Chapter 173: I am Zhen Jin!

Everything had happened too suddenly.

After a few breaths, Zhen Jin had died before everyone.

Zi Di mournfully cried, the giant rushed up the stairs, then collapsed on the ground……

The crowd was silent for a moment, then it exploded.

“Let go of me!” Zi Di tried to shake off Hei Juan’s hand, however Hei Juan still held her arm with a grim complexion.

“Dammit, dammit!” Zong Ge resisted an intruding magic beast while fuming with rage, his entire face burned with anger.

“Master!!!” Lan Zao roared; he also ran to Zhen Jin’s body.

“Take care!” Zi Di’s heart jumped as she warned again.

But this time, when Lan Zao flew over to Zhen Jin’s body, lightning didn’t drop onto him.

“Master……” Lan Zao held Zhen Jin’s body in his hands and painfully lamented.

His eyes were red, and tears streamed down his cheeks. Because he had retreated from the front and was waiting to be treated by a divine spell, even Lan Zao didn’t immediately perceive Zhen Jin’s charge.

By the time he moved, it was too late.

Lan Zao’s stooped figure tightly held Zhen Jin. At that moment, he felt the light in his life dissipate as he sank into boundless darkness again.

The boundless pain and bewilderment seemed to form an abyss that swallowed him.

At the same time, boundless regret and hatred towards Jia Sha quickly flourished in the darkness!

“Lord Zhen Jin!! You killed our Lord Zhen Jin!” Many people raged.

With their hands behind their head and an expression as blank as a statue, someone incredulously looked at this scene: “Lord Zhen Jin died? He unexpectedly died by one of our people’s hands?”

“No!” Bai Ya shouted, after reacting, he rushed over to Zi Di, “Lord Zi Di, quickly quickly quickly, we can bring his Lordship back to life!”

These words struck like lightning, breaking Zi Di’s astonishment, causing silent tears to flow from her eyes.

“Fuck off!” Seeing Bai Ya come close in a crazy state, Hei Juan pulled Zi Di’s arm and kicked Bai Ya to the ground.

“Hei Juan, what are you doing?!” Cang Xu sternly inquired.

“Release my president now!” Fei She slowly approached.

“Youngster, you had better let go of Lord Zhen Jin’s fiancé. This is no place to behave atrociously!” Tripleblade held his dagger, his eyes glared with intent.

“Hehe, hehehe, hehehehehe……” But Hei Juan slyly laughed and used a sneering and contemptuous gaze, he wasn’t the least bit afraid.

“You are an ignorant group, ignorant believers!” With his head high and chest up, Hei Juan shouted, “I am Zhen Jin, I am the real Zhen Jin!”

Everyone was astonished.

“What did you say?”

Are you insane?!”

“Don’t tell me you cracked under the unbearable pressure?”

However, at that moment Jia Sha’s voice came through again: “He really is Zhen Jin, a templar knight, the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir, and someone you want to follow wholeheartedly.”

“Didn’t you hear me idiots!” Hei Juan scowled.

After a moment of silence, everyone became tumultuous.

“These two are insane!”

“Jia Sha also went insane, no wonder he did that!”

“Perhaps this isn’t the priest’s mistake, but the tower spirit playing tricks again.”

“No, maybe it's that divine artifact——Mermaid Fairy Tale deceiving us! All of this is fake.”

Cang Xu sank into silence, he gazed at Zi Di, Hei Juan, and at Zhen Jin’s body, exposing his pondering.

“Who told you the criminal I struck was truly Zhen Jin?” Jia used a sneering tone, “Do you guys really believe I would so stupid to openly murder a templar knight as a Sheng Ming priest? IF I did that, what use would this contribution be to me?”

“In addition, don’t you think Zhen Jin’s recent actions were very impulsive and strange?”

“Why did he charge towards the fourth floor? It's simply because I made him realize that his identity was already exposed.”

Everyone’s tumultuous voices quieted down.

“But he is a divine scion knight, almost every prayer was answered by the Heavenly Emperor!” Someone retorted.

“He was a divine scion knight? Do you know what a genuine divine scion looks like?” Jia Sha was indignant, “Examine his armor and swords carefully! They resemble a spear scorpion carapace and blade spider legs!!”

Everyone’s eyes focused, each and every one of their complexions changed.

Jia Sha’s voice slowly changed and became gentle: “I know your thoughts and understand everyone. In fact, don’t tell me any of you guys think the fake Zhen Jin’s appearance looked suspicious? Do you not associate him with scorpion carapaces and blade spider legs?”

“You all only wanted to escape this place alive, and you wanted to follow Zhen Jin to bright prospects. As a result, you deliberately overlooked these suspicious aspects.”

“This false Zhen Jin is indeed tricky, he made use of the greed and selfish desires in your hearts to deceive you into helping him.”

Jia Sha paused, then solemnly declared: “All of you were deceived by him!”

Everyone was bewildered. Meanwhile, Bai Ya was sitting on the ground and constantly shaking his head: “No, this isn’t true, this isn’t true.”

Hei Juan sneered and looked at everyone around him: “Look at your wonderful expression!”

“If you don’t believe me or the Sheng Ming Sect priest, then I have an additional witness.”

“Zi Di, my fiancé, tell them the truth now!” Hei Juan breathed down Zi Di’s neck.

But Zi Di was already crying, despite Hei Juan holding her arm, she blankly gazed at the youngster’s body with a bewildered expression, as if she didn’t hear Hei Juan’s words.

Hei Juan coldly snorted, dissatisfied with Zi Di, he looked around: “Are you guys really foolish or just acting stupid? She has already agreed.”

Indeed, Zi Di’s strange state already validated Hei Juan’s and Jia Sha’s words.

Everyone was deathly still.

Only the magic beasts fighting downstairs could be heard.

At that moment, Hei Juan felt very satisfied. He deeply breathed and despite the atmosphere not changing, he felt an unprecedented carefreeness.

Standing before the deathly silent crowd, Hei Juan proudly declared again: “You should all understand now, I am really Zhen Jin.”

“I am Zhen Jin!”

I am Zhen Jin……

A child Zhen Jin stood in a pool of blood, around him were his siblings’ corpses.

The assassin was now squatting in front of Zhen Jin, their delicate and pretty face held an enchanting smile.

The assassin extended a slim pure white hand and lightly stroked Zhen Jin’s hair, tenderly comforting: “What is your name child.”

The child Zhen Jin’s pupils had long ago shrunk to the size of a needle, he was stiff all over and his entire body and mind was full of fear.

“If you don’t answer your older sister, you will die.” The assassin beamed.

The child Zhen Jin trembled all over, he wanted to open his mouth, but his teeth shivered, he couldn’t say anything.

He was very frightened and anxious, cold sweat was constantly flowing from his forehead and down his cheeks.

“Hehehe, good child, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid.” The assassin patted Zhen Jin’s small head again, then she snuggled close to Zhen Jin’s ears and whispered: “You don’t need to say, I already know. You are called Zhen Jin, correct?”

The assassin chuckled and smiled: “Be at ease, your older sister is merely joking. This older sister won’t kill you; you will live. Who made the Heavenly Emperor decide to forgive your Bai Zhen Clan?”

“According to your older sister’s kindly feelings, you are all degenerate traitors, and all of the great southern nobles that surrendered should be exterminated. Tsk tsk……it is indeed a pity.”

However, although the Bai Zhen Clan will continue to exist, it will be nearly exterminated. The Heavenly Emperor will only allow the Bai Zhen Clan one heir, do you know why your older sister chose you?”

Because you are too cowardly, these siblings near you, they are courageous and have their hearts filled with hate, they want to revitalize the Bai Zhen Clan……and so, they died.”

“You must thank your weakness and cowardice, that is your nature, and you better keep it child.”

“Did you hear me?”

The child Zhen Jin trembled again; he began to nod frantically.

“How obedient!” The assassin smiled and stroked Zhen Jin’s head before getting up to leave.

Looking at the corpses nearby, her face exposed the joy and satisfaction this massacre brought her. Looking at the nodding child Zhen Jin again, she inevitably revealed a trace of regret.

She turned around and left, leaving behind the child Zhen Jin, who still nodded like a puppet.


In a bright, pure-white temple hall, where the sun shone through the towering variegated stained-glass windows, illuminating its interior, a group of youths were gathered together, and Zhen Jin found himself amid them.

The atmosphere was sublime, solemn, and somewhat feverish, there Zhen Jin and the other youths swore an oath together—

“I so vow, to respect and love the living god, the master of the grand Empire, Emperor Sheng Ming!

I so vow, to follow in the footsteps of my commander, to advance bravely!

I so vow, to protect my loved ones, to brave perils!

I so vow, to treat my friends with good faith, to reject hypocrisy!

I so vow, to be loyal in love and until death together, to never forsake!

I so vow, to fight injustice, to have compassion for the weak!

I so vow, to remain fair, to oppose all falsehoods!

From today forth, I am a Templar Knight!”

“How wonderful!” After the oath finished, the youngster Zhen Jin’s heart filled with emotions, “I have become a templar knight, our clan now has a patron and a safe future!”


The sky was gloomy and rainy.

In an empty training ground.

A group of teenagers formed a circle around as Zhen Jin fell to the ground.

The teenagers looked down at Zhen Jin and laughed and taunted with faces of disdain.

A blue haired burly figure with hair sticking out from his head like steel needles took the lead.

The blue haired teenager while crossing his arms and stepping on Zhen Jin’s shoulder said: “Zhen Jin, you gave me something good to remember. Your Bai Zhen family has fallen from grace and is defeated! Did you really think you could stand on equal footing with us?”

The blue haired teenager suddenly raised his foot and kicked Zhen Jin’s head and smiled: “Today we gave you a lesson! From now on, no matter where you see us in the castle, you must obediently bow your head and get out of my way.”

“A lesser noble must act like one. If I ever see you look at me Qing Kui, I will cripple you.”

“Do you understand?”

Qing Kui growled as he slammed Zhen Jin’s head into the mud.

“I under...understand. Cough cough cough!” Zhen Jin gasped; his heart was dread.

“Hahaha.” Qing Kui smirked, lifted his foot and walked away.

Before leaving, he spoke again: “Of course Zhen Jin, if you are not convinced, you can challenge me any time. I Qing Kui will be waiting anytime anywhere!”

“Cough cough cough.” Zhen Jin struggled to sit up.

He wanted to say he would never challenge him and so on, however as he opened his mouth, muddy water inevitably flowed back into his throat, causing him to have a coughing fit again.

Seeing his depressed look, the teenagers lost interest.

“Pooh, what a person!”

“Did he really think he could challenge young master Qing Kui? With what?”

“An embroidery needle? Hahaha.”

With the rain falling hard, the teenagers grouped around Qing Kui and burst into laughter as they entered the castle.

Zhen Jin sat in the mud and let the rain hit him.

He shivered, his heart felt very wronged: “I was treated unjustly, I only wanted to be your friend Qing Kui, I never wanted to challenge you!”


It was an evening in the fall.

Zhen Jin was in a study.

It was dim inside with the only light coming from a narrow window in the stone wall.

Seated behind the desk was Zhen Jin’s father, The Bai Zhen Patriarch.

He was a middle aged man with a thin figure, a pale complexion, and had two thin and straight beards. His brows were slightly frowning and gave off a stern temperament: “Zhen Jin, my son, do not bow your head,” he said a slightly hoarse voice.”

Zhen Jin lifted his head and looked at his father as an equal, but shortly after, he fearfully shifted his gaze.

“Why? Half a month has passed my son and you still have made no progress on the qi restraining skill?” The middle aged man’s voice continued.

Zhen Jin’s head trembled; he didn’t dare to speak.

The man clearly spoke: “I understand your feelings. You have never been interested in the qi restraining technique. You feel that our clan's battle techniques are weak, don’t you?"

“You feel that our Bai Zhen clan's bloodline does not give you a strong body of either strength or speed, that it is inferior to even the low-class nobles to the empire, right?”

Zhen Jin was silent.

The nobleman sighed deeply, stood up, and walked around the desk next to Zhen Jin: “Come with me.”

The two left the study through a dark corridor with motley stone walls and came to the castle garden.

“Battle technique——Hundred Needle Wind!”

The man drew his sword.

This was not an edged sword, but a slender rapier.

The rapier in the man’s hands seemed to never stop attacking and creating afterimages. In particular, the top of the rapier was covered in battle qi, it seemed like golden stars shining, brilliant and dazzling!

The tree winged butterflies were swept away by the wind and golden energy and began to fall to the ground.

After a few breaths, the ground was covered by the parasol “leaves.” Hundreds or even thousands of tree winged butterflies failed to escape!

“Good, amazing!” Zhen Jin was flabbergasted.

“Cough cough cough.” The man put away his sword, coughing as his face paled, ““Do you think our Bai Zhen clan is weak now?”

Zhen Jin shook his head.

“Every noble clan has its secrets. Not to mention, our Bai Zhen clan was once great nobles of the south! Hundred needle wind is our signature battle technique and our clan's heritage. Outsiders do not know of this secret.”

“Running a clan requires strategy. Sometimes we need to stand out like a beast with its teeth and claws bared. But sometimes we need to lay low. Just like right now, our Bai Zhen clan needs to show weakness and reduce our presence.”

After pausing, the man continued: “Do you know what the basis for learning the hundred needle wind is?”

Not waiting for Zhen Jin to reply, the man continued: “It is the qi restraining technique.”

“Huh?” Zhen Jin was surprised.

“Patience, accumulating power, and only erupting suddenly. This qi restraining technique can hide our qi, making it hard for outsiders to sense it or making them underestimate our battle techniques. Simultaneously this technique can also gather power. Only when you are proficient in the qi restraining technique can you use techniques like the hundred needle wind. It can be said that this qi restraining technique is the cornerstone of our clan's battle arts. Zhen Jin, you are the heir to the Bai Zhen clan. You must practice well.”

“I understand, I will work harder father!” Zhen Jin's eyes lit up in excitement.

He finally found a reason.

“That’s right, I only need to endure silently, I am not a coward, I was never a coward.”

“I am saving my strength; I suffer in silence for my clan!”


In a dimly lit old tavern filled with chattering people

“We are victorious!”

“Drink to your heart’s content”

The new fifth templar knight legion was celebrating heroic deeds.

The knights’ armor, cloaks, or bodies had new scars, but everyone was excited.

Zhen Jin was also included.

“Commander, tell us, we know you are a veteran of many wars. For instance, tell us about the siege of the Iron Banner Castle, the campaigns against the blood knights, or the protection of the Griffin Cliff. Which one of these battles do you think was the most difficult?” Someone asked.

The old commander only had one eye, with the fire reflecting on him, he began to think of the past.

He began to speak: “When it comes to difficult battles, it would have to be that one, six years ago at Jackal Valley."

“I know, that was the Fir Knights massacre!” Someone shouted excitedly.

Many people narrowed their eyes and glared at Zhen Jin.

The commander nodded and continued: “That's right it was at Jackal Valley. Those southern nobles are all treacherous scum. They are despicable, shameless, capricious.

“We had been marching for five days. We had just entered Jackal Valley when our allies suddenly betrayed us! We were surrounded by thousands of murderous Fir Knights."

“The fifth legion that had just retreated from the front lines were attacked without warning. Thirty percent of them died on the spot and almost all of the remaining thousand were injured."

“We lost!”

“The entire fifth legion died, only I was left.”

“The emperor personally saved a dog like me. He asked if I wanted a reward.”

“I begged him to provide me with knights so that I could rebuild the 5th legion!”

“That’s why you kids are here right now, did you know that?”

“Do you know of any other way the Templar Knights could have recruited new knights so easily?”

“You brats have got shit luck. Do you think you youngsters are the greatest because of the recent battle?” The commander shook his head and continued to drink.

He spoke briefly but roughly, yet the faces of the young knights in the tavern were all shocked.

They excitedly discussed amongst each other.

“What I know is that, in the battle of Jackal valley, the 5th legion with only 1000 knights were enough to destroy 5000 Fir Knights and destroy three of their regiments.”

“The Fir Knights had been cleaning the battlefield when three templar legions struck as quick as lightning, burying them all in Jackal valley.”

“The Fir Knights were the Southern Alliance’s number one trump card. This battle crippled the backbone of the Southern Alliance!”

“Those are our templar knights all right!”

“No one can surpass us. No one can stop us!”

“Even trapped in dire straits, we will hold our heads high and meet death head on.”

“Charge, charge, charge to meet death!”

The atmosphere of the tavern became lively once more, as the young knights faces became red by wine or their excitement.

Only Zhen Jin was sitting in the corner, he sank into silence and was no longer absent minded. The glory of victory seemed to thoroughly peel off of him, no one wanted to sit next to him.


It was a martial arts tournament packed with people.

The showdown in it was nearing its end.

The templar knight Qing Kui was forced into desperate straits, his opponent was the Bai Zhen Patriarch.

In the crowd, Zhen Jin shouted in his heart: “Like that father, kill that wretched guy! In the templar legion, he has always taken advantage of me. Ever since I joined the fifth templar legion, he has never stopped bullying me!”

There were many familiar templar knights crowded around Zhen Jin.

“Qing Kui, surrender if you can't win!”

“His opponent is too powerful, and he is too young. There is no shame in losing.”

“Think of your younger sister Qing Kui, don’t be stubborn.”

The young templar knights shouted many things.

Qing Kui’s sister was also present, right now her face was completely pale, and her body trembled like a pitiful little flower in a howling wind and fierce storm.

Zhen Jin inwardly sneered: “Qing Kui’s younger sister? Very good! It won’t be over when Qing Kui dies! If I have an opportunity, his younger sister will atone for her brother’s crimes.”

However, in the final round.

The Bai Zhen Patriarch lost his sword hand, and Qing Kui fainted to the ground.

“Fath- father!” Zhen Jin cried; his voice was trembling violently.

“Impossible, this is impossible! How could an insignificant Qing Kui injure my father!” Zhen Jin could not believe the facts before him.

“Kill him, kill him now father!” Zhen Jin wanted to shout, but he never had the courage to do so.

At that moment, the old commander entered the arena and declared the duel was finished.

“No, how can this be!?” While the surrounding people cheered, Zhen Jin seemed to fall into an icy cave.

“Father!” He ran like the wind and lent his arm to the Bai Zhen Patriarch.

The middle aged man looked around and took in the surrounding spectacle, his face had already regained tranquility: “My son, look at me. Tell me the clan motto.”

“You should not overestimate people and you should not underestimate people.” Zhen Jin could barely lift his head, his tone was choked with sobs, and his heart trembled.


The range only had two people.

“Lord father, I have obeyed your summons.” Zhen Jin spoke first.

The Bai Zhen Clan patriarch nodded: “It has already been a few days since you have returned from the imperial capital. I have come to check whether you have been training hard in the imperial capital. This time we will compare arrow techniques. If you can win, I will bestow you a swift bee.”

Zhen Jin’s heart shook, with sadness and hesitation, he said: ““But Lord father your arm……“

The Bai Zhen Clan patriarch, however, didn't care at all: "It's okay, you shoot first."

Zhen Jin picked up a longbow and shot an arrow, with his gloomy mood, he didn’t hit the bullseye

It was the Bai Zhen Clan patriarch’s turn

“Keep your eyes open my son.” The Bai Zhen Clan patriarch used his index and middle finger to grasp one of the white crystal needles, then flicked it.


Zhen Jin’s ears suddenly echoed with the whistling sound of the needle as it pierced through the air.

At the same time, he saw the golden needle streak across the air as it left a bright ray of light behind.

The ray of light flew straight into the center of the archery target, soon after with a loud bang, the entire target completely shattered!

“This is?!” Zhen Jin slightly opened his mouth as his face was full of shock.

“This is the trump card that was passed through the Bai Zhen Clan for generations——Needle Point Explosion. Do you want to learn it?”

“Based on your current total battle qi, you should barely be able to imbue and throw one needle.” The Bai Zhen Clan patriarch made an estimation.

Zhen Jin bitterly laughed: “Lord father, if that happens, isn’t using this secret skill a bit dangerous?”

The Bai Zhen Clan patriarch’s smiling face gradually dwindled and his expression turned grim.

He stared at Zhen Jin and said with profound meaning: “My son, reality is always cruel. Regardless of whether it is a battle or something else, you will always be faced with risk.”

“Many times, you will find that using your full strength for that one shot is the wisest choice.”

“It is very uncomfortable when using up all your battle qi, that kind of empty pain can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes, we have no choice but to do it.”

“Don’t be scared of the risk and don’t be afraid of sacrifice!”

“Sacrifice?” That word made Zhen Jin’s heart tremble.


It was a meticulously arranged and luxurious room. Paintings drawn by famous masters hung on the walls, expensive perfume wafted through the air, and rose gold curtains were pulled up to block most of the sunlight, causing the room to appear dusky and ambiguous.

The female women’s exotic silk clothes from the northeastern empire and purple veil made her womanly features even more spellbinding and attractive. She had a seductive allure and a curvy figure. Her dancing clothes were mostly red mixed with gold. They were short and close-fitting, exposing her slender arms and snow white belly.

As the dance music finished, the three youngsters stared in awe.

After reacting, they clapped one after the other.

Zhen Jin mainly concentrated his attention on one of the youngsters, the one who possessed an extraordinary status.

Barely holding down his reluctance, Zhen Jin smiled and asked: “An Ge, didn’t you ask me to show you how Ji Si dances? How is it? I can give you this young lady. You can use her to warm your bed tonight. Hahaha.”


“Difficult, it is indeed difficult to deal with the enticing loveliness of women.”

“This beauty has no value to me. I do not want her.”

My clan’s motto is this—— hell is at one’s feet, depravation is instantaneous. Our family motto reminds us to maintain vigilance, desire is an abyss and faltering even a bit will turn us into demons that are no longer humans.”

“Zhen Jin, we are colleagues. This time you have helped me, thus I will advise you. Cultivating yourself must be the main focus, blindly currying favor with others will only be leaves fluttering in the wind.”

Upon saying this, An Ge got up to leave despite Zhen Jin’s unsightly complexion.

“Repulsive, hateful!” Waiting until no one was present, Zhen Jin smashed his cup, “They look down on me, they all despise me!!”


“What?! Lord Father, you want me to compete for the position of White Sands City lord?”

“This, this won’t work.”

“I am only an iron level cultivator; stately city lords should at least have silver level cultivation!”

Zhen Jin constantly shook his head.

The Bai Zhen patriarch coldly snorted: “Who told you not to cultivate hard every day? Look at your colleagues, Qing Kui, An Ge, and others, who among them aren’t at the silver level?”

Zhen Jin lowered his head and mumbled to himself: “They have deep backgrounds and much more resources, how can I compare to them?”

The Bai Zhen patriarch coldly snorted again: “Although our Bai Zhen Clan is lonely, there are many that support you.”

“This is an opportunity to revitalize our clan. You must seize it!”

“Because you are the Bai Zhen Clan’s sole heir.”

“I will dispatch elites and have Bi Wa lead a team to assist you in the city lordship competition.”

Zhen Jin immediately exposed his happiness: “Ah, Uncle Bi Wa?”

“In addition to this, I have also won over external help for you. Congratulations my son, not long ago, I chose an outstanding fiancée for you. She is called Zi Di, the President of the Wisteria Merchant Alliance.

“What?!” Zhen Jin’s cheerfulness vanished, “Lord father, she doesn’t have a noble bloodline, why must I marry her? If it were the former Wisteria Merchant Alliance, this could be discussed. But the current Wisteria Merchant Alliance……”

“Hmph, I called you over to inform you that you need to prepare, I will not listen to your complaints. Leave.” The Bai Zhen patriarch waved his hand.

Zhen Jin opened his mouth, he was clearly unwilling, however his father’s authority stopped him, and he could only sulk away.


“You are Zi Di?” Zhen Jin slightly raised his head and sized up the girl’s purple eyes. Although she was expressionless, Zi Di’s complexion lifted great waves in his heart.

“A truly beautiful person!”

“Even if she has a disgraceful identity and even might be a laughingstock in circles, this light complexion appears valuable

“Lord Zhen Jin.” Zi Di was actually nervous, “I am very sorry for rushing you over here, but there is an emergency. The manpower your noble clan dispatched was completely wiped out.”

“I know.” Zhen Jin nodded, revealing his anger, “If Uncle Bi Wa personally led that team, that wouldn’t have happened.”

Zi Di continued: “I am very worried currently; the other competitors will reach White Sands City first and establish an early advantage. As a result, this is my proposal. We will falsify that we are staying somewhere temporarily, when in fact, we will disguise our identities and travel secretly on the Hog’s Kiss.”

Zhen Jin’s pupils compacted, cowardice grew in his heart, however he didn’t want to appear weak in front of a beauty, thus he could only coldly snort: “This is a good plan, but it is also very risky. I only have an iron level cultivation, if we move too impetuously, I will be entrapped, and all our plans will just be prattle.”

Zi Di smiled: “Please be at ease, your Lordship. I have something that will ensure your Lordship’s safety. First, we will use a powerful mercenary corps to protect us. Next, we will act quietly, we might not be discovered. Also, the Hog’s Kiss has an examiner for the White Sands City lordship competition, the Sheng Ming Sect Priest Jia Sha. Finally, I strongly suggest that your Lordship disguises his identity, pretend you're a common mercenary while we use a body double in public situations to act as bait.”

Zhen Jin was attracted by Zi Di’s smile, feeling a burst of awe, he forced himself to purse his brows: “Will this……work?”

“It will work your Lordship. We will use transformation potions that Duke Ai Mei personally mixed. After a person drinks it, they will change their skin color, hair, maybe their nose will grow a bit, their eyes might enlarge, and so on. Most importantly, its distinct effects are very safe and hidden. If it were normal magic or magical artifacts, magic power must be consumed, causing fluctuations.” Zi Di persuaded.

“This……seems like a good plan.” Zhen Jin’s tone was indecisive, “What about my body double?”

“Believe me Lord Zhen Jin, you will see him shortly and be very satisfied with him!”