Chapter 193: This Body Double is Priceless

The body double looked at Zi Di as he lay on the ground, he wanted to say something, but was unable to speak. His throat and tongue were swollen, making it hard for him to pronounce words, thus he could only smile at the girl.

Zi Di’s mind flashed like lightning, and she immediately explained: “My Lord, the fire-poison has flared up again, the previous potion will not work again. I was in the middle of making a new potion that will surely succeed!”

Believe me, my Lord, you must not give up! I am certain I can save your life!”

The body double nodded, however that slight movement caused him to lose consciousness again.

Zi Di blankly stared, what happened? Unconscious again?

She promptly inspected the body double’s situation and found him in a precarious state. It was better than being dead, but he still looked like he was a few breaths from dying.

“Don’t tell me my prior guess was mistaken? War Merchant didn’t arrange any resurrection methods?”

“Perhaps he was feigning death……I recall some written records of this.”

“Maybe, War Merchant really installed a self-help method, but the effects of it can only attain this level of success?”

“Abominable! Don’t tell me my happiness was for naught?”

Zi Di clenched her teeth and gazed at the dying body double with unwillingness.

Suddenly, her mind lit up.

“Hold on, most of the fire-poison is in his blood, that is the cause of his death. If I can remove his poisoned blood, maybe I can alleviate the burden on his body, thereby bringing him back to life!”

Of course, this method also had hidden dangers.

The body double had gone through a bitter fight and lost a lot of blood, if he lost more blood, he might die of excessive blood loss.

But nothing could be done.

Without expelling the poisonous blood, he would definitely die. Draining him seemed to still have a possibility of survival!

Zi Di deeply breathed, then she began to slice into the body double arm to discharge his poisonous blood.

Watching the blood constantly flowing out, Zi Di also nervously observed the body double’s condition.

Her mouth constantly shouted, and occasionally, she opened the body double’s eyes to examine his pupils.

“This is?!” In a split second, the body double’s eyes went through an indescribable transformation, his pupils had inverted into vertical black beast pupils with golden scleras.

Seeing those eyes, Zi Di couldn’t move a single step, she couldn’t think or run, it was like encountering a predator!

But the next moment, the body double’s pupils changed back into a humans.

Everything had happened too quickly, and in Zi Di’s absentmindedness, she almost thought it was an illusion.

The body double forced his eyes open again and looked around to find Zi Di drawing out his blood.

“My Lord, I am treating you! I am drawing out your poisoned blood to weaken the fire-poison in your body.”

The body double was silent, he didn’t dare to rashly move.

His mind was also very dizzy, if he moved too much, the dizziness would knock him out.

The body double looked at the cave ceiling, then not long after, he died again.

“He died again?!”

Zi Di blankly stared, her heart had gone cold once again.

She brushed away the body double’s eyelids to find his pupils already diffusing and his pulse gone, like before, he was completely dead.

If it were someone else, Zi Di would have given up.

But she knew the body double was personally transformed by War Merchant, he was someone War Merchant placed huge expectations on, for this reason, War Merchant even used legend level blood on him.

“Just now the body double was like this, then he suddenly revived……maybe this too is a feigned death.”

However, this time, after Zi Di waited for a long time, the body double didn’t revive again.

“Don’t tell me he can only revive one?” Zi Di checked the body double’s corpse and found him ice-cold.

“Did he lose too much blood? Could it be that because I drained his blood, he completely died?”

Zi Di began to panic.

“I have potions, but none of them can revive a dead person. I can only rely on his life potential, and because he has lost too much blood, I need to replenish it!”

One simple test later, Zi Di discovered her blood type was not compatible with the body double.

Her eyes then stopped on the monkey tail brown bear corpse

“I can inject bear blood into his body!”

“He is War Merchant’s creation and has the Golden Queen Bee bloodline, this monkey tail brown bear is also an artificial magic beast, thus both sides have commonalities.

“This is worth experimenting with!”

At the same time, this was also the only method Zi Di had before her.

Not long after, the body double woke up again.

This time, the body double’s eyebrows wrinkled as he finally sensed intense pain!

“It worked, it worked!” Zi Di couldn’t help but exclaim with an emotional heart.

Soon after, the body double closed his eyes again.

“He died again?!” Zi Di was stunned, she couldn’t help but be furious.

Life and death, life and death? Which do you want in the end?!

Zi Di’s mood undulated with the body double’s life and death, sometimes it was in paradise, and sometimes it was in hell.

Whether the body double lived or died determined whether Zi Di could escape.

Zi Di deeply breathed, then she inspected the body double again.

She soon coughed in relief.

As it turns out, the body double didn’t die this time, rather he was just unconscious.

“He can only rely on himself now, I have already done all that I can!” Zi Di sighed.

She had faith in the body double.

The foundation of this faith was simple——the body double had been dying and reviving, what is unconsciousness to that?

“Wait a minute, I can use his unconsciousness to conduct a comprehensive inspection of his body!”

“This is my best opportunity.”

“If he survives and wakes up, I will never have another chance.”

Zi Di knew she had to increase her understanding of the body double for his body was densely layered with enigmas. How many alchemy methods did War Merchant use on him?

Using all of her strength, Zi Di moved the body double, and took off his equipment and clothes.

When it came time to remove his pants, Zi Di’s movements suddenly slowed.

She suddenly realized what she was doing!

Before this, she had never taken off the pants of a young male!

“I am merely doing this for research, I am only doing this for my survival, I must do this!”

“Zi Di, make the extra effort! You can do it.”

“Who will know about this, he is unconscious!”

Despite her heart’s encouragement, Zi Di still procrastinated for ten breaths before continuing.

By the time she put the body double’s pants on, her face was blushing like a ripe tomato, and she felt herself burning.

For most of the day, she slowly got over herself and continued to move.

She cleaned up the battlefield and treated the monkey tail brown bear and scaled leopard carcasses. Using the bear blood again, she mixed hunting compounds and sprinkled near the cave to pretend the bear was still alive in order to intimidate other existing predators.

She explored the cave until she found a dead end.

Coming back, she was pleasantly surprised to find the body double had already opened his eyes.

“You're awake! Her mind raced as she ran a few steps and nearly threw herself into the body double’s chest.

On the one hand, she really was emotional, on the other hand, she was also acting.

Quickly, she sensed the body double’s hand on her shoulder and heard his hoarse voice: “I heard you never gave up.”

“Yes!” Zi Di nodded and released the body double Her unblinking violet eyes fixed on the teenager.

Four eyes faced each other.

Zi Di’s heart said: His pupils are very normal. Don’t tell me the beast eyes that appeared really were just an illusion?

As her heart analyzed, the girl passionately said: “Lord Zhen Jin, you really are a true templar knight!”

“This was all thanks to your potion.”

But Zi Di shook her head: “The situation was dire, the potion I made was too simple and crude. To tell the truth, I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t know all my efforts would result in this strange effect! Perhaps……”

The body double laughed: “What do you want to ask? Don’t worry.”

Zi Di’s heart was very clear: a massive flaw had already appeared. She could try to conceal the revival and death matter; however, the body double’s incredible restoration abilities were in complete disharmony with Zhen Jin.

She guessed this was likely one of War Merchant’s methods, but the body double didn’t know War Merchant. If doubts arose about this aspect, he would likely suspect her of something.

So, she had to use words to resolve this flaw ahead of time.

Under Zi Di’s meticulous guidance, the body double’s train of thought was greatly affected.

“Your guess might be true, but I am unable to answer you. It is because I have only remembered a few short memories, that is all.

“My Lord, how do you feel after drinking?” Zi Di’s face was nervous and concerned.

Finding her guidance successful, the intelligent Zi Di knew when to stop, thus she immediately changed the topic.

“I am not feeling any pain, everything is as normal.” The body double replied.

“That’s good, but I still need to observe you.”

Zi Di was very concerned with the body double’s state, for now, she could only rely on him.

After drinking water, the body double had to urinate.

“My Lord, let me help you.” Zi Di had been watching the body double closely and was good at reading body language. She sensed the teenager was a bit embarrassed and understood why.

“My Lord, I am your fiancé, there is no need to be embarrassed.” Zi Di persuaded, but her heart said, “I already saw it.”

“Eh? The volume is different. Was his stored urine the reason……”

Zi Di helped the body double smoothly urinate, her cheeks still blushed an adorable red and her hair slightly stuck up, as if her small head was steaming.

“My Lord, it seems that your injuries have recovered well. You can drink water at ease. However, you need to be cautious when eating. “ Zi Di felt happy that the body double was in a healthy state.

She then observed the body double defecating, then gathered it for analysis.

“My Lord, your body is great. It is actually astounding. This kind of body essence is absolutely not at the silver level.”

Zi Di gazed at the body double, her purple eyes burning bright.

She suddenly realized at that moment: even if her plan to seize War Merchant’s inheritance failed, she still had the youngster, War Merchant’s greatest magnum opus. By thoroughly studying him, it was possibly she too could figure out War Merchant’s alchemy achievements!