Chapter 189: Zi Di on the Island

“You can open your eyes.” Said Jian Zuan.

Zi Di slowly opened her eyes, she no longer found herself at a wharf, but in an alchemy factory.

The alchemy factory was humongous, and currently, there were many long mechanical arms precisely and quickly pouring key liquids for explosive flasks.

Jian Zuan allowed Zi Di a moment to look around, then suddenly said: My teacher is already here; please follow me.

Passing through a gate made from legend level materials, Zi Di arrived at the alchemy factory control hub, the countless coffins stunned her.

On the control hub’s first floor, she saw War Merchant.

This was a legend level magician, an apex grandmaster, but at that moment, his legend level life aura was somewhat weak.

He was clearly wounded.

Three of his fingers had been shattered and were currently soaking in the Green Jade Golden Coffin.

The Green Jade Golden Coffin was filled with green liquid. The green liquid was translucent and seemed to contain an extremely powerful vitality.

After a few breaths, War Merchant’s shattered fingers regrew.

He pulled out his hand and wiped off the green liquid, after moving the fingers around a bit, he nodded with satisfaction.

Then War Merchant looked at Zi Di: “As you’ve seen, alchemy research requires a price.”

Zi Di was stunned: “Lord War Merchant, what is that medicinal liquid? It is actually able to instantly cure the injuries of a legend level? If that medicine was sold, even if there wasn’t much, it would surely cause a commotion in the world!”

“Hahaha.” War Merchant laughed, “You're just like your father, when he came here for the first time, he was captivated by the alchemy cannons. He suggested a price to me and formulated a set of marketing plans.”

“Although he was only at the iron level, he really had rarely seen business abilities! I have collaborated with many merchants, but with any merchandise, your father always sold the most.”

“Many thanks for your Lordship’s praise.” Zi Di bowed.

War Merchant nodded again, his eyes revealing his admiration: “Your courage is comparable to your father’s, and you are very eloquent. You have succeeded in convincing the Bai Zhen Clan, and relied on just yourself to facilitate a marriage connection. Your choice is excellent and suitable.”

Zi Di’s mouth expressed her thanks, hiding the gloominess in her heart.

The first night she took over the Wisteria Merchant Alliance as president, Luo Shi tried to assassinate her. If her father hadn’t sent a letter asking the gold level magician, Jian Zuan, for help in repelling Luo Shi, Zi Di would be dead

It was clear, someone didn’t want to see the Wisteria Merchant Alliance have a new president with a strong disposition.

Zi Di didn’t know which power or officials were the culprits, nor did she know the participants of that meeting the other day.

In order to defend herself, Zi Di needed a strong character’s protection.

Jian Zuan and War Merchant were the obvious best choice.

Because they were wanted criminals, and their position was naturally clear. They needed Zi Di, and those powerful influences had plenty of alternatives.

Jian Zuan required that Zi Di forge a marriage connection, only after she had done that, did she have the qualifications to collaborate with War Merchant and Jian Zuan.

Currently the Wisteria Merchant Alliance was too weak, its situation completely different from its heyday.

Previously, Zi Di refused marriage.

But now, in order to defend herself, in order to avenge her father, Zi Di had to choose marriage.

She succeeded.

She and the Bai Zhen Clan created a close alliance by marrying Zhen Jin.

She ought to thank the Southern War, for nowadays, the feeble Bai Zhen Clan also needed the Wisteria Merchant Alliance.

War Merchant continued: “This green liquid cannot be sold, it isn’t really the thing healing me, rather it is the divine artifact, the Green Jade Golden Coffin.”

Zi Di’s eyes opened wide: “Isn’t that the Feather Snake god’s divine artifact, the one rumored to resurrect the dead?”

War Merchant nodded, then shook his head: “It really is the Feather Snake god’s divine artifact, but it isn’t complete. As you can see, this divine artifact still lacks a coffin lid.”

“At the same time, I am not a Feather Snake god believer, I don’t have the corresponding divine power.”

“I used alchemy to steal a portion of the divine artifact’s power, but making this green liquid is the extent of my abilities. If it leaves the alchemy formation, the green liquid will immediately lose its effectiveness. Even within the formation, the green liquid cannot revive the dead.”

“So that’s how it works.” Zi Di sighed.

“The goods are already ready and are in the warehouse.” War Merchant called for the tower spirit and opened the teleportation door.

Zi Di followed War Merchant and Jian Zuan to the merchandise warehouse, and finally saw the body double.


The body double’s eyes were closed as he hibernated in a wooden box. The box had a serial number on it: EX—866

Seeing the body double’s appearance, Zi Di’s heart quaked, such unexpected similarity, the body double was simply a copy of Zhen Jin.

War Merchant smiled and said: “Currently, this is my finest work!”

“Appearance adjustments are mere trifles.”

“He was once a silver level knight. In order to perfectly replace Zhen Jin, I successfully integrated the Gold Queen Bee bloodline into his body.”

Zi Di’s look immediately changed, revealing her astonishment.

The Gold Queen Bee was a legend level magic beast, and it was the source of the Bai Zhen Clan’s bloodline.

The Bai Zhen Clan’s battle qi cultivation, battle arts, trump cards, and more used that bloodline as a foundation, after many years of improvement, they had a comprehensive system in current times.

“Before Zhen Jin personally imbued a memory crystal, I already imbued within him, the memories of a strong character from the Bai Zhen Clan.”

“Passing through a series of battles and training, his muscles have also been molded to fit with the Bai Zhen Clan’s battle arts the most.”

“His memory has also been meticulously filtered and modified; he won’t lack common sense. When he obtains Zhen Jin’s memories, it will be very compatible with his body.”

Zi Di’s heart trembled in fear as she listened to War Merchant.

When War Merchant finished, he deeply gazed at her: “As for the Gold Queen Bee bloodline, I spent a great sum to secretly purchase it from the Gigantic Mouth Hunting Group. Legend level blood……tsk tsk, I can’t help but say that our luck was very good.”

Zi Di’s complexion turned completely pale.

“Hehehehe. It seems you’ve already sensed it.” War Merchant’s smile grew wider.

“Teacher, I’ve told you she is an intelligent human girl.” Jian Zuan agreed.

Zi Di’s mouth was dry, and her pulse accelerated: “So, the plan has been altered?”

“Yes.” War Merchant looked on with admiration, but he didn’t explain, rather he said to Jian Zuan, “Give her the details.”

“Jian Zuan explained: “Originally, we wanted to help and shelter you, allowing you to sell munitions for us. Of course, the current Wisteria Merchant Alliance is unable to collaborate with us, however you accepted my proposal, or rather my test.”

“You passed, now you are connected to the Bai Zhen Clan by marriage, with this identity, as long as Zhen Jin succeeds in becoming city lord of White Sands City, your Wisteria Merchant Alliance can gain a foothold, allowing us to sell great amounts of munitions in the Wilderness Continent.”

No matter whether it was magic cultivation or alchemy research, both of them needed numerous tests and consumed large amounts of resources.

By selling munitions, War Merchant and Jian Zuan could acquire funding to invest into cultivation and research.

With the results of cultivation and research, more advanced weapons could provide more funding.

For many years, War Merchant had carried out this virtuous cycle.

In recent years, he turned more to life alchemy and contributed much to it.

“But recently……” Jian Zuan continued, “Our alchemy had a major breakthrough. We can perfectly fuse legend level bloodlines into a living being. Of course, only a portion of the bloodline, furthermore the lifeform must at least be at the silver level.”

“With the memory crystal, we can directly build our own ‘Zhen Jin’, a perfect puppet that accepts our control.”

“Our luck was really good. Fortunately, the Gigantic Mouth Hunting Group killed a legend level Gold Queen bee.”

“We’ve ambushed the personal forces the Bai Zhen Clan dispatched; they should all be dead right now.”

Technological breakthroughs and increases in strength allowed War Merchant and Jian Zuan to also expand their ambitions.

They were no longer satisfied in helping Zi Di, rather they wanted to embezzle White Sands City and even began to erode and control the Bai Zhen Clan.

“But I have an engagement contract, if I harm Zhen Jin, I will suffer a backlash.” Zi Di expressed her worry.

“Be at ease, next I will personally alter the magical contract on your body.” War Merchant laughed.

Zi Di’s heart was ice-cold.

She deeply realized that collaborating with War Merchant was practically seeking after tiger skins.

Zi Di could reluctantly accept the previous plan. Because she could use War Merchant and the Bai Zhen Clan to benefit from both sides, she could divulge her connection to War Merchant and exploit the Bai Zhen Clan for the most value, allowing her to ensure her freedom.

But things were different now.

Now, War Merchant wanted to deal with Zhen Jin and the Bai Zhen Clan, Zi Di was too weak and could only be wrapped up in their conspiracy.

If this conspiracy developed against Zhen Jin, the sole heir, Zi Di would become the Bai Zhen Clan’s mortal enemy, while simultaneously becoming the enemy of all imperial higher ups.

The new plan was too risky, but Zi Di had no power to refuse.

“I am not collaborating with War Merchant, I am only their chess piece, nothing more.”

Her heart was dismal, however Zi Di nodded to the master and disciple and said with a heavy tone: “A wonderful new plan.”

Not long after, Zi Di staggered from a magical formation.

War Merchant was worthy of being a legend level magician, he had succeeded in altering the magical contract on Zi Di’s body.

Just as the magical ritual, Zi Di felt dizzy, her spirit had been wounded greatly.

But War Merchant was prepared, giving Zi Di a potion.

Zi Di didn’t hesitate, she drained it in one gulp and rapidly improved her condition. After several breaths, her spirit recovered completely, and even grew somewhat.

The girl’s complexion changed; her perfect spirit allowed Zi Di to quickly sense the magical contract.

War Merchant smiled: “I only amended it, shifting its original target to the body double. Thus, this magical agreement will be powerful evidence for the body double’s disguise.”

“From now on, your life is linked with the body double, enjoy life together.”

“Of course, the highest authority is in my hands. As long I have the thought, this magical agreement will alter in a flash, removing both your lives. Unless I die one day, this contract will remain on your body human girl.”

Zi Di looked deathly pale.

War Merchant was rigorous, he didn’t give any room for Zi Di or the body double to rebel.

If there were no accidents, from now on, Zi Di could only be War Merchant’s chess piece!

“The body double now only lacks Zhen Jin’s memoires.” War Merchant sighed.

“I will give you a set of memory crystals.:

“Naturally I have altered it, as long as Zhen Jin uses this set, all of his memories will be secretly duplicated.”

“It would be for the best if you can get him to do it voluntarily.”

“If he is forced to do it, defects will appear in the memories.”

“As for how to get him to do it voluntarily, I believe you can think of a way.”

“I Zi Di will do her best, I will live up to Lord War Merchant’s expectations!” Zi Di bowed to the ground. This attitude made War Merchant and Jian Zuan very satisfied.


Several days later……

In a wharf warehouse.

“My Lord, this is the body double prepared for you.” On the side, Zi Di smiled.

“Incredible! Too incredible. It isn’t possible to find such a perfect body double!?” Zhen Jin exclaimed repeatedly.

Zi Di wore a smile, but her mood was very complex.

Who would have thought Mystifying Monster Island was actually in the ocean.

The people on Mystifying Monster Island had an immense influence on her life.

“From now on, is my life really connected to you?” Zi Di silently gazed at the body double.

“Anyways, I and Zi Di are connected by marriage, I am also a templar knight and the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir. They wouldn’t dare to harm me.” Holding these opinions, Zhen Jin trusted Zi Di.

According to Zi Di’s plan, Zhen Jin used a memory crystal and disguised himself as Hei Juan.

“Hahaha.” He began to laugh, “Then go do your business. You must continue to work hard; it is not easy if you want to become a noble’s wife with your identity and bloodline.”

“I will keep your Lordship’s words in my heart!” Zi Di responded.


After the Hog’s Kiss had sailed for some time……

Late into the night, the captain's cabin.

The captain fell to the ground, looking at Zi Di with fear.

“How can this be?” His body was paralyzed, he couldn’t budge, “I was definitely careful and had you monitored at all times. How could you poison me?”

Zi Di smiled and looked at the ink bottle on his desk.

“Lord captain, every three days, you send word to Templar Knight Fen Yi, reporting information about Priest Jia Sha and us.”

“That is expensive ink, are you still getting used to it?”

The captain gazed at the ink: “You poisoned it? Impossible, I already started using it, why is it poisoned now?”

Zi Di shook her head: “You actually don’t need to know much, because it involves the barbarian race’s herbal knowledge. You can go to sleep.”

“No, wait a minute! I can rely on you and the Bai Zhen Clan. Don’t kill me, if you kill me, how can you sail to the Wilderness Continent without any trouble? Without a captain, the Hog’s Kiss is very dangerous!” The captain begged for forgiveness.

Zi Di took out a rapier she had prepared: “If you merely monitored us, I would allow it. Unfortunately, you have deliberately slowed down these days, the longer we take, the more detrimental it will be to us.”

Finishing, the magically imbued rapier easily ran through the captain’s body.

“You will regret……this.” Facing death, the captain glared, his eyes were filled with the fear of death and savage vengeance.

“Not good.” Zi Di immediately realized the captain must have some kind of hidden countermeasures.

At the next moment, the Hog’s Kiss’ magical equipment activated, splitting the hull into two.

“Dammit!” Zi Di promptly ran out of the captain’s cabin.

She used invisibility magic, thus the chaotic crowd never sensed her.

While rushing towards Zhen Jin’s room, she suddenly stamped her feet, and stood shocked.

The magical contract was suddenly removed!

War Merchant’s joke echoed in Zi Di’s mind again, this made her realize the inconceivable, War Merchant had died in combat!

“This is impossible!”

“But the magical contract really was removed, there is no reason for War Merchant to do this.”

“He’s dead!”

“What happened at Mystifying Monster Island?”

“I……must take a look!”

“I must look, immense changes must have happened to Mystifying Monster Island.”

“If War Merchant and Jian Zuan aren’t dead, they will find me again in the future. If they are on their last breaths, I can decide at the last moment whether to save or kill them!”

“If they are dead, I might be able to take over the Mystifying Monster Island’s alchemy factory!”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

“I must land on the island.”

“I also have level eighteen authority; I must land on the island with all speed!!”