and into the devastating lightning.

“Charge!” The half beastman followed close behind.

“Father!” The giant took a big step and started to run, vibrating the floor.

“Kill——!” More people shouted as they surged out.

“Dammit! They really were enticed by the body double, all of them are charging up.” Jia Sha was ashen; this was undoubtedly the worst outcome.

Zhen Jin couldn’t see the scene on the third floor, but after hearing everyone rallying and getting Jia Sha’ confirmation, he immediately became terrified and promptly shouted: “What are you doing? You’re rebelling! You want to become an enemy of a templar knight and a Heavenly Emperor Sheng Ming priest, do you want to become wanted criminals? Do you want to be condemned? The lightning will strike you all down!”

As if proving his words, at the next moment, someone in the monstrous youngster’s group was struck by lightning and immediately died!

However, everyone had foreseen this, thus none of them stopped or even slowed down.

Their charging speed even increased somewhat.

They shouted and yelled, at that moment, they looked like a beast group of people!

“Why, why is it like this?!” Jia Sha flew into a rage out of humiliation.

At that moment, he seemed to return to the past.

He resembled that young guard he saw attempting to elope with the city lord’s daughter.

He seemed to see that mob of people who rebelled against their feudal lord.

“You are inferior people! Weeds, worms! Why can’t you recognize reality?”

“Without me, you would have been swallowed up by beast groups. I also brought you into the alchemy factory! Are you biting the hand that feeds you?!”

“The strong rule the weak, the upper class rules the lower class, this is heaven’s law and earth’s principles! Yet you want to rebel against it?”

“What can you rebel with? In the end, you will die, all of you will die!”

As if responding to his voice, the chaotic lightning continued to wreak havoc.


Fei She’s eyelids trembled, after the lighting fell, he reacted.

Just a step from him, a muscular companion was turned to dust. He lost his life, for without battle qi or magic, he couldn’t resist the lightning. The body double was like this, let alone the others?

“Run for it, run for it!”

Fei She constantly aroused his strength while shouting vengefully in his heart: “President Zi Di, I will avenge you!”

Despite being like this, because he was obese, he still lagged behind.

But he wasn’t the last one.

The old Cang Xu did his best to run, however he was still last. As he watched the distance between the group and him increase, he panted for breath and sighed: “My old arms and legs really make this difficult.”

One by one, the monstrous youngster’s comrades were felled by lightning.

At that moment, it wasn’t strength, but luck that determined their life.

From this, the charge instead seemed crueler.

But no one retreated!

Because they didn’t charge for glory, but to survive. Instead of following behind some great character, they did it for themselves.

The lightning was like a baptism, a spiritual baptism.

As they got closer to the fourth floor’s stairs, their complexions revealed malevolence, excitement, zealotry, and brutality.

The brutality was enigmatic.

Hearing everyone’s footsteps get closer, Zhen Jin was thoroughly alarmed.

“Priest! This isn’t encouraging!”

“The lightning hasn’t killed most of them. Most crucially, the body double is still alive!”

“I am telling you; he is very powerful, and very terrifying! I watched him easily massacre a leopard leap with my own eyes!”

“Of course, the massacre was also sadistic. To him, it was effortless and a small demonstration of his impressive skills!”

“Hurry up, open the teleportation door so we can escape!”

“Shut up for me! Rubbish!!” Jia Sha also looked malevolent, and equal parts furious and horrified.

But he couldn’t do anything.

He still couldn’t open the teleportation door, if he could, he would have done so already!

“Almost there, almost there.”

“This group of wretched sinners! I shouldn’t have expected anything from them, I shouldn’t have saved them, or used divine spells to amplify or treat them!”

“Guardian templar knights, go down and block the fourth floor stairs, let no one charge in.”

“I need time, I only need a bit of time!”

But the four guardian templar knights showed a rare hesitation.

Zhen Jin also just said the monstrous youngster was very powerful, while they merely had their fleshy bodies.

Furthermore, the fourth floor was the control hub and wasn’t influenced by the weather controls, however the third floor had chaotic lightning.

Going down the stairs was the same as also being enveloped by the lightning.

“If we don’t stop him, we’ll be finished, we’ll surely be done for!” Zhen Jin shouted at the indecisive guardian templar knights.

“Go now, I won’t make you throw your lives away!” Jia Sha also bellowed while simultaneously using his authority to remove a crucial limitation.

The four guardian templar knights were ecstatic, they no longer hesitated as they blocked the stairs.

From the beginning, the monstrous youngster was at the forefront, and he was the first to crash into the guardian templar knights.


With a dull echo, the monstrous youngster was unexpectedly repelled and ruthlessly thrown to the third floor’s tiles.

“Battle qi!” The monstrous youngster was not lightly wounded as he quickly got up with red eyes.

That’s right, at that moment, the four guardian templar knights glittered with the radiance of battle qi.

They all had iron level strength, and as four iron level knights, they could form an extremely firm defensive line together.

For a long time, Mystifying Monster Island prohibited low level magic and battle qi, while high level magical artifacts were weakened.

But now, Jia Sha seemed to have lifted the restriction on the fourth floor, allowing the four guardian templar knights to use their battle qi.


Battle qi……once the monstrous youngster pursued that very thing, because battle qi was a qualitative change that could help him kill magic beasts stronger than him.

And now, since the enemy controlled battle qi, he was a monster restrained by it.

“Iron level battle qi, iron level equipment……” The monstrous youngster caressed his scorpion carapace. His carapace was at the silver level, however without the support of battle qi, a hole was cut into it.

The next moment, the core’s magic gushed out and quickly restored the scorpion carapace.

Seeing this, the four guardian templar knights’ pupils contracted and their hearts shook: “Monster!”

The monstrous youngster evilly grinned and charged up the stairs again.

The four guardian templar knights acted together, condensed their battle qi, and faced the enemy together!

The monstrous youngster was forced back by the combined battle qi and spat out some blood.

This was battle qi!

A mystical power that was equal to magic and divine spells.

“Father, let me come!” The giant ran up and saw the monstrous youngster being thrown to the floor, making him furious.

“Be careful! Protecting yourself is crucial!” The monstrous youngster’s complexion slightly changed as sent a prompt warning.

But the giant still held his head high, stepped on the stairs, attacked with his fists, and wanted to open the door.

“Your courting death!” The four templar knights were angry. Two of them ran battle qi through their swords and stabbed towards the giant’s heart.

If the battle qi imbued swords hit his heart, the giant would undoubtedly die.

At that crucial moment, the monstrous youngster grabbed the giant’s clothes and suddenly pulled him back.

The giant’s sudden withdrawal caused the guardian templar knights’ swords to hit his chest, however they didn’t harm his heart.

The giant tumbled as the monstrous youngster appeared.

Meanwhile, Zong Ge rushed over with bright eyes, he jumped on the giant’s head and into the air, allowing him to rapidly approach the fourth floor.

Once again, the youngster and Zong Ge coordinated.

Climbing over the giant, the youngster was right behind Zong Ge.

With just a glance, both sides determined their tactics!

Both had deep battle experience and had fought together many times; this was an outstanding connection between warriors!

For a moment, the monstrous youngster charged under the knights while Zong Ge attempted to leap over them and into the fourth floor.

“I don’t think so!” In that crucial moment, the four guardian templar knights showed their nimble response.

Three of them handled the monstrous youngster while the other interpreted the half beastman in the air.

The youngster was beaten back again!

The disparity in battle strength after adding in battle qi was too high.

Zong Ge was also in danger.

Although he wore steel armor and a metal helmet, one of his arms didn’t have protection.

The intercepting guardian templar knight knew Zong Ge’s weak point, and he craftly cut down on Zong Ge’s unprotected arm.

“Let me take your arm and give you a deep lesson!” The guardian templar knight laughed nastily.

The next moment, blood splashed as Zong Ge’s arm was chopped off, throwing it up the stairs.

But the guardian templar knight looked ashen, because although he suffered a heavy injury, the one armed Zong Ge officially entered the fourth floor!

“You did that on purpose!” After reacting, the guardian templar knight’s face filled with regret and shock.

During that confrontation, Zong Ge obviously came prepared. By grabbing the flaws in the guardian templar knight’s movements, he smoothly jumped into the fourth floor.

There wasn’t an opportunity, so he made one himself!

His severed arm caused him immense pain and made him bleed everywhere.

Originally kneeling on the ground, Zong Ge slowly got up. After losing his arm, his body was as motionless as a mountain.

“You dared to make a fool out of me!” The hoodwinked guardian templar knight erupted in anger.

“Kill him, he is only at the iron level!” Jia Sha shouted; he was currently forming the teleportation door.

Two guardian templar knights promptly separated from the group to kill Zong Ge.

Zong Ge’s mouth faintly rose, and his complexion was tranquil, as if his missing arm didn’t bother him.

With a dense gaze and an arrogant demeanor, he calmly opened his mouth: “Who told you……I am only at the iron level?”


After a moment, the light of silver level battle qi bubbled out.

All eyes on the fourth floor opened wide.



The two guardian templar knights charging at Zong Ge were then flown back at a faster speed.

“Not just silver! His battle qi also has a trace of gold luster.”

“Outrageous! This half beastman is an apex silver level soldier!!”