Chapter 178: I will Disregard Your Criminal Mistakes

“Stop stop stop!” Zi Di reached out with her hand, “My Lord, these are forceful fantasies, please stop while you still can! I have had enough of them already!”

Zi Di brushed her hair behind her ears, then deeply breathed. After a few breaths of striving to stabilize her mood, she began to speak: “I have a way, I will think of something Lord Zhen Jin, you must calm yourself first to hear my pleasant words……”

“Was only a portion exposed? Will he mistakenly think I didn’t see him clearly? That will work.” Zhen Jin nodded and approved Zi Di’s plan.

After that meeting, regardless of whether it was the body double’s or Zhen Jin’s crisis, both were relieved for the time being.

The next day, Zhen Jin examined the battlefield again, but found it was already cleaned up.

After sending the information back, the higher ups discussed it again.

Zi Di glanced at the body double with worry: “My Lord, last night you were still patrolling. Please don’t do that anymore, ok? A massive magic beast corps might be hiding near us, that blue dog fox wolf might have learned something new and subdued new kinds of magic beasts. My Lord, although you have spirit power, during the night you are just a lonely person”

The body double’s mood was heavy. Of course, he was the one who cleaned up the battlefield.

“This girl……” Zhen Jin lowered his head to hide his gloomy expression.

“Lord Zi Di is very reasonable. Master, your individual safety is related to the general situation. For a long time now, because you were here, we were able to unite, build a ship, and collaborate together in order to flee this place. Without you leading us, we will become like a sheet of loose sand. You are too precious; you shouldn’t risk yourself.” Lan Zao also advised.

Cang Xu and the others nodded one after the other.

Even Zong Ge opened his mouth: “Templar knight, we understand your mood and bravery, you have never avoided your responsibility as our leader. But because of this, we must be more careful. If late at night you are besieged by a magic beast corps or attacked by that mysterious magic beast, it would cause immense damage.”

“Truly ridiculous and lamentable! If they knew the body double’s true identity, what would their expression be?” Zhen Jin sneered incessantly in his heart.

The ship building made a lot of progress; however, the giant went mad, earthquakes struck, volcanoes erupted, and many more magic beast corps besieged the ravine camp.

Under this difficult and miserable situation, the new ship was finally constructed.

The body double quietly left the celebratory feast.

“Where is he going?” Zhen Jin secretly followed him, and quickly found the body double and the giant sitting on a hillside.

“Hmph, as expected, birds of a feather flock together, a beastified person and a half giant, monsters!” Zhen Jin sneered and returned to the feast.

However due to earthquakes and two magic beast corps attacks, the new ship was ruined.

In that critical juncture where Zhen Jin was about to become beast food, many people suddenly beastified and frantically counterattacked,

The old boat craftsman on his deathbed was still unable to let the giant go, thus he implored the body double.

“Don’t agree! With an idiot like him, what will happen to my noble reputation!” Zhen Jin was opposed but couldn’t do anything.

He looked helplessly at the body double agreeing to deceive the giant.

“Two monsters sympathize with each other, truly nauseating!” Zhen Jin secretly disdained.

During the beastified person dissection, Zi Di was suspicious: “The island master can secretly influence all kinds of lifeforms on this island, I fear this is the cause of our comrades’ beastification.”

“Am I also infected? I have been on this island for a long time, maybe I was also transformed surreptitiously.” Fear grew in Zhen Jin’s heart.

Cang Xu proposed the strange magic beasts were perhaps all humans once, causing everyone to shiver.

Zhen Jin grabbed his curled hair and cursed through gritted teeth: “I have had enough of this wretched place! After guessing so much, we still need to repair the ship and leave this place as soon as possible.”

But reality was cruel——the new ship was damaged and couldn’t sail.

Another earthquake created a brand new, gigantic river in front of everyone.

Zi Di suggested they go to the volcanic area and attack the control hub.

“No.” Zhen Jin shook his head, “We can wait for help. Attacking the island center is too crazy! A volcano just erupted there, besides there are magic beast corps along the road, we will die enroute.”

“We will use the ship.” The body double’s voice said, “That will cut down the distance and save time.”

Zhen Jin stared blankly.

“Just now, Emperor Sheng Ming illuminated me!” The body double pointed to the river.

Everyone stared blankly again.

Zhen Jin nearly facepalmed, what inside information do you have, that I don’t know? Your still deceiving these people to death!

“Could it be, did Emperor Sheng Ming make this river?”

“It's no wonder no one died.”

“The gods have insurmountable willpower!”

“Divine scion knight……” Cang Xu deeply bowed to the body double, and sighed endlessly, “Perhaps this is your heroic journey. My Lord Zhen Jin!”

Almost everyone’s scalp felt somewhat numb.

They seemed to feel they were witnessing history!

If a future heroic epic was passed on, would we have a role in it too?

“We’re done for! You idiots!!” Zhen Jin’s heart filled with despair, “He is not a hero, he can beastify, he is the greatest threat!”

The body double looked around him, after determining the will of the people had changed, he loudly ordered with incomparable staunchness: “This is my decision, we will use all of strength to repair the boat, we shall cremate our comrades, and we shall do our best to gather as many supplies as we can. We shall set sail and proceed towards……the island’s center!”

No one opposed him.

Zhen Jin’s heart madly howled: “Insane, the body double is insane, Zi Di is also insane, this group of people is insane, we are all following the path towards our doom!”


As everyone went forward, they had to abandon the boat and were ambushed by magic beast corps.

Jia Sha appeared: “Zhen Jin, you’ve arrived at last.”

“Jia Sha?! He’s still alive!” Zhen Jin was inwardly overjoyed at the unexpectedly good news.

“My Lord, we will succeed!” Zi Di quietly found Zhen Jin, “With Lord Jia Sha’s divine spells, our hope has increased greatly. Jia Sha and the body double have already reached an agreement, he will use all of his strength to support you as White Sands City’s lord. With the next great merit, it won’t just be one city! Although the shipwreck was an accident, it was filled with opportunity. The body double has worked hard for us, as long as this continues, we’ll have immense gains.”

“Ok, your news is pretty good.” But Zhen Jin was still concerned, “With the body double in front of us, we’ll be safer. Alas, I hope we can succeed in the end.”

“We have no other choice, your Lordship. If we stay in place and wait for help, our hopes are insignificant.” Zi Di replied.

“I understand.”

The two people discussed for a bit, then after seeing Zi Di depart, Zhen Jin’s eyes became serene.

Journeying together brought many opportunities, and when Zhen Jin finally found one, he privately found Jia Sha: “Priest, I crave a confession.”

During the confession, Zhen Jin confessed everything.

“Interesting!” It was hard for Jia Sha to cover up his surprise, “Regardless of whether it is your body double or your finance, both are very interesting.”

“Zhen Jin, you have chosen the most sensible option.”

“But for now, this conversation between us never happened. Do you understand me?”

“I understand, Lord priest!” Zhen Jin deeply bowed.


Under Jia Sha’s leadership, everyone broke through the alchemy factory and made their way to the control hub.

When the body double was struck by lightning, Zhen Jin grabbed Zi Di and confessed everything to everyone.

The magic beasts were in utter chaos as they massacred each other, adding on the narrow stairwell, only a few could break through.

“Don’t panic everyone. Now that the truth has been disclosed, everyone has benefited. Only the body double is dead, I am still alive!” Zhen Jin began to persuade the other survivors.

“Lan Zao, you should understand that I am now your master.” Zhen Jin looked at Lan Zao.

Lan Zao still held the body double’s body, his face was lifeless, the truth had completely toppled his perception.

Zhen Jin turned to smile at Bai Ya and the others: “If you want to follow me, I’ll gladly allow it. With my templar knight identity and noble status, loyalty is sure to receive commendation. Follow me, and you will obtain glory, splendor, wealth, and rank.”

“God, what is going on?!” Bai Ya held his head, his emotional state was in chaos.

Cang Xu was silent.

As the half beastman beat back magic beasts, he coldly snorted: “Shut up! You coward, what qualifications do you have to lead us? Your body double is more of a templar knight than you!”

Zong Ge believed Jia Sha’s and Zhen Jin’s words, because priests were unlikely to joke about their beliefs, however he did not approve of Zhen Jin.

“Regardless of whether you are or aren’t Lord Zhen Jin, please release my president first.” Fei Sha glared.

Zhen Jin shook his head and refused: “She is your president, but she is my fiancé.”

Zi Di was dazed, her eyes remained fixed on the body double.

Seeing his fiancé like this, Zhen Jin stopped breathing and roared: “Enough, you’re going to sober up a bit for me.”

At that moment, a number of flying squirrels flew in.

“Be careful!” Zong Ge loudly warned.

Everyone’s thoughts were in chaos, morale was rock bottom, and the sudden flying squirrel attack flustered them.

Zhen Jin dragged Zi Di while he was shooting flying squirrels and retreating.

Zi Di didn’t want to move, she even wanted to rush over to the body double, however Zhen Jin quickly found out and stopped her.

“Enough!” Zhen Jin howled.

“Zi Di, it is normal for youngsters to make mistakes.”

“I researched your information; I know you’ve never experienced love. Don’t think the sky has fallen onto you.”

“Think of your merchant alliance, think of your remaining youthful years.”

“I will disregard your criminal mistakes if you follow me! We are a most suitable pair, we need each other!”

Zi Di still struggled.

Frustrated, Zhen Jin had to whisper into her ear: “We are going up a floor now.”

“I don’t trust him; his brains are already filled with contribution. Of course, if it were me, I’d be the same! Who wants to divide up the contribution with others?”

“Jia Sha won’t dare to kill me, but he definitely doesn't care about you! Follow me and you will live!”

“Besides, Jia Sha is the body double’s murderer. Don’t you want to save your life and avenge your beloved?!”

In a moment of desperation, Zhen Jin could only use this persuasion.

Zi Di’s body shook, and she no longer resisted as she followed Zhen Jin to the highest floor.

The other survivors looked on helplessly, someone wanted to follow, but lightning fell and split the area in front of them.