Chapter 183: My End

Jia Sha’s certainty inevitably made Zhen Jin and the four guardian templar knights somewhat bewildered.

Zi Di’s heart sank, but on the surface she sneered: “Ha. Priest, do you want to struggle? With a one-sided statement?”

“I have proof!” Jia Sha shouted.

First, you possess level eighteen authority. That kind of authority is remarkable, someone who does simple business transactions or deals with War Merchant can’t reach that level of authority. I have already researched this, there are fifty levels of authority, and the eighteenth level is very high, you are at least an associate. Therefore, your relationship with War Merchant isn’t simple!

Second, you just admitted that Zhen Jin’s body double was custom-made by War Merchant. Zhen Jin confessed to me; thus, I know the first time he saw the body double, it was at a wharf. Before that, you didn’t reveal his body double to him. This proves, after you bought him from War Merchant, it was transported to the wharf warehouse. I guess that beforehand, you have already set foot in Mystifying Monster Island then returned to the wharf with Zhen Jin’s body double.

“You have also said that these are all guesses. Zi Di shook her head.

“Don’t worry, there is a third point, after the shipwreck happened, you disappeared. Most of the survivors ended up on the closest beach, but there was no sign of you. Why did you land far from the shipwreck? After the sinking, why didn’t you swim towards the nearest beach, and instead, swam to a farther one?”

“What is this? I was carried by the sea waves.” Zi Di was unconcerned.

Jia Sha’s gaze grew sharper: “Hahaha, good excuse! Your slip up proves you were already prepared to deal with such questions.”

“However, if the sea waves carried you involuntarily, that would be weirder. Why did you land on this island with a squadron of people following you? Why did you have the fortune of having Zhen Jin’s body double in your care? Don’t tell me you believe in the Ocean god? Did you receive a god’s concern, so that not only did the sea waves carry you onto a beach, they also carried in people that would defend you?”

Zi Di sneered: “Wasn’t your group scattered? Then can’t I harbor suspicions of you, did you collude with the guardian templar knights to create the shipwreck?”

“No, it is very clear, Jia Sha used a divine spell to unite all of the guardian templar knights. On the ship, almost all of the guardian templar knights were at Jia Sha’s side.” Zhen Jin shook his head, he actually negated Zi Di’s words and began to look at his fiancé with bewilderment.

Zi Di’s complexion sank.

“Hahaha!” Jia Sha laughed, “Templar knight, it seems you aren’t stupid.”

“Then I can conclude after the shipwreck, you gathered a team and boarded small boats, then after finding a relatively familiar place, you landed on the island. You came prepared!”

Zi Di refuted: “If I came prepared, I wouldn’t have landed in that spot, that is an immense flaw. You can easily make it out, thus others can too, would I easily expose myself like that?”

“So, you wanted to land on Mystifying Monster Island and were somewhat prepared, however the opportunity was too urgent, and you didn’t prepare enough. Maybe this was because your manufactured shipwreck was a last minute scheme!”

“Your original plan was to travel with Zhen Jin to the Wilderness Continent and assist him in the White Sands City lord competition.”

“But while sailing on the Hog’s Kiss, you discovered Mystifying Monster Island had an unforeseen event!”

“The Blood Light Punishment Institution squad ambushed the alchemy factory, where they died along with War Merchant. Because you have level eighteen authority, you learned of this situation.

“From your point of view, If War Merchant was severely injured, you could save him, that would be an immense contribution. If War Merchant died, you could immediately take over his assets. If the Blood Light Punishment Institution was victorious, you could feign innocence and take the time to destroy any evidence of your Wisteria Merchant Alliance’s connection with War Merchant!”

“But when you decided to act, you found you couldn’t do it publicly, only secretly. Furthermore, there was another inconvenience, you and Zhen Jin have an agreement that stated you both were leaving to the Wilderness Continent.”

“Success or failure in the White Sands City competition concerned your future. But War Merchant and Mystifying Monster Island was an opportunity that came once in a blue moon. By seizing this, perhaps you could alter your entire life!”

“I have to admit, you have an adventurous spirit. In fact, if you could really come here, you really might have been the first to inherit War Merchant’s assets.”

“Unfortunately, your small team was too weak, and it didn’t make it through the jungle. Perhaps this is because you underestimated how dangerous Mystifying Monster Island was. At the most desperate moment, when you nearly lost your life, you were forced to hastily rouse the body double. Because the body double’s memories were instilled too quickly, he only received a few, this is what you experienced after.”

Zi Di’s eyes were evasive as she retorted: “Then why would I kill the captain? If I really wanted to land on Mystifying Monster Island, I wouldn’t want more people ashore to deal with, correct? Wouldn’t it be better if, after I and Zhen Jin discussed, we secretly used a boat to land? Why would I be superfluous, why would I kill the captain and create the shipwreck to have more people land on Mystifying Monster Island?”

Just as those words were said, Zhen Jin and the four guardian templar knights changed dramatically.

Witnessing their expressions changing, Zi Di also turned pale.

At that crucial moment,

Jia Sha was ecstatic, his pupils dilated as he tenaciously gazed at Zi Di: “Did I say anything about the captain’s murder?”

Zi Di did her best to make up for her mistake and shrugged her shoulders: “What of it? Your framing the shipwreck on me, in that case, the captain would have been the biggest barrier and his cause of death is a mystery, I am simply that ahead of time, because you want to frame that on me next!”

“You are a worthy Merchant Alliance President, as expected, you are eloquent! Unfortunately, I know why you murdered the captain!” Jia Sha replied.

“Because you discovered the Hog’s Kiss’ captain was detrimental to you!”

“He is actually one of Templar Knight Fen Yi’s people. Currently, Fen Yi is one of the competitors in White Sands City. After I understood this, I realized my planned route was an artificial coincidence. The captain was loyal to Fen Yi’s clan, he was placed to investigate me, and if the situation allowed it, he would use Fen Yi’s name to be friendly with me in advance.”

“You also wanted to get close to me, as a result, you chose to travel on the Hog’s Kiss. The captain might not have discovered Zhen Jin, but he found his fiancé, you Miss Zi Di.”

“Of course, the captain would be a detriment to you, and for an unknown reason, you discovered this Miss Zi Di. If you left stealthily, you might have caused the captain to track you down. This will be a great inconvenience for you when you land on Mystifying Monster Island. Therefore, you simply caused the shipwreck to kill him!”

“Then how do you know this, priest?” Zhen Jin looked at Jia Sha and asked.

Jia Sha smiled: “Because Xi Suo is the captain’s son, it is only natural that he knew the captain’s faction. However, as he struggled to survive on Mystifying Monster Island, he chose to rely on your body double. Of course, he believed the body double was a genuine templar knight.”

“He confessed the worries in his heart. He sincerely relied on the body double, but he was also scared that his father’s faction would discover the body double.”

Zhen Jin suddenly understood.

Zi Di retorted: “The Hogs’ Kiss’ captain is strong, I am a simple novice magician, how could I kill him without any commotion?”

Jia Sha sneered: “This I don’t know. You are indeed a magician, with abundant magical tricks. You are also proficient in medicine, there are many methods available to you.”

“In summary, after you killed the captain, you destroyed the Hog’s Kiss, causing it to split into two. With your most loyal and reliable men, you landed on Mystifying Monster Island.”

Zhen Jin and the four guardian templar knights looked at Zi Di.

“Zi Di, tell me this isn’t true!” Zhen Jin’s voice shivered.

Zi Di laughed grimly: “So, everything said is merely your guesses.”

“Haha, of course I can prove it.” Jia Sha laughed again.

Divine spell: detect lies!

After a moment, Jia Sha covered Zi Di’s body with a divine spell.

“Now, if I accused you wrongly Miss Zi Di, you can prove it!” Jia Sha breathed; his complexion was completely tranquil.

Zi Di sank into a deathly silence.

Jia Sha’s complexion changed; tranquility gradually became excitement.

He couldn’t help but be excited!

At the last moment, when he was at the edge of defeat, he still seized victory in the end!

Indeed, everything was simply his guesswork.

He only saw one possibility.

But now, he succeeded!

Zi Di’s silence proved everything.

He barely had enough divine power, he only had enough to use a small detect lies divine spell.

But this formerly mediocre divine spell had altered everything!

Zhen Jin and the guardian templar knights grew uglier.

“I was nearly exploited by her!”

“A malicious woman, beautiful on the outside, but dark on the inside.”

“So many have died, you should hang for this!”

“Tell me Zi Di, why did you do this?!” Zhen Jin walked over to Zi Di, emotions covering his question.

Zi Di sighed and shook her head: “You don’t need to know that.”

Zhen Jin continued to question: “You sank the ship, but you didn’t inform me. Regardless of whether I lived or died, you abandoned me, that is irrational!”

“We have an engagement that was announced. You sank the ship without notification, thus attempted to kill me secretly, you have violated the engagement, did you want to die from the contract?”

Zi Di answered with silence.

Jia Sha followed: “It’s simple, I speculate War Merchant tampered with the engagement. He is a grandmaster alchemist and a legend level magician!”

Zhen Jin’s eyes narrowed, gazing at Zi Di, he began to issue a dangerous aura.

The facts already proved Jia Sha’s guesses——Zi Di had betrayed him but didn’t suffer the engagement’s backlash.

Jia Sha then said: “Think more templar knight. After Zi Di created the shipwreck, why did she choose the body double and not you?”

“Speaking of which, that body double really resembles you. If you didn’t expose him at your own accord, I also would have been in the dark.”

“Your body double is different from ordinary beastified people. He is very special. It is very possible War Merchant transformed him personally.”

“I fear Miss Zi Di really wanted to replace the body double with you!”

Jia Sha’s words made Zhen Jin’s body and mind tremble, soon after a coldness bubbled from his heart that soon spread throughout his body.

“No, impossible!” Zhen Jin shook his head; his horror made his pupils shrink to their smallest size.

“I wanted to compete for White Sands City’s lordship, my identity would have been rigorously tested. If I became city lord, I would be examined even more!”

“Besides bloodline testing, memory will also be tested, along with detection divine spells.” Zhen Jin subconsciously retorted.

Jia Sha sneered: “Look at these artificial magic beasts, these prove War Merchant was the greatest life alchemist in the world. Bloodline testing to him, isn’t a problem. Think of the body double again, templar knight, his innate accuracy even surpasses your own. I heard he can also use the Bai Zhen Clan’s battle arts?”

“And memory……is less of a problem. Didn’t you use a memory crystal?”

“As for detection divine spells, that really is an immense barrier. But with regards to War Merchant, I don’t think that’s a difficult problem for him. Look, what is that big shell?”

Jia Sha’s gaze hinted at his thoughts.

Zhen Jin’s body and mind trembled again, his mouth whispering: “The Mermaid Fairy Tale!”

That divine artifact produced pearl bubbles that could fool all gods, it was the world’s most exquisite disguise.

At that moment, Zhen Jin finally realized his true situation.

“I didn’t expect that a deadly viper was hiding at my side!”

Outside of horror, anger flooded through him.

“You wretched girl, you unexpectedly wanted to harm my life!”

In his emotional state, Zhen Jin pulled out Silver Lightning and thrusted towards Zi Di.

“Keep her alive!” Jia Sha suddenly shouted at that crucial moment.

Zhen Jin’s wrist trembled, causing Silver Lightning to barely miss Zi Di’s heart as it penetrated her body.

Jia Sha yelled: “Don’t give into your impulse templar knight!”

“I don’t have enough divine power, with just myself, I can’t seize authority. But my spirit has always been entangled with Zi Di’s spiritual power. Her spirit received the tower spirit’s approval, I can adjust my spirit and pretend to be her. Only by doing this, can I control teleportation privileges and the like.”

“Of course, If Miss Zi Di coordinates with me, it would be the best outcome.”

Zi Di sneered: “You seem really pleased with yourself.”

Saying that, she moved her spirit to ferociously attack Jia Sha again.

Jia Sha’s nose immediately bled, and his head felt dizzy.

“Very well!” Jia Sha gritted his teeth in pain and tenaciously persisted, “Torment her for me, ruthlessly torture her!”

Following his words, Zhen Jin kicked Zi Di.

Soon after, Silver Lightning pierced Zi Di’s shoulder, fastening her to the floor tiles temporarily.

The severe pain made Zi Di’s consciousness fluctuate, allowing Jia Sha to counterattack and stand firm.

But Zi Di’s spirit still resisted tenaciously: “We will die together!:

“You want me to die?! Why? For what reason! Have I treated you unfairly? I always stayed with you sincerely!!” Zhen Jin roared indignantly.

Silver Lightning thrusted again and again, soon after, more than a dozen bloody holes were on Zi Di’s body.

Silver Lightning attacked more, breaking Zi Di’s hands and feet, and severing her strength.

The immense pain made the girl’s body twitch.

But she firmly bit her jaw and didn’t even give a miserable groan.

This unyielding attitude increased Zhen Jin loathing and wrath, causing him to torture Zi Di more viciously.

The magic gown couldn’t withstand Silver Lightning, Zi Di’s ear, finger, and skin were sliced, exposing the scarlet muscles underneath.

Quickly, Zi Di lay in a pool of her own blood.

The four guardian templar knights trembled.

Zhen Jin was a proficient martial artist, and even more skilled at torture. He understood the human body and how much pain Zi Di could sustain, for the moment, it wouldn’t kill her.

After a short period, Jia Sha suddenly yelled, he had made a breakthrough in the spiritual confrontation.

He began to take back the lost authority, singing loudly as he moved with lightning speed!

Zi Di’s spirit constantly cowered and collapsed; her formerly bright amethyst eyes had become dull.

Darkness pervaded her field of view.

“I didn’t expect my end to be this way……”

“In the end, I still lost.”

The aura of death surrounded her.