Chapter 180: Zi Di Fights Jia Sha

Zhen Jin was livid.

Any man who saw their fiancé’s heart tied up with another man would be furious.

Zhen Jin originally planned to squeeze all of the value out of the body double, then make him die violently. But not long ago, the body double already died! There was no point at being angry at the dead.

Pressured by the situation, Zhen Jin chose to forgive Zi Di for the time being.

But who would have thought, Zi Di actually wanted to resurrect his body double!

Although Zhen Jin didn’t open his mouth again, he seemed to shoot flames and denounce:

“He is in your mind constantly! What’s so good about him anyways?”

“You want to revive your lover in front of me, then what am I to you?!”

Zi Di placated: “Lord Zhen Jin, we have to revive the body double. Because after leaving this island, there will no longer be a prohibition environment. We face a silver level priest and four iron level guardian templar knights. I’ve already taken back much of the teleportation privileges, if a second divine artifact is teleported, there will only be enough for a few individuals to escape!”

Gazing at Zi Di’s flickering eyes, Zhen Jin’s heart shivered.

“Your words are reasonable!”

“Yes, after escaping, if Jia Sha reneges on us and plunders our spoils, we don’t have the strength to resist.”

“This woman is still very shrewd, with a greater vision of the future, she deserves to be called the Wisteria Merchant Alliance President. But is that the only layer to her plan?”

Zhen Jin’s mood was complex, and his train of thought was somewhat chaotic.

Jia Sha sneered: “Resurrect the body double? Templar knight, it seems your fiancé’s relationship with your body double is extraordinary. I just killed the body double, and now she is simply seeking death.”

“Ahehe. Templar knight, do you really trust her?”

“She concealed her secret relationship with War Merchant from you. Are you not afraid that after the body double is resurrected, he will replace you?”

Zhen Jin coldly snorted: “Lord Jia Sha, I am also a noble and a templar knight! These words don’t deceive me.”

“If imperial nobility was so easy to impersonate, then human society would have already been turned upside down. First, bloodlines are extremely hard to forge, next higher ups are inspected at set intervals by divine spells. Who can deceive the gods?”

“Zi Di and I have an engagement, this is a strict magic agreement. If we betray each other, a disastrous price will be paid.”

“And crucially, the Wisteria Merchant Alliance is an optimal partner to my Bai Zhen Clan, our interests are identical! If I die from her betrayal here, the Wisteria Merchant Alliance will perish.”

“As for her secret connection with War Merchant? Hehehe, what relationship? Many imperial nobles contact demons for secret transactions! A huge merchant alliance connected with a hidden character like War Merchant is very normal.”

Seeing Zhen Jin speak frankly, Jia Sha slightly stared.

He originally despised the timid Zhen Jin from the bottom of his heart, but he didn’t expect that at this moment, he would be so unmovable, it was beyond Jia Sha’s expectations.

“Wretched noble. If it involves his personal benefits, he usually becomes incomparably shrewd!”

“Don’t tell me I really need to compromise with these two?”

Jia Sha felt ridiculous and angry. He paid a huge price, but in the end, an outsider grabbed a bargain.

The priest was not resigned.

He continued to shake his head and blame others: “Resurrection spell? Miss Zi Di, do you have any common sense in this aspect? Only a bishop can use this divine spell, and I am a silver level priest, nothing more. You're simply making things difficult for me.”

Zi Di sneered: “Lord Jia Sha, you can investigate the passengers of the Hog’s Kiss. How can I not investigate your information? In fact, according to your contribution and common sense, you should have been promoted to bishop already. You can already use the resurrection spell; this is evidence of your outstanding aptitude.”

“Lord Priest. I know this is more than you imagined but act quickly.”

“Impossible.” Ji Sha shook his head, “I am only a silver level priest, to activate the resurrection spell, I need to be in peak condition, everyone can see what state I am in currently. I don’t even have a tenth of the divine power required for resurrection, if I forcibly use the divine spell now, I will throw my life away.

Zhen Jin slightly changed color.

Zi Di’s eyes flickered indeterminately: “How can I believe you priest, you are continuing to invade the control hub, yet tell me you don’t have enough divine power?”

“It's because I am invading the control hub, therefore I am consuming a lot of divine power. Deceiving you is unnecessary, we aren’t really enemies, isn’t that so? At most, we are only disputing how contribution is allocated.” Jia Sha attempted to slow the mood.

Zi Di narrowed her eyes slightly: “Lord Priest, do you really lack divine power? Perhaps there is some power leftover to deal with us after the teleportation, that sounds like a good plan!”

Jia Sha’s look changed; the skillful discussion had covered his forehead in sweat.

This was because while him and Zi Di were discussing, her spirit never stopped attacking Jia Sha and taking back his authority.

“Miss Zi Di, don’t be too excessive!” Jia Sha couldn’t support himself, as his authority was being constantly lost, his field of view began to become blurry.

Zi Di emphasized again: “Resurrect the body double, and I can postpone my offensive! In your state, you cannot be my adversary, isn’t that so?”

“You are forcing me to die!” Jia Sha’s rage burned his body.

“It’s hard to imagine that I, the grand Jia Sha, a silver level priest, am being coerced by an insignificant female merchant/

“This is a shameful day!”

Seeing Jia Sha’s sinister expression, Zhen Jin turned to Zi Di and said: “Perhaps we should believe him, after all, hounding Jia Sha to death will harm us.”

Zi Di slowly shook her head: “I agreed to the tower spirit’s contract, I must destroy or banish Jia Sha’s spirit from the tower control hub.”

“As long as this is accomplished, my contract will be fulfilled.”

“Not only do we receive the tower spirit’s reward, we also weaken Jia Sha’s battle strength greatly. When we leave this island, he is unlikely to touch you, but he has no apprehensions about me.”

“Lord Zhen Jin, do you think my analysis is reasonable?”

Zi Di’s words were very reasonable, thus Zhen Jin could only nod.

Zi Di signing a contract with the tower spirit seemed very reckless. But as a matter of fact, if she didn’t agree, they wouldn’t have reached this deadlock and Jia Sha would have completely controlled the spoils of war.

“So!” Zi Di gazed at Jia Sha again and urged: “Death really isn’t the end, Lord Priest, as long as you resurrect the body double, everyone can be discussed. Even if you pass away, we will use this overflowing contribution to appeal to the gods and resurrect you in a shrine.”

Jia Sha sneered: “Miss Zi Di, your thoughts are too savage. The resurrection spell has limits, if the time limit is passed, a dead person’s soul will dissipate. Without a soul even if the gods personally used the resurrection spell, they can’t revive me! How can you guarantee that you can revive me after death? Even if we use the teleportation door, we can only teleport to nearby islands.”

Zi Di’s complexion sank.

She was also worried about this, if it weren’t like this, she wouldn’t force Jia Sha to use the resurrection spell.

“Hold on, I thought of something, we bring back the Green Jade Golden Coffin and use it! Can’t that divine artifact revive the dead?” Zhen Jin lit up and yelled.

Jia Sha laughed grimly: “Teleport the Green Jade Golden Coffin here and back again? There isn’t enough magic power!”

“Furthermore, the Green Jade Golden Coffin is a divine artifact, we can’t use it. Most of War Merchant’s alchemy formation has already been destroyed, even if it weren’t, the alchemy formation can only remodel magic beasts, it cannot revive the dead.”

“If it’s like that……” Zhen Jin tightly scowled, and did his utmost to ponder, anxiety spread across his face.

At that moment, Zi Di obtained another immense victory.

Jia Sha suddenly changed color, alarm and anger occurred at the same time.

As it turns out, Zi Di had been saving for a short time, then she suddenly attacked. She didn’t seize teleportation privileges, but the weather privileges.

“Zi Di, you're good!” Jia Sha was caught unprepared, he promptly resisted to protect his remaining authority.

The priest couldn’t help but respect Zi Di even more.

He originally wanted to rely on the weather manipulation privileges to explain the situation to Zi Di, he didn’t expect the latter to think of that and suddenly attack it, removing a card Jia Sha intended to use.

Moment by moment, Zi Di’s spirit stepped towards victory, and he would lose that bargaining chip.

Helpless, Jia Sha had to attack ahead of time.

“You forced me!” Jia Sha roared as he used the weather controls to fire lightning from the walls.

Zi Di clenched her teeth, with the authority she had just seized, she attempted to stop the lightning.

Kacha, kacha.

From a concentrated state, the lightning spread out, any artificial magic beast hit by it were either severely injured or killed.

“What’s going on?” The survivors on the third floor were bewildered.

Previously, the tower spirit’s and Zi Di’s conversation made them learn there was an incident on the fourth floor, but no one dared to risk going up.

“Tower spirit, come help me now.” Zi Di couldn’t shut down the lightning, she could only call for reinforcements.

The tower spirit appeared, helping Zi Di confront Jia Sha.

But beyond the two people’s expectations, the tower spirit didn’t directly help Zi Di, rather it took advantage of the situation to separate the lightning control from Jia Sha, causing the lightning to be disorderly.

Tripleblade was caught off guard and was nearly struck by lightning.

“What happened on the fourth floor?!”

“Priest Jia Sha, why are you striking us!”

The survivors sank into confusion.

Jia Sha’s voice came through: “I can no longer control the lightning. Zi Di, this is your fault! Because of you, your comrades will die.”

Zi Di quickly responded: “Hide near the bloodcore, anyone within a three meter radius from the bloodcore is safe!”

Hearing the warning, everyone withdrew to the Bloodcore.

Lan Zao carried the body double and went there.

Zong Ge and the others took a risk to drag the still twitching giant over to the crowd.