Chapter 2: Future Plans

The newly elevated young captain succeeded in stabilizing the mood.      

The survivors assembled around him.

The young captain then discussed their future plans.

As an outstanding leader, he knew his own limits and what each survivor specialized in.

Everyone around the young captain gave their own views.

They were able to sincerely relay their opinion without fear of criticism. The hardships of Mystifying Monster Island led to them contributing wholeheartedly and had also cultivated a mutual underrating of collaboration between each other.

After some discussion, everyone rapidly reached a consensus.

They would contact the empire’s higher ups and use the divine artifacts as indulgences, and to obtain glory and wealth. 

The struggle between the barbarians and dragons had bled both dry. The dwarfs lived in the mountains while the elves cowered in their forests. As for the demons and devils that had been extending their talons towards the main world, they had been taught a bitter lesson almost a century ago and were still healing their wounds.

Humanity was unquestionably the current era’s leading race.

Humanity occupied the Sheng Ming Continent, and the Sheng Ming Empire held the most territory in the world, it was the strongest and most influential nation. No one thought of opposing them.

Of course, during their discussion, new ideas were put forth.

“Besides the divine artifacts, there is also War Merchant’s alchemical technology and other valuables…”

“How much would have left after we atone for our crimes?”

“Everyone understands how risky and hard it was to obtain these things.”

“Maybe we can scurry away a part, so as to tactfully avoid the empire’s voracious greed.”

“Even better, we can study War Merchant’s knowledge and use these divine artifacts covertly for ourselves. We can get rich off of War Merchant’s alchemy skills!”

This was simply human nature.

Wealth moved the mind.

They were like Jia Sha, who had chose to teleport the divine artifacts when tensions had eased and there wasn’t the pressure to survive.

The survivors were of similar mind to him.

Speaking of which, if Jia Sha had utterly defeated the tower spirit, obtained complete authority, and learned of the Deep Sea Monster Fish, the perhaps things might have turned out differently.

Cang Xu shook his head and brushed away everyone’s fantasies. The divine artifacts are special tools created by the gods for the gods.” 

“Anyone who is not a god will find it very difficult to use a divine artifact.”

“To us, those who cannot utilize their abilities, these divine artifacts are of dubious worth. Currently, the best thing we can do with them was what was mentioned before, giving it to the empire for a reward.”

Tripleblade frowned, “Wasn’t War Merchant able to use them?”

Cang Xu continued to explain, “War Merchant was a legendary level magician, and a grandmaster alchemist, he could stand with the gods, of course he could use these divine artifacts. Do not at all compare us to him.

Even if he could, he wouldn’t be able to use them to their full effect.

Tripleblade then asked, “Didn’t we bring the tower spirit with us? It should know War Merchant’s alchemy formations. As long as we build the alchemy formation and successfully activate it, can we not use the divine artifacts like War Merchant could?”

Triple Blade was once a mercenary commander, he knew well that these divine artifacts were a unique treasure that could alter his destiny. In his previous life, he struggled with his mercenary group through the dregs of society. The empire, merchant alliances, and other entities pushed them around. Perhaps it was because of that that he was against handing these divine artifacts over to the empire.

Zong Ge spoke up in favor of Triple Blade’s suggestion, “The divine artifacts notwithstanding, we also need to talk about the alchemy factory If we built one, we could manufacture alchemical weapons. If we supply the empire with them, it also should be enough to wash away our sins.

“I don’t believe anyone needs me to elaborate on how this will benefit us?” Zong Ge looked around, and saw the flames igniting in the survivors’ eyes.

Bai Ya was both happy and concerned, “If we could do that, then that would be great. But didn’t we destroy the tower spirit? Although we rescued it, its memory had been greatly damaged already. If information pertaining to the alchemy factory has been destroyed, then what should we do then?”

Worry spread through everyone.

Many of them looked at the spectral Zi Di.

After all, Zi Di was the one among them with the highest authority. After Jia Sha had died, Zi Di was the one who controlled the alchemy factory.

Zi Di replied, “Don’t worry. Although the tower spirit was destroyed and at least a third of its stored information destroyed, there is a sequence to the damage. The most important and secretive information was likely at the tail end of that sequence.”

The young captain was flabbergasted, “That’s a little strange, shouldn’t the most important information be destroyed first if one were to self-destruct?”

Zi Di nodded with a smile, “Typically, my Lord.”

“You aren’t familiar with how magicians act, however.”

“The most important and precious knowledge is usually kept the most clandestine and is the hardest to destroy. There are even many backups made of it elsewhere.”

“When a magician sets up self-destruct spells, they need to prevent enemies from exploiting them or guard against accidentally destroying it because the tower spirit or themselves made a mistake.”


Triple Blade’s eyes shined, “So, it’s very possible we can rebuild the alchemy factory?”

“Correct.” Zi Di nodded, but then shook her head, “Rebuilding the alchemy factory will be extraordinarily costly, we’d need to build on the scale of the one on Mystifying Monster Island, and spend an astronomical amount of supplies. It’ll also take a lot of time, and I doubt we’ll even be capable of it in the first place. We’ll also require a few decent alchemists too.”

“Time is precisely our limiting factor.”

“Everyone, War Merchant was killed by the Blood Light Punishment Courtyard.”

“If the Flame Dragon King was killed by the banishment spell, then the entire Blood Light Punishment Courtyard squad will be considered as wiped out.”

“Would the empire not retaliate against such an immense loss?”

“They were the ones who sent the squad to attack Mystifying Monster Island, they will start an inquiry immediately!”

We don’t have time digest these gains, and even more incapable of building an alchemy factory peacefully for profit.”

Almost everyone’s face changed.

Zi Di’s words hit the nail on the head.

Rather than being rooted out by an imperial investigation and brought to justice, it would better to use their freedom now to cleanse their sins as soon as possible.

Triple Blade was stubborn, “Don’t forget that we still have the Mermaid Fairy Tale. That divine artifact produces pearl bubbles, they were able to conceal Mystifying Monster Island superbly. We can use them to also hide ourselves.”

“It’ll be difficult.” Cang Xu sighed, “Don’t forget, the Blood Light Punishment Courtyard managed to find Mystifying Monster Island. This indicates that the empire already knows how to break this deception spell. War Merchant might have relied on this deception effect too much and became negligent, leading to his death in his own home.”

“In addition to that, I refer you to my previous point, it is hard for mortals to use divine artifacts!”

“But the pearl bubbles are easy to use, all we need to do is crush them in our hands.”

“But using them in such a crude manner is bound to be inadequate in many areas.”

“The true effects of the camouflage magic still need to be tested.”

Triple Blade no longer argued after this, Zong Ge too was silent.

Despite everyone not wanting to give up, they didn’t know what to do.

The situation was out of their hands.

The escape from Mystifying Monster Island had taught the survivors how to distinguish between dreams and reality. If one wanted to keep surviving, they usually had to yield to reality.

Everyone unanimously agreed that they would use the gains from Mystifying Monster Island to atone for their crimes against the empire.

To accomplish this step, they first needed to contact the holy empire’s leaders.

They were currently looking at using Zi Di’s Wisteria Chamber of Commerce, but most expected they would actually use the Bai Zhen Clan.

Don’t be fooled by the Bai Zhen Clan’s destitution state these days, they were once great southern nobles. As the saying goes, a rotting boat still has three pounds of nails in it.

More importantly, they had the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, the templar knight Zhen Jin, in the Deep Sea Monster Fish.

With him in their hands, they wouldn’t need to worry about the Bai Zhen Clan not cooperating!

Of course, the survivors were not limited to these two options. If a more suitable development and relationship is opened, they would gladly choose the better option.

“According to the ocean chart, the closest Wisteria Chamber of Commerce location is on an island, Ebony Island to be precise.”

“Don’t forget, the Green Jade Gold Coffin was teleported, we must find it first!”

“Of course, but the tower spirit is the only one that knows where it was teleported to.”

“Then we must rouse it as soon as possible!”

“Will the tower spirit cooperate with us after it awakes?”

The young captain gave the task of waking up the tower spirit to Cang Xu and Zi Di.

Both were magicians, the only two magicians among the survivors.

Well, at least while they still lived.