Chapter 201: Unwilling to Let Go

Zong Ge and the others returned to camp with the body double.

Zhen Jin was very resentful, he privately found Zi Di and angrily said: “He really thinks he is still a templar knight. He also said things about fairness, impartiality, and treating everyone equally……this teased Zong Ge’s group, ha ha, this is simply stupid!”

Zhen Jin’s resentfulness exposed his cowardice, with disdain in her heart, Zi Di helplessly used a conciliatory tone: “My Lord, previously I did not state the situation clearly enough, many grave issues have arisen in the memories given to the body double.”

“It is not good to retort the body double’s actions to his face. That is your Lordship’s authority.”

“His actions are actually very beneficial; it is a perfect pretense. Even Zong Ge believes his identity with absolute certainty.”

Zhen Jin deeply sighed; he was finally convinced.

Regarding the body double’s decision, Zi Di was also worried about it: “He is filled with too much knightly spirit. If he showed the wolf into the house this time, it would be terrible.”

After Zong Ge and the others settled down near the camp, the body double asked Zi Di for potions to candidly give to them.

“Are these appeasement tactics truly effective? After they recover completely and become stronger, won’t we be at a disadvantage?”

“Should I tamper with the potions?”

Zi Di had these thoughts but never acted.

“According to my understanding of the body double, he has a firm knightly conviction, but he isn’t a pedantic person. When looking at the time Lan Zao, Huang Zao, and the others acknowledged their allegiance, one could clearly see it was one small item in a big scheme.”

“Since he is greeting Zong Ge and the others willingly, it proves he is confident in his ability to control the situation.”

“In fact, since we freed ourselves from the scorpion group, he’s been different.”

“Every night he is almost always patrolling alone. Is he familiarizing himself with his beastified forms?”

“At the oasis, he transformed into a spear scorpion and operated with ease, were those the results of training? War Merchant also could have given him spear scorpion memories, after forming muscle memory, it could have been unshackled.”

In the end, Zi Di believed the body double and gave him healing potions.

The body double used Zi Di’s research to ask for most of the bat monkey corpses, however he only gave a portion of them to her.

Zi Di keenly sensed this secret.

“He surreptitiously confiscated so many bat monkey carcasses, is this related to his beastification?”

She constantly experimented and mixed a potion that could restrain the bat monkeys.

“With the help of fire, this potion can form a thick smoke that can restrain a bat monkey’s sense of smell!”

“The deeper I study the barbarian race’s scroll the more profound discoveries I can find.”

Although Mystifying Monster Island prohibited magic and battle qi, Zi Di continued to improve.

Since coming to the island, all kinds of perils exhausted her mind and body as she constantly delved into the contents of the barbarian race’s scroll.

She had a severe shortage of medical instruments and often lacked medicinal ingredients. In order to survive, she had to devise ways and means to try to overcome these challenges.

Most of the time, she reaped failure.

However, after much practice, regardless of where it was success or failure, her understanding of the barbarian race’s scroll deepened ten-fold, and she was no longer limited to the medicinal prescriptions written in it. Instead, she was constantly innovating and mastered many secret formulations in pharmacology.

Zi Di didn’t think about this as she used the potion the next day.

Taking advantage of the body double, Zong Ge, and others going away to chop wood, the blue dog fox wolf commanded the bat monkey group to attack the camp again.

The body double, Zong Ge, and the others were stalled by beast groups allocated by the blue dog fox wolf as the bat monkeys assaulted the camp.

Zi Di, Cang Xu, and the others in camp could only ward them off and do their utmost to save themselves.

“Use these potions!” In that desperate moment, Zi Di fished out large quantities of the thick smoke potion.

Using their effects, the bat monkeys were controlled by the thick smoke, causing their offensive to stagnate.

After securing critical time, the body double, Zong Ge, and the others quickly eradicated the intercepting beasts and murdered their way into camp.

The beast groups collapsed.

The body double heard a strange barking and soon discovered the hidden hand behind the beast groups.

Following this, he suggested that he and Zong Ge set off together through the forest to pursue the routed beast groups and attempt to root out the culprit.

Zi Di and the others cleaned up the battlefield and waited in camp.

The body double and Zong Ge were slow to return.

After a long time, Zhen Jin covertly charged into Zi Di’s tent again with a frightened face.

“How terrible, Zong Ge has already returned, however there is still no sign of the body double!”

“Zong Ge was wounded, but he brought back a magic beast corpse that looked like python.”

Zi Di’s heart immediately thudded.

Her heart was worried, however she wanted to stabilize Zhen Jin: “I have faith in the body double, he isn’t weak, and it is unlikely that any magic beast can easily get rid of him”

“But he might have fallen into Zong Ge’s plot.” Zhen Jin scowled and became frantic.

“If he doesn’t die this time and returns, we cannot allow him to operate so independently again!”

“Who does he think he is? “He unexpectedly penetrated the forest alone; this is mindlessly risky.”

“We need to be good at using him, make him protect our safety, and produce the most value for us.”

Zi Di did her best to conceal her heart’s disdain, she knew Zhen Jin’s anger originated from fear.

However even if Zhen Jin wanted to do something, he couldn’t.

Zi Di replied: “Truth be told, I hope the body double can return safely, I have already prayed to the heavens.”

Zhen Jin sighed again: “Alas, I also want that too.”

Zi Di: “If Zong Ge really plotted against the body double, what should we do?”

Zhen Jin turned white and gasped: “Then that would be terrible.”

“We must verify the situation now. We must question Zong Ge!” Seeing Zhen Jin was indecisive, Zi Di was forced to declare her opinion.

“Find Zong Ge now?” Zhen Jin hesitated.

Zi Di strongly urged: “If the body double died, Zong Ge will be unfavorable to us. He is currently wounded; he might stall for time until he recovers so he has a greater chance of dealing with us successfully.”

“We must pry into his true situation. If the body double isn’t dead, and is simply in danger, we shall immediately organize a group and leave to support him. Without the body double, we cannot resist Zong Ge.”

Zhen Jin gritted his teeth and reluctantly nodded: “Then we will assemble everyone and question him together!”

“No.” Zi Di shook her head, “Too many people will instead make us look weak. If a conflict is triggered, the situation will be hard to control. Furthermore, even with everyone, we are not Zong Ge’s group’s opponents. Quality over quantity.”

Finally, Zi Di chose Lan Zao, Hei Juan, and a few others to go find Zong Ge for questioning.

Zong Ge frankly said: “I didn’t encounter Lord Zhen again during the journey, not long after splitting up during the pursuit, a python magic beast seemed to block the path. I fought it for a good while before dispatching it.”

“Then you didn’t pursue the culprit behind the scenes? You abandoned your battle companion Zong Ge.” Zi Di displayed a tough expression and an indignant expression while her heart worried about the body double.

Zong Ge’s words suddenly stopped, then he gave an annoyed snort. However, he also knew he was in the wrong and gave Zi Di and the others the magic beast corpse in the end.

The sun set and dusk arrived

Evening came and night fell.

Zi Di suffered in that seemingly endless wait.

“If he died in the forest, what should I do?”

“No, he isn’t dead, that’s impossible!”

“Calm down Zi Di. Since he’s confident enough to chase the beast group, his strength must be able to respond to any hazards that might appear.”

However, Zong Ge’s wound and that crocodile head hammer tail boa carcass told the girl how frightening and dangerous this island was.

“My god, I request that you bless him and help him return safely.”

“Grand Emperor Sheng Ming, although he isn’t a real templar knight, he absolutely possesses a knightly spirit. I request that you down your concerned gaze.”

The girl prayed to the gods.

She vowed to herself: “If he returns, I will tell him the truth!”

She also began to question fate as she thought of that divination: “Don’t tell this is my fate? My fate wasn’t destined to be with a knight? I’m doomed to the pits for my entire life?”

As she let her imagination run wild, good news was finally passed to her——the body double had returned!

When she saw the body double again, Zi Di nearly brimmed with tears of excitement.

The body double returning with the blue dog fox wolf hair made her prostate with fear and feel even more prideful.

“He eradicated another blue dog fox wolf!”

“It’s no wonder he returned so late.”

Because of the serious circumstances, after returning to camp, the body double gathered everyone to deliberate.

Zi Di defended the body double: “No, what Lord Zhen Jin did was correct. How could his Lordship carry such a heavy wolf corpse so far in the woods late at night? Lord Zhen Jin, to just use a human’s strength to resolve the persistent threat to the camp is already extraordinary.”

“The most important thing is that you returned safe and sound!” The girl added in her heart.

The body double looked at the girl’s amethyst eyes, slightly smiled, and reached out to grab Zi Di’s hand on the table.

Zi Di’s ice cold hand suddenly felt warm. Her fearful heart seemed to stabilize in an instant.

“What bad luck, Zhen Jin is next to me!”

Soon after, Zi Di realized how bad this was and subconsciously withdrew her hand.

But ultimately, she didn’t take back her hand, rather she let the youngster hold it.

She was unwilling to let go of this warm and reliable feeling.