Chapter 199: It was Him

After seeing the spear scorpion and the lizard group rushing out of the oasis, Zi Di turned around and hurried back to camp.

She wasn’t thinking, for not long after she returned to camp, fat ball flying fish came to visited.

Unfortunately, Zi Di was hit by a fishbone.

“Am I dying?” In the tent, nervousness and fear stimulated Zi Di’s sweat. She knew no one could help her, thus she had to rely on herself!

Shortly after being hit, she immediately pulled out the fishbone and hastily opened her handbag.

She quickly poured potions and soon discovered that a mild blue potion was slowly dissolving the toxin.

“I’m saved!” At that moment, Zi Di rejoiced she was prepared with ample antidotes.

Breaking away from danger, Zi Di promptly took out more blue potions and forayed out of her tent.

“Catch, this potion can alleviate the fishbone’s toxins!” Zi Di threw the potions to the others, even Lan Zao got a bottle.

However, just as Zi Di was about to throw it to Lan Zao, she became distracted.

She suddenly realized that this was her best opportunity to eradicate Lan Zao. Since Lan Zao murdered his younger brother, Zi Di did not have a favorable impression of him and was very vigilant.

But the body double didn’t listen to her suggestion of removing Lan Zao, he always wanted to keep Lan Zao alive.

“As long as I didn’t save him, he would have died by the fishbones!” After Zi Di entered her tent, she immediately regretted it. She had been too nervous and wasn’t thinking as she tossed Lan Zao a potion.

The body hadn’t returned yet, however more fat ball flying fish were coming into camp.

Zi Di withdrew into her tent, feeling all the more frightened.

She couldn’t see the flying fish, but she could her their croaking, it was clearly becoming more resounding and concentrated!

“If this continues, there will be too many flying fish. If too many fishbones hit me, I won’t have enough potions to dissolve the poison.”

As the situation grew worse, Zi Di suddenly heard Lan Zao roaring.

Soon after, she heard Lan Zao roar again as well as sounds from his clash against the fat ball flying fish.

Zi Di took a risk and opened her tent flap. From her tent Lan Zao was insane as he came to the center of camp, threw rocks, and battled the fat ball flying fish.

Zi Di was amazed to discover that Lan Zao seemed to be able to discern the fat ball flying fishes’ positions!

Seeing this, she immediately threw Lan Zao a sword. In another tent, Cang Xu also did the same.

Now with weapons, Lan Zao instantly steadied his feet, fiercely fought the fat ball flying fish, and attracted every shoal’s attention.

Lan Zao fought bravely to secure valuable time for Zi Di, Cang Xu, and Bai Ya, and succeeded in delaying long enough for the body double to return.

During this time, Zi Di was hit by another fishbone.

She couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

This was the fourth time.

When a fat ball flying fish self-detonated, fishbones shot out in all directions. The palm tree tents could not shelter people from them.

Zi Di soon calmed down, but just as she wanted to take out the blue potion, a person suddenly burst into her tent!

Zi Di nervously stood up, then she saw the body double.

As her heart relaxed, she heard the body double’s troubled voice: “Let me see!”

Then the next moment, the body double held Zi Di and barbarously tore open her apprentice cloak, completely exposing Zi Di’s wound to the body double’s eyes.

Zi Di: !!!

She became a stupid statue, and even her grabbing of the blue potion also stopped.

During that delay, the pitch black toxin was quickly and visibly spreading across her delicate skin.

The body double was nervous, and without the slightest hesitation, he pulled out the fishbone, lowered his head, and used his mouth to suck out the toxin!

In a split second, Zi Di’s pupils contracted, as the blood was being sucked out, it seemed like a magical attack that was even sucking out her soul.

Due to the girl’s bashfulness as well as her naturally rebellious nature, she subconsciously pushed the body double chest.

The body double was as immovable as a mountain.

She felt the body double’s chest seemed like a boulder.

His arms were like cast steel that rigidly imprisoned the girl in his chest.

Like a sea wave, his strong male odor engulfed Zi Di’s body and mind.

She had never been treated like this before!

Her entire body went numb, her mind went blank, and she couldn’t think at all.

She was extremely tense all over.

Her toes clenched and her leather boots subconsciously rubbed the ground.

While on her back, her eyes gaze up at the tent. In that narrow space, Zi Di felt herself grow hotter and felt it became harder to breathe.

It seemed to be an endless century, but it was only for a few breaths.

When the body double finally finished, he released the girl.

His great efforts resulted in considerable gains, almost all of the poison in Zi Di’s body was sucked out, and the little remaining didn’t spread.

Zi Di suddenly sensed she could breathe again, with a burning body and a buzzing head, she stammered: “My, my Lord, I have medicine. It can, it can remove this toxin.”

She took out a small glass bottle with the blue potion inside.

Upon meeting the blue liquid, the pitch-black toxin immediately dissipated.

The youngster: ……

The young knight realized that he had been rude and impetuous, he looked somewhat awkward as he coughed: “That’s good. I will go take a look at the others.

The body double left.

Zi Di suddenly felt how deserted the tent was, and soon after, a complex mood gushed from her heart like the tide.

“What did he just do to me?”

“My goodness!”

“Why, why didn’t I resist?”

“No, no, I resisted! But I couldn’t stop him……”

“How, how could he do this to me?!”

“No, he didn’t know I had the blue potion; therefore, he didn’t violate me deliberately. He did it to protect me……”

For a moment, Zi Di’s train of thought was in chaos, and she forgot the fat ball flying fish were still attacking the camp.

After the body double returned, he easily killed the fat ball flying fish and saved the camp.

But Lan Zao was gravely wounded and seriously poisoned.

“My Lord, help me……” Lan Zao weakly pleaded on his deathbed as he grabbed the body double’s leg.

The body double asked Zi Di to lend a helping hand.

Although Zi Di advised the body double to eliminate Lan Zao and felt regretful for throwing him a potion, she nevertheless decided to earnestly help.

“Without Lan Zao delaying, we wouldn’t have persevered until the body double returned.

“From that point of view, we were saved by him.”

Zi Di did her best to mix potions, and with Bai Ya risking himself to suck out the poison, they finally saved Lan Zao.

After resting at the oasis for several days, the four left and trekked back to the forest.

Because of the body double’s actions during the poison matter, a layer of awkwardness formed between him and Zi Di.

The two clearly interacted less frequently. Even when they looked at each other, they quickly glanced away.

However, every time the body double and she looked face to face, Zi Di’s heartbeat sped up.

As the body double found a path, Zi Di couldn’t help but look at his back, and more often than not, time went by very fast as she watched him attentively.

The torturous trek seemed insignificant in Zi Di’s feelings.

Even though she didn’t talk to the body double much, the ambience made Zi Di feel happy!

“Maybe as long as we are together, this journey will be great.”

Zi Di’s heart lamented.

But a good thing didn’t last forever.

Penetrating through the forest, the body double found the battlefield where Zong Ge fought a beast group.

Following the traces, they quickly discovered the camp.

“That is?!” Seeing the familiar camp, Zi Di’s eyes instantly shrank.

In that camp, she and her guards were ambushed by that blue dog fox wolf. During that calamity, she had to open the body double’s box, drag the hibernating body double, and evacuate.

The camp should have been teleported here. Furthermore, it was being besieged by bat monkeys and its situation was far from good.

During their cautious observation, Zhen Jin playing the role of Hei Juan, fled from the camp.

Seeing him in that split second, a bolt from the blue seemed to strike Zi Di.

She didn’t think that she would encounter her real fiancé so quickly here!

She still wasn’t prepared.

Hei Juan seized the opportunity as he crawled out and sprinted into the forest around the camp.

A bronze level bat monkey screeched, flapped over, and overtook Hei Juan.

“He’s going to die? He’s going to die!” Seeing her fiancé being killed by a bat monkey, Zi Di’s mouth and tongue went dry as a mix of fear and expectations grew in her heart.

Fate was fickle.

Her mother died, her father died, War Merchant died, and she fell in love with a body double.

Now, her fiancé will also die.

“If Hei Juan dies, then he will be the only Zhen Jin!”

“Fooling the empire will be difficult, but that is something that can be considered in the future.”

“His death won’t be by my hand, but by a magic beast’s.”

Zi Di never thought of marriage, and never wanted to marry Zhen Jin. Now that Zhen Jin was dying in front of her, she felt relaxed and free.

But at the next moment!

A strong gale came from behind her as a dart whistled into the bat monkey, killing it and saving Zhen Jin.

With a pale face, Zi Di looked behind her.

And like she expected, the one who saved Zhen Jin……

It was the body double.