Chapter 202: These Emotions are Difficult to Restrain

Centering around the important information the body double had returned with, everyone discussed for a while on how to deal with the blue dog fox wolves.

When everyone scattered, Zhen Jin quietly entered Zi Di’s tent again.

He was full of anger, for during the meeting, the body double publicly held his fiancé’s hand.

This made Zhen Jin furious, and he questioned Zi Di again: “Tell me the truth my beautiful and adorable fiancée, has the body double touched you?”

Zi Di’s mind couldn’t help but think back to the oasis, when the body double sucked out the toxin.

But on the surface, the girl shook her head and denied it, furthermore she reminded Zhen Jin that the most important matter at that moment were the blue dog fox wolves.

Of course, I am concerned about that, however I also care about my fiancé! Especially when another man holds my fiancé’s hand in front of me! I haven’t even held your hand yet.” Saying this, Zhen Jin reached out to grab Zi Di’s hand.

Without time to ponder, Zi Di’s instincts reacted first, causing her to hastily pull back her hand and leaving Zhen Jin grasping air.

Just as Zhen Jin was about to get angry, the body double’s voice came from outside the tent: “Zi Di, are you sleeping?”

Zi Di immediately tensed up, if the body double discovered another male in her tent, what would he think? Zi Di didn’t want him to misunderstand anything, despite the fact that she and Zhen Jin were engaged.

Zi Di promptly opened her mouth to silently indicate to Zhen Jin, Zhen Jin then hid in a dark corner of the tent.

The body double entered the tent, found the apprehensive Zi Di, and mistakenly thought she the blue dog fox wolves terrifying her.

The body double sighed, then hugged Zi Di.

Zi Di’s heart suddenly trembled: “What bad luck, Zhen Jin is still hiding in here, he must be watching this!”

But the girl didn’t resist in the end.

The body double’s hug had that same feeling of warmth and reliability, and this time, it was stronger than when he held her hand.

In the body double’s hug, Zi Di felt happy.

“What are you afraid of?” The body double quietly comforted.

“With your Lordship here, I am unafraid.” Zi Di softly replied.

At that moment, the girl’s fiancé, Zhen Jin, was thrown to the back of her mind as she willingly indulged in the happiness the hug provided.

“Yes, I will always be by your side. The first blue dog fox wolf died under my foot and the second one is dead too. The third and the fourth, even if more appear, as long as you have me, none of them will harm you. I guarantee you!” The youngster consoled.

Zi Di raised her head up in the youngster’s chest: “Lord Zhen Jin, I trust you.”

But at this time, Zi Di sensed a peculiar hardness.

Her pulse immediately sped up and a strong shyness caused her entire body to tense up.

“Oh, right. The main reason I found you was because of some blood.” The body double smiled at Zi Di.

“I need you to do something covertly.”

“Don’t tell anyone else about the outcome.”

Zi Di’s body was burning, her heart jumped like a rabbit, and she couldn’t hear properly: “My Lord, what……do you want to do?”

An “awful” guess appeared in her mind.

“Don’t tell me he wants to?


“He is a male, he entered the forest, experienced a life and death ordeal, and beheaded a blue dog fox wolf. His mood needs to calm down, he really needs some……eh, venting.”

“But, but, no, that’s out of the question!”

“Too, too fast! I haven’t known you long enough.”

“Hold on! Zhen Jin, he’s still hiding here.”

“If this happens, he won’t be able to endure and will jump out. At that time, he will ramble indignantly and expose our secret. I must, I must prevent this from happening!”

“My Lord, your nose is bleeding.” Zi Di’s eyes shined as she shifted the subject and smashed the dangerous ambience in the tent.

“Ah.” The body double also felt the blood flowing down as he said with extreme awkwardness, “Listen to me Zi Di, it is not the thing you are thinking of.”

The body double finally stated his true purpose for coming here.

Zi D coughed and a frustrated mood inevitably gushed from her heart.

After the body double left, Zhen Jin immediately jumped out and pointed at Zi Di, his body shivering all over: “You! You just said he didn’t do anything to you! Speak, tell the truth, don’t hide anything from me!”

Zi Di was actually prepared for this, ever since Zhen Jin saw the body double hug her, she had been thinking it over.

“I told you the truth!” With a nervous face, Zi Di still felt wronged, “My Lord, why don’t you believe me?”

“Why don’t I believe you?! Ah? You just threw yourself into another man’s arms!” Zhen Jin shouted.

Zhen Jin’s reminder caused Zi Di to recall the body double’s hug again.

Apparently, some of the warmth from the body double’s hug still remained on her.

The girl’s heartbeat couldn’t refrain from accelerating again.

But on the surface, she lowered her voice and deliberately threatened Zhen Jin: “Whisper, do you want him to hear? He is a silver level cultivator; his hearing is keener than ours.”

Zhen Jin was intimidated by her, he immediately lowered his voice and felt humiliated soon after.

Seeing Hei Juan wanting to howl and vent his feelings, but not daring to, Zi Di’s heart felt disdain and vindictive pleasure.

She continued to threaten Zhen Jin: “If he discovers he is a fake, what do you think he will do?”

“My Lord, do you think he will accept the truth?”

“After he discovers your Lordship’s identity, wouldn’t he kill and replace you?”

Zhen Jin was utterly scared.

Next Zi Di changed her tone and used her emotional strengths to successfully placate him.

Seeing the half-hearted Zhen Jin leave, Zi Di deeply sighed and felt exhausted.

“What should I do if this situation happens again?”

“If this happens more, I fear Zhen Jin will explode!”

Rationality told Zi Di to curb her conduct. But emotions rendered Zi Di incapable of rejecting the body double’s advances.

For this reason, Zi Di was incessantly vexed.

In order to deal with the blue dog fox wolves and the magic beast corps, Zong Ge squarely attacked the body double’s position of leadership.

In the investigation competition, Zong Ge’s and the body double’s people competed against each other.

Zong Ge was always in the lead, however the body double suddenly took out a complete map with marked information and completely triumphed over Zong Ge’s group.

Zhen Jin felt uneasy about this, thus Zi Di had to pacify him again.

In the camp battle, the magic beast corps under the two blue dog fox wolves launched a ferocious offensive.

In the end, the camp burned down, however the magic beast corps had disastrous casualties and took the initiative to retreat.

As the flames illuminated the darkness, the thick smoke obstructed Zi D’s sense of smell and she couldn’t perceive the body double’s odor.

Despite her and the others safely retreating from the battlefield, she felt lonely and worried endlessly about the body double’s condition.

When the body double appeared, he was soaked in blood.

Just as Zi Di’s nervous heart calmed down, it tensed back up again.

Looking at the body double, Zi Di knew he was heavily injured.

But even in his state, the body double still suggested that they pursue the magic beast corps.

“That is too dangerous!” Despite knowing Zi Di’s that the body double’s proposal was correct, emotion compelled her to block him.

But with incomparable resolve, the body double appealed to everyone and obtained Lan Zao, Zong Ge, and Tripleblade.

Before leaving, the body double hugged Zi Di again.

Zi Di threw Zhen Jin and the others to the back of her mind again. Her heart strongly wished that time would stop at this moment!

Due to the pressing military situation, the body double staunchly let go.

Zi Di’s worries were confirmed when Zhen Jin quietly found her again.

“I never want to see you throwing yourself into his arms again, do you understand me!” Zhen Jin strictly warned Zi Di.

Fire appeared in Zi Di’s heart: “My Lord, please don’t use that wording, I never threw myself at him!”

“I know, but you never rejected his advances!”

My Lord, if I avoid him, wouldn’t that cause too much suspicion?” Zi Di retorted, “How do you want me to respond, how can we continue our plans? Please teach me.”

Zi Di’s advice and comfort finally calmed Zhen Jin’s breathing: “I forgot my manners. Your right, he is only a tool. A very good tool. Unfortunately…… I don’t think he is returning this time.”

Zi Di stared blankly, soon after she showed her sorrow and worry.

She was too worried, to the extent that she was incapable of hiding the truth.

Zhen Jin’s gaze was always focused on her face: “What are you thinking? My fiancé, are you worried about him? Worried about a body double, a chess piece?”

Zi Di was indignant and at that moment, she wanted to loudly refute: “He isn’t a chess piece, he is a knight, a true knight! He is more outstanding than you, heroic, full of vision, doesn’t fear sacrificing his life, and is willing to go through fire and water for us!”

Zi Di barely blocked her desire to vent her wrath, she reluctantly opened her eyes and forced the truth to fade from her face.

“My Lord! What is going on? Is worrying about him wrong? If he loses our plans will sink. This will greatly affect our future! After all, he is a silver level cultivator, while you are still at the iron level.”

A resentful thought suddenly charged into Zhen Jin’s mind, and he couldn’t help but glare at Zi Di: “Soon, sooner or later I will be a silver level knight!”

As a matter of fact, Zi Di already regretted speaking those words.

She realized she still hadn’t contained her anger, to the point that her mellow tone had mocked Zhen Jin.

She remedied it at once: “My Lord, with your aptitude, anyone with eyes can see that being a gold level knight isn’t the end for you. Sorry, I was simply nervous. If the body double loses, how can we ensure our safety afterwards? How can we escape this place?”

Just as she expected, if Zhen Jin’s personal safety was involved, he would immediately treat Zi Di more earnestly.

During apprehensive waits, time always became incomparably long.

The body double and the others returned victorious, making Zi Di overjoyed at the unexpected, good news.

Unable to restrain her emotions, she ran like a small animal, panting as she came to the body double.

“He’s still alive, amazing, he really returned!”

The girl thanked heaven and earth, and her longing and concern almost turned into tears on the spot.

“My Lord!” She almost rushed at the body double to hug him.

But in a split second, she thought of Zhen Jin.

“Zhen Jin will surely see this!”

She could only bear the pain and forcibly restrain herself, regardless of the surging emotions that constantly smashed into the dam in her heart.